K-news Reports on Possibility of Won Bin Returning to Dramas with Kim Tae Hee

Take this news with a huge grain of salt. Or do as I do, since I’ll believe it only when I see the contracts signed, which might be when pigs fly when it comes to this particular leading man. K-news outlets are reporting that Won Bin, who is as elusive to television for the last twelve years as penguins are to the tropics (that last time he was on, men had mullets and wore hammer pants) has received the script for Noh Hee Kyung‘s upcoming drama and is considering the project. It might take a screenwriter of Noh Hee Kyung’s caliber to lure this notoriously finicky guy out of his years between any projects predilection.

Word on the street is that Kim Tae Hee may be the leading lady opposite him, since the PD for the drama will be Noh Hee Kyung’s longtime collaborator Kim Kyu Tae, who worked with Kim Tae Hee on IRIS and would like for her to play the lead. Neither star is confirmed, but the mere possibility is enough to get all the news outlets all excited. I’m more of a fan of Noh Hee Kyung than I am of either Won Bin or Kim Tae Hee, but they would make a ridiculously gorgeous coupling onscreen, and if this turns out to be true, wouldn’t be the first time they worked together. They did a series of Cyon cell phone CFs back in 2006, which were really cute.

Won Bin was rocking the Kim Nam Gil pornstache back in 2006 (but since it was earlier than when Kim Nam Gil was rocking it back in 2010, perhaps it should be referred to the other way around?), and had a dubious haircut, but other than that, he was really entertaining in these CFs with an always charming Kim Tae Hee. If anything, watching these CFs is a glaring reminder of how quickly cell phone technology has evolved in the span of 6 years. To think that in another 6 years, the IPhone and Galaxy would be considered obsolete antiques.

Won Bin and Kim Tae Hee for Cyon CF 2006:


K-news Reports on Possibility of Won Bin Returning to Dramas with Kim Tae Hee — 34 Comments

  1. Ummm, no, please.
    KTH was wise to choose a fluffy piece like MP.
    THT matched her skill level well.
    (Look – I didn’t even use quotation marks.)

    But WB and KTH? Using an Olympic analogy,(why not?) she’s like the little hoop they use in Rhythmic Gymnastics and he’s like the entire Judo team.

    • I think there is some cosmic hoodoo going on here. Who was Kim Tae Hee’s last K-drama co-star? None other than my Heon oppa. The last time Won Bin was in a K-drama, who was the leading man he was up against? None other than my Heon oppa. So perhaps time tripping Dr. Jin is doing something weird here. Somewhere Song Hye Kyo is saying “yeah, those two wept tubs of tears for me first, Kim Tae Hee.”

      • I have this burning desire that if WB were to ever make a comeback, it would be nice to be with Song Hye Kyo. Luv their chemistry.

  2. No offense but I feel that if they do take the roles, KTH will get eaten up by Won Bin…. I don’t think that her acting is even close to his…..

    No offense…

  3. Kim Tae Hee can’t handle Noh Hee Kyung’s material. I really hope this casting rumor turns out to be false. I like Kim Tae Hee, but I don’t want her anywhere near a Noh Hee Kyung script. Rom-coms are better suited for her…acting style.

  4. I’m in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” camp. I’m not going to worry about it yet since 50/50, it doesn’t even pan out. I do like KTH – I think she’s really pretty and sassy but not really a great emotional actress. I don’t know. I’ll believe it when I see it and then have an opinion.

    I do want Won Bin back in a drama – Please drama gods, make it happen.

  5. *____* Won Bin ahjusshi <3. Wasn't Kim Tae Hee offered the drama adaptation of my girlfriend is an agent? (Heard Joo Won was offered the main lead too (obsessed with JW at the moment) ) Well to be honest I hope she gets neither rolls x)…

    If it's Won Bin I want someone along the likes of Ha Ji Won or Son Ye Jin. Eeeeek~ both aren't busy at the moment right?

  6. oh please not kim tae hee.
    i prefer ha ji won pleaseee. they will make a perfect couple on screen with their acting skill <3

  7. Won Bin doing drama? wow! that’s just great news. his short drama Friends, and his movie The Man From Nowhere are on my all-time favorite list, and still stored on my computer for me to watch anytime. if this project turns out to be true, then 2012 is indeed a kdrama gold. I also love to see him doing drama with ha-jiwon.

  8. I hope this is true, at least Won Bin coming back to tv part
    a year ago I would say ‘no way’ but after seeing Jang Dong Gun in a drama, I believe (with a good script)Won Bin can also choose a drama for his comeback
    as for KTH, PLEASE NO!
    I like her quite a bit, but not because of her great acting, just the opposite actually… watching her acting sometimes made me embarrassed, and sometimes sorry for her, I think she does her best, and has a nice personality but she doesn’t have it…but somehow i want her to achieve somekind of success with her acting, and i was happy for her after she received good critsim for ‘my princess'(a first for her i believe)but a Noh Hee Kyung drama opposite Won Bin…
    don’t do it girl…for you and for us

  9. Won Bin and Ha Ji Won? Oh, please, no! They both too strong! I’d prefer him with Kim Tae Hee, Song Hye Kyo or Yoon Eun Hye instead. They are lighter, which is better for him.

    I was looking forward to see him with Moon Geun Young in the photoshoot for BH, but did not liked that pair in the end.

    • I want that too!!!! I hope they would do a drama about some kind od FASHION, b/c for sure that would look so damn HOT in their fashion trend. But I think that it would mean that they would have to be in a very good shape the pull off the outfit. BTW… I still really want Won Bin to do a drama with Song Hye Kyo
      so that this time, he gets the girl.

  10. I love KTH but I’m confused about the director’s preference. Surely someone from the Iris staff would want to work with Kim So Yeon again over Kim Tae Hee, right?
    KSY can match WB tear for tear and smexiness for smexiness. 😀

    • Ditto! Me too!! I was really praying hard for him to go back to dramaland. T_T I actually don’t mind KTH in a rom-com with Won Bin but not in a Noh Hee Kyung drama.

  11. I think Yoon Eun Hye will be good too. She dont’ have any projects right now, but mentioned she will be doing something…and that girl can make everyone laugh and cry the same time!

    • I hope it happens with her. I like her too. All I know is that the both of them did do a commercial ad together 🙂

  12. oh kayy…wat?
    i heard the won bon rumors which i was ery excited about…but KTH??? hell no!!…i mean, i adored her in MP but a NHK drama?? i repeat: hell no!!!
    Now if Won Bin does make a comeback here, i’m totally in. Also this would seal this year as THE ultimate comeback year

    • WORD^^

      I agree with you D. To be honest I don’t completely get what the hype is about. I’m pretty new to the Kdramas just been around for the past 2 years or so, I haven’t see “Autumn in My Heart” or any other Won Bin works but for the little bit of reseach I done it looks like he is a very versetile actor. After reading the sypnosis of AIMH I’m curious and probably check it out.

      On the other hand I have try seen both My Princess and Iris with KTH and every time I feel like I hit a brick wall to this day I haven’t finish either of the 2 dramas. KTH is so beautiful is even a sin to be her but as an actress she is dreadful. Compared to actresses like Ha Ji Won, Song Hye Kyo or Yoon Eun Hye she leaves much to be desire.

      • Only watch AimH if you feel the need to suffer.
        Seriously, there are a grand total of 10 smiley happy moments in the whole series.
        There are a lot better acted melos out there before that one.
        Same for Summer Scent.

        Although, you could ask the question why I watched it?
        SSH and WB are very handsome actors.
        WB acts circles around SSH in AimH.
        Summer Scent I watched on a dare, barely made it through the last coupla episodes.

  13. i’m gonna keep my fingers crossed on this news until the contracts are signed – as Koala wrote . . . i hope the MAN will really make a comeback at tvland . . . and, i don’t particularly have any choices on who the leading lady for that drama but i would prefer someone with more caliber in acting . . . i have watched most movies of WB since his last short drama called Friends . . . and i loved how he has improved especially in the movie Mother . . . but he is so handsome in Ajusshi/Man from Nowhere . . . i hope that i can see him more that just a 2-hour movie 😉

  14. Like most of you said, I also want him to work with Ha Ji Won. Their possible team up itself is a BOMB! Their smexiness and caliber in acting are so overflowing to the nth degree. I don’t mind if it will not be this year. I believe it will be worth the waiting. 🙂 HA JI WON BIN, hwaiting <3

  15. I loved him in the film “Man from Nowhere”…..couldn’t wait to buy it….the little girl broke my heart……and watching him healed it….man of few words…..nothing wrong with that 🙂

  16. Not Kim Tae Hee! better if it’s NAM SANG MI (saw her acting and she’s really good and she’s pretty too) thinking WB and NSM can create good work together as they have both good acting skills and good looking too.They’re more suited in a K-drama) or SONG HYE KYO either.

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