Shin in Elle Girl and Nylon Magazine with Cross Gene

I won’t even pretend that I care about the new guy idol group Cross Gene, or know any of the other members other than my baby boy, aside from knowing that if the group keeps getting more popular, I’ll keep getting more Shin Won Ho. Yay! This is totally like NEWS all over again, where I could care less who else was in the group other than Yamapi, though later when Ryo stopped played evil violent douchebags and played up his adorable smile as a rom-com lead and I started to like him, both guys then promptly exited the group. I need to point out that despite Big ending not showing Da Ran with original flavor Kyung Joon, I was nevertheless content that my baby left a forever impression on many viewers even with his short one episode stint and some laying in bed acting. I think he would have rocked the final scene had he done it, he may look baby-faced but his eyes and smirk scream “Give me a week and I’m gonna make your knees weak for me.” Or something even less PG than that. Shin was recently in the pages of Elle Girl and Nylon magazine with his Cross Gene mates. I swear I have prosopagnosia when it comes to the rest of the members, but I’m happy to enjoy some pretty faces along with ogling Shin.

To top it off, have some solo shots of Shin rocking the crown and a goofy grin.


Shin in Elle Girl and Nylon Magazine with Cross Gene — 6 Comments

  1. Too bad the Big staff didn’t trust him with a bigger role, but I agree that he looks like he could nail it if given the chance. 🙂

    This photoshoot though, why does Shin have the same head-tilt, 😐 face pose? See pics 1,3, and the 4th panel on the last one. And I’m sure he used the same pose in the other shin-photo-spamzz you showed us, unnie… maybe he’s more comfortable with acting than posing?

  2. Thank you!
    All I know from the non-subbed interview I watched to get a few stills is some of them speak Korean as a second language.
    Isn’t one guy japanese and one Chinese?
    Note, they say “cross gene.” but they meant “tall gene.”

    BTW, when you showed off your large vocab and put “prosopagnosia” in the same paragraph as “ogling Shin,” my brain swapped in Oguri Shun.

    Or maybe it was my gravatar taking control…hmmm….

  3. It’s an extremely new group,they really need to work real hard to make people appreciate them. I read the criticism thrown at them and I hope they will sing great one day and prove themselves to be more than just pretty faces.
    If Shin did appeared at the end of BIG,I bet everyone will only remember him instead of Gong Yoo.
    My adorable Shin!!!

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