Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi Back Together for The King 2 Heart Promotions

I knew it was only a matter of time before my exceptional OTP of Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi from The King 2 Hearts reunited to promote the drama, and lo and behold, they did a photoshoot for a Japanese magazine where I immediately flash back to Hang Ah and Jae Ha. I haven’t got around to rewatching TK2H yet, but seeing these pictures totally gets me in the mood. These two prove that a huge real life age difference between the two actors can actually be realistically bridged by great chemistry and acting. In addition to the pictures of Ji Won and Seung Gi together, below are the stunning pictures from her InStyle Korea photoshoot and the latest pictures from his Heritory Fall ad campaign. I love that Ji Won channels a bit of Hang Ah’s dichotomy in real life, both sporty and feminine, while Seung Gi is back to being more playfully boyish though with a dash more sexy. 


Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi Back Together for The King 2 Heart Promotions — 52 Comments

  1. I had no idea Ha Ji Won was 34, the same age as the lead girl in Faith. Lee Min Ho is also exactly 25, the same age as Lee Seung Gi. Now I’m imagining a Faith re-make with Lee Min Ho and Ha Ji Won and feeling incredibly sad that it’s not reality.

  2. My heart still flutters when I see news about this couple! Seeing it on your blog makes it all better, since it brings back memories of those wonderful months where I used to constantly refresh all the blogs and websites that featured King 2 Hearts 🙂 BBJX was what makes me discover AKP, but it was K2H that made me come back daily until now <3

  3. Oh, how I miss them… I started watching K2H because of Ha Ji Won… and fell in love with Seung Gi. No, with the 2 of them as a couple…

  4. She’s definitely got it all, lulz!! LOVE HER!! She’s looking awesome in that InStyle photo shoot.

    I was so sure that Seung-gi also had a spread in this month’s InStyle issue or is it next month? neways, together they look SOOOOO good!! sigh…

  5. Wait HJW is 34 (asian years)??? I thought she was a few years younger than I am, turns out she’s a few years older. She does not look 34 at all. She looks young!

    She looks so beautiful here and so does LSG. I haven’t seen much of K2Hs yet, only followed the recaps. When I finally get time (whenever that will be), I will definitely be giving this one a viewing.

  6. Omo! They look so good together!!! Can I be delusional for a moment and ship them? I mean, it’s likely never going to happen but a fangirl can dream, right? Right? If anything, I just want them to remain close friends.

    Thanks for keeping the TK2H lurve, Koala! This OTP is definitely precious. <3

    • Although rationally I know the chances of them getting together is kind of slim I still secretly ship them. LSG and HJW, please make your shippers’ dreams come true. hahaaaa

    • You are so right about the “attack” part! Aaaahhhh sstressss! How I miss the King & Queen plus the great community from all over parts of the world united because of them. Thank you Ockoala unni for posting this to your awesome site ^_^

      • Hi Ivoire!
        “attack” was an inside reference made by the hearties where once a post was made on K2H or anything related to it, the hearties and the airens would as we said, “attack” the post and make many comments, also replying to other comments, creating, what we call, a thread exploding at the seams.
        Hence, the thousands of comments K2H garnered on DB.

        -maknae of the hearties

      • Hi Ivoire,
        during TK2H period,when GF adds recap Hearties starts to ”attack” with comments, we just waited fully loaded and prepared (everyone watched raw pretty much and waited for recap).

      • Hi guys, and thank you for all the answers and the clarification :-)! I remember those times well! That was fun, being swept in all that madness and having people to share our enthusiasm and love of the drama (and actors) with.
        @ Mtoh, I don’t think DB had 11,000 comments at one point (I haven’t double checked), I think the most was 1,800 or close to 2,000 for one recap? Or did you mean that GF did a grand total of the comments over the course of the drama and recaps and it came to 11,000? I was a little confused by the number. Please clarify (again) anyone, thanks!

      • Hello ilovemangos maknae! hope you’re doing great! it’s so nice to see you here and the rest of our TK2H family. I miss you all ^_^ Too bad I can’t go to Singapore to see our King but I’m going to Taiwan to see him…hehehe…Tooooooo excited 😀

      • Eva, you lucky girl!
        Why aren’t you among my tweet friends…hahha.
        Nice to see you’re doing good dear.

      • Hello mtoh! Did you know that the King will have a concert here in Seoul 1 & 2 Dec? Maybe you can come over and fall in love with him all over again…hehehe…you’ve got twitter too? what’s your name & I’ll look for you. Take care my chingu!

  7. So beautiful, both of them, in all the photos.
    Particularly like the first couple shot on top, such natural poses and genuine smile that reaches their eyes. I see LSG and HJW in the photo yet it could easily be our King Jae-Ha and Queen Hang Ah in the photo.

    I’m going to rewatch TK2H for the 3rd time soon!

  8. perfect couple lee seung gi and ha ji won ,i can’t help myself shipping them until now and hoping to have a real happy ending .oh well who knows no one can tell if they were destined to each other only God knows ..I just wish them more success to come and reunite in a one movie or tv drama either…Love them both

  9. Great pictures….Good job to the photographer. Their chemistry is oozing out from the pictures, especially the first picture…and this is more than 2 months after the drama ended. too bad they are hallyu stars, not hollywood stars, so the chances of them becoming a real couple is super slim.

  10. Awww miss the Ah-ha couple sooooo much!! My best OTP this year hands down.

    Their pictures together here are so perfect. It feels like they are still in the character of the drama because what I feel from the picture is our King Jae ha and his Hang ah.

    Looking forward to see them together more, hopefully there’s a video version of the interview and the year-end award ceremony.

    And Seung-gi ya! Please come back to tv fast!

  11. my 2012 OTP <3 i don't know if i'd still ship them IRL but i just love the camaraderie between these two. they look so good together but who knows if they're more of a close noona-dongseng. nonetheless, JaeHa + HangAh <333

  12. Natural beauty and multi talented Ha Ji Won got it all!…Cheers! HJW and LSG, no doubt the best honey bees couple in TK2H! Ha Ji Won ….grab that Best TV Actress Seoul International Award on 30 August….Hahaha!

  13. Have our King been ‘MINEd’ here?
    Oh right, Koala.,
    I can’t ‘mine’ him here nor in DB. Sigh…..
    Seems like I have to create my own blog and ‘mine’ him as I pleased. 😀

    Anyway, AhHa couple is my most favorite OTP in 2012.

  14. The best otp for 2012 for me. HJW and LSG looks great. Hope they will be together in another drama. How about adding Hyun bin in the drama? It will be awesome.

  15. LSG and HJW definitely are a closefriend right now, just like another HJW co-actor in other dramas/movies, they become close but not surely close tobecome a real couple..who’s become HJW’s boyfriend still a mistery, don’t miss the news untill her latest movies 3BJM finish coz she mentioned would to break a while and consider to get meried. ^^
    (My wishfull totally HB would be a great for her) 😀

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