Mark Chao, Feng Shao Feng, Kim Bum Headline Detective Dee Sequel

Well this is going to be a big hot mess. Seriously, not even being optimistic or praying to the movie gods will this movie actually turned out to be quality cinematic achievement. It’ll probably make lots of money during the Summer season, give all the young actors exposure, and continue the trend of director Tsui Hark‘s descent into flashy mediocrity. The cast of the upcoming C-movie The Detective Dee Prequel, capitalizing on the box office success of the Tsui Hark directed Detective Dee movie with Andy Lau in 2010, has been just been revealed as the movie starts filming in Hendian. The production is being coy as to who is playing the titular young Detective Dee, but it’s clear that its either Mark Chao or Feng Shao Feng based on star power.

Other than those two, rounding out the cast is Angelababy (*rolls eyes*, reuniting her with Mark from the Black & White movie), Kim Bum, and Lin Geng Xin. The collective ability of these five pretty people to actually act hovers at the level of “glower, smirk, pout, growl, and flash the wide-eyed.” Look, I like them all except for the girl whose name sounds like a porn star, but I don’t like any of them for their ability to actually act. Kiss well and look fantastic onscreen, yes – act convincingly, not so much. Not that this movie will need stellar acting, so I’ll be watching for the entertainment, whether of the popcorn or even trainwreck variety. Bummie in a period wuxia mystery? Yeah, I dig that. Check out the cast in a pre-filming photoshoot where the boys are already posing like too-cool BFFs.

Feng Shao Feng’s new red bowl cut is so massively ugly it boggles the mind any man would willingly sport it. And it’s not for the movie, which is a period setting. I’m also vastly amused by how the guys are posing below like they are making the trendy C-version of The Outsiders, except with guys who are not cool at all simply by virtue of trying too hard. And I don’t even want to talk about Mark Chao’s pornstache. That is just all sorts of wrong. I wonder how his girlfriend Gao Yuan Yuan is handling staring at it when he goes home at night.


Mark Chao, Feng Shao Feng, Kim Bum Headline Detective Dee Sequel — 16 Comments

  1. What’s with the pornstache, Mark Chao? Dating Gao Yuan Yuan has seriously uglified him. I hope he breaks up with her… πŸ˜‰

  2. Two words: Oh Boy.

    I see train wreck… but Tsui Hark thrives on flashy mediocrity and for a very long time now. It does boggle the mind but I guess if people are enjoying it, that’s all the matters I suppose. πŸ™‚

  3. Look, in that last picture, Kim Bum is looking at me as if to say, “Sure Tammie, I’ll be right there to marry your daughter. Will next week work?” Gosh, I’m so lucky! Pornstache, crazy red mop hair and ugly salmon shirt shouldn’t even be in the same picture as my future son-in-law. Just sayin.’

  4. I second you on Feng Shao Feng’s hair. Ew. And it makes his head SO big. Hence, he looks unproportional. Is it a…wig?

  5. ooooh my~

    Will be watching this purely for entertainment too and because Lin Geng Xin and Kim Bum is also there. Is Kim Bum’s voice going to be dubbed or he knows how to speak the language?

    Been keeping an eye on LGX since Bu Bu Jing Xin…

  6. Lin Gengxin looks great!!
    Even though I see him in the exact same pose in the last pictures with the boys. Oh and what is Kim Bum peering at? πŸ˜›

    Looking forward to Kim and Lin! Yummay.

  7. I loved Detective Dee, it was an entertaining movie with some quality. But having this young cast looks rather disappointing, but prequels or sequels tend to be not as good as the original one. Anyway, still anticipating it for these eye candies, especially FSF, Mark and Lin Gengxin. And yeah, I don’t like that girl, they just couldn’t get another actress, she seems to be in too many movies, it makes me pke….I really do wonder who will be Di Renjie, actually I hope for FSF more, probably because I am used to his ancient look…

  8. It’s so abstract, strange, don’t know what to expect. Who is the fashion/makeup consultant for this??!! The girl is pretty, so can’t really mess her up, but still, the gallon high orange hair and the whole thing is just not good, to say it kindly.

  9. WOw.. what an international cast.. China, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan.. Hope this turns out good.. such a pretty cast right?

  10. Why Kim Bum’s shirt looks like a curtain? Mhahahha Don’t care, love him any way!!!

    BTW I LOVE Detective Dee and the Phantom Flame, so I will love this one too!!! And my Angel baby is there? That is like wining the lottery!! *nose bleed*

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