Ariel Lin and Rainie Yang Playfully Smooch at the Next Awards

Is there something in the water in Taiwan, or are Taiwanese celebs suddenly super affectionate with their same-gender pals? Following on the heels of James Wen and Chris Wang smooching three times to pay off a bet for the box office success of The Fierce Wife movie, this past weekend Ariel Lin presented an award to her good friend Rainie Yang at the Next Awards and the two gorgeous ladies kissed and caused the entire room to erupt into shrieks and cheers. Rainie kissed Ariel first when she accepted the award, with her excuse being Ariel’s dress had sharp spikes on it so Rainie couldn’t hug Ariel so instead leaned in for a kiss which ended up being on the lips. The first kiss was so brief that when the audience hollered for a longer one, the two ladies cheerfully obliged and leaned in for the cute peck seen above. Rainie and Ariel have been friends for over a decade, though really their friendship is more because they were both best friends with the long departed Beatrice Hsu. Rainie’s new album is doing gangbusters while Ariel is happily in a new relationship with her Taiwanese-American boyfriend and she heads to London shortly to start her overseas studies. Awwww, I’m so comforted to see two of my fave actresses are both so happy with their life.


Ariel Lin and Rainie Yang Playfully Smooch at the Next Awards — 11 Comments

  1. Ahhh so cute! this is adorable! Two of my favorite actress!

    But for some reason when Britney and Madonna? Did it it was weird to watch.. Why is that?

  2. Awww, they are both so cute. Rainie looks stunning in short hair. Both Ariel’s and Rainie’s dresses are interesting and I like the tights that Rainie has on.

  3. Ms. K! May I get permission from you to copy the full length photo of Rainie Yang (4th from the top) to my FB page? I don’t have a business or anything like that. My sole purpose is to share with my fb female friends new fashion ideas from fb, etc. I share ideas like this for fashion fun, only. Since fall is coming and I’m a fashion hosiery fan, I would like to use the full length photo of her unique hosiery for ideas on how to pair unique hosiery with fashion in different ways? Thank you for your response.

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