K-stars Attend Masquerade Movie Premiere Starring Lee Byung Hun and Han Hyo Joo

This is about as high wattage as it gets for movie premieres in South Korea. The upcoming Joseon-era sageuk movie Gwanghae: The Man Who Became King (English title Masquerade) starring Lee Byung Hun, Han Hyo Joo, and Ryu Seung Ryong held its star-stubbed movie premiere in Seoul this week which was attended by a veritable who’s who of actors young to old alike. Conspicuously missing from the guest list is Lee Min Jung, the recently confirmed girlfriend of lead actor Lee Byung Hun, which probably is for the best since the media will turn into a frenzy waiting to snap the first official together pictures of the couple as opposed to focusing on the movie. I was captivated by the trailer and found Lee Byung Hun’s first sageuk performance in his long career to be as intense as expected. He plays a dual role in the movie, as King Gwanghae and the commoner brought in to masquerade as him. Think Dave but without the comedy or likely happy ending. Whether this movie turns out to be good or does well at the box office, it’s already off to a rollicking start by collecting star friends by the truckload to attend the glittery premiere.

Lee Byung Hun. He might be on the shorter side of Korean actors, but he never lacks of onscreen or offscreen presence.

Han Hyo JooPerfect complexion, perfection hair, perfect dress, she’s pretty much just rocking perfection like its a piece of cake thing.

Jung Woo Sung. Oppa, I think you grabbed your BFF Lee Jung Jae’s suit jacket by accident. Please wear clothes that fit before leaving the house, it looks ugly and makes you slouch. Iloveyouthnxbai.

Ahn Sung Ki. Classy and charming as always.

Go Soo. Just dropped out of the Daepyungsoo (The Great Seer), so I’m still waiting for him to tackle his first sageuk.

Yoo Seung Ho. So this is what lies under the hideous wig of hideousness he sports in Arang and the Magistrate? Why does he look 12 years old again?

Kim Yoo Jung. So pretty and brimming with potential.

Ji Sung. Just stepped into Daepyungsoo for Go Soo. Please let this sageuk be better than Kim Soo Ro.

Song Seung Heon. He’s probably still fuming that his friend Lee Byung Hun does Gwanghae as his first sageuk, while my Heon oppa had to tackle Dr. Jin.

Park Shi Hoo. Say it with me…….Alice in Cheondamdong!

Ha Jung Woo. Looking scruffy but still yummy.

Lee Dong Wook. His white shirt could be tailored better, and he can stand up straighter, but overall he looks like a neighborhood oppa.

Kang Hye Jung. Still her adorable weird self.

Park Ha Sun. She should ditch that oversized clunky blue coat.

Bae Soo Bin. I feel like he overdressed. Either go with the cardigan or the vest, but not both.

Nam Ji Hyun. Ooooh, young and edge, I like it!

Ryu Seung Soo. Clark Kent glasses and an all-black suit, definitely didn’t do anything wrong today in the fashion department.

Jo Jung Seok. He looks tired, but I love love love his suit with the two button closure.

[Credit: all pictures as marked of the respective news agency]


K-stars Attend Masquerade Movie Premiere Starring Lee Byung Hun and Han Hyo Joo — 17 Comments

  1. Oh goodness. It took forever to scroll down. Wow just how many turned up man. How is someone supposed to concentrate on the movie instead?

  2. This looks like a what not to wear lineup. And I’m not sure Kim Yoo Jung will get as many opportunities as her acting merits. She’s charming and passably attractive (very typically Korean) but I have to wonder if she won’t get overshadowed by the plastic dolls that the industry tends to love once she grows up.

    • im hoping it’s the opposite.
      because there would be too many plastic dolls in the industry, there are others who try to cast more natural looking actresses to maintain realism.
      Plus, seems like the audience loves a different kind of woman than the avg k-drama gal. (ig. my kim sam soon, etc)
      kim yoo jung has that natural beauty/talent that i’d just LOVE to have her in my show! Plus, in a world like this, who’d wanna be like everyone else! i’d strive to be different. 😛

      • Totally agree – I can actually pick her out of a lineup and in the world of Korean entertainment, that’s a huge plus for me! As for the audience loving a different kind of woman, I think that was more due to the novelty of Sam Soon as a drama. Contrast Kim Sun Ah’s image in Sam Soon with her image in I Do, I Do and you’ll see that people are still as fascinated with youth and beauty as they’ve always been. I guess Moon Geun Young would be a good role model for Kim Yoo Jung since MGY’s not exactly the most beautiful actress in Korea but has still managed to wow audiences with her acting.

  3. Hi Koala, many thanks for the write-up. It was thrilling to be able to watch the VIP premiere event “live” on Youtube, thanks to the movie producers/event organizers. Great to see so many stars in one place, especially my one and only K-actor bias, Bae Soo Bin. At least, you didn’t say that he under-dressed – that would be a “no-no” considering he’s attending the VIP screening of his big boss’ movie 🙂

  4. omg park hasun is so gorgeous. And If I had han hyojoo’s eyebrows I would totally pluck and groom them but I understand koreans like it that way.

  5. Oh so much eyecandy!

    But…But…The Great Seer. I was waiting for it! I’m watching for SCU (obviously!), but I was sooo excited to see Go Soo, too. And now I’m torn because I really, really like Ji Sung but I’m not sure what’s going to happen, considering his past with sageuks.

  6. Gosh! Park Fricking Shi Hoo. Omg, if I ever run into this guy, lets just say we’ll both be smiling. Gosh! I love him. Get your mind out the gutter, I’d just fan girl. bUT SERIOUSLY! the man is sekseeyy

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