Shin Won Ho is a Fighter for Sure Magazine

Is my love for Shin Won Ho so inexplicable and random? Probably, since pretty idol boys are a dime a dozen and frankly he’s really not all that pretty or idol-y (I find Cross Gene the group ridiculously silly and terrible). I also worry that he’s so young and ICOMYM goes only so far in justifying one’s love for age-inappropriate crushes. But then I remember that he’s older than Yoo Seung Ho, and then I let out a sigh of relief that it’s all good. I still miss seeing Shin every week on my screen when Big was airing, even if all he did was wear pink PJs and lay in bed. He will forever be cemented in my memory as episode 1 Kang Kyung Joon, the kid with the balls to swap umbrellas with the cute noona he saw on the bus and then later take her away on his motorcycle. Forget the staid and stodgy Yoon Jae, where is this kid when we all need a little fantasy and hope in our lives? For the recent issue of Sure Magazine, my baby boy Shin is looking so fine it blows my mind. He doesn’t manage to convince me that he’s a down and dirty fighter, but he manages to look mighty fine as a kid trying on boxer gloves for size. If he manages his acting career well, and not just stick with idol group and singing, I hope he can have Song Joong Ki‘s career. Which segues perfectly into a recent interview Cross Gene did where the interviewer put up Song Joong Ki’s picture next to Shin’s face and HOMG they are like brothers from different parents. If Joong Ki makes it out alive in Nice Guy, the drama gods simply must cast them as brothers in a drama (minus any possibility one brother needs to donate any bodily organs to the other). Make it happen, Korea!

So apparently even the Korean media thinks Shin is a dead ringers for Song Joong Ki! They are ridiculously identical, but personality wise they are like night and day. Plus Shin has this devilish attitude I’ve never seen from Joong Ki.


Shin Won Ho is a Fighter for Sure Magazine — 12 Comments

  1. love the statement “I live in the wrong country” and “I was born to early” is this guy for real,almost all the actors in Korea are pleasing to my eye and most of them are very much younger than me….thanks Ockoala you always sets a trend and your good taste in choices of actors and dramas you watched.

  2. I believe Koala is trying to kill me this morning. Death by photos of my two favorite faces.

    “the drama gods simply must cast them as brothers in a drama”
    YES! Fighting over a girl, ME!!!! I live in the wrong reality.

  3. Shin and Joong Ki also look like Sun Woong :O from the recent mini drama Ma Boy on Tooniverse also starring Kim So Hyun (Moon That Embraces The Sun)
    Such good looking boys xD

  4. Oh, he kinda looks like the lead boy in Ma Boy…

    But I think more than Song Joong Ki, the person Shin Won Ho looks like the most is my future husband. Heeheeheee

    (Just finished rewatching Family Outing so the Jaesuk jokes are stuck with me for now…)

  5. Is this a recent photo? One of the guys is wearing a Cavaliers jacket and LeBron left over two years ago! Oh well. I’m still happy to see my dinky hometown represented all the way in South Korea, even if it was just a fashion faux pas 😉

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