Written and Video Previews for Miss Rose Episode 9

Awwww man, I love Miss Rose too much for my own good. At this point the drama is heading well into meaty emotional territory with a love triangle fraught with the leading lady having feelings for both guys, plus an extra wheel of a future fiancee lurking to the side. If this was a K-drama, we’d be having massive stare downs between Cheng Kuan and Yi Chun with Si Yi constantly moping between the two of them. Luckily its a TW-drama and there is still much humor and hilarity left to mine before the drama dives into the deep end of emotional angst. I foresee Si Yi finally getting her act together and moving past the moping stage towards the confusion stage. Me like that, me like that very much. I want to see Si Yi deal with whatever feelings she has for Yi Chun plus her growing care for Cheng Kuan, because she can’t just sit back and watch the two guys duke it out without making her preference clear.

The last time a drama I loved had a beach episode, it was the fantastic episode 5 of Ouran that’s hard to beat, but I have a feeling MR will also deliver big time when it strips the characters of their professional veneer and everyone gets down and dirty on the sand. It’s also a great excuse to put four gorgeous ladies in swimsuits (though I’m sure 99% is for the Tia Li fanboys out there, which makes it a shame Puff is somewhere in Japan plotting and can’t don a bikini as well in this episode). Roy Qiu must be flashbacking big time to when he filmed the Original Summer Scent with Rainie Yang million of years ago, where he had sunstreaked orange hair and the entire drama was pretty much filmed on the beach and in the surf. Good times, good times. I can’t wait to watch Cheng Kuan and Yi Chun engage in some beach volleyball male posturing, because nothing says “I want that girl” more than a few good hearty spikes of the ball that fairly screams “In your face!”, or something like that.

Written preview for episode 9:

Sunshine, Beach, and Bikinis!

The whistle blows……and Xiao Ke’s engagement party is underway! The ladies carefully put on the sunscreen, the men play a blood boiling game of beach volleyball. Suddenly…..an uninvited guest! The M&A Golden Boy vs the Product Development Genius, their beach battle commences. Are they battling for the volleyball in front of them, or the Rose sitting under the umbrella shade?

The balloons are strewn everywhere and the fireworks are launched. Everyone is drunken on the romantic mood of the garden engagement party. The interloper Ting Ai shows up unexpectedly and makes her move towards the future groom. At the last minute, can Si Yi and Cheng Kuan preserve her best friend’s hard-to-come by happiness?

Cheng Kuan tightly holds a postcard in his hand that is six years late in arriving, deep in thought about what is the best decision for Si Yi, unaware that somewhere in Japan, Vivian has also silently made up her mind………

New previews for episode 9:

Cheng Kuan tells Sheng Jun that they’ve got to mess up Ah Zhe a bit, to get him back for treating Xiao Ke poorly. Yi Chun says he can tell Gao Cheng Kuan sees Si Yi as someone very important to him, but Yi Chun says Si Yi is even more important to him.

Xiao Ke tells Si Yi that when Yi Chun was putting on medicine for her, Cheng Kuan did not look happy in the least. Yi Chun says that Gao Cheng Kuan is a very talented guy, which is why Yi Chun doesn’t want to lose to him. Vivian is pissed that Cheng Kuan is at an engagement party for Luo Si Yi’s friend. She vows that the more Cheng Kuan dismisses her, the more she’s never going to let him go.


Written and Video Previews for Miss Rose Episode 9 — 15 Comments

  1. Can someone please tell me why Roy is wearing a shirt? I’m warning the Drama Gods now, at some point during this ep it better come off or there will major fangirl upset.

    • Both Roy and Chao Chun Ya played volleyball when they were in school, with Roy playing up until he went to the army. This is going to be gooooood. And yes, let there be a massive one-person tornado to tear Roy’s wifebeater off.

      Here’s a shirtless Roy from episode 1. Don’t say unni doesn’t take care of you.

  2. Oh man been refreshing this for the written update.Bring it on.Angst or not!
    Thank you Ms Koala.I love this drama yet on the other hand cringed when I discovered last week it has 24 episodes.Sigh.

  3. I couldn’t sleep when thinking of SY and CK relationship. He is screwed. He has to be engaged with Vivian who he doesn’t love to pay back the financial support favor that he owe to vivin’s dad. It is time to straight everything out dude. Time to think for yourself now dude. You have paid enough to her dad since graduation and come out to make mucho money for her dad until now. You won’t have happiness to marry a person u have no love. Go with your heart my dear Roy or now is CK. Stop prolonging… The X- bf is going your SY. Otherwise I will be mad at you and stop watching your drama. J/k… Go go go… Give SY a deep passionate kiss and tell her you love her more than yourself and you can do anything for her…

  4. Yikes. Vivian is going to be back. I have not missed her a single second in the past couple episodes. I liked how the viewer got to be acquainted with Si Yi’s history with Mister Surf-addict. Some questions still are left unanswered such as why the heck did he first agree to marry the older woman and go to the USA, Xiao Ke’s bf cheating, Cheng Kuan’s own love past.

    I wonder whether Si Yi needs more time to figure out whether she is willing to give her old flame a chance given how he crushed her heart the first time, and her growing feelings for her soon-to-be-engaged boss. I can not wait to see this plot unfold before our eyes. I trust the writer and PD as well as the cast to blow us away.
    What I am most uncertain of is the physical chemistry between Megan and Roy. They have delivered a lot through their stares, glances, but their first kiss was so cringeworthy. I had read that when they practiced for the scene, she admitted getting quickly uncomfortable with their lips touching. Therefore I am afraid that although we shouldn’t compare, their pairing will not be as convincing as Alice and Roy’s wedding kiss in Office girls.

    The Sheng Jun / Xiao Ke pairing will eventually occur, right? Then I wonder if Yi Chun will end up with anyone, as well as the sweet yet not too bright co-worker of Si Yi’s.

    Thank you, Mrs Koala for this entry and again for introducing us to this drama. Miss Rose is my weekly dose of fun and heart. I have no interest in any other production, despite my reading recaps and whatever appeal some might harbor. It has just fit my expectations and against all odds, I still hope that until the very end, it will keep my spirit high.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s raw links and the viki subs in the following days.

  5. Ouch. 24 eps?! And I was enjoying the show so much. I just caught up and now I need to put this on the back burner. But honestly, it’s really hard to care about SY and YC, when I dont understand why she’s even giving him the time of day. I’m so ready for her to get it together and him to disappear.
    Oh well, looks like a fun ep I’ll be watching in about 4 wks 🙁

  6. 24 episodes for MR? Where did that come from?

    Live-filmed SETTV dramas never have episode totals listed in advance since it depends on ratings. OG at 25 was the longest I can remember in history, but most are 18-22 episodes.

    Going back – Love Forward (22), OG (25), DtLY (18), Zhong Wu Yen (19), PS Man (21), Autumn’s Concerto (21), Easy Fortune, Happy Life (17), My Queen (21, and that was after an extension), Woody Sambo (19), FtLY (24).

    Based on the above, ratings need to be above 6 for a drama to go past 22. I would bet MR ends at 21.

  7. Oh lord, now I know why CK pushes SY to YC in ep 9 today. It’s SET TV that wants to prolong this drama. Whatever, I’ll just follow along then although I don’t like the way CK did to SY by getting involved in given YC back the letters YC been written to SY.

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