Lee Sang Yeob is Winning Hearts from Cheongdamdong to Nice Guy

It’s a testament to just how awesome an actor Song Joong Ki is that his Kang Maru in Nice Guy is so emotionally loathsome and yet I still haven’t call it quits with the drama. Yes, the drama is excellently directed and the story has flashes of brilliance, but having two of the three leads be complete and utter human dreck does make for a painful viewing experience. Ultimately we all need someone in the story to root for otherwise it becomes an exercise in futility. So far the only main character to come across as decent is Moon Chae Won‘s Seo Eun Gi, which actually seems even more terrifying since she’s stuck between formerly self-sacrificing and Jae Hee-obsessed Maru and scum of the earth Jae Hee. It’s like she steps in crap either ways she turns. But there is a silver lining that I’m so happy a lot of people are noticing, which is Eun Gi’s guardian angel oppa Park Joon Ha played by Lee Sang Yeob. He’s like a beacon of goodness in a world populated with broken and damanged people. I find him totally underused (raise your hand if Jae Gil and Choco should be written off the show and their screen time devoted to Joon Ha) yet he’s stealing hearts with his understated and lovely character. I have yet to see Joon Ha flash the trademark Sang Yeob smile that has been known to melt Koalas’ hearts everywhere, but hopefully Eun Gi will dump Maru soon and go to Joon Ha. Knowing the drama, likely Maru will have a course correction soon that’ll make it easier to relate to him, but until then, we can all enjoy a little more Joon Ha in our lives. Sang Yeob totally stole my heart in I Live in Cheongdamdong and is continuing to do so in NG. Below are some of his recent magazine pictures as well as two fantastic ILICDD MVs so everyone can appreciate him more.

Sang Yeob Pining for Ji Eun set to “Almost Lover”

Hilarious Alterna-OTP Sang Yeob and Hyun Woo in ILICDD set to “That Man”:


Lee Sang Yeob is Winning Hearts from Cheongdamdong to Nice Guy — 25 Comments

  1. *raises hand* yesssss oh yessss Jae Gil and Choco should be written off ASAP. I love Lee Kwang Soo but his character and that girl’s character… its just pointless.

  2. It’s my first time seeing him in NG.I didn’t know him before.But I was immediately Drawn to him and his character,the very first moment he appeared in Episode one.And I really do like him.I also wish that he’d have some more Screen time.And I really wish that Seo Eun Gi just choose him at last but we know that can hardly happen.

  3. MCW hasn’t impressed me so far in Mr Nice Guy. She’s hamming a bit.
    SJK is the saving grace and the only reason to watch this otherwise mediocre drama. Mr Nice Guy has not lived up to expectations.

  4. And yes, LSY is very likable….very pleasant. It’s almost a relief to see his scenes because the rest of the characters are all so unlikable and unpleasant.

  5. Sang Yeob-shi!!! The MV on SY and HW cracked me up. There was an episode about JE being able to spot HW in a crowd/building and such and the MV made me realize that SY was totally doing that since the beginning!!

  6. when do you think will Maru come to his senses, Unnie? 🙁 I cant bear watching him still lingering for that worthless Jae hee?

  7. While I do admit that all the happy soft moments give me the warm fuzzy feeling, there is something to be said for the human experience. I enjoy a story just as much when the characters are hurting each other and every time I think they have reached rock bottom they find new depths to fall to. Life is not always happy, and sometimes nobody wins, the fallen hero doesn’t rise up and innocence is lost. Sometimes the only reward for pain is more pain.

    You’re right that the way this story has been set up we can only expect that there will be some sort of redemption for Jae Hee but until that time he has to keep falling and dragging all the people in his orbit down with him. His struggle with his own darkness is what separates this story from a heartwarming hard-knock tale of the good guy pulling himself up by the bootstraps.

    Then again, maybe he’ll destroy everything he cares about, then move to New York to set up his fashion empire on borrowed money, only to wallow around in depression surrounded by excessive luxury, before finally ending up assassinated by the mafia.

  8. I adore him!! Then again, I love everyone in ILICDD <3 Hyun Woo and Lee Sang Yeob are awesome together, and were clearly part of an OT3 heh I hope he gets more scenes in Nice Guy because that drama needs more genuinely good people. Plus, I wish he would smile more because he has a great smile 😀

  9. Omo precious Sang Yeob post! <333 He's so so SO ADORABLE in ILICDD, I want to pocket him (along with the rest of the characters in the drama!). They're all awesome, hands down (if nothing goes down) the best drama everrrrrrr~~

    And yes, I want to see Maru burn. And yes, do away with Jae Gil and Choco and give Sang Yeob his deserved screen time.

  10. Both hands up for him getting more screen time! Can I raise my feet too? I hope this drama doesn’t make the same screen time mistake with Joon Ha that Big made with Kyung Joon.

    We all know by now that Nice Guy tells a portion of its story by flashing back in time. I’m excited to (hopefully) see Joon Ha’s story of coming to Tae San and meeting Eun Gi, and ESPECIALLY finding out why he ever wanted her to think he’s gay.

    • When did NG ever show anything about joon ha wanting Eun ji to think he’s gay?!?
      Did I miss something in one of the episodes?
      I hope someone can answer this because I’ve been seeing it in comments a lot but don’t get it
      I don’t think he ever gave the impression he was gay.


    This is so wonderful, thank you so much Ms. Koala. I’m so attempted to rewatch a few episodes of ILICDD bc the tiny airtime he gets in Nice Guy just ain’t enough. I just hope that this role earns him much deserved recognition and we get to see more of him in the future. ^^

  12. Yes…. my hands in the air….

    Hope LSY got new project which put him as a lead male… can’t wait to see him soon in grey blazer 🙂

  13. I first saw him in Miss Ripley and he had caught my attention since then. I continued watching it only to see him.keke. so happy when i saw him as i was watchng Nice Guy. I really wish to see him in a much larger role next time.

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