The Fashionable Stars Descend on the 2012 Busan International Film Festival

It’s fashion time, baby! Despite finding awards shows completely inaccurate in predicting quality, I enjoy it solely for the pretty. It’s a chance for stars to dress up and be unashamed of their extraordinary natural or enhanced prettiness and just be as superficially pretty as possible. Nothing wrong with that whatsoever. This week the 2012 Busan International Film Festival kicked off in the sea side city of Busan, having established itself as Korea’s most famous film festival. Every year a bevy of K-stars descend to either promote a movie, promote themselves, or simply to walk the red carpet for the heck of it. This year the weather was nice and the prettiness factor was even nicer. Overall it was mostly solid but nothing stood out for me as a grand slam home run. A few folks scored, most got on base, and one was a particular fail that wasn’t even surprising since its that star’s typical award’s show attire yet again. I thought Lee Yoon Ji was the most eye-catching starlet, with her bright canary yellow cut out jersey dress absolutely stunning on her. I couldn’t look away, even though I typically prefer more demure and classy looks. She’s got the figure and the attitude to pull it off and she did. For that I appreciate how she took risks because most everyone else could only look nice but not terribly memorable.

Bae Soo Bin. Nice tux, cute burgundy bow tie, solid hairstyle.

Park Ye Jin. Classy and flirty, but the dark slate grey does not flatter her. This dress in another color would have been striking.

Song Ji Hyo and Jaejoong. LOVE. Gorgeous, together and individually.

Kim Sun Ah. Eh. Sun Ah can do so much better. The style and color doesn’t pop and the drape appears rather awkward and ill-fitting.

Gu Hye Sun. Worst actress outfit of the night. Not the worst thing Gu Hye Sun has worn on the red carpet, and definitely screams out her preferred styled, but oy is it not pretty to see. A white tux jacket with white hot pants? On a red carpet? Even if Busan was a beach town this is not a way to channel glamour or star power.

Park Shi Hoo. Pretty man wearing perfect suit. End of critique. Can December come any faster?

Oh Ji Ho. Look solidly tuxed out, but nothing memorable. I’m more amused by Oh Ji Ho showing up in a fancy schmancy sports car.

Kim Nam Gil. He’s baaaaaack! He looks exactly the same as before he enlisted in the military 2 years ago. I also wonder if the ‘stache is permanent from here on out? The slicked back hair is a tad greasy, but the tux fits like a glove.

Lee Yeon Hee. Pretty girl and so very young, but why is she dressing so very old. The black dress is lovely in cut but makes her look so dreary. Plus her washed out make up doesn’t help. She needs a better stylist who can take advantage of her natural youthful prettiness better.

Tang Wei. Damn, girlfriend looks fantasbulous. That’s what I call movie star glamour on the red carpet.

Jung Woo Sung. Dude, is my I Lub You wearing what appears to be a VELVET tux? Complete with matching velvet vest? Which is also two inches too short for his looooong legs? Does he think he’s a gangster bouncer in a seedy Busan club? But when he smiles like that, if I was that lady behind him I’d be smiling like a moon calf the same way.

Park Shi Yeon. Oy, I know she’s married now, but no need to dress like a matron. Not liking her dress, hairstyle or makeup. All of it is too severe, though she does pull off the dramatic slit in the chest look without seeming insecure or awkward.

Kim Min Jong. He reminds me that ahjusshis who are confident gentlemen will always charm my socks off on the red carpet. Like a tall drink of water when one is thirsty.

Of course, below are the perfect Moon Geun Young and Kang Ji Hwan, who I’ve already devoted an entire post to.

[Credit: all pictures as marked of the respective news agency]


The Fashionable Stars Descend on the 2012 Busan International Film Festival — 29 Comments

  1. Saying that “Moon Geun Young is being called “the blue goddess of the sea” by the media at BIFF” is so apt. Yep, She’s all grown up. Love her.

    • Love her on that blue dress but her red outfit on the blue carpet the following day made her look so young again. Forever the Nation’s little sister. Still, I love her very mucho!

    • I think that the lady next to KSA is Hong Ji Min, a musical actress, last seen in Golden time and I am legend 2 years ago with Kim Jung Eun, KSA’s BF.

  2. Moon Geun Young is stunning! isnt this the same awards night where suzy and han ga in appeared?anyhoooooooooow Go Hye Sun,its not that bad but i wished she wore a dress.You know, she’s not that old but her wardrobe sometimes screams as if she’s older than her true age. Kim Sun Ah, yes i agree different color wouldve added punch to that ensemble.

  3. Has GHS ever won anything normal on the red carpet? 🙂 She seems like like these off the cuff outfits.

    Park Shi Hoo – wow!!! Looking sooo very fine here.

  4. Kim Nam Gil!!!!! *faints* revives. Looking good! Come back on my screen soon. Everyone except GHS look nice especially Lee Yoon Ji. GHS no comment.

    • AHHAHA! I can’t help but agree to that statement too. She looks so so gorgeous that I too can’t stop looking at that picture.

  5. Holy shit! That can’t be Tang Wei! I thought it was Baek Ok-dam?
    I thought I could tell the difference between them, with Tang Wei being slightly older in age or something as flimsy a difference as that? Apparently not. Snort!

    Lee Yeon-hee’s dress has a very pretty drape and cut. I love it, it’s the nicest thing there. It’s the kind of stuff I wear, which is a bad thing for an actress, she needs to step up her game.

    Kim Nam-gil opppaaaa! Haha!
    I wouldn’t expect much change in his physicality, since his was an office-based duty.

  6. I love Goo Hye Sun here! I think it’s very good idea to dress differently, and she can did it well! I love the tux and shorts combo. And she added the perfect heels. Very good!

    And I think Tang Wei’s dress is the worst. The color can’t mixed together. And the shoes, a BIG NO NO.

    • I thought Tang Wei’s dress looked like a walking puzzle. The Worst!! And though I don’t like Goo Hye Sun as an actress, I thought her outfit was cool but NOT on the red carpet.

  7. thanks for the updates of BIFF! lovely, lovely, lovely and more lovely… lols except for GHS, everyone looks awesome, esp my JJ. 🙂

    oh and i didn’t recognize KSA, hmmm.

    green with envy on MGY’s sandals. pretty. purfect!

    Kim Min Jong… faints!

    KJH and PSH… drools.

    Kim Nam Gil… drools… wipes… drools.

  8. The rarer than rare occasion that Gu Hye Sun dresses nice , Oh please, lets just all dedicate a full 5 seconds to applaud her. I ain’t gonna hold my breath for that to happen cos..Err..Don’t remember when the last classy dressy-moment for her was. Yep , Hye Sun , we get it that you’re dabbling into lotsa stuff so get a good stylist , will ya!

  9. Mrs Koala,

    Your I-lub-you needs to fire his stylist ASAP. O_o

    Song Ji Hyo walking with her hand on Jaejoong’s arm on the carpet looked very niiiice as well.

    MGY will star in the upcoming episode of TV show Running Man wearing… blue, again.

    My fave outfit, not pictured above, was Kim Sarang’s and I kinda dig Bae So Eun’s controversial and much-discussed dress, although way less revealing than Oh In Hye’s last year.

    • Btw I maintain my deduction of Park Si Yeon being preggers and with Kang Sora’s wardrobe malfunction, we got to see her in a red then black dress in which she looked sooo pretty. *0*

  10. Tang Wei looks fabulous as usual. GHS, she seems to be one of the worst dressed every time.
    BSB, looks charming and are there any pictures of Sato Takeru and Kase Ryo whom both were also attending BIFF.

  11. Koala, many thanks for your entertaining write-up and above all, for including a pic of BSB 🙂 The young lady behind him is Park Ji Su and she acted in (I believe) her very first role in “Mai Ratima” (which had its world premiere at BIFF). Can you imagine this – being in your first drama or movie and then getting to walk the red carpet at BIFF?!

  12. I love posts like this one and thank you so much for writing it.

    And completely agree un Gu Hye Sun. What is that? Seriously didn’t she look in the mirror before leaving. What is that?

  13. Take a huge courage to apply such a different outfit from most… I gotta admitt Ms. Gu Hye Sun has a high self confident wearing suit than dress, while every other ladies showing their fancy dresses, she’s showing her fancy leg… niceee… She makes me gawked with that leg *envy to be correct*

  14. Bae Soo Bin looking handsome and fashionable as always. That guy just manage to make me fall on my knees every time.<3
    Tang Wei is such a beauty, classy and very elegant. Love her dress!

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