The Two Male Leads of Miss Rose Saves Their Lady Love

Awwwww, this picture is just ridiculously adorable. Poor Megan Lai is strung up like a Christmas turkey dangling from the roof, while Chao Chun Ya chats on the phone and enjoys the show, Roy Qiu points out the obvious but does nothing to help, and Puff gasps in shock at her handiwork. It was a quiet week in terms of Miss Rose goodies which are suddenly appearing all at once. The production just released BTS pictures and stills of an upcoming scene from the drama (I’m guessing episode 12) where Vivian calls Si Yi out for a woman-a-woman pow wow over Cheng Kuan, and during the talk the Vivster loses her temper (what’s new) and shoves Si Yi in anger. Unfortunately Si Yi tumbles over the bridge railing and almost becomes fish food. Thankfully her two beaus are there to give her a helping hand. This was Megan’s first time wearing a wire so she got advice from Roy who told her to just be relaxed and not focus on how high up she was. Both guys complimented Megan on being totally game to do this scene herself rather than use a stunt double. This seems the be the first time MR has veered into something slightly intense and I’m curiously looking forward to it. So far the drama has maintained its calm and lovely vibe throughout the first half and I think the second half could benefit from more heightened stakes and emotional release.


The Two Male Leads of Miss Rose Saves Their Lady Love — 16 Comments

  1. Can I say how much I like that they have Si Yi wearing regular shoes in this show? I am loving her Converse high tops in this scene.

  2. Thank you, Mrs Koala, for this Miss Rose spread over the past 2 days. This heart of ours is so happy yet expecting for more in a few hours. 😀

    Gotta confess that the first pic kinda reconciled me with “Puff” ‘s bitchy character.

    I wonder how SY’s 2 “beaus” were around for the scene and managed to reach for her before her deadly fall. Obviously YC was there first to help her up from the 3rd pic. If she were to press charges against Vivian, it could be under the accusation of attempted murder, correct? Hopefully she will be shaken and reconsider her actions.

    That last pic is so cute. Way to go, Megan!

  3. Aigoo. The waiting for next Sunday is gonna be killing me after watching today’s ep, including this scene!!! I especially want to know what CK told YS at the very end and the translation for the preview. Looking so very much forward to your recap!!!

    • I’m out all day so can’t do a proper post. Si Yi is worried about Cheng Kuan at the end of the episode. He asks if she would still be so concerned about him if one day he’s not her Deputy General Manager anymore? In the preview, Vivian asks Cheng Kuan if they can start over since he’s never gotten to know her better. Vivian tells Si Yi to keep her distance from Cheng Kuan, because Si Yi wouldn’t want to be the person to ruin Cheng Kuan’s bright future. Yi Chun gives keys to Si Yi saying he bought a house but its still missing a female owner and would she be that person and they can grow the roses on the yard together. Cheng Kuan asks Si Yi – if he didn’t have Vivian and she didn’t have Yi Chun around her, does she think they have a chance to be together?

      • Awwww. I feel so blessed and grateful for your detailed answer. I wasn’t expecting anything until several days and there you are. Happy happy me. With my deepest thanks, Mrs Koala. ♥♥♥

      • Yeah, I think we have to wait for another 3 or 4 weeks before we can see this moments, this is too long!!!! I’m running out dramas to watch again. I have finished “when love walked in”. So now, I have nothing spare to watch other than K dramas. Humm… What should I watch in K drama? So many choices…

  4. I got sucked into this show because of Ms. Koala. LOL! No regrets (in fact, THANKS!). But I had this show bookmarked in Viki and Sugoizh and now it’s no longer there. 🙁 Back to Dramafever for a longer wait.

    • Browse thru sugo and you should be able to watch some bits of ep 11. A few hours ago I managed to watch 5 out of 6 links there.

  5. Thanks for the little translation.
    Viki no longer has the show.
    That means Dfever is my only source for the words, and they take a little longer. Poop.

    I was really getting mad at Vivian (surprise!) and I didn’t even know what she was saying to CK! I know she brought his mom into it, which is so not fair.

    The latern scene, though brief, really moved me. The look on CK’s face, yearning for whatever he wished for – broke my heart.

    • That scene moved me too yet the bridge scene after rescuing SY did break my heart. She was longing for CK to comfort her and he was just this close to hug her when Vivian got in the way, while YC witnessed it all. The look on SY and CK’s faces when they realize what’s not and what is, as she stepped backwards and the reality sinks in him that he has to take care of V instead of SY. T_T

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