First Official Stills from Missing You Show Young Lovers Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun

Man, just seeing the first official stills from Missing You gave me a good laugh. Don’t get me wrong, the stills are gorgeous, the two young leads Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun are gorgeous, and the entire mood of the two teenage lovers frolicking in the rain and looking all moony at each other is gorgeous. But can I just point out how posed and ridiculous its coming across. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought these were stills from an early 2000 Hallyu drama. In fact, Love Rain did this because PD Yoon Seok Ho was purposely trying to film LR like it was a throwback melodrama. And we all know how well that was received, with dreadful ratings and general disdain from a big chunk of the viewing audience. I was hoping MR would eschew the general propensity to frame first love dramas like the first loves are groundbreaking and heartrending experiences, when we all know that most teenagers have the attention span of happy squirrels and relationships tend to have a shelf life that ends at graduation and rarely anyone is still pining away after that when college provides an even bigger pond to fish in.

Nevertheless, I do enjoy watching first love stories as dramas partially because it is so romantically unrealistic. I just wish the presentation could be less heavy handed sometimes. Helming MY will be PD Lee Jae Dong, whose last drama I watched was the lovely Thank You. His cinematography was lush and evocative, but he was working with a Lee Kyung Hee penned drama that was very emotionally heavy but written in a dispassionate way. Hence his directing paired marvelously with the script, but might have felt too plodding if the story was mired in excessive overwrought emotions. Writing MY is Moon Hee Jung, whose Can You Hear My Heart and Smile, You were dramas where I liked overall more than I liked her writing. I think I’ll have to remain hopeful with a dash of tempered expectations when it comes to MY. The kids section will last four episodes, which is quite long until I realized MY is slated to be a 24-episode drama. That’s a lot of melo and drama coming at me. I wonder why this drama isn’t a weekend project because it just comes off as more suitable for the weekend time slot. Oh well, I’ll keep on chugging along with the MY tidbits and share my thoughts along the way.


First Official Stills from Missing You Show Young Lovers Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun — 36 Comments

  1. Sad! They look so manneqin-ish in the last two! I love these kids—they’re really great actors, so I really hope this drama exceeds my expectations.

  2. 24 episodes?!! aish that’s a whole LOT of angsting for a drama revolving around first loves!! sighhhh…when will K-drama makers learn?! /smh

  3. They are to cute! I’m gonna watch it, not huge fan of Mickey but he’s actor on who you can count to do his best to bring drama up. YEH seems scared to take new project, she didn’t have s’thing good…ummmm, for years. Don’t get me wrong loved LTM but it isn’t drama to brag about.

    • Not a fan of Mickey nor Eun Hye but praising Mickey n then rag on Eun Hye made me snort from the sheer ridiculousness of it. Mickey has got a long way to go to even reach the same success that Eun Hye had with her dramas n Lie To Me’s failure ain’t going to change that.
      Mickey has yet to reach 20% w/ any of his dramas.

      • I wonder how it’ll be once this drama actually starts airing. One critical sentence and fans of either star get offended. Bottom line IS: Yoochun has been consistently improving with each project and YEH’s last decent project was Goong/CP. So, if mtoh mentions this and it elicits a snort from you…that’s cool.

        Also, since when is ratings indicative/telling of an actor’s skill level?! o_O If that were the case then Moon/Sun must’ve been an awesome show…which it really wasn’t!

      • U call his acting improving? Good 4 u if u think that way. I didn’t see a wide range of acting emotions from any of his dramas so i wasn’t impressed. He only hit the jackpot bcoz he has been consistently paired w/ better actresses than him n worked in better scripts. Lee Da Hae n Han Ji Min carried the drama n Yoochun just benefited from that.

        Moon/Sun was awesome! Kim Soo Hyun over Yoochun’s acting any day.

      • Hehehe and more hahhaa. YEH is one of my favorite actresses, but I’m honest and direct she doesn’t have really good drama for years, and that’s a fact.

        PS; Hi Saima dear.

    • @mtoh

      LTM fan here. Sure, it didn’t do well in the ratings in South Korea. Its haters/critics dissed it for having no discernible plot (like, really, wannabe Roger Eberts?) blah blah blah. But heck, that drama that’s been declared a failure by armchair critics here and there made more money and won more international fans than the dramas it competed against. At the end of the day, a drama’s primary purpose is to entertain its viewers, and LTM entertained millions of viewers outside South Korea, as proven by the number of views it got in youku, mysoju and other online video sites, and the impressive ratings it garnered in the countries where it’s been aired. One more thing, a drama is a business venture. What good are praises and high ratings if they don’t translate into revenues?

      And what exactly do you mean by ‘good drama’? And by whose standard should a drama be gauged for it to be deemed good? Please, enlighten me.

      @ saima

      No, ratings are never indicative of an actor’s skill level. Acting awards are. YEH won the Baeksang Best Actress for CP. How about Yoochun?

  4. I honestly have to keep reminding myself that yeo jin gu is only 15 years old, and I am 8 years his senior. He is just too cute lol. He’s gonna be an awesome adult actor in a few years

    • For my dearest Yeo Jin Gu, this noona is willing to be a cougar. LOL.

      He was already awesome in Sad Movie and he was just a tiny little boy. He’s more awesome now at 15, so I’m sure he’ll be a really, really, really awesome actor when he’s a wee bit older. He and his wonderful chemistry with the equally awesome Kim Yoo Jung were the reasons I watched The Moon That Embraces The Sun.

  5. Yeh antifans impersonating his fans, forgive me laugh but not fooling anyone with that dear.

    Mr Koala sorry your thread was fun but now has become a nest of trolls.

    • I agree with you guys, but how are you to answer people would waste my time and effort on people who just want to be wars of hatred, it is best to ignore them.

      what a shame that a thread as good as this is invaded by these people full of hatred.

      in order FIGHTING “I MISS YOU”

  6. I agree with you unea, here are many who pose as fans and YC YEH to start a war, what a shame that his true fans and we approach smart enough to figure out that they are impostors.

    this thread is great do not understand why this is becoming?

  7. Thank you, Ms Koala.

    The kids are so cute. The premise and ambience of the stills remind me of Stairway To Heaven, Autumn Tale and Winter Sonata-the first three dramas responsible for my Kdrama addiction. Ah, how I balled my heart out back then. Hope IMY team looked at the ratings numbers for Love Rain and move to make adjustments accordingly because the Korean audience have since moved on.

    I am hoping for something fuzzy and life-affirming. Overwrought theatrics are fine as long as they are doled out judiciously and acted with some finesse. Praying that YEH and Yoochun can deliver. Yes, I am ready for a good melo and I am always a sucker for first-love stories.

  8. I’m not excited for this drama because I have enough melodrama with Nice Guy. Also, the first love aspect never really appealed to me except when it’s super well done. I adore Yeo Jin Gu though so I’ll probably tune in for at least the first two or four episodes. Why is he so awesome yet so young?!?! :X

  9. I personally think ever since she is on her on management, YEH tends to choose crappy projects. I used to adore her but these days tend to get very annoyed by her body of works.

    Just take an example from Ha Ji Won. She is a good actress in her own rights and she tend to pick her projects that shows wide range of what she’s capable of doing. And let’s not talk about her body of work because it’s really impressive.

    Of course, you can’t compare them both due to their years of involvement as actors but I think she should take the queue from HJW because now she has every freedom to choose what she wants to do and if she is really a serious actor, she would know which project is good for her.

    • Well, this is the first drama since Coffee Prince where she chose the drama based on the script and not out of loyalty, so I have faith that this will be better… And I am always willing to give dramas a chance, especially since it hasn’t aired yet.

    • I respect your opinion but honestly that you consider her last projects crappy is your sole opinion unlike thousands of people around the world that have enjoyed her dramas and her soulful and sincere acting.
      If people don’t like her just don’t watch her dramas and avoid feeling “annoyed”.
      Last but not least she is a serious actor, always willing to take risks and learn. That is what I really admire. It’s easy to play safe, what is difficult is being true to your self as a person and do what is right.

      • Mi Ran watched her drama in the first place because she used to adore her. When you adore someone and has expectation that she is going to perform, of course it’s not ones fault to feel annoyed that it turns out the other way round. May be once is acceptable but consistently doing it is another problem. Yet, we still do not know how Missing You is going to fare.

        Same like how I become very dissapointed of Jang Keun Suk whom is no longer an actor but just a mere performer.

    • It’s not because she chose crappy projects. When she signed the contract to do My Fair Lady she received a totally different script and the genre was also different it was supposed to be (mystery romance) not romcom. But then the script was changed after she signed and she could no longer back out or they will sue the shit out of her. Them changing the script and the drama genre is not something she has control over.

      Lie To Me, she did out of loyalty to the production company Verdi Media because the melodrama ‘Love Song’ that she was suppose to star in, got shelved because Park Yong Ha committed suicide. So she felt sorry for the production and their huge loss, so she promised them that she’d take any drama that they would be producing next and that was Lie To Me.

      I Miss You is the only drama after Coffee Prince that she is choosing based on script not out of loyalty. The PD and writer in this are excellent so we’ll see how this goes.

      The only problem YEH fans have with YEH is that she is too nice and that trait has always blown up on her face. In this business she has to be a bit more agressive and think more about herself.

      So we are just glad that this time, she really picked this drama based on the script not based on loyalty.

      • I beg to differ with you!! I am YEH fan and I must say I never had a problem with her being nice!!! I have enjoyed each and every single one of her dramas in spite of rating critics and so on!!! I simply admire her for being exactly how she is: “too nice person”!!! i wouldnt change anything about her. If she decides something as a true fan I support her and wish always for the best. As long as she is happy I am happy

      • That’s your opinion but my opinion is that I can’t stand her getting taken advantage of every single time. And everytime she’s done that who’s gotten blamed and bashed all over the place? Her!

        There is such things as being too nice and as much as I admire her for that, I also dont appreciate big companies taking advantage of her. So I will stand by what I said that most YEH fans are happy that she is finally doing something that she really wants this time.

  10. Yes i fully agreed if those are not interested in this drama just leave this blog and no need to waste yr time here. I am looking forward to this drama,

  11. dang. I have a feeling these kids are gonna overshadow their adult counterparts. lol. especially yeo jin goo. this kid is amazing. I’m not sure if yoochun will be able to match up.

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