Nice Guy Episode 10 Recap

Episode 10 of Nice Guy marks the midway point of this drama, and feels rather lightweight as a standalone episode in a drama full of tension-filled and taut moments. Nevertheless, this episode was critical in setting up multiple arcs that will surely be delved into in the second half, but overall I’m still left unsure of where it’s all headed. Of a few things I am certain: Maru is completely totally unequivocally over Jae Hee, Eun Gi really lost her memory and is pretty much a kid in an adult body, and Jae Hee is still willing to do anything to keep her and Eun Seok on top of Tae San Group. In the past, every interaction between Eun Gi and Maru was thrumming with sharp emotional awareness, but now it’s morphed into something tender and tremulous. Despite Maru being dismissive and cold to Eun Gi, it’s she who haunts his memory and he can’t help but involve himself in her life. He may have gotten close to her because of Jae Hee, but what kept him fascinated with her was always the very essence of Eun Gi, a porcupine concealing a marshmallow underneath.

Eun Gi always had the emotional understanding of a child. She wants something, she goes after it, consequences and practical consideration be-damned. It’s what could be termed selfish, because that is how we describe the basic urges that children cannot control but as an adult we are expected to. But Eun Gi was so stunted she never learned to do so, she merely suppressed that part of her. So the memory-less Eun Gi has reverted back to where her cognitive abilities now match her emotional state, and this time she can relearn life without having the spectre of a broken childhood and a demanding father looming over her. It is faced with this Eun Gi that Maru has to finally acknowledge that he still cares, because she makes him care. He cannot help but care about her, because he’s already let her into his shell of a heart, and now if he has the courage, maybe they can walk forward together even if the ending is destined to be filled with pain. But at least he has her, and she has him, and they are not so lost anymore.

Episode 10 recap:

Maru finally meets up with Eun Gi after nearly a year since the car accident in the tunnel, but while new and not-improved Maru has turned from woman swindler to financial swindler, new Eun Gi has lost her memory and has had to relearn the basics of speech and reading. Maru is clearly affected by seeing Eun Gi this way, but she reveals her childlike happiness at meeting and recognizing Kang Maru, the man in her camera.

Eun Gi’s secretary finds them standing before the scribble wall and chides Eun Gi for walking away when she was supposed to stay put. Secretary says hello to Maru, having met him before at the hospital that time he got hurt trying to retrieve Eun Gi’s doll. Eun Gi happily tells her unni that she found Kang Maru and she recognized him.

Eun Gi walks through Maru’s courtyard and calls out the correct names of household items, clearly having learned those facts again. Eun Gi’s secretary explains what happened – Eun Gi lost her memory along with language comprehension so she was hidden away to recover both physically and mentally, otherwise Tae San Group’s current acting head Han Jae Hee will make Eun Gi’s life a misery since Eun Gi is a threat to her position at the company. Eun Gi can’t tell direction and even needs to count with her fingers now.

Secretary reveals that she doesn’t think the Chairman died of his illness, and she suspects Han Jae Hee may have been involved. Maru listens to this quietly and continues to observe Eun Gi. She walks around touching everything and tells her secretary that she has been here before and if given some time she’ll remember everything. Maru asks why him? Secretary explains that he is the only person Eun Gi trusted and someone she loves.

Maru scoffs, saying that they projected the relationship based on taking a few pictures together. He dismisses them, saying he doesn’t have time for this. Secretary says they aren’t just wasting his time, they are here to see him for a reason. She asks Maru to help Eun Gi regain her memory.

Maru walks over to Eun Gi, who is sitting down with her head in her lap, trying to remember. He grabs her arm rather forcefully and gets her to look up at him. Maru tells her that she’s got the wrong person. He tells her that they were never in love with each other and she needs to leave. He doesn’t have free time to get involved in their battle for power. Secretary says its not a battle for power, its to return Eun Gi to her rightful place.

As Maru and Eun Gi stand up, suddenly Jae Hee’s brother walks into the courtyard. He recognizes the Secretary as the person he passed earlier. Eun Gi is standing with her back to him and before she can turn around, Maru grabs her face and pulls her towards him and concealing her face from Jae Hee’s brother.

Jae Hee’s brother is here to talk with Maru and notices that Maru’s with a girl. To get rid of him, Maru pulls Eun Gi into a tight embrace and keeps her face nestled in his neck away from Jae Hee’s brother’s view. Jae Hee’s brother scoffs that he ought to get them a room. The brother tsk tsks at Maru being so openly cuddling a girl with people around and takes the hint, saying he’ll come back later. As he walks out he wonders why the Secretary lady is just standing there impolitely watching.

After Jae Hee’s brother leaves, Maru immediately pushes Eun Gi away and tells the Secretary to wait here for 30 minutes before leaving. Eun Gi asks if they used banmal before, and decides she’ll use banmal with him going forward. Eun Gi grabs his arm and asks if he’s ashamed of her because she’s lost her memory? She tells him that she will regain her memory soon, she knows it. She vows to work even harder. Maru claims he doesn’t care since their relationship merely consisted of taking a few pictures and knowing each other for a short period of time.

Eun Gi touches her heart and says that she remembers him, her heart remembers him. Maru brushes her aside and leaves, telling the Secretary to write a novel with Eun Gi if they have so much free time on their hands. Secretary grumbles about what a rude bastard Kang Maru turned out to be. Maru walks down his neighborhood and pauses midway before continuing along, clearly not as cavalier about Eun Gi as he is pretending to be.

Secretary helps Eun Gi down the neighborhood, telling her that it was wrong of them to come and the guy is not who they thought he was. Eun Gi doesn’t agree, saying over and over that she remembers him. We see Jae Hee’s brother isn’t as stupid as he looks, having noticed something off in the courtyard and he follows Secretary and Eun Gi while holding a missing person’s flyer of Eun Gi.

Jae Hee is in a meeting with the Board and there are people who are still waiting for Eun Gi tor return and she faces opposition in making decisions. During the presentation on a Jeju project that Eun Gi was in charge of that started 3 years ago, Jae Hee halts the project and moves something else onto that piece of land. Jae He gets fed up and proposes that Eun Gi be stripped of her position in absentia.

Jae Hee’s brother follows them all the way to where Eun Gi is being stashed and he records a video of her outside the house. He calls lawyer Ahn from outside where Eun Gi is staying. Eun Gi stands outside holding her heart, still hurting from Maru’s cold response to her. But she is sure he is lying about their feelings for each other.

Eun Gi sits in her room practicing writing, with lesson plans around her that a child learning hangul would be using. Joon Ha arrives bearing roses and Eun Gi happily accepts them to use. Eun Gi asks if it’s true that pre-memory loss her was considered a genius? Joon Ha confirms that she was quite a child prodigy, and once she gets her memory back, he has a lot to tell her after she gets well.

She vows to work hard and asks Joon Ha if she can return to being who she was before? Joon Ha assures her that she can do it. Eun Gi looks up and we see on the wall are taped the names Seo Eun Gi and Kang Maru, which Joon Ha also notices.

Maru is out drinking with the product engineer he is trying to convince to sell him corporate secrets. The man is reluctant to do something bad, but in the end hands over the USB drive containing the secret documents. Maru scoffs at the man’s reluctance to be bad, he’s so broken and jaded that he thinks the world is just a shit hole where God doesn’t even care. He doesn’t believe in a God because a God who cares who never allow the world to become like this. Maru tells the man that he might hear on the news one day that Kang Maru got his just desserts and died, then he can believe there is a God.

After Maru leaves, he gets a call from a doctor to come quickly to the hospital because of Choco’s medical condition. He rushes over and finds out the doctor used the ruse to summon him, otherwise he would never come. The doctor tells Maru that he has subtle bleeding in the brain that started after the car accident and has continued since little by little. He knows Maru must be experiencing headaches and retching these days, symptoms of the brain injury. The doctor tells Maru to check into the hospital and schedule a day for surgery, but he declines, pushing it off until he finishes what he needs to do. Maru asks if he needs surgery and we find out that the doctor was Maru’s medical school classmate. Maru knows that the chances of death if 20% if untreated and with his luck he’ll be in that percentage. He tells the doctor to give him painkillers.

Jae Hee helps dress Eun Seok after his bath and asks him about his writing in the diary that he misses his Eun Gi noona. Jae Hee reminds her son that Eun Gi didn’t like him and always chastised him, but Eun Seok says that she is still his noona. He asks why his mother doesn’t miss her? Because she is a snake woman with no heart? Jae Hee lies that she also misses Eun Gi, then tells Eun Seok that if Eun Gi returns it will mean trouble for her and Eun Seok. She tells her son not to miss Eun Gi anymore or hope that she comes back. Jae Hee vows that she will protect everything for Eun Seok. Eun Gi  Eun Gi writes in her diary that she met with Maru today, the man she loves, but he lied and claimed that he didn’t love her.

Maru comes home to find Jae Gil waiting for him outside. Jae Gil asks if Maru is coming back after swindling orphans and widows. Maru asks where Choco is and Jae Gil reveals that Choco ran away and never wants anything from Maru anymore. She doesn’t want his dirty money and left. Maru rages at Jae Gil for not stopping her, but Jae Gil says he ought to have helped her pack. Jae Gil’s outburst is so sudden that Maru takes a swing at him, which shocks both of them.

Before Maru just sold his body, now he’s sold his soul. How can Choco ever spend his money? If it was him, would he spend it? Today Choco went to the home of that student whose dad Maru swindled and she gave him the money Maru earned for her.

Jae Gil meets up with Choco at the jjimjalbang and she asks how her oppa is doing? Choco reveals that she hopes her disappearance will force her brother to finally snap out of it and live a proper life. Jae Gil tells Choco that even if the entire world berates Maru, she cannot say that about him or refuse to see him.

Maru sits in the courtyard and finds a note left by Eun Gi. In the note, she tells him that she will work hard to regain her memory so he needs to wait for her. Eun Gi sits in her room writing in a notebook. Maru lays down on the table and stares at the stars.

Jae Hee’s brother meets with lawyer Ahn and reveals he knows the whereabouts of the missing Tae San Group heir. He shows lawyer Ahn the video recording and says he knows how dangerous Eun Gi is to Jae Hee’s current position at Tae San. He doesn’t just want some money to reveal her location.

Jae Hee meets with her lackey who reports on what Jae Hee instructed him to do – distribute a report from Eun Gi spying on the Board members. Some who are loyal to Eun Gi feel betrayed, others are suspicious and think this looks like a set up. The lackey gets a call from Joon Ha and Jae Hee tells him to answer. Joon Ha asks to meet with him?

Joon Ha is in Eun Gi’s office and he’s surprised to see Jae Hee walk in to meet with him. She tells him she sent the other guy to run an errand. Joon Ha asks if Jae Hee removed Eun Gi’s hard drive which contained a report on the Board members and then handed it to the Board? She did it to remove Eun Gi, right? Jae Hee says a company representative should trust her Board. Joon Ha screams that it wasn’t Eun Gi, it was the Chairman who did it when he was alive and he emailed it to Eun Gi. She in turn deleted it immediately. How did a deleted file suddenly get resurrected. Jae Hee reminds him that she kept him around despite knowing he will betray her at anytime because she keeps her enemies close. She walks close like she’s trying to seduce even him and says Joon Ha is as dangerous as his father turned out to be. She reminds him that she is the owner of Tae San, not one of the minions who turn out to betray their masters.

Maru is sleeping on the table outside and he dreams about his conversation with Eun Gi at the beach, leading into the moment in the tunnel where they sped towards each other in their cars. Maru wakes up in shock as the dream cuts off at the moment seemingly before impact.

Eun Gi sits in the courtyard and scrolls through her camera looking once again at pictures of Maru in Aomori. She names things such as the sky, the clouds, her name Seo Eun Gi, his name Kang Maru. The doorbell rings and a man calls out that he’s sent here by Kang Maru. Eun Gi opens the door for him and its Jae Hee’s brother.

Eun Gi greets him warmly and he lies that he was sent by Maru who has something to say to her so asked him to pick Eun Gi up. Eun Gi happy goes to change and leave with him. She runs into the house and takes out all her clothes to pick the right outfit. Jae Hee’s brother muses that it was so easy to lure Eun Gi out.

Lawyer Ahn meets with Jae Hee but doesn’t reveals that her brother knows where Eun Gi is and knows that Eun Gi’s existence is a threat to Jae Hee. We see Jae Hee’s brother asks if he’ll get a mansion if he makes it so that Eun Gi can never return to Tae San? Lawyer Ahn can tell Jae Hee is stressed and that her proposal to strip missing Eun Gi’s position at Tae San isn’t being accepted easily by the Board. Jae Hee muses that nothing in her life is easy, yet she has managed to overcome every problem and look at where she is standing now. She wonders how far she will go to preserve her position, how much Han Jae Hee can do?

Jae Hee’s brother is driving Eun Gi somewhere and sees her smiling happily. He asks if she’s that happy to see Maru, and what their relationship is? Eun Gi smiles and says they are in love with each other. He wonders what she sees in him, calling Maru ugly. Eun Gi adorably says he’s much better looking that ahjusshi here. To shut her up he hands her a drink and Eun Gi happily accepts.

Eun Gi’s secretary comes to find Maru asking if Eun Gi is here. Eun Gi left a note saying that a miracle has happened and Maru came to pick her up to talk to her. Maru says he never sent anyone for her and the Secretary starts to freak out. They realize the person who took her away also knows Maru. He flashes back to Jae Hee’s brother in the courtyard that day. Maru tries to call Jae Hee’s brother but can’t find out where he is because the phone is turned off. Secretary reveals that Eun Gi’s cell phone has a GPS tracking device turned on so Maru sets off to find her.

Maru drives frantically using his cell phone GPS to track Eun Gi’s cell phone, and he is genuinely booking it to find Eun Gi. Jae Hee’s brother pulls into a rest stop to take a toilet break, and then checks out the nudie magazines in the convenience store and wonders if he ought to sell Eun Gi to a brothel to get rid of her? Maru follows the signal and pulls into a rest stop and looks around for Eun Gi. Jae Hee’s brother returns to the car notices he’s being tracked and turns Eun Gi’s cell phone off, and we see that she’s sleeping soundly in his car.

As Jae Hee’s brother pulls out of the rest stop, his car drives past Maru who spots Eun Gi in the front seat. Maru jumps back into his car and speed off after them. He swerves in and out of the lanes trying to look for the car.

Maru finally spots the car pulling off into the countryside and he follows. He manages to pull up alongside and finally cuts the car off and forces Jae Hee’s brother to stop.

Maru gets out of the car and stands before it, which is when Eun Gi wakes up and smiles when she sees Maru standing there. He looks furious as he stands there.

Thoughts of Mine:

This episode was really a study in the little details rather than big plot leaps. Much of what happened was slow and measured, such as Eun Gi absorbing her meeting with Maru, staring at him like she wants to etch his face into her memory filled with empty spaces. The way Maru’s eyes swallowed her up when he first saw her, how his eyes followed her every move in the courtyard. I think its impossible to deny that Eun Gi means something to Maru, whether that is love, guilt, a combination of both, or purely that they are connected in ways they cannot ignore. In the end when he went looking for it, it’s with the same urgency that he took off after Choco and he used to do with Jae Hee. Despite all his verbal assertions to the contrary, he is someone important in Eun Gi’s life, as she is someone important in his. Will the rest of the drama be about Maru protecting Eun Gi from Jae Hee’s machinations, we’ll have to wait and see. I have a feeling she’ll get her memory back before the end.

Jae Hee now bores me, when before she was at least entertaining to hate on. I really don’t get much from a woman who has a single-minded desire to preserve her own position in life at the exclusion of anything else. She had a rough childhood, no one is discounting that, but she also had Maru in her life, an unconditional loving protector. In all aspects, Jae Hee is a fully formed adult, who can think critically and has the capacity to make decisions knowing the consequences. Pre-memory loss Eun Gi was always a half-baked work product, intellectually smart but emotionally stunted, without even one positive reinforcement growing up to help her develop proper coping mechanisms. Which is why I find her journey fascinating, because either she’s going to finally become a whole person this second time around, or she’ll get pulled under by forces she is not equipped to deal with. On the other hand, Jae Hee has made her bed and I’m no longer interested in seeing how she lays in it. To hear her son Eun Seok school her was pretty satisfying, because Eun Gi is his sister and no matter how she treats him he still misses her. Jae Hee has lost her humanity, but thank god she hasn’t contaminated her son yet.

Part of me loves watching Maru step up and try and protect Eun Gi, because that last scene of this episode where he is simmering with anger watching Jae Hee’s brother abduct Eun Gi, that made my toes curl with giddiness. But the other part of me worries that we’re going down much too conventional territory, where the anti-hero turns into the hero for the love of a good woman, or something like that. I’m sure its not that straightforward, and I’m hoping that Maru’s bad deeds will come bite him in the ass and he’ll have to account for those before he can earn his happy ending. But in the meantime, I would love to see him finally acknowledge that he’s not completely dead inside and reach out and grab Eun Gi’s hand, the hand that was always held out waiting for him. Nice Guy has turned out to be a drama that hits me harder than it ought to on writing alone, where the sum is greater than its individual parts.


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  1. Speculations
    1) EG has some heart disease
    2) MR wont get surgery or will get it but somehow he’s brain dead
    3) MR decided to donate his heart to EG…. THE END! ending scene with EG at the beach thinking about her past with MR with a gentle smile on her face while placing her right hand on her heart. Credits roll

    • hahahaha whyyyyy? 🙁 but it’s logical specially the 3rd choice! or maybe he’ll donate his heart or something to his sister ! anyway i am pretty sure he will die in the end … which is something i don’t want to …. i want them to live but since i saw “sorry, i love you” i am 95% sure the hero will die at the end….. :'(

    • although the ending scenarios listed here are common and very VERY predictable its not bad though hehe. (but I hope the writer wouldn’t do that)

      these 3 reminded me of “tree of heaven” especially the heart donating part :p

      love your recaps ms. koala! <3

  2. Soo good! Haven’t been interested in a drama for ages but this just hits all the right notes for me! Can’t wait to marathon this in the summer when I have time!

  3. thank you, Koala Unni, For recap of episode 11. JH is still a bitch. The lawyer is still a dick. The other was solo swoon worthy.. I just watch EG and him twice whe hen he gave her flowers and she smile and say thank you to him. I can not wait to watch it with subs.. It seem to me that Maru still care EG but to what is extent is remain to be seen… Also, It seem from the preview EG got short hair again..:p

  4. @Koala, I have a question… on episode 9 EG asks Maru why he didn’t sleep with her, and if he wants to.. but reading your recap there is nothign about it, it means the translation I saw is wrong? Because that was so random of EG saying ?

  5. Yes, JH so boring now.

    And her wanting to erase everything EG made… wth, I hope she sinks the company and they beg to EG saves it later kicking JH out. This time JH will be kicked out because of herself, she who thinks so high of herself, became her greatest enemy….

  6. Loved your comment on EG and MR being connected. I know there’s been a lot of discussion about if he loved her or not, but I’ve always thought their relationship was much more complex than that. I think you described it pretty accurately. They connect emotionally on a level that’s too deep for either of them to ignore.

  7. okay.. if one of them have of death.. i prefer MiSa ending.. i hope the writer will make them happy in the end.. or kill both of them instead.. i don’t wanna see they apart..

  8. I totally held my breathe during the whole chase scene. Not that it was the best chase scene in the entire world but I was genuinely concerned that Maru wouldn’t reach woori Eun-gi in time. Our poor Eun-gi, her stepmother kills her father, she takes control of the company, doesn’t even leave her a room in her own house, and she can’t even spell Maru’s name. I’m so done with Jae-hee, please DIAF.

    I think what I love most about this drama are the constant surprises. I have absolutely no idea where this is headed. And even when I can guess, it doesn’t necessarily happen the way I think it would.

    Episode 8 made me a little nervous that this story might not deliver a happy ending. Especially the tunnel scene which could possibly be foreshadowing. I just want our Maru and our Eun-gi to live a long happy life together. I want Maru to clear his name, go back to medical school and become a doctor who finds a cure to Choco’s disease. And I want a smiley Eun-gi to take her rightfully owned position at Taesan. And I want our Joon-ha to meet this funny girl at a comic book shop in Cheongdam-dong and they get married and have lots of babies.

    It’s a little embarrassing how much I’m invested in this drama.

    • Joon-ha to meet this funny girl at a comic book shop in Cheongdam-dong and they get married and have lots of babies

      But Joon Ha wouldn’t know what to do with said funny girl, not in the beginning anyway. He would take her out on dates that he doesn’t think are dates that she thinks are dates because its totally a date. Then blow her off. Then tease her. Then blow her off. Then rip her heart out on her custom made mega-ton lunch box. Then lose her to that cute funny super rich boy pretending to be a butt poor boy in that comic book shop. Wuri Joon Ha can’t win either way. T____T And so the funny girl and the guitar rich boy get married and have babies, and he’s destined to milk my tears for his plight until none are left. Or else I hop in a time machine and kick him until his shin is purple so that he EATS THAT LUNCH BOX and then says its the best food he’s ever eaten and gives that funny girl a hug. Otherwise he’ll regret it for the rest of his life.

      Oh dear, did I just go on a ILICDD rant? 😛

      As for NG, I love episode 10 more and more now that I have time to sit on it. The little touches just envelope the viewer.

  9. Did anyone else think it was odd that Eun-gi was working on learning the Korean alphabet, yet she was able to keep a diary and leave notes for Ma-ru and the woman taking care of her.

    • At first I think it is odd to.
      But she write thje diary in her room that full with alphabet so she can correct it right there and when she left note infront of maru house there is her secretary who help her(my thought).
      And I don’t know hangul so don’t know too if there miss spell in her diary or not

  10. Thanks for the recap!

    “But at least he has her, and she has him, and they are not so lost anymore.”
    Love this. Made me cry in my eyes a little.

    Totally agree with you on not wanting KMR to suddenly become heroic, at the same time, I totally wanted him to save her AGAIN!!! Deeply ingrained in KMR is the guy who rescues the injured puppies in his life. His need to help is part of him.
    They can’t write the character as flip-floppy: Nice.Bad.Nice.Bad.Nice.
    but keep him doing nice things despite being bad.

    Right now I think his caring for JH comes from pity, a little sympathy, but it’s not romantic love. This works better for me.
    Let her get deeper into his heart, warming it up as she goes, until 1. her brain is fully back 2. he realizes she is the best thing that ever happened to him, not Jae Hee.

    I am still loving, Yang Ik Joon, the actor playing the brother. He doesn’t have a lot to say, but, boy! is he good at being an a-hole. He really is conscience free, ain’t he? He drugs this girl who is clearly an innocent, and plans on taking her to a boat for some prostitution. A gem!

    What about the brain surgery? KMU goes through this hellish life, manages to break free from his anger and bitterness, falls in love with the woman who saves him by letting herself be saved by him (repeatedly), then he dies young, but happy.
    Woo hoo! Tissues be ready!

    • I forgot this:
      EG writing KMR’s name over and over is a wonderful call back to when she was musing on him back in the earlier episodes, doing the same thing, and it is exactly what girls do when they are in love.

    • About the actor playing Jae Hee’s brother, is it weird that I kind of like him? I guess he is seriously charismatic because even though I know I’m supposed to hate his character for being a total ass I can’t help but find him totally amusing

      • I love Yang Ik Joon. He performance is perfect. Every move and facial expression speaks volumes about the character. So slimey and willing to do anything for his gain.

        He reminds me of Ha Jung Woo. His resume is all fims except for this.

        Wouldn’t it be fun to see him in a romcom for a change. It would be very intense!

  11. Finally, our-expressionless-kang maru showed some desperate and angrily facial expression with some sigh that I love the most when he knows eun gi was kidnapped by jae hee’s brother. I wish I get that facial expression a lot in the upcoming episodes. Hahahaa..

  12. i am so hooked to this drama and just love the chatter and the many possible endings. I just want it to some how work out for KMR and SEG….I don’t know how and don’t really care but they have to make it through all this crappy life they have had so far.

  13. owh..poor eun gi..:( how come she had lost memory and can not read or write?
    This episode is very sad.. But the good side is MaRU start loving eun gi.. 🙂
    Thank you Koala unnie for the recap..

  14. Thanks for the recap.

    Idk, but I still think the only reason KMR has gone dark or vile is because of HJH’s challenge to him in the bar. He’s matching her persona every step of the way. It’s by no means over between these two. MR is just undergoing a metamorphosis that will bring him within JH’s orbit to snatch everything from her….JH told him he’d have to go the bottom and even to evil and vile places to be able to reach her. It’s go big or go home with these two and I don’t know if MR will stop because it looks like JH and MR are mirroring each other —-she’ taking TS for ES and he’s swindling money for Choco.

    When the secy mentioned HJH’s name, KMR reacted in an involuntary manner. (I love SJK’s acting!) So it isn’t over because he’s still going after her….

    KMR’s off-the-cuff remark about lightening striking twice was interesting. I bet it does in this drama. Don’t tempt your creator KMR, which in this case is the writer. She may be feeling lucky.

    I do feel sorry for SEG because KMR’s Nice Guy actions will likely confuse her; and he will use her amnesia to his advantage. Bad Guy.

    It looks like KMR is on some serious pain killers since the accident.

    KMR, I hope you get a good ending in this story where your body and soul are allowed to heal and rejuvenate.

    • I have to disagree on this point. I think everything MR did in episodes 1-8 are for Jae Hee. Absolutely. He is doing good things for her, bad things because of her.

      But since episode 9 onward, it really is over. I worried that he said it was over but it wasn’t. But everything he’s done since he bid farewell to JH for good evidenced that it was over.

      All he thinks about now is Eun Gi. There is no more Jae Hee in his mind. When the Secretary mentioned Jae Hee perhaps having a hand in the Chairman’s death, MR was startled, because he hadn’t thought about her in awhile. It’s like akin to hearing your ex-husband impregnated a transvestite and they are having quadruplets. It’s a sense of shock, because its so far-fetched and outside of his consciousness now. Jae Hee is no longer a part of his life, so information about her jars his memory, but has no emotional ties.

      I also see his downward spiral tied to Eun Gi, him giving himself up even more now than when he lost Jae Hee. Like Jae Gil said, it wasn’t this bad when he lost Jae Hee, but after the accident, its like another person entered his body.

      I don’t care if MR is still obsessed with Jae Hee, it wouldn’t surprise me, he could love her until the world ends and I’d accept it. What’s stunning is seeing that he’s completely moved on from her. He spares not a thought about her, his degradation is because of what happened between him and Eun Gi. That’s so incredible to watch.

      • Agree. After hearing her name we should have seen Maru contemplating on a past memory about her but he did not. All his memory now are those with Eun Gi.

      • Just because they now show fbs with KMR and SEG does not mean that MR is still not coming for HJH. He told her would and this is why I believe he told the doctor that he would have the surgery, but he has something to do first.

        I don’t care who KMR loves, but I do think as a narrative, it’s important for the writer to be consistent in this matter. And I think she is, which leaves me to believe there’s unfinished business betw KMR and HJH.

      • One last thing……I don’t romanticize suicide/killing your ex-lover (in EG’s one-sided love affair). True, KMR went to great lengths on this quest, but he took the WCA on a picnic and was sweet with her to the point that she gave up her bank account so EG was no different in this regard.

        SEG’s love is more selfish than HJH’s kind of love for KMR imo. JH did not want him to take the rap for her and she did question if the beating would do him any real damage (I know his women?), but she did not want to kill him. HJH threatened harm to a loved one as the next threat, but not to kill KMR.

        SEG trying to kill KMR or any motorist in that lane is a big no-no for me. Was she temporarily insane, most definitely.

        KMR needs to leave them both actually because they can be equally toxic to him.

        If he has formed an attachment to the point of love for SEG, a woman who tried to kill him, well that is tragic and may be just desserts. The more pain the women cause themselves and him the more he loves them???? This is why I’m bailing now. Enough of this stuff.

        I’ll come back for the finale. 🙂

  15. i always love your recap..even in another drama…love the last ,and i keep rewind it ..thank you ..happy weekend all..

  16. Does anyone suspect any relationship between Jae Gil and Jae Hee and her brother? I can’t get the idea out of my head since their names all start with Jae, plus Jae Gil’s weird background has to come into play sometime, otherwise the whole point of mentioning his father’s death and about him being wealthy would be useless, wouldnt it?

    • lol you have a point there! What’s the backstory of Jae Gil’s family?! However, most probably Maru knows it since he’s is his best friend

  17. Thanks for the recap!

    And if that GPS thing was another extended cellphone promo, it totally failed because he switched to oldschool road maps … how does that fancy car not have regular GPS?

  18. great! so maru is going to die because of brain cancer..way to kill all hopes and dreams that this drama will somehow have a happy ending….T.T

  19. Since her memory loss, Eun gi has changed her motivation to learn from gaining the respect of her father to gaining Maru back to her. This shows that the hardworking & strong Eun-gi is still inside her. This review is really spot-on in describing Eun-gi that no matter how much we see she has changed there is that core personality that remains in her.
    I really like where the story heading to (except the sad health conditions T_T). Before the accident, Maru seems to be the light in Eun-gi’s darkness but after the accident it turn around. Eun-gi is indirectly helping him towards to be the nice guy he used to be. Only this time, someone is really determined in requiting his kindness. It isn’t only Eun-gi who has the amnesia but also Maru as well in which he has forgotten who he really was before the unfortunate events have come to him.
    “We can’t escape who we really are” 😮 love this drama <3

  20. Thanks for your recaps Koala……

    It was a sad and not very hopeful NG week for me…:-(

    I don’t like the current way of the story. Everytime it is MR to protect someone. It was Coco, JH and now it will be EG. I wish that someday someone can sincerely protect and watch over him, that he can rely on s.o. and get peace in s.o.’s arms and relationship. But the way it is now, he will again do that what he ever have done – protect and sacrify himself for an other. I wish that EG recovers very soon to be a strong person by his side and that she is soon able to show him what love really is (give and take). She is the one, whose love is strong enough to melt his ice and touch his soul. But not in her current condition….. Get well soon EG!!!!

    Does MR love EG???? Yes he does but he hasn’t recognized it yet. He defends all feelings. He treats himself as rubbish and not worth being loved or pure enough to love someone. For him EG is pure and innocent and so he don’t want to mess her up. He feels not “clean” enough for her.

    I wish them both a happy end in this story. They deserve it. I don’t want to see a dying MR because of a post accidental brain damage – I want to see a MR who recognizes how wonderful life and love can be and want to see him fighting for his own sake to become happy. (You see I’m a big MR – fan)

  21. I know everyone has opinions but is just bugs me how someone thinks JH is better than JH at loving Maru.

    JH, the one who manipuled him since young for her own good?

    The one who doesn’t really seem to love him at all? She said when she got what she wanted she would go back to him, but we saw her at the top and she didn’t try to find Maru at all. So, where is her so called love for Maru? lol

    Plus she asked some guys to beat maru almost half dead just because she tought he was with her brother. Just because she couldn’t accept be betrayed by Maru, bur funny thing is, She betrayed Maru first, and ruined his life, I know people say ”but he was the one who wanted to go in jail for her” yes, but if JH didn’t go to charmain and continued to visit Maru and love him, and be together with him, maybe Maru wouldn’t turn the way he is because he himself said she was more important than being a doctor, being a doctor wasn’t his dream, JH was.

    Also, why do you act as If JH is the monster, who was the one who played cruely with her feelings even nowing how weak, fraguile she is, and even how she isn’t afraid to go far ?

    EG didn’t try to kill Maru because of her love for him…. if it was because of it, she would have done this before leaving the beach, but no, she was able to accept he played with her and had no feelings and was able to drive and all.

    But then she hears her father died. She goes insane/is no in her right mind and tries to kill herself. But in the last second she regrets it and pulls her car over the wall.

    Meaning, she didn’t want to kill the other person and herself…

    I also think trying to kill yourself and another innocent person together is not right, but EG wasn’t in her right mind, it isn’t like she planned it…

    JH meanwhile, had the power to let the charmain live, but instead of it she didn’t give him his medicine until she hear what she wanted, and she didn’t, making the charmain faint and die. She knew his state, she knew he could die without the medicine, she knew it all, but let it happens anyaway.

  22. thanks so much koala sis for the recaps and ever insightful comments. that is why i love your blog so much. <3

    it's clear as the bright sunny day that Maru already loves EG. i believe that much to happen. 🙂

    just didn't like his visit with the doc, just reinforced my feeling that he's gonna be dying in the end.

  23. Okay, After watching the episode with subs.. I think that Maru does care EG but not loving her yet. He is totally over JH but i guess something not completely over due to see the preview of him talking to her on the telephone. I feel really bad for EG and love the lawyer gave her flowers. I love his jealous face.. =) I am happy at least JH’s son was not tainted of his evil manipulate mother. I do understand that she is doing for him but still she is still a bitch. I am soo looking forward to next wednesday. Oh, I love the music too and hope they have ost and mv of NG. =)

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