Latest Miss Rose Official Website Blog Entry Reveals Drama Spoilers

I now own a giant poster of Roy Qiu I don’t know what to do with (see above where the two tiny hands are holding it up for me). Mainly because I’m not 16 anymore, or whatever age it is that girls plaster posters of cute guys on the wall. I considered making out with it per the enabling friends of mine on Twitter but thought better of it. Still might do it, but need to get plenty drunk first. The reason I own said poster is because I bought the Miss Rose novel! Yay on buying the novel, boo on the novel being a piece of crap because it has barely any resemblance to what is happening onscreen in the drama. Trust me, other than the first three episodes following the same trajectory, the novel sputters to a random open ending whereas the drama is all sorts of sweet and hurts so good. I hate bait and switches, though the giant poster of Roy mollified me somewhat. I’m still waiting for the written preview for episode 12 to come out, but TTV has a section on the MR official website where Si Yi’s character writes a so-called Rose Blog. It’s pretty fluffy stufff, but this week’s entry had me spitting up my coffee and hollering “OH NO YOU ARE NOT GOING THERE, MISSY!” I’ll hold the Koala rage for now, and maybe this development will turn out to be all sorts of amazing to watch, but I’m not sure my blood pressure can handle it. I need to watch episode 12 now!

Rose Blog entry 10-11-12:

I’ve realized only now how complicated this world is. Raised in a complete family is truly a great happiness! My little happiness its not one that everyone can have…..such as Deputy General Manager……his past is filled with so much he cannot control. Behind him stands a past filled with pain he had to overcome. I used to think love is a simple thing, just two people liking each other and choosing to hold onto each other. But for Deputy General Manager, it’s not an easy thing at all………

The world at the top of the pyramid is one that us little screws cannot even envision. The love that exists in those wealthy families is not one where us little Miss Screws can experience. The more time spent together, the more I realize that our worlds are so very different. The more I understand, the more I feel that our distance really is so vast.

I think she doesn’t mean to – whether it was to push me off the bridge, or whether its her unreasonableness towards Deputy General Manager. If Deputy General Manager doesn’t know how to deal with Vivian, perhaps she also feels the same way towards him? If theirs is a fate lined up by the Heavens, then they should take to heart this destiny and follow the path. If they are fated to be together, then they should fall in love with each other. I…..wish the two of them happiness…..

[Okay, who wants to get in line to slap some sense into Si Yi with me? Yes, I know she hurts for him and worries about him, but the noble idiocy will KILL ME.]


Latest Miss Rose Official Website Blog Entry Reveals Drama Spoilers — 15 Comments

  1. *raises hand* I’m right in line behind you. Does she think CK betrayed his country in a former life? How else to explain the notion that the poor guy is cursed to be fated with Vivian?

  2. Raises hand my foot.
    Can’t she see how Vivian treats him and how down in the dumps he is with her? What kind of heroine even thinks that is his fate. * headsdesk * >__<

  3. I am not only in line, but I am emptying my savings account to rent a plane so we can kidnap the writers if this is what they aheading toward. Really? This does not make any sense at all considering everything that has happened. Noble idiocy, even though I hate it, I understand it. This whole fate things makes no sense even for the Si Yi that cried straight through an entire episode. If he is her “freind” why won’t she at least fight for his happiness in the same way that she fought for Xiao Ke? I could see her pushing him to Vivian but also standing up to Vivian in the way she stood up to Ah Zhe. Risky yes, considering her job, but that makes more sense to her character than this whole the heavens/fate thing.

  4. *raises her hand too and stands in line*

    Oh no! Please, Show don’t go that path. I had planned for you to be my last drama ever to watch and you’re gonna disappoint me too like all the other dramas out there with this kind of stupid tropes? About throwing in amnesia, deadly disease, while you’re at it? Imma gonna throw rocks at’cha. Sure I can do that; I’m a mountain, the great one. And then I’ll bury my head in the clouds to avoid looking at you while the sky will shed its tears on me.

  5. Aw, the Roy poster is adorable! Do all the Miss Rose novels come with one? If so, definitely getting my hands on one asap… lol. It makes sense that the novel isn’t like the book, though — imagine spoiling everyone with the ending weeks/months before the finale airs. D:

    Holding out on slapping Siyi for now, since she’s been pretty sensible so far, but if the noble idiocy plays out for too long, I will definitely join you. xD

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