Ming Dao Performs with the Armed Forces Honor Guard for National Day Celebrations

While Joe Cheng was off busting illicit tax-evading tobacco smuggling rings, his entertainment colleague and fellow Taiwan armed service member Ming Dao was doing something a bit more in line with his day job. Ming Dao enlisted about 7 months ago in mid-February for his mandatory military service and was assigned to the army. He joined the Army Honor Guard unit, which is the unit tasked with performing when there are dignitaries visiting or on major national events. Nothing is bigger than the 10-10 National Day of the Republic of China marking the founding of the Republic. This year, for the first time in the history of the Tri-Honor Guard Gun Salute Performance at the National Day celebrations, an entertainer was part of the marching formation which consists of armed service members from the army, navy, and marines. Ming Dao and his army unit trained for three full months prepping for this big day, and after the performance was successfully completed Ming Dao joked during the interview that he was so nervous he was having recurring nightmares at night about dropping his gun. The monster weapon carried by the soldiers weighs about 11 pounds and is no easy task when it comes to marching in perfect formation and having to perform synchronized gun salutes with it. Ming Dao revealed that his unit gave it their all in preparing for this event and sometimes folks would go misty-eyed feeling how important it was as a representative of their country to deliver a flawless performance. I’m totally wowed that he is serving his military duty so seriously and with such heart. Kudos, Ming Dao! Keep it up and see you back in a few more months.


Ming Dao Performs with the Armed Forces Honor Guard for National Day Celebrations — 6 Comments

  1. Awwww these stories and photos break my heart a little.
    No matter how young or old they are, to me they are just little boys away from their families. My husband was in boot camp at 18, poor thing, so I have heard how tough they have to be. He had to throw that gun around, too, as a matter of fact.

    Good job, guys!!!!!!

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