Jae Hee Drops Bombshell News of His Secret Marriage and One Year Old Son

When Jae Hee got out of the military two years ago, he was one of the few actors to not take on an acting gig straightaway, and in fact it was over a year later than he chose to return to acting through the cable drama Color of Woman. Folks were wondering why he was so quiet and out-of-the-limelight, and now the answer is clear. He was dating, getting secretly married, and having a baby! Totally not pulling anyone’s leg here. Jae Hee just dropped the bombshell news that he is married with a non-celebrity Ms. Lee and they have a one year old son together. I’m guessing he’s realized that its time to reveal this low key relationship since the baby is almost a toddler. I’ve given up on May Queen now that the drama has turned his Chang Hee all bad and mopey, and is trying valiantly to switch up the love lines even if it makes no sense to me. But I was quite pleased with his portrayal in the episodes I saw, but May Queen would be his second bad drama in a row after Color of Woman. I’m thrilled he has settled down and wish him best of luck in a happy marriage and parenthood, but he needs to pick better projects. I never feel like its a waste of my time to watch him act, and now that he’s unveiled the married man side of him, I’m looking forward to how he develops his career now that the family bit is all settled. That’s one more off the market, but I couldn’t be happier for him.

Just so hammer home the point, that is one hot hot talented guy off the market for good. Sigh………..

[Credit: Sports Chosun news]


Jae Hee Drops Bombshell News of His Secret Marriage and One Year Old Son — 31 Comments

  1. WOW!!!! so this is what he was doing during his time after the army release…and here I was wailing and crying for him to comeback to my screen, every single time someone else got casted in a drama….I’m so surprised, but I’m totally laughing right now…he really go us good….I’guess I’m happy for him….ok, fine I’m a teeny weeny bit sad that he’s off the market

    • I was thinking exactly the same thing after each drama was casted after he was released. “Where the heck are Jae Hee’s projects?!” But wow, I guess he realized what his priorities were and got them in order. Good job oppa! I’m so happy for you! Though my heart is breaking just a teensy bit…;)

  2. Also I realize we had Lee Jiah’s secret marriage last year and Jae Hee this year? who will it be next year?…also I really wanna see pics of his baby boy!!!!!

  3. I just read the baby news elsewhere so him being married and having a kid?Mad props for being able to hide it so long.

  4. my first kdrama love! couldn’t be happier for him, but also a leeeetle sad lol

    but yes, he does need to pick better projects and show off his awesome comic timing and acting skills. come on, jae hee my love, please please stay away from boring melos and do something fun and different!

  5. Post his army he was cast in a show but dropped it later due to some serious injury.. then the series of bad shows started.. Anyways happy about his settling down πŸ™‚

  6. Eeeeeeeh! But yay, congratulations to him. I don’t even want to see May queen but I’ll wait until he picks a better project. I’ll forever love his portrayal in 3 iron and DGCH.

  7. WOW! One heck of a bomb, married with a son to boot. Happy for you!^^ I’m still watching MAy Queen (but my interest is waxing and waning) and the weird thing is now that CH and HJ are not together anymore, I realize I ship them more than her with KS. Masochist much!^^

  8. I never saw him in a big news since he started May Queen, i always thought he was outcast because everyone seems to make KJW as their apple of the eye. Now he doesn’t need anyone to make a big news for him because he already made one by himself… πŸ™‚ Congratulation Jae Hee…

  9. Wow! It boggles my mind how some k-celebs can have marriages and children fly so far under the radar. Is this just a case of really good management? How could someone famous have a child without anyone from the press getting wind? A secret lair? A fake identity? I find the Korean entertainment industry so fascinating!

    • If this was hollywood we’d know this “Mrs. Lee”
      And the toddler. And their hideouts.
      No matter how dramatic some k-netizens are, they’re surprisingly more understanding about their private lives than here in the U.S.
      Happy for them.

      • I know, right?

        On the one hand, I’m shocked that it’s even possible in Korea for a man to have a secret wife and child (which, w/paparazzi and all would never happen in the US, as you say). On the other, it’s super sad to me that Korean stars feel the need to maintain this veil of secrecy to “protect” their loved ones. I feel like in the US, people would be mostly happy for a star’s family. Or if they’re not, they most likely wouldn’t attack the family (verbally or otherwise).

      • yall can’t be serious if anything his popularity died down so no need for rabid fans/press hunt down. no matter who/where you are if your hot sh*t ppl will follow your every move.
        my thing is why hide it at all,are you ashamed of your wife and child. just silly

    • I think he manage to keep it from the paparazzi and public for more than a year because he is not really a center of attraction among celebrities.. I hardly read any news about him except from drama reviews …. In May Queen , most of the publicity and news is regarding Kim Jae Won, Park Ji Bin, Han Ji Hye and Kim Yu Joong … I’m happy that he already announce it on public , most of the artist that i know, they keep it on public because they afraid it will affect their fans support towards them.

  10. This news has given me food for thoughts regarding our rights and responsibilities as viewers and potential fans. Imagine what it must have been like for him to deliberately hide these private events and now to be somehow forced to unveil them. What if we were in his shoes? Me, a killjoy? Maybe.

  11. I’m happy for JH and his family. I wished he can keep it private if that’s his intention coz it’s his private life, his wife, his child, his family. I don’t get the big fuss nor the bombshell part tbvh.

  12. He looks gorgeous with and without his clothings! *swooning*
    That he keept his marriage under radar speaks for his personality!
    I like low-key celebrities.
    His wife got a Jackpot!! πŸ™‚
    Congratulations are in Order :)! Good luck for this little family! Keep loving each other!

  13. I have to say that I am not surprised. He did take such a long time to return to acting, and I am glad that I now know why.

    Congratulations the Jae Hee and family!!! May their marriage and family be blessed!!!!!

  14. i love Jae Hee so much ! my first oppa in K-World through DGCH!

    really surprise but wish him and family all the best of luck .. who cares if he hides it, he already legally married .. CONGRATS oppa !

    anyway, wish can see his wedding ceremony .. and any photos of his wife or child ? must be awesome if it was exposed .. well for good of course !

  15. Hmm.. too bad. but I hope he can do better in his carrier. He was good actor. I really like he since he’s acting in drama”Three dads one mom”. Good luck,then.

  16. Congratulations on your marriage and the birth of your son.
    Jae Hee glad to hear that your family is your first priority.
    Bless your family

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