Teaser MV for New Kim Jong Kook Single Starring Song Joong Ki

It’s not just my overeager imagination that Song Joong Ki appears to be everywhere, right? He’s on television with Nice Guy (The Innocent Man), he’s on the big screen with The Werewolf Boy, he’s all over the news doing media promotions for both, and he’s all over my blog as the trying-to-be-bad-yet-innately-good Kang Maru in NG. It’s time to add another medium to his current omnipotent presence – Song Joong Ki is guest starring in the MV of his hyung Kim Jong Kook‘s latest single called “Men Are All Like That”. LOL, I love the title of this song, and bonus points if Kim Jong Kook actually sings about men being fickle bastards because they are weak-willed, because we know men are all like that. Heh. The single will be released on November 1 but a teaser has just dropped that is strangely captivating. The song has a great intro and a rousing hook, not to mention we are treated to a glimpse of Song Joong Ki angsting while dressed in a suit. Works for me! Song Joong Ki used to be on Running Man with Kim Jong Kook (and also his current NG co-star onscreen BFF Kwang Soo) so that’s where these two guys became real life buddies. I confess to not following Kim Jong Kook’s singing or variety show career (other than his long-ago flirtation and cute bantering with Yoon Eun Hye on X-Man) but he seems like a solid performer and this song sounds potentially awesome. I wish he could’ve roped both Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won to star in this MV together. Can you imagine the meta! Eun Gi telling Maru to bugger off because he’s just like all the other guys, and Maru has to pine and mope as he comes up with sincere ways to win his pissed off lady love’s heart again. With this title, I’ll go on a limb and suggest the drama use the song in later episodes and liven up the proceedings. Check out the teaser below and drool with me.

Teaser for Kim Jong Kook’s “Men Are All Like That”:


Teaser MV for New Kim Jong Kook Single Starring Song Joong Ki — 22 Comments

  1. Thanks for the pretty.
    There is very little that I won’t watch with SJK in it…in a suit.

    (That rules out Triple, PHEW! I don’t think I could do THAT for him.)

      • I watched Triple for SJK back when it aired…Let’s just say it was difficult to do. Thanks for the M/V because I was tempted to actually re-watch Triple to find just his parts. I miss happy/cute SJK, but angsty SJK is awesome so I have no complaints.

        Kim Jong Kook is genius for having SJK star in his M/V 😀 I wonder if SJK will appear in Running Man before his military service.

      • SJK is so adorable in the MV. Watching this mv would have fooled me into watching Triple had I not known better.

  2. Angsty SJK in a suit can grace my screen any time, all the time. 😉
    True confession: stayed up until 2 am rewatching Running Man ep 97, his comeback ep where he played with soccer in Thailand with rest of his RM buddies. Gah, what is this boy doing to my life?

  3. If you were in Korea, you’d “see” him narrate the documentary Tears of the Antarctic on MBC this Wed., in the same time slot as Nice Guy on KBS. A re-run, but interesting scheduling choice in any case. All that’s missing from this SJK coverage is SBS re-running their Tree With Deep Roots special instead of The Great Seer.

  4. I guess he’s doing everything to be remembered before his 2 year military service >.<
    yessss!!! that song would be a great OST for NG then these two love birds will star the vid! OH MY CHAEKI HEART <3

  5. I love the teaser, can only imagine how I’ll react when it’s the full MV. I do miss seeing SJK on RM with the rest of the team, he was always so earnest in doing the missions even though majority of the time he would be eliminated early LOL.

  6. omg he’s so captivating in such a short teaser…love the KJK-SJK collaboration. Missed him in RM – Wish he’d be back to gueststar again.

  7. Joongki ah…since when did you grow into such a man overnight?! Where did the flower boy go to? SO HOT! He need to release an MV for the ost of Nice Guy!!!!

  8. If you REALLY wanna drool over the boy, check out this scene from the 5 senses of Eros movie in which he sorta teaches a girl how to kiss, à la Eric-style in Que sera sera.

    Warning: this may seem unappropriate for the family-friendly visitors of the playground. Please make sure that no kid, boyfriend or husband is watching this while you process the whole moment. Or when you replay it for the nth time.


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