MBC Courting Moon Geun Young for Lead in 2013 Sageuk Goddess of Fire

Moon Geun Young might have to check into Over-worked Korean Actors Anonymous if this bit of casting news turns out to be true (Joo Won has a permanent bed at that joint from what I gather). She’s currently filming the SBS weekend drama Cheongdamdong Alice co-starring Park Shi Hoo, Kim Ji Seok, and So Yi Hyun which will premiere December 1 and likely end at the end of January since its a 16-episode drama. The length of CA has been a surprise for me since I really can’t recall a weekend drama being such short length. Most are 50-episoders, and the rest range from the high-20s to the mid-30s in length. The networks are starting to release news of its 2013 projects and one upcoming MBC sageuk is reportedly courting Moon Geun Young for the lead role. It’s called Goddess of Fire and is the story of an Joseon-era female potter and her legendary life and love. Moon Geun Young headlining a sageuk? The Baeksang and end-of-the-year drama awards might as well start etching her name on the trophy if she accepts the role. Right now all that is known is that the drama is being written by the scriptwriter who did Warrior Baek Dong Soo. I never finished that sucker since it was rather disjointed and the only character I cared about was clearly headed for a sad sad ending. Was the writing overall servicable? I love that Geun Young is doing trendy fare with CA and might follow that up with a meaty sageuk. Goddess of Fire won’t start filming until the middle of 2013 so it’s yet early for any casting confirmation but this news is interesting for a fangirl like me to ponder over.

Moon Geun Young was simply luminous in Painter of the Wind, in either the boy painter incarnation and when she was dressed like a woman in a few scenes. I kinda wish she did a sageuk from a different era but beggars can’t be choosers.

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MBC Courting Moon Geun Young for Lead in 2013 Sageuk Goddess of Fire — 23 Comments

  1. I love love WBDS it was awesome halfway. The two thing I hate WBDS is the two elf girls and HOTTIE SPY Lord is dead… I did not even finished WBDS.. So, please do not be another disappointment….

    • Oh man, i stuck with WBDS till the end because it was full of heart and action.
      It got super draggy at times ( i still remember the ginseng storyline, was it?) Not so sure about the loveline, since the one in WBDS was pretty blah and boring.
      I still loved the relationships the characters had with one another though. And the characters i thought were pretty fleshed out. And i loved that they were basically a whole family.
      Anywho, I might start watching Painter of the Wind to see MGY’s acting. Is this show worth following through?

      • I loved (LOVED) the first half of PotW. It’s magnificent. The second half fell apart solely on the writing, but the acting was still stellar.

  2. I just need me a helluva lot of Geun Young.You know ,when you’ve been starved so long , when food comes , you just wanna overeat…
    But if its as bad as you gals say, then ,I can wait.

  3. When it rains, it pours. I’m glad she’s back and she’s back with a vengeance. First it’s the news on taking the role of Alice, then her guesting on Running man, then her appearance at the BIFF, then that Cosmo,Bazaar, etc. photo shoots, bits and pieces about CA and now this upcoming sageuk. She’s back indeed and it’s about time.

  4. Goddess of Fire describes MGY pretty well, in my opinion. If the drama gets a decent scriptwriter, I’m all for it. Although I kinda hope it will be Goryeo era since she’s already done Joseon. (And IMO the Goryeo dress is more flattering ;P)

  5. From all news reports it looks like MBC really wants her to do this…i’m not sure if I want to see her in it though’…plot sounds kinda bland..very Dae Janggeum like…..or maybe because that Princess Deokhye movie she was considering first sounded way more interesting….also really dont want her to end up in overworked KAA….idk how Uhm Tae Woobh, Lee Seon Kyun, Joo Won etc do it

  6. She really was fabulous in PotW.

    But if Alice is only 16, then it won’t be that bad to do something after.
    Not like OB’s 50+, followed by Gatiskal, followed by this JW new one, while he is doing that other show.

    Too specific for you? Ha!

    • Joo Won’s over-worked life is always relayed to me despite the fact that everyone knows I have no interest. LOL. He’s a good boy, I wish him mucho success.

  7. I thought May Queen is extended for 6 more episodes or not? Anyways, I’ll definitely check out Ceongdamdong Alice, what with MGY and PSH.^^

  8. Am I the only one who didn’t run away from WBDS? I did skip a few eps because of the extension and it felt like I didn’t miss anything but it was so good (the writing serviceable I guess). Then again it might be my inner YSH bias….this sounds interesting i really want her to do this project if she won’t be overworked!

  9. I actually liked WBDS, first half anyway for the acting and fighting scenes. I did not however like the ending half plotwise. Yea, seem like the writer got lazy and put in a bunch of fillers. Love the bromance though.

    • Goddest of Fire sounds interesting. Whichever drama she picks, as long as the storyline is great with excellent writer, all should be good. ^^

  10. looking for forward to MGY doing this sageuk as the premise is already promising! weeeh! i hope it will be confirmed soon. i can’t imagine anyone else for this role.

    on a side note, i know you are not into JW but i hope you’d like him in the future too. 🙂

  11. I watch through all eps of WBDS except for the last eps and i don’t intend to finish it. I thaught overall it was a decent drama but there were no romance at all, no nada. Maybe it’s becoz the female lead is such a stick and her character doesnt help at all in establishing any kind of relationship with the lead or even the second lead. Hope MGY’s character would be a beauty with spunk and received love from the lead and vice versa. Coz PotW has more romance with MCW than Ahjusshi PSY and i want beautiful saeguk romance ala chinese

  12. Thank you for sharing this news! I might faint of happiness if she accepted this role. No matter what she does, I like her so much.

    But can I have a question? Why actors and actresses with the same surname aren’t cast as lovers in Korea? Is it something bad? Because you mentioned Joo Won in the post – I just thought I would love to see those two being cast together. I think our screen would burn from too much intensity, because they’re equally talented. But they have the same surname, so I guess I won’t over get to see them together…. 🙁

    • she already decided…she is confirmed to cast in upcoming drama the goddess of fire….we as her fan must support her….she will never success with all of us..

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