Love 911 with Han Hyo Joo and Go Soo Release Fantastic Movie Trailer

Neither Han Hyo Joo nor Go Soo are my actor biases though I do like them very very much, so when I heard the same agency stars were paired up for the upcoming romance K-movie Love 911 (Korean title is called Bandage) I was quite intrigued and mildly excited. The movie filmed earlier this year and the first trailer was just released with the movie scheduled for a Christmas holiday release. I have to say the trailer knocked my socks off. I just loved it. It feels like the good old-fashion love stories that Hollywood churns out, when the broken and quirky leads find each other and endeavor to work through their issues to find happiness together. It’s not terribly makjang but feels very realistic and satisfying. In the movie, Go Soo is a veteran firefighter who is a widower having lost his wife a few year earlier. He runs into Han Hyo Joo and rescues her on a bridge, only to learn that she is his colleague of sorts since she’s the medical first response doctor who accompanies the firefighters out on the fire. I love that her character is ballsy and makes her interest in Go Soo known immediately and then pursues him without any sense of shame or hesitation. Go girl! He’s wary, of course, but clearly not unaffected by her, and I love just knowing that they are going to help each other heal some wounds while moving forward together. This type of story has been done to death but if handled deftly with the right stars it still manages to hit the spot. If this movie is a hit at the box office, Han Hyo Joo will have followed up her mega-successful movie Masquerade with this one, which means this girl’s one-two punch is a knockout indeed.


Love 911 Trailer:


Love 911 with Han Hyo Joo and Go Soo Release Fantastic Movie Trailer — 27 Comments

    • @linda, don’t quote me but I was actually checking out soompi today and found a thread on this movie where it states that it will premiere on Dec. 19th. Glad to see a story on the movie here on the playground, Ms. Koala continues to share with us her wonder taste. The movie looks good and I love the treailer (even though I can’t understand a word of what they are saying) and I hope that eventually somewhere I can see it with eng. subs. The leads look very good together.

  1. OMG!!! Go Soo and Han Hyo Joo, love those two to pieces, can’t wait to watch this movie.
    The trailer is catchy, love rom-com is my cup of tea.
    Thank you Koala for posting this.

    • Don’t be..he’s awesome and Korea knows it! He may not be getting the lead roles but he’s a sought after character actor and is always making an impression

  2. You r soo right!! Those kind of stories never get old.. as long as DONE RIGHT!!! This trailer was really good 😀 Can’t wait 😉

  3. It feels like watching a nicholas sparks story but 10x better. Very commercial but looks well done. Feel good flick but with promising substance.

  4. Ok that was incredibly cute and fresh (thank you Koala Unni, its been a very anxious day all around)..I’ve been wary of this movie as I always am whenever a firefighter is in the lead role, but this has such a positive vibe to it…plus this might be the first time in a long time that I’m seeing Go Soo in a role where he’s not angsting all the time..also love the fiercely assertive character played by my fav Han Hyo Joo….girl has a Midas touch…hope she can keep that up for this movie too
    Also Kim Sung Ho is so hot in the firefighter’s uniform!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh man. This is so different.
    Definitely like what you said koala, something Hollywood would churn out.
    I’m definitely checking this out. The trailer makes me feel so good, and it seems like an atypical korean movie.

  6. *tapping fingers on the desk* sighing.

    Yup, another Korean movie on my list of movies to see that I am waiting to find with subs.
    Miss Conspirator. check.
    Neverending Story. check.
    Ghost Sweepers. check.
    All about My Wife.check.
    Wonderful Radio. check
    and now Love 911. I really need to move to a bigger U.S. city; I don’t know anywhere nearby that shows foreign films. Sigh.

    • Heya, Neverending Story and Wonderful Radio are already out with subs on DC. Not sure about the other ones though. Happy viewing!!

      I didn’t understand most of what was being said either but that was adorable!!! That bit where Go Soo starts to wave back and stops mid-way was too cute!

  7. Awww…Go Soo oppa. One of my first loves. And Han Hyo Joo is just so perky and beautiful, isn’t she? I love that both of them are actually smiling and upbeat in this movie compared to most of their works that is full of angst.

  8. Switch of Han Hyo Joo’s image. At last she broke free from her all time innocent image and came up with this! Definitely in my must watch list! :))

  9. The trailer is very different from what I expected from the synopsis. Thought the movie would fill with mind and emotional struggle but turns out it is another rom-com. Look forward to it.

  10. I had no interest in this movie until I watched this preview. It’s too cute! Now I’m definitely going to watch this. I love how HHJ’s character actively pursues GS’s character!

  11. I like GS on the slim side……
    With a little xtra weight he gets burly looking. He is just big built I guess.
    She is beautiful but so pale!!!!!!!! Bloodless looking.

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