Video Preview for Episode 17 of Nice Guy and Official BTS of Kiss Scene

How does Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won stay so chipper during the filming of Nice Guy? Not only are they always giggling and guffawing and making funny faces at each other or the camera, neither of them are besieged with that horrible “I’m going to keel over and die soon” look of bone deep exhaustion that I typically see on the faces of the actors towards the end of a live-airing drama shoot. Just last month my heart was weeping over seeing my Jun Ki with eye bags larger than his eyes on the set of Arang. NG started filming almost 3 months prior to its premiere date so I knew the first few episodes were exquisitely produced, but lately its all caught up to the week-to-week grind and still all the leads come off looking like they are taking a walk in the park. I’m not complaining, just wondering what magic elixir Lee Kyung Hee is feeding her cast on the set. As for the story, I think Eun Gi’s feelings towards everyone, and especially Maru, will be much more complicated and layered than simply that she’s angry and wants revenge. That’s just the gist of it, but ultimately she will never be able to ignore or deny her overwhelming emotional need for Maru, especially now when he’s giving her all he’s got and then more. I’m going to hit pause on rendering an opinion on what’s to come and wait until it arrives because I trust Lee Kyung Hee continues to have her ducks all in a row. Until episode 17 airs, let’s spend some quality time watching ChaeKi kiss and kiss and kiss some more in the BTS video from episode 15.

Preview for episode 17 (with English subs):

Watch the latest BTS from the drama below where the two leads are filming the kiss scene at the end of episode 15. The kiss is way more seksi and intense than what we saw onscreen. Damn PD, why you cut away from the good stuff!


Video Preview for Episode 17 of Nice Guy and Official BTS of Kiss Scene — 14 Comments

  1. thanks for ur update ms.koala.
    I need more skinship between them LOL.
    I agree with u that the kiss could be deeper actually.
    finally, it’s wednesday now….
    I’ll wait for ur recap 🙂

  2. BTS kiss scenes always kill the mood for me hah. I don’t know how they do that with so many people there. They do look great compared to most stars towards the end of a drama’s run. A little worn down, but that might be intentional.

  3. I am glad that I did not start watching this drama or else anxiety would have the best of me.

    Mrs Koala, this is off-topic but your/my I-lub-you might appear on a talk show for the 1st time in 4 years, hosted by no less than Kang Ho Dong for his comeback. *0* Have you been told? Well, yes of course you have. He must have texted you. lol

    • Do you happen to know what Maru said after PD shouted “CUT”?

      I like to think it was somewhere along the lines of “How dare you interrupt!” haha.

      Anyway, I’m dying to know. Can anybody tell me?

  4. Thanks again unnie Ockoala. Same sentiments here… I’ll be waiting for full eng sub (darn need patience on this one) so I won’t miss a thing. Nice Guy got me hook line n sinker big time! Amazing casts and hats off to LKH for superb writing. Swooning non-stop to Song Joong Ki!!

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