Picture Spoilers from the Long Preview for Episode 17 of Nice Guy

Curse you, oh evil sirens from the production of Nice Guy! Those guys managed to keep me on my toes with each spoiler before an episode airs and then each reveal during the episode adds to the experience. I never get the feeling of been there-done that, and conversely I always feel like I’m watching something truly fascinating. Lee Kyung Hee has really given all three of her leads their own time to shine in this drama, and by shine I mean “unleash some whoop ass” on others. We’ve watched Maru try to get Jae Hee back, we’re watched Jae Hee scheme her way to inheriting an entire conglomerate, we’ve seen Eun Gi try to barrel her way into making a romantic connection, we’ve seen Maru step up and face down Jae Hee on behalf of Eun Gi, and now we’re headed towards the finish line with what I think will be a convergence of all three characters truly unleashing all of their hidden issues.

Maru will try to be the self-sacrificing idiot with Eun Gi, except he’s not really an idiot since she’s got some unfinished emotional debt to clear with him, while he’s all guns a-blazing to take down Jae Hee once and for her. I think Jae Hee will go schizo in trying to decide whether she wants to cling onto the Tae San or Maru, and likely lawyer Ahn will played his nefarious part in making sure Jae Hee remains with the program. And Eun Gi. What can I say about my broken and bruised Eun Gi? She’s likely got her memories back, but with it come an entire world of guilt and anger to be played, lied to, and stripped of the ability to make any amends with her dead dad. It’s weird that even now it’s impossible to truly understand what Eun Gi’s dad felt towards her, other than his actions have created a brittle woman that was just waiting to splinter into pieces. Meeting Maru was both a blessing and a curse. Without him she would remain the hardened doll playing the role her dad decreed, so her downward trajectory with him rendered her asunder so fully that she was able to truly experience happiness even for a brief period of time because she got to start over again.

Eun Gi reveals to Secretary Hyun that she knows the other driver is Maru. She asks whether Secretary Hyun, Joon Ha, and Maru have all been together in lying to her?

Maru happily goes to pick out a ring for Eun Gi.

The neighborhood ahjumma finds Jae Hee at Maru’s old house again and asks if she’s waiting for Maru? Jae Hee wonders if Maru will return if she keeps waiting for him? The ahjumma says Maru isn’t planning to come back when he left.

Eun Gi reads her own journal written when she had lost her memory and was still misspelling words. She had written under a sketch of Maru that “he’s a nice guy that cannot be found anywhere else in this world.”

Eun Gi wants to tear it up but is stopped when Choco walks in.

Maru goes to leave the ring on Eun Gi’s desk and finds the crumpled up diary page with the sketch of him. He looks tormented.


Picture Spoilers from the Long Preview for Episode 17 of Nice Guy — 32 Comments

  1. Thanks for the picture spoilers and your great recaps:)
    I hope our couple get a happy ending,at this point I don’t even care if it’s the cheesiest ending ever I just want them to live happily ever after…

  2. I know her past was so painful coz she’s been lied, manipulated by man she loves, but what’s the hell she can feel the sincerity and innocent of KMR by her heart, the difference of past and present. Why they trap me so badly into this love-drama? Huft…*take a deep breath

  3. i still find this so hard to understand. shes a mentally unstable woman who attempted not only suicide but murder, and yet she is angry at maru? bitch you tried to kill him because he didnt want to be with you and you were upset about your dads death. umm psycho much? and from what im understanding, the accident is going to kill maru, at some point. but again she is going to be mad at maru and seek revenge using him? what? whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? getting her memory back shouldnt have erased all the things maru has done for her up to this point? so i just dont understand why they cant just talk it out, lay their cards on the table and go from there? i really feel no sympathy for her because she was the dumbass who fell in love with this sketchy ass guy in a matter of seconds. and said sketchy guy pretty much, without using any words, made it clear he wasnt that into her. again so many things i love about this show but with the way eun gi is acting right now, after the stupid stunt she pulled, im not really wanting to see her succeed.

    • same here. I cannot understand the resource of her anger. If she knows about the deal between the lawyer and Maru, maybe but now I just cant comprehend her.

    • They can’t talk because it’s against kdrama rules. Though I do have a hard time feeling that sorry for her. Kind of like how I didn’t feel sorry for Maru getting screwed over by JH by taking the blame for the murder. It was his own actions that led to that, same with EG here.

      I just don’t understand how she could really be mad at him…considering all that he’s done so far post-accident wise to make up for the past times…did she like magically forget all that they’ve went through and done during that time?? And post-accident Eungi was the one that came by her own two feet to find Maru, and he didn’t have to take care of her, but he did, so how can she even think that he’s still in “love” with Jaehee??? AT ALL?? Sorry for the rant guys!! I would totally write more, but I’ll refrain. ;A; I just want a happy ending for Maru and Eungi okay?!

    • She didn’t attempt to murder Maru. At the time she was so emotionally conflicted. She could not cope because it was the last straw and did something that made no sense. Her action is considered a crime, but it was driven by a judgement overpowered by pure grief and confusion. Maru was aware she was emotionally fragile but used her all the same, lead her to think he liked her, but ultimately, you know, dropping a bomb on her. Also, couple that with her dad who passed away and years of pent-up emotional pain… Not surprising for someone who is prone to self destruction to pull the trigger. She was broken, but instead of letting everybody kick her around, she lashed it out on people blindly. She is not capable of killing someone anyone intentionally. Maru also could have switched lanes when she tried to crash into him. I guess her brain connected ‘Maru’ and ‘destroy source of pain’ without really thinking. Doesn’t justify anything, but I feel for her. The really sad part about this drama is that all the problems now resurfacing is caused by their past actions…and Maru more than enough had already shown redemption imo…

    • lol so it is okay for Maru use her but she can’t?

      This makes me angry. Everyone hated Maru because of what he did, but now because he loves her, everyone forgets what cruel things he did to her.

      She is angry with him and will use him because in the beach he made it clear he used her and had no feelings for her and it was all because of JH (which is a lie but EunGi doesn’t now) she thought maru had some feelings and was honest in some moments, but Maru lied and said no. Everything he did was a lie. So EG who choose Maru over her dad who died without her by his side felt even more bretayed she was feeling and went after Maru and they ended up on an accident. Plus, why is ”EG” the only to blame about the accident? If I’m not wrong Maru also didn’t do anything to STop the accident and was willing to die, so how is this just EG’s fault. He also not seeking treatment that can save him, how is this EG’s fault? Maru is punishing himself by not treating his head and will die because he is stupid and couldn’t get treatment earlier.

      • I so agree with you. My thoughts when reading these comments were literally, “Oh, so now that Maru loves her it cancels out all the stupid decisions he made before.”

        I’m not saying EG is right either, but with her remembering all those things he said, how is she supposed to think he means it for real now. After all, he said he wouldn’t stop at anything to get to Jae Hee.

        And EG is more or less USING MR, not getting revenge on him. Her target is Jae Hee now. Everyone’s lied to her and in my opinion she’s been the biggest victim in this show. MR could have saved his life if he wanted to, yet he feels guilty and refuses the surgery. His fault, not EG’s.

    • Did you ever stop and think all the stuff he said to her BEFORE the accident? The viewers know he was lying, just pushing her away, but she doesn’t. She finally believed him, finally gave up. Her last impression of him was NOTHING would be out of the question if it meant he’d get Jae Hee back; he’d do anything. Like, maybe even pretend he was completely in love with EG and helping her?

      Now, she remembers everything, and suddenly everything MR did out of love becomes suspicious. I don’t blame her for doubting him, especially since him working with her also means he sees Jae Hee. All the time. She’s been lied to by everyone, already had trust issues, and her father raised her to trust no one. Why do people not see that this is the sensible reaction for someone like EG? I don’t necessarily blame her for using him. He’s the one thing that gets Jae Hee riled up the most now, and she probably know that.

      And let’s stop acting like MR didn’t want to die. He could have swerved. He could get the surgery now. And yeah I never liked how EG “fell in love” so quickly (really she was more obsessed the same way MR was with Jae Hee), but I understood a bit more after seeing that flashback of her as a young child. She was probably yearning for someone she could trust, and out of the blue comes a man that risks his life for her doll. I think that one event was so huge to her. Sorry for the super long comment lol

      • Well said, KK? Yes, we know how much he loves her, but EG does not. And we have not even watch episode 17 and see what EG will do, and these people is starting calling her with names. Funny, who is the psycho here

      • i still don’t get her anger she knew about his using and still wanted him. but now that’s changed i can understand her using him but the anger i just don’t get maybe it’s misdirected.
        she could have easily crashed into a wall or anything that doesn’t contain a living being. im sure she wanted to take him with her

  4. Nice Guy is the first korean drama that i can’t figure out about the ending even i can’t predict about the next episode. LKH is really driving me nuts

  5. read this.. watch the preview.. amd MR’s last sentence :”EG is back”*drumrolls..
    i think she still assessing and observe the people’s behaviour. Maybe the most painful truth to her is she realise that everyone is liyng to her (eventhough that’s for her own sake). even park joon ha. and she still unsure about MR intention to her.. just hope the best for EunMa..

  6. My sympathy for JH seems to be growing against my wishes. She’s looking sickly. I really don’t like where the EG/Maru story is headed, but it basically fits the drama so far. The relationship has never been healthy and normal.

  7. i don’t know why i keep thinking that maru will be comeback to jae hee.. but i really dont want that happen. just a bad feeling, arghh it bugs me a lot

  8. It’s hard for me to watch the latest eps because Maru’s happy dreamy life with Eungi as a happy couple is starting to end and it’s time for the sad reality to kick in. 🙁

    I hopefully think that Nice guy will have a happy ending. Hm, maybe a bittersweet one. I am predicting that Maru will undergo surgery even though he doesn’t like it (he may be forced to do it or whatever method the drama gives for as long he lives please!), but the sad part for him is that he’ll have the amnesia. Quite sad but a way to restart his tragic life. And of course Eungi will take care of him. <3

    Ahhhh! I'm really just hoping for a happy ending! Anything will do! hahaha

  9. I’ve gone crazy and so conflicted at why Eungi is angry at Maru her memory back could not have erased all the things Maru has done/cared and sincerely showed towards her to this point. Maru has been honest with her post amnesia. Yes he initially used her but made every effort for her not to like him. He felt guilt alright but did everything he could to help her now. Eungi accelerating drove her car towards Maru. Seriously, this kdrama is driving me bonkers… but it’s a darn good kdrama I’ve watched so far.

    • You have to think about it this way:
      The last memory EG has of MR BEFORE the accident and her amnesia, was on the beach. Now, he said a lot of things that day that were true, but a lot of things that weren’t true. He claimed EVERYTHING he did was to get to Jae Hee and he’d do anything to get her back. EG finally believed him, discarding that final shred of hope that she held onto, thinking at least some of him truly cared, and officially gave up. Also, remember him saying he’d consider her if she inherited Tae San? Now EG remembers everything, is dealing with finally being able to properly mourn her father’s death, everyone including Joon Ha has lied to her or kept the full truth from her, and MR is in love with her. Only now, every loving and selfless action he’s done is, in her eyes, suspicious. Remember, he’s helping her to try to inherit Tae San AND Jae Hee is still in the picture. All the things MR said at the beach are coming back to haunt him at all once.

  10. can’t the time move faster please T___T. i’m so curious about eun gi – maru relationship now after eungi regain her memory >.<

  11. Maru did say that when eg remembers, and if she still chooses to marry him despite what he did, then he will never let her go, no matter what anyone says.

    So judging from the preview, eg knows but still goes ahead with wedding plan, well we are not certain wether or not the wedding will take place, but still there’s still hope she still loves him n can’t let him go. She’s just using him to get back at jae hee, oh well one can hope for a happy ending….

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