Kim Ji Hoon Joins Flower Boy Next Door as the Second Male Lead

Oh shit oh shit oh shit….hyperventilating here. This might be some pre-election day leg pulling, something equal parts thrilling and saddening. It’s rendered me feeling like I’m bipolar and I don’t know whether I should laugh, cry, do both, or just go flail in the corner until I can behave like a human being again. Since leaving the army this past July, Kim Ji Hoon signed on for the weekend drama My Daughter So Young, which was slated to reunite him with his Wish Upon a Star co-star Choi Jung Yoon, but both ended up dropping the drama rather quietly and without any reason. That was strange enough but I knew good things would come to those who waited so I remained ever patient waiting for him to pick his first post-military project. In the interim, he was a guest on Strong Heart hosted by his buddy Lee Dong Wook and I got a nice fix there but nothing beats seeing him back on my screen in a dramatic setting. Now it was been confirmed, and this casting was completely utterly under my radar because I’m as floored by the news as anyone – Kim Ji Hoon has signed on to play the second male lead in Flower Boy Next Door. Kim Ji Hoon as the second male lead! With Yoon Si Yoon and Park Shin Hye! I’m so happy about this cast I could cry (okay, I’m crying), but I only wish my beloved Ji Hoon could get his own girl as well so I can have a drama where both of my beloved leading men end up happy and in love. Otherwise this is pretty much casting perfection for a youthful rom-com as far as I’m concerned. Let’s see any drama in 2013 try beating this baby in sheer awesomeness.

Flower Boy Next Door is a youthful romantic drama about a modern day Rapunzel with a crush on her flower boy neighbor (Kim Ji Hoon playing a schlumpy grumpy mediocre webtoon artist who is still a pretty boy), who ends up falling for her other flower boy neighbor (Yoon Si Yoon playing a genius creative director). DID PARK SHIN HYE SAVE AN ENTIRE CIVILIZATION IN HER PREVIOUS LIFE? She must have, otherwise I’m not computing this sweet girl’s drama karma that allows her to be sandwiched between these two stellar leading men. Park Shin Hye has been a very blergh kisser in all her previous dramas, but there is no way in hell she ain’t learning to kiss onscreen convincing after making out with one or both of these guys, who are both gaspworthy onscreen kissers. I’ll go weep over my own sad fate now while the agonizing wait begins until this drama airs. Flower Boy Next Door premieres January 7th on cable network tvN. This drama is so tailored made for me that even if my hated directing foe PD Pyo Min Soo directed this sucker (which he’s not) I’d sit through it all and just take some anti-motion sickness medication.


Kim Ji Hoon Joins Flower Boy Next Door as the Second Male Lead — 46 Comments

  1. Whooa, you have me excited as well. I feel like rip van winkle. Who are these guys? Can you give me one or two dramas they starred in? I know PSY (initials) but kindly refresh me on one or two hits of the leading men. Sorry to be such an ignorant first poster. just so happen to in the that part of the world that sees the light and the night earlier than the rest. thanks.

      • Okay Thanks. YSY, i know him through Baker King and Me too, Flower. But this KJH, i haven’t seen in any film, but he looks delicious. I hope he doesn’t disappoint. lol

      • add Wish upon a star to Kim Ji Hoon’s name — he did grumpy&pretty at the same time; similar to how his character here is.

      • add this to his credits: How Much Love, Loving You & Madeleine (of the latter, i was glad he didn’t do any bold scenes) ~0~

    • My fave Kim Ji Hoon drama character is his second male lead role in Flowers for My Life/I Come in Search of a Flower. My fave drama of his is hands down Joseon X-Files/Secret Investigation Record.

      Love Marriage and WUAS are both cute and fluffy and evaporates after watching it.

      • u guys shld see him in how much love, it was actually his favorite drama he was in he said but too bad at that time it was aired same time as jumong hence it didn’t get much exposure but it was good better than flowers for my life!

  2. *flails* This can only be a winner, right? Riiiiiight? I really loved Shut Up and I have high hopes for this one.

    KIM JI HOON! Yes, Shin Hye probably saved a civilization in her past life.

    • I love all the actors but I am also sad and a bit surprised that Ji-hoon will be the 2nd male lead to Si-Yoon. But it won’t stop me from watching all this gorgeousness in one show! Like Koala I just hope Ji-Hoon’s character will get his own girl in the end.

    • It says a lot of the role if a male lead actor takes up the second lead. He must be finding the character more challenging and interesting to act out. I believe he has never played a role like this before. Makes me look forward to the drama even more even though I find him so very suited for the lead against PSH…..despite a gap of 11 yrs.

  3. I haven’t watched Ji Hoon’s dramas before but I am excited !! and I don’t really mind who gets the girl 🙂 2nd lead SYNDROMEEEE FOR EVERYONEEE HEHEHEHEHEHE XD FLOWER BOY NExT DOOR HWAITING!!! XO

  4. Oh la la! Kim Ji Hoon is back to acting! I can’t wait to see him back on screen again. But why is he a second? I really want to see him as a first lead instead.
    I don’t know who is this dude, Yoon Si Yoon, pardon me as I haven’t watch much K drama. I’m very selective when it comes to K drama. But hey Ms Koalas, count me in on this Kim Ji Hoon baby.

    • i think he’s first lead accdg to dramabeans blog – after all he’s been actor ahead of yoon si yoon don’t get me wrong i like him too but i think jihoon shld be the lead

      • No it’s been on everywhere that he is the 2nd lead… What have you reading… It’s the role that attracted him

  5. I am so happy I could cry. Like I am so happy I can’t even tell you how happy I am. Not because I am a massive fan of all 3 but the casting, it’s
    ” omg, perfect ”
    She’s KISSING alright. It’s tvN, if nothing else this cable station makes their actors kiss properly. Thank god. 🙂
    Like I said, I am so happy it’s a cable channel. Life is good. And yeah just the combination of male leads- nothing in 2013 can beat. Can’t even imagine 2 actors to go together.

  6. Yessss now it’s right…i was wondering how come only one flower boy when d earlier two flower boy-dramas had like 3-4. Keep them coming!! 😛

  7. Not just a civilization. With the level of awesomeness she’ll be getting with these flower boys, she might have saved the whole world

    GASP! Pant! Yelp! Gulp! *fans self* *muttering calming things learned in the one class of yoga I attened before fallin asleep*

    Will I survive the pretty? Park Shin Hye not only must have saved a civilization, but it must have been a civilzation of people who had saved other civilizations. Can I be her best friend now?

    KJH vs. YSY?!?! I won’t know where to look. I can feel my palms starting to sweat already.

  9. I was excited about PSH return but from everyones reaction it seems that I have a lot more than that to look forward to. Personally, from pics I find KHJ good looking and do wish shinhye to end up with him but a lot depends on the characters being portrayed by the two male leads. They both seem to be good actors therefore a lot depends on the script and director on how this drama turns out. I just know that this is one drama I am really looking forward to from all aspects.
    On a side note: can others learn from this how to do the casting for a drama

    Your comment makes me laugh hard

    I have watched joseon x-files, but i don’t get in. Maybe the translate is not good.. Stuck at ep.3

  11. Ah ah all this excitement from Mrs Koala and my fellow readers crack me up.

    Thanks for that picture of him and the previous one of Yoon Si Yoon’s; quite smexy and mesmerizing yet artistic photoshoots.

  12. never seen KJH this sexy before and more manly..PSH sure one lucky girl..can’t wait for New Year.Hope PSH has grown up and able to give us a good kissing seen…so far her only kissing seen I love was the cf with JGS..when they kissed and float..

  13. OMG, he was sooooo freaking hot in LM just standing there.
    Then, you have that voice to complete the perfect man. Nice.
    I am always intrigued by “lead” actors taking second lead roles. My estimation for them goes up a notch.
    I am looking forward to his scenes with YSY the most.

  14. I’m excited, too. I know you didn’t like FBRS, but I loved it and I’ve always heard good things about Shut Up so I’m really hopeful about this drama. I loved YSY in M2F and PSY is cute. I’m floored that KJH is playing 2nd lead, too but maybe it’s a really great/fun role for him and that’s why he took it? *crossing finger* that this is another really fun drama

  15. THIS drama is my new year’s present!! Everything about it is jut so much love!!!! I’m super excited for this one…

    The addition of Kim Ji Hoon makes ne happy because I love him but not enough to have second lead syndrome.. Why is January so far???

  16. oh this is the best news compared to election day here in US LOL the long awaited project of my no 1 K actor – i read he’s first lead so why is this article saying 2nd lead? well anyway it doesn’t matter as long as i can watch him again after 2 yrs of forever waiting for him! so happy i could just fly! :)i also like park shin hye so i hope he gets her instead of yoon si yoon who i also admire but my no 1 is Jihoon ssi! fighting! i wld welcome 2013 with a bang bcoz of this! 🙂

  17. thnx for this article ockoala! i luv your site or blog! keep up the gr8 work! fighting! i luv jihoon to death, sigh sigh out of breath hearing this, best news ever today! i can’t wait for 2013 yeyyy

  18. I’m so excited for this drama – it’s not even funny. 😀 All the stars and planets have aligned to give us casting perfection!!! Now…if writing & directing are equally perfect that would be the holy grail of rom-com. Oh, who am I kidding…. I’d still watch this thing even if it dives headlong into the looney bin.

  19. “”I’ll go weep over my own sad fate now while the agonizing wait begins until this drama airs.”” LOL

    thanks very much for update. now more eye candy and cuteness, yummy.. definitely looking forward.

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