Park Shin Hye to Cameo in Taiwan Version of You’re Beautiful with Jiro Wang

Seriously, Taiwan? You had to get on this bandwagon as well? You couldn’t have just left what was pretty swell alone and had to stick your foot in the game? I heard this news in a roundabout way actually – I found out that Park Shin Hye quietly flew to Taiwan this week to film a cameo appearance in the Taiwan version of You’re Beautiful, which is the first time she’s been back since she filmed Hayate the Combat Butler there in 2010 with George Hu. I had to pick my jaw off the floor the moment I heard there was yet another YB remake in the works, which comes after the J-dorama version last Summer Ikemen desu ne starring Takimoto Miori and Tamamori Yuta, where Jang Geun Seok actually made a cameo appearance. I was crazy obsessed with the original starring Park Shin Hye and Jang Geuk Seok for about half of its run, and then the ridiculous plot devices and increasingly tired doormat of a heroine really lost me in the final stretch. But I still remember it fondly and still listen to its OST on rotation in the car. The original was a drama airing with the right cast at the right time, low-rating aside since it was up against the juggernaut that was IRIS. I never thought Japan should have remade it, and I definitely don’t think Taiwan needs to as well. This version has only confirmed male lead Jiro Wang playing the diva lead singer of A.N.Jell. I’m so sad Jiro is following up what is so far a lovely performance in Drama Go Go Go with this sure to be hot mess. Below is the first picture of the entire cast at the first day filming. Since the full cast isn’t confirmed, I actually don’t know who the other actors and actress is since they all look like newbies to me.

Why are there four guys and one girl? Ih yeah, one of them could be the manager dude. Sigh. No word on airing channel or date, clearly it’ll be pre-filmed and then sold to one of the cable networks.


Park Shin Hye to Cameo in Taiwan Version of You’re Beautiful with Jiro Wang — 33 Comments

  1. WHAT?! 🙂 That’s my reaction when I read your post. I don’t have time to follow entertainment news so I had no idea until just now. Really, TW?? Why??? Ok – I did really love the first version, although, the female character does really get to me after awhile. So maybe the TW version will be make her be a little smarter and less annoying.

    Jiro is playing yet another actor/singer star in yet another drama? This is the 3rd time at least right. I don’t really mind a 3rd remake since I didn’t watch the jdrama one. But they at least have to do it well. 🙂 I don’t recognize any of the other actors either.

    • Oh, this reminds me of HYD with it’s 4 remakes, or 3 + 1 original. But at least that one had huge ratings everyone basically – regardless of how good the drama actually was.

      What’s funny is that YB never got really good ratings previously. Although I must say, I am a sucker for these contact thingies that force people to live together, whether it’s a fake marriage or being a band or whatever. So I guess I’ll check it out just to see.

  2. Koala, don’t you recognize the 4th guy? It’s Park Shi Hoo! (see last 2 pics) 😛

    Kidding aside, I’m quite happy that Jiro will be the lead in this so he can finally get the cross-dressing girl. 😀 I wish Ella will do a cameo as a “guy” as a throwback to their Hana Kimi days. Hehe

    • That’s what I thought! Ive never noticed his resemblance to Park Shi Hoo, but now I can unsee it.
      I am pretty sure one of the guys is 蔡旻佑. I guess he is more a Jeremy than Shin Woo.

      • Ya. I think the one in orange collar is cai min you and the one in blue jacket is bao wei ming?

        You’re beautiful was nice to watch but its more like a one time viewing show for me. It wouldn’t make me want to rewatch it again.

      • 蔡旻佑!!! Yup, that’s definitely him with the orange collar. I find him more of a Shin Woo though, probably coz of his violin playing and songwriting skills which just make him seem more emotional and romantic?
        Either way, I’m not too sure what to make of a taiwanese remake of YAB :S I’ve been scarred waaaay too many times by taiwanese adaptations of my fav anime/j-doramas

    • Exactly my reaction. PSH’s twin brother switched at birth!
      But seriously, I’m not saying the story of YAB was extraordinary but it was one of my first dramas and I thought the cast did well. The comedy was the best part in it. The OST was memorable too, I agree. The Japanese version: **Sigh**. And now this? Just no. I know I’m not the target audience for it but please… I wonder who pockets the royalties for the remakes.

  3. Sigh, I guess I should get the popcorn ready and see what a mess they make out of this drama now…YAB is an all time favorite show but even I know that the only reason it was the crackiest of all drama cracks was because of the Hong Sisters and that awesome cast (plot problems not withstanding)… there is no way that they can remake that magic in any other form….Ikemenu desu ne was really boring with only a handful of shining moments in all of its 9/10 episodes…I’m already predicting that this remake will be the complete opposite of that where plot points and acting.I find Jiro adorable but I think that he will make a very tame Hwang Tae Kyung at best and that will be no fun whatsoever

    • *plot points and acting will be overdone
      Also wanna add that I just found out the director of YAB is doing the really fun King of Dramas…wierd conicidence

  4. I was obsessed with the first one until the female character got on my nerves too.. Bleh, another one? I hope they don’t make the girl as weepy as the other two- she was too “kind-hearted and good” for me =_=
    oh yeah, will you be recapping drama go go go, ms. Koala? I’m really liking it so far 🙂 I’m so glad you posted about it; I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.

    • Yeah, the female character and the way the main lead treated her frustrated me so so so much. Actually the way all the guys treated her made me want to barf. She was like a lost little puppy and it was annoying and not cute in any way, shape or form I couldn’t finish it either. One of the most overrated dramas i’ve ever come across. Sorry for ranting but I was hoping for so much more after so many recommendations and was incredibly disappointed.

  5. I didn’t finish either version (what does that tell you?), but I actually liked the Japanese remake a lot more than the Korean original. The lead actress was more grounded and realistic, and dare I say a little badass, even. I tried so hard to like it, but I just could not get into the Korean version.

  6. he’s cast for so many projects! he finished absolute boyfriend, and there’s even a KO One 2 (as much as I did love that crack show, I wonder why they’d redo it 7 years later) coming up along with Drama Go Go Go. For this, I’m not against a remake (ok did a tiny groan there) but I think someone with less of an established image would be better. Jiro’s too obvious of a choice, as well.

  7. Yeah, chinese ver will be the next one lmao! I have the same thoughts with YB. I watched the first half and REALLY enjoyed it but the drama, as usual, got draggy. Sigh, what a waste of GeunShin chemistry. Oh, speaking of Park Shin Hye, she reunited again with Lee Seung Gi on Running Man! How much I can’t wait for the subs! HAHA :3

  8. Thanks for this news.
    I am all for remakes. Pride and Prejudice was remade with the same title dozens of times, and with the century, places and names changed hundreds of times. I love all of them.

    The only question I have is, aren’t they a little old?
    You can get away with a girl playing a boy idol in his late teens or very early twenties, but mid twenties?
    I can maybe understand that a younger boy may not possibly notice a woman’s a woman, but as we get more experienced, I think your bs detector gets stronger.

  9. I know that Jiro is on fire right now with his solo cd, and doing Drama go go go making him hot off the charts that every producer/director wants him to their tv series, but seriously????

    I love the guy but i’m not sure if he can pull off the Tae Kyung vibe…. I’m used to see him in more funny, happy and cheerful roles.. this is going to be soo awkward to watch… I really hope it turns out good… the female lead is going to be someone fresh and new so that she doesn’t overshadow Jiro… Probably… 😛

  10. You’re Beautiful” made me an admirer of PSH…….I found her adorable. Since her character was in keeping with over the top storyline and other characters and the setting……I was absolutely fine and found it entertaining. The ost was perfect…still listen to this day. The fact that it is being remade again speaks for its mass appeal. I found the characterization so complete and different from each other. As the drama progresses, one can understand the reason why each male character would fall for PSH ‘s character. She fit the scripted role and owned it. She gives it her own uniqueness just like YEH did for coffee prince. Nobody can accuse them of copying others.

    • I totally concur with you, though YB didn’t get very high ratings when it aired in Korea, it was because they were head to head with the bigger production IRIS, the ratings wasn’t dismal at all…
      what counts the most is the fact that there are a lot of us who totally enjoyed it and actually recognized Jang Geun Suk since i’ve been a follower of Park Shin Hye since Stairway to Heaven and Tree of Heaven.
      and how can we go wrong with the writing of the Hong Sisters.
      Everyone can attest that the 4 ANJELLs are appreciative of YB for making them even bigger ‘Hallyu’ stars, from Sukkie to ShinHye to Yonghwa(CNBLUE) and HongKi (FTIsland). Even Uee is getting some recognition now that she has a couple of weekend series under her belt.
      I love YB and i think that it’s ok for other countries to make their own version like they did with Meteor Gardent to Boys over flowers etc…
      i wish them luck…

      • agree! YB is a hallyu drama thus creating these hallyu stars which I’ve been following ever since I saw them in this drama. I’ve watched how they have become such big stars right after they had this drama. I don’t mind remakes. It just proves that this drama is a hit for international fans.

      • yah! right guys, i started admiring PSH, when i finished watching YB, she is cute, and very perfect for the role, also Jang Guen Suk, Lee Hongki, and Jung Yonghwa..until now, i really love this drama, and their OST..original is always the best..than the remake :)..just think so..

  11. Wow, Jiro is in EVERYTHING! Not that he’s bad but I’m hoping to see maybe a new face and someone that I actually want to watch as a main lead because he’s still as a 2nd lead actor to me and not really that good of main lead material…

  12. I’m always game for a TW version because the one thing TW-drama do wonderfully is they kiss scenes, they knock it out of the park where k-drama need to get in the game we are in the 20th century. There are no other drama countries that come close to TW with doing skin ship! It’s natural, realistic, and mature when TW do a kiss scène they are in character mode. I don’t see Joe Chen, Ariel Lin, Rannie, Ethan, Aaron I see the characters that the screenwriter has created. In that one kiss bring all the feeling to a head, it done in such a way that you don’t feel that you watching a kiss scene that you are experiences the reward of dedication to the love your cheer on for 11 episodes! When I see a K-drama kiss scene that done badly which 98% of the time I left feeling deflated, I can’t reconnect to that great love they suppose to have for one another after witness a kiss where the girl stand there as if she afraid his next move will be to rip of her clothes.

    I’m current watching “Can we marry” OMG if only all interaction between characters can be this natural. If the main actress was allow to kiss like this in the drama Playful Kiss maybe k-drama remake would not have gone down the toilet.

  13. The powder blue suit actor was in “Together” and played Mars'(Jiro’s character) manager.

    Guess he’ll be playing the manager again here. If so, then both he and Jiro seem to be getting repeating roles …

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