Missing You Episode 12 Recap

I’m saddened there are those who believe differences in opinion is best left unexpressed at all. With that said, it gratifies me to hear confirmation that there are plenty of folks who enjoy the exercise in constructive debate within an atmosphere spanning the gamut of differing perceptions. Up until now I’ve enjoyed parts of Missing You enough to warrant the continuing recapping, especially since I actually have quite a lot to say about why certain parts work while others are just inconsistent or falling flat. I usually drop dramas when it bores me, and up until now MY hasn’t bored me. The last episode was the first one where I felt like the drama didn’t make much headway and was just treading water, but this episode was a read dud through and through. Unless something drastic happens to the narrative (and the writer’s ability to write a cohesive tightly wound story) this drama is sinking fast in all facets of its main plot lines.

Yes, the ending to episode 12 dropped a not insignificant reveal, but once again it feels so forced and laughably absurd I wanted to laugh instead of gasping in shock. If anyone wants a clue, MY just went Old Boy on us. Not all of Old Boy, because jesus that would give the viewers a collective stroke and Korea would run out of smelling salts for the ahjummas. It just went the way of the first section of Old Boy, which in the construct of this drama seems both wholly implausible as well as totally in line with the degree of implausibility the writer has been producing one after another. Surprised the cleaning ahjumma had a raped and dead daughter and she’s now gone vigilante, well don’t be surprised with more mommy-related surprises forthcoming. This episode focused a lot on Hyung Joon, which made me happy even as I cringed at his posturing when he’s in his mastermind lair. With this drama almost 2/3rd of the way done, all the heaped on emotional woe has gone the way of soggy toast.

Episode 12 recap:

Jung Woo hugs Soo Yeon and then releases her when he remembers Mom saying she hates being Soo Yeon. He tells her to turn and leave.

Soo Yeon turns back and does the memory erasing gesture behind his back, knowing he’s been living in pain and wanting to take away his bad memories. He turns around and is crying, telling himself that these are not tears, he just has wind in his eyes.

Soo Yeon cries as she drives home. Jung Woo stands there for a good long while before walking into the police station and asking to take over the interrogation. He walks into the room and the cleaning ahjumma calls him son-in-law. He’s all business and asks her why she killed the rapist.

Soo Yeon wipes away her residual tears in the elevator and composes herself. When she walks into the house it’s all oddly silent. She walks into Hyung Joon’s room and finds him curled under the blanket seemingly asleep.

Soo Yeon walks over and sits down, hearing that he’s not feeling well. She touches his forehead and is alarmed that he’s feverish. She grabs the thermometer and sees that his temperature is at 40 degrees C and wants to take him to the doctor. Hyung Joon mutters that he’s been to the doctor and taken medicine already.

Hyung Joon says he went to the pojanmacha and drank by himself. His heart hurts and he wants to just sleep it all away. He asks her to do the memory erasing gesture for him and she hesitates before admitting it’s not her gesture, she learned it from someone else.

Hyung Joon starts to cry and Soo Yeon apologizes. Hyung Joon grabs Soo Yeon’s hand and says he’s also scared to pieces that she wasn’t coming back. Soo Yeon calls him silly, where could she possibly go. He gets up and grabs her waist and starts to sob. Soo Yeon tells him not to cry in his condition. He holds her tightly and asks her not to go anywhere. Soo Yeon doesn’t answer directly but holds him.

Jung Woo asks if the cleaning ahjumma killed three men. She says its not cleaning, she’s clearing away the filth in society. Those people should not have been let out. Jung Woo remembers Soo Yeon saying the rapist deserves to die for what he did. She says they killed her Bora, why should they get to live? She asks him to continue her job, to kill other rapists who will be let out in the future.

Jung Woo doesn’t believe in an eye for an eye and Bora wouldn’t want it either. Because she killed the rapist, he will never accept his transgressions. He wanted the rapist to beg forgiveness from Soo Yeon’s mom. Plus he knew the people who kidnapped Jung Woo and why they falsely lied about Soo Yeon being dead. Now it’s all over and she ruined his plan to keep investigating. Right now ahjumma is just a criminal to him and he wants her to tell him every detail of how she committed the murder.

Flashback to the night of the rapist’s death. He opens the door and is tasered by the ahjumma wearing a long hair wig. She read Lee Soo Yeon’s case file and knows he likes young girls. She drags him into the bathroom and ties in up in the bathroom. Jung Woo asks how she has the strength? Ahjumma has the strength because she thinks about her Bora.

She prepares the dry ice to burn off his lower region. She cooks rice for him to eat since a person who is about to die ought to have one final meal. We see ahjumma tell the rapist that there is no reason for him to live. She reveals her daughter is called Choi Bora and she is her mother. She is sending him hell and she’ll follow soon. Once she gets there, she will kill him again.

Jung Woo shows her crime scene photos and asks why she suffocated him since using dry ice was enough to kill him. The ahjumma recalls someone arrived during the commission of the crime and she hid in the closet. The person turned on the lights and she hears her footsteps. The ahjumma flashes back to taking Soo Yeon into the police station and turning to stare at her shoes as she listened to her footsteps. She doesn’t answer Jung Woo’s question.

Instead she asks Jung Woo if he likes Lee Soo Yeon? Jung Woo tells her to stay on topic. She ends the conversation then and says she wanted to kill the rapist faster. Okay, my gut tells me she tortured the rapist but didn’t kill him. That was probably the other person who arrived. Jung Woo asks why she took Soo Yeon’s cell phone from the scene, which ahjumma says it’s because she was cleaning up. He asks where she tossed it? Ahjumma doesn’t remember and asks if he wants her to say that she regrets killing him and wouldn’t do it if she could turn back time? She ends the interview and asks for something to eat.

Soo Yeon has tended to sick Hyung Joon all night and he wakes up to find her sleeping on the edge of the bed. He strokes her sleeping head and tells her that even if she’s right next to him he’s still scared. He asks Soo Yeon to not waver again. Next time, please don’t waver again.

Hyung Joon and his IM friend chat about the secret account ledger. It’s been leaked and the media is in a frenzy wanting to talk to Han Tae Joon. Stepmom is home watching people coming in and out. They hear that Secretary Nam has gone missing. Ah Reum doesn’t have any sympathy for her dad, a man willing to hang up on his own kidnapped son.

Han Tae Joon looks through prosecutor’s investigation request in his study and hears that Secretary Nam and his family have run off to New Zealand and he took the money the bank was scheduled to pay out to Hyung Joon. Han Tae Joon orders him tracked down in New Zealand.

Jung Woo’s partner skips into work all happy since his parents aw him on TV yesterday. The captain tells him not to be so happy since the cleaning ahjumma is the one in trouble. He sees a box of Jung Woo’s belongings on his table and wonders what happened.

Soo Yeon’s mom is packing up more Jung Woo items at home and Eun Joo finds out he’s been kicked out. She wonders where he can go and Mom says he has a home to go back to and parents who miss him. Eun Joo says he can’t leave because he still needs to help her find the person responsible for her dad’s death. Mom says to let Jung Woo go, she will be Eun Joo’s mom and dad from now on.

Inside the police station, Jung Woo is still questioning the ahjumma. She says that she’s admitted everything and even seen Soo Yeon’s mom. She tells Jung Woo to believe in what she says and not trust anything he might find in the computer or what others tell him.

Jung Woo says that if Bora was stronger and was alive today, he might really be her son-in-law. Ahjumma asks what about Lee Soo Yeon? Jung Woo says he can let her go, he asks that they do it together now. She forgets Bora and he forgets Lee Soo Yeon, and this will be their secret. Jung Woo apologizes to her for the police failure in getting justice for Bora. Ahjumma says that if only she had a police officer like Jung Woo then, she wouldn’t have become like this.

Jung Woo asks ahjumma to let everything go now because of Bora. Jung Woo grabs her hand and cries and ahjumma asks him not to cry for her. Jung Woo asks her to forget all the painful memories for Bora’s sake. Ahjumma grabs Jung Woo’s hand and says that he waited so long for Lee Soo Yeon and she’s alive and now he has hope to keep waiting. He cannot end up like Bora writing a final letter.

Jung Woo and his partner drink and he’s such a lightweight so his partner tries to stop him. Jung Woo wonders if he drinks everyday he can make the time pass like that and everything will be fine. Jung Woo asks why he never once thought about forgetting? He confesses that he told Soo Yeon to leave. He likes her so much but she hates him, she hates the past that he’s a part of. He asks his hyung what he can do?

Jung Woo talks to his glass of soju and calls it a bad person. He threatens to drink it and starts asking the soju if she’ll come or not come. Suddenly the phone rings and its Hyung Joon, asking to meet to discuss some concerns with Nurse Hye Mi’s autopsy report. Jung Woo says he’s been out drinking and asks for another day to meet. Hyung Joon asks if he can come over since it’s important.

Jung Woo arrives at Hyung Joon’s house and sees Soo Yeon, who directs him to Hyung Joon’s room. She notices that he’s been drinking and is worried. He says there isn’t anything that can’t be done if he gets used to it. He suggests they can drink soju in the future together.

Inside Hyung Joon’s bedroom, Hyung Joon starts off by saying that he also has the same memory, that it’s 280 steps from the Soo Yeon’s house to the street lamp. Jung Woo is surprised they have the same memory.

Hyung Joon reaches out his hand and Jung Woo gives him his arm as support so Hyung Joon can get off the bed and stand up. Hyung Joon suggests they drink today since Jung Woo has already started drinking. Jung Woo declines since he’s been drinking already but then agrees when Harry presses him. Hyung Joon asks for his computer and Jung Woo grabs it for him. He turns on the computer and smiles, which leads Jung Woo to surmise that something good happened today for Hyung Joon. Han Tae Joon is in his car heading somewhere and he asks where Hyung Joon lives.

Jung Woo is in the kitchen grabbing ice for the drinks and Soo Yeon offers to help and Jung Woo says it’s not necessary. She grabs him some napkins and he sees her Mom’s shoes in a bag. He knows she’s headed to see her Mom and tells her to have a good meeting. Soo Yeon is taken aback by Jung Woo’s newfounded calmness. After Soo Yeon leaves, Jung Woo murmurs that Mom will be happy.

Jung Woo walks over to Hyung Joon, who is staring at him. Hyung Joon asks to find out more about Han Tae Joon since Jung Woo is his son. Jung Woo says he has no ties with Han Tae Joon anymore and wonders why Hyung Joon is asking. Hyung Joon says he thinks Nurse Hye Mi’s death may be tied to Han Tae Joon’s bank. He says this is a suspicion of his lawyer.

Hyung Joon hands Jung Woo a paper which show an account that was used to invest with Stepmom, with Hyung Joon as a guarantor. Jung Woo tells Hyung Joon to be careful, if anything happened to him, it will be very hard on Soo Yeon.

Soo Yeon arrives at her Mom’s restaurant with the shoes. She finds her Mom rather out of it but they sit down to talk. Soo Yeon suggests they drink some soju when her Mom asks why she’s here. She asks if Mom likes her pretty nails? Does Mom not want to see her? But she wants to see Mom. She wants Mom to see her successful. She tells Mom that she’s now a fashion designer.

Mom asks if Soo Yeon wants Mom to apologize for the past? Mom says she is bow her head and admit all her past transgressions. Soo Yeon says her heart hurts. Mom asks if she’ll ever be back and Soo Yeon replies that she will go back to France but will sneak back from time to time to meet secretly with Mom. Her Mom doesn’t want that and tells her not to appear before her and Jung Woo even if she comes back. It’s easier to move on if they don’t meet again.

Mom says she has to go back to work and tells Soo Yeon to leave. Mom says she likes Jung Woo now and doesn’t want Soo Yeon around anymore. Soo Yeon sits there and cries. After Soo Yeon goes back to her car, she realizes she didn’t return the shoes to her mom. She had wanted to buy pretty new shoes for her mom.

Soo Yeon gets a call from Hyung Joon asking when she’ll be back. She says she’s not done with what she needs to do yet. Hyung Joon can tell from her voice that she’s been crying. He asks her to come home soon, he has something to say to her. Soo Yeon promises to be back quickly after she’s done.

Jung Woo is leaving the house and gets the text from Secretary Nam. Secretary Nam wanted to leave but couldn’t bear to leave Jung Woo as is. He wants to apologize because he was acting on orders of Han Tae Joon as his lapdog. He tells Jung Woo not to look for Lee Soo Yeon anymore, the person who will be hurt is himself. Hyung Joon looks at him and asks him to keep investigating Nurse Hye Mi’s death. Jung Woo calls his partner.

As Jung Woo walks down the driveway, he passes by Han Tae Joon driving into the house. Hyung Joon watches this from the CCTV cameras. He smiles and welcomes Han Tae Joon to Heaven as the gate opens for him.

In the living room, Hyung Joon has an ice pack on his leg. Hyung Joon asks if Han Tae Joon needs help to cover that missing money and offers to help him within the week. He asks Han Tae Joon to hand him his cane. Hyung Joon stands up and Han Tae Joon thanks him for the help. Hyung Joon asks in the future if he has any need, Han Tae Joon will help him, right? Han Tae Joon says he’ll remember this.

Jung Woo’s partner goes back to the police station and tells everyone to never mention Lee Soo Yeon’s name anymore so Jung Woo can start anew. Jung Woo calls his stepmom and doesn’t get an answer. He goes to the store and is told she’s meeting with a customer, who turns out to be Soo Yeon. He goes to the storeroom to wait for her. He sees a white one-sleeve dress and pays special attention to it. Stepmom begs Soo Yeon to get Hyung Joon to help her husband with his current monetary needs.

Han Tae Joon receives a package that appears to be mailed by a Kang Sang Chul and he opens it to find a plastic tie craft shaped like a bike. Inside is a card that reads “Even God cannot save you now, just wait”. He opens his desk and takes out an identical one, which he got from Hyung Joon’s mom. He laughs, knowing that Kang Hyung Joon is back.

Hyung Joon is in his lair and we see a display case filled with such plastic tie crafts. He arranges them and smiles.

Stepmom takes Soo Yeon to her storeroom and leaves. Soo Yeon looks around and sees the same white dress. She wonders who designed it? She sees feet behind a white curtain and opens it to see a sleeping Jung Woo.

She walks over and peers at him silently. She notices that he still has the button from before. She wonders why her heart hurts every time she sees him. It’s so odd.

Jung Woo suddenly awakens and says Soo Yeon-ah and asks why she’s here. Soo Yeon thinks to him asking her when they were kids and her response in her mind was that she missed him.

Stepmom comes in and Soo Yeon rushes out and pulls the white cloth closed to keep Jung Woo on the other side.

Han Tae Joon drives somewhere and enters a room that’s been padlocked. A women is making a plastic tie craft and she turns around and lo and behold its Hyung Joon’s not-dead mom. She smiles at him.

In his lair, Hyung Joon looks at the necklace rubber pendant his mother gave him and he smiles. I wished he cackled a few times, you know, just for kicks.

Thoughts of Mine:

Okay, at this point Hyung Joon can slice and dice Han Tae Joon into mincemeat and I wouldn’t even blink an eye or think he’s evil. Who the fuck locks up a woman for 14!!! years simply because of money? That doesn’t even compute on the evil scale because the intent would require such startling degrees of lack of empathy and rage but the motive being money could not possibly correlate the trigger with the underlying action. It’s like the cleaning ahjumma could not have snapped if her Bora was simply pelted with a rock. The cause and effect in this drama really baffles me time and again. I had a hard time understanding why an admittedly traumatic instance of cowardice could lead Jung Woo to wallow in guilt for 14 years rather than living with the residual regret but moving on with his life until a chance reunion with Soo Yeon allowed him to work through the guilt and perhaps start over with her after they had a chance to resolve the hurt and regretful feelings. Anyways, back to the locked up mom situation – I wasn’t surprised Hyung Joon’s mom wasn’t dead since the drama never showed her death so obviously that was a giant red herring, but it comes off as just one more clunky makjang mystery.

This was the first episode where adult Jung Woo completely won me over in liking him as a human being. So he is capable of restraint, of thoughtful communication, of perceptive empathy, of not sucking as a police detective. If Jung Woo continues to let Soo Yeon dictate the terms of their interaction as he’s doing now, then I wouldn’t have a problem narratively for the two of them to get back together somewhere down the road. Don’t get me wrong, I still think the writer is throwing Hyung Joon and Soo Yeon’s 14 years with him under the bus to get there, but the flip side is that at least I will not be upset at Jung Woo anymore should Soo Yeon pick him. And let’s not fool ourselves, she’s gonna pick him and she might as well do it now. Dragging on the inevitable will just amplify Hyung Joon’s pain and hurt, and that’s a shitty thing for her to do to him. There was one scene that was filmed really beautifully in this episode for the love triangle – where Soo Yeon walks out the door, Jung Woo walks towards the balcony, and Hyung Joon sits outside looking in through the window. A lovely visual presentation of what we know is the reality of these dysfunctional connections.

I never understood why some people think Hyung Joon has ever wronged Soo Yeon – he told her the truth as he knew it saying everyone believed she was dead and no one was looking for her. He didn’t lie at all. He’s not keeping surveillance on her either – he CCTV’d a house that she never lived in until she suddenly showed up in Seoul, which he didn’t want her to do. He CCTV’d the house, not Soo Yeon. And poor Detective Kim’s death was a tragic accident with zero intent. Tell me a 12 year old who knows the difference between a brake or accelerator pedal. He placed a can under one to keep the person he believed was pursuing him on Han Tae Joon’s orders from chasing them. When Detective Kim died Hyung Joon didn’t look sad in the least, because who the heck would feel bad if an evil minion chasing you to bring you back to certain death fell off a cliff. We’re sad because it’s Detective Kim, otherwise if it was in fact one of Han Tae Joon’s goons, we’d all be saying good riddance. Hyung Joon never knew who it was, he ought to look relieved and happy if anything.

I find the writer is all over the place with her characters, unable to get a good grip on their personalities and how to develop them. Jung Woo has veered from obsessed freakout to calm detective again, while Hyung Joon turns on a dime from clingy weepy boy to brilliant puppeteer depending on the time of day. Soo Yeon has been shoved on the back burner more and more as she barely gets any substantive screen time of her own. Aside from her meeting with Mom, which was lovely and sad, she just sits around reacting to either Hyung Joon or Jung Woo. Enough with that! Get the lady back to being a designer and figuring out which guy she wants and which life she wants to lead. Be Zoe-Yeon for all I care, just not a wallflower sticking by guy 2 out of guilt while secretly pining for guy 1. She’s more than that, she started off being a feisty playful girl with lingering separation anxiety to a girl who cries all the time and sort of mopes through every scene onscreen. I want my darling Yoon Eun Hye’s character to be more than the drama is showing of her. Such a waste of her presence here. At this point I’ve given up on the writer spending more time on her POV, but putting her in the corner is going to really pissed me off. I hope this is temporary and she starts to get more integrated into the action soon.

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Missing You Episode 12 Recap — 114 Comments

  1. I think that this episode focused too much on the cleaning lady and the revenge that’s why it seemed to have slowed a lot… There weren’t as many sweet moments in this episode so it seemed a little draggy on our OTP’s story….
    I wish that the writer will have Joy accept her past instead of just making her realize that she is still loved by HJW and her mom before she goes back to being LSY by name… I don’t think that realizing being loved is what will heal her entirely from her rape trauma so I hope that the writer will add something like counseling or at least talking about what happened to her with her loved ones..

  2. Yay! Recap! Thank you!!! Hyung joon is crying now too:((( Can we have at least one episode of no crying from the main characters? The poor actors…

  3. no kiss scene this far? i dont care if its between harry zoe or jungwoo zoe or anyone else..just need something to brighten this somber drama..

  4. Thanks so much for the recap!!! I was wondering what happened cause usaully when I wake up and check your blog, you already have the recap up but this time you didn’t and I thought maybe it was because of peoples comments and you weren’t going to recap anymore. EEEEEEK! I don’t understand why people think everyone needs to have the same opinions about a show or anything else for that matter. I love that you offer a different perspective. If you are going to stop recapping, I hope you will still recap KHJ-LSY scenes though since the OTP will be put together soon (I’m guessing end of next week) there will be no more sweet scenes between the two. Either way, stopping or not, thanks for all the recaps and thoughts thus far! XD

    So no surprise that mother-dearest is alive but the fact that she looks like she lost her mind caught me off guard (or is she pretending? lol). KHJ’s revenge plan is obviously going to back fire because he has no idea she is alive (I’m assuming) and we can already see it has from the flashforward where the poor boy is crying his eyes out. He did say he doesnt like surprises to LSY, so finding out his mom is still alive will flip the tables and HTAEJ will have all the power leaving KHJ desperate to get her back. However, his character description says he resents his mom for choosing money over him right? Something along those lines?

    What’s with the white dress? I’m guessing she will be wearing it sometime down the line. Probably in a LSY-HJW scene. Or is the writer trying to show they both have similar tastes/minds or was it just random or product placement lol.

    So whoever has LSY’s pink covered phone is the one who killed the rapist (well, killed him faster than slowly cause he was already immersed in dry ice).

    Anywho I have decided to stop watching and just read your recaps from now on cause the LSY-KHJ break up is probably coming up very soon and that’s going to break my heart. They had soo much potential and chemistry but since he is not the main lead there can’t be a positive development heading their way.

  5. I totally agree with you about the last point. So far, I feel that the writer has completely neglected LSY adult part. The first 4 episodes were all about Han Jung Woo and Lee Soo Yeon, but now in the adult part, we get less and less screen time for LSY. I can understand why the writer made HJW the POV character and I understand why he had more scenes in episodes 5-10, but now that we’re more than halfway through, I really wish that she can also develop YEH’s character. It would be really interesting to see things from LSY’s perspective a little bit more and maybe learn when happened to her (and HJ) in those last 14 years with nurse Hye Mi. So far YEH has had very little material to work with (and I honestly think that she has done a very good job), but I know that she could totally nail her character if only the writer could at least develop her main female character and therefore have more screen time jeez (in episode 11 and 12 she had quite a few scenes, but practically no lines >_<…)

    Anyways, thank you for the recap 🙂 Since I don’t understand Korean, it really helps ^^

    • You share my sentiment. For a top star (and I bet she paid a lot more than Yoochun)she’s wasting her talent here. Her character isn’t developed well by the writer who’s prefer to focus on HJW’s character more. At the beginning of epi LSY/Zoe’s character has so much potential to be explored and I think YEH’s capable for it. Remember her scene under a shower when she’s got hysterical after her encounter with the rapist or in the police station when she’s got questioned, she’s done a great job there.
      I hope the writer realized it and give her character justice and more screen time.

    • I think the show would have been so much better if LSY was the focus. We would be able to go with her through her journey as she reconciles her past with her future. Right now I feel the focus is too much on HJW and his guilt instead of focusing on the victim and how she gets healing and forgives her family.
      For a saguek that was about something else, God of War did a much more powerful and better storyline arch on rape and its effects on everyone on the show.

  6. The reason I think HJ has wronged SY is because he’s not honest enough with her even though he knows everything about her life. The whole thing while they were kids aside, his behavior as an adult is what’s lacking.

    I don’t like that he’s the cause of Detective Kim’s death, but I can see how he might have rationalized it. I also don’t blame him for convincing SY to leave with him because, again, it’s easy to see where that came from. However, his desire to keep her in the dark about his plans and the whole thing with his mother and Han Tae Joon is ridiculous. How can he expect her to give him an answer regarding her feelings for him when she doesn’t even really know him?

    It doesn’t make sense that she doesn’t know anything about his past, what lead him to this point, or why he was hurt and needed to escape. What makes sense is that he told her lies about all of it. And that’s what’s really eats away at their relationship.

    I can understand and even root for a relationship on shared pain (at least it’s something they’ll have in common), but one based on lies is just ridiculous. I also agree that the way JW is progressing is making me more likely to see a reasonable way for him and SY to be together. I liked him from the start, but now I like the idea of the two of them together even more.

    Also, you and everyone is entiled to their own opinions and there’s no reason to read a OPINION-based blog if you expect the blogger to ALWAYS have the same views as you. It might hurt to read critiques about the show, but the truth is that no show is perfect. Every show has something wrong with it, and if someone chooses to point it out, it is their right. I don’t always agree with what’s written on this blog but I do appreciate it. It’s nice to see another POV and sometimes I find things that I wouldn’t have noticed.

    I think it’s alright to disagree and explain why, but there’s no reason to ask her to be objective about a show she’s watching for her own reasons. If you were paying her to write about YOUR opinions, then by all means, chastise her. But since I’m pretty sure no one’s willing to offer her money to write what we want, we should just read and agree to disagree.

    Btw, thanks for recapping. Finals week is busting my a**. I so can’t wait to be able sleep for at least 3 days and then watch K-dramas for hours…I’ve been dreaming about it. 😀

  7. It does sadden me that this show is really yoo chun’s and yoon eun hye is just eye candy. I love her and hope she gets more screen time. I don’t quite know who Zoe-so yoon is -and truthfully I hope she ends up with neither at this point.

  8. I just watch here and there and fast forward a lot. Jung woo is finally mature but all I see more cries which I zone out but listen to the songs was great. At the end, this might explain that maybe it is HJ mom who got killed next to him. That means where was Zoe/SY. Koala unni, have you watch school 2013 yet? I watch it and I love it. I would love you to recap that one.

  9. i agree so much with you on Yoon Eun Hye. you dont get an actress like Yoon Eun Hye and just have a character so one dimensional. give us more. show us more. use her more for heavens sake. i think this is the first drama where i agree with everything you are saying lol.

      • You might have slipped up a little when you said you were only going to recap Harry and Zoe scenes. That was possibly a hint but I’m not 100% sure.

      • Oh I did slip up, huh? It’s like that scene from Austin Powers where Dr. Evil discusses his plan to drop Austin into the pool where sharks with laser beans attached to its heads are swimming. I should have foregone the hint and just flounced off and written all my recaps as “HYUNGJOONHYUNGJOONHYUNGJOONHYUNGJOONHYUNGJOONHYUNGJOON”.

        But sadly I not even biased towards him anymore. Any guy who has a secret lair where he makes plastic tie craft toys and a giant Oedipal picture of his mommy hanging on the wall gets crossed off my list of prospective hubbies. Right now I’m merely admiring his glorious profile. When that goes because he’s crying too much then imma outta here.

  10. am I the only one or did HTJ’s secretary really had a smirk/smile on his face when they were in the car? my instinct kept on telling me that he’s part of harry’s team, he may not be the IM friend but he seems to be connected somehow… and the way his scenes comes after harry’s makes him more suspicious

    oh thank you for the recap! cheers up my day 🙂

    • Yeah, same. I think he might be the IM friend. He had all the details about KHJ and LSY’s past that was all made up as well, so he might have gotten all that information from KHJ himself.

      • and the way he looks at harry, he seems suspicious of him but at the same time there’s more than that. I mean if he’s a mere secretary his intense gaze wont be focused that much would it?

      • Yeah, they do focus on his face quite a bit and I also thought it was telling that HTJ drove to see KHJ’s mom and the secretary was not with him which means he doesn’t know KHJ’s mom is alive and hence, KHJ doesn’t know she is alive. If the secretary knew then he would have told KHJ right? So the secretary being the IM friend is a possibility at this point.

  11. I pretty much agree with everything you said. I don’t know what keeps me watching, because I can lust over Harry screen caps without torturing myself with this drama. For some reason my mind keeps lingering on the strange oddities that keep popping up in this drama.

    For example, why doesn’t Harry seem all that bothered by his handicap? I mean he is a young man who is severely limited by something and yet he never actually seems *hindered* by it. In fact, he seems to have no problem drawing attention to it (tapping the cane on the floor to draw people’s attention) and asking, well demanding really, that people lend him a helping hand. JW is his love rival…wouldn’t he want to seem more manly and capable in front of him? It seems like rather odd and shameless behavior to demand he help him out of bed. Is he supposed to be a lot more twisted and manipulative than the crappy writing is capable of showing? Does he have a huge princess complex which demands that underlings wait on him hand and foot? OH…maybe when we finally get to see “evil Harry” it will be in a ball gown and Tiara? Sort of like Norman Bates dressed as his mother, only with more glitter. Maybe he is collecting fingerprints?

    I really feel like this writer is making everything deliberately vague because she doesn’t know which direction to go with the characters. Which is why we are left to our own devices to guess at what they are thinking and come up with exciting plot twists… only to be disappointed when this drama falls back on the same clichéd boring plot devices. I feel like I am being suckered by slipshod; peekaboo writing and close-ups of pretty boys with unshed tears. I realized it when I spent ten minutes contemplating the drastic change in ahreums hair and lack of teddy bear.

    “Is she a clone? Did “Evil Harry” finally make his move and lure the poor girl off to a remote convent so he could replace her with gasp “Evil Ahreum”?

    “Was she evil all along and the new hair signifies the beginning of HER revenge”

    It’s a choose your own adventure drama! 

    • If it was a choose your own adventure I’d have so much fun. Because I would just go to the end and find the one where she ends up with Hyung Joon and work backwards. 😀

      All kidding aside, this drama is fast becoming a drinking game, or a game of spot the changes.

      1. Drink if either SY or JW says I miss you.
      2. Drink if HJ says I need you or don’t leave me to SY.
      3. Drink if someone cries.
      4. Drink if HJ smirks while he’s in his lair.
      5. Drink if HJ plays up his gimpy leg for sympathy.
      6. Drunk if JW does the bug-eyed freakout routine.
      7. Drink when SY says I’m not SY.
      8. Drink if EJ does not show up.
      ………..and on and on this goes. This drama is like the gift that keeps on giving for alcoholics.

      I try hard not to let the nonsensical shit bother me, but seeing gimpy legged HJ ride a bicycle to the Han river in the middle of Winter for his covert rendevous just made me snort out my coffee. This writer’s idea of scene construction is just soooo odd.

      • The Han River rendezvous killed me. Like…am I to take it that he can miraculously ride a bicycle again or is he deliberately messing up his leg for his elaborate scheme which will somehow end with him completing a Triathlon of Eeeeeviiiiiilllll against Han Tae Joon?

      • O.K I played the drinking game…and had an epiphany. Notice in the opening credits that you can only see one of Harry’s legs? The gimpy leg is a red herring. Harry had it replaced with a detachable bionic leg with AI. The gimpy leg, which is not actually a gimpy leg, killed the rapist!! Now everyone weep in unison over the terrible tragedy.

  12. I love to read your recap, your comments on the show. You write very well. I fully agree with your comments on the show. I too wonder why there is not much for Yoon Eun Hye to act. Is such a waste of her talent. All she did in this show is just crying.

  13. Many viewers complaining, said that writer shouldn’t have bothered casting a leading lady and should have just Yoochun play all the characters by himself, cause the main female lead and second female lead are pretty much nonexistent.

    I get it that the writer is a fangirl of Yoochun but she needs to control her Yoochun infatuation and also give some attention to LSY’s rape victim character that she so willingly exploited for her drama. She doesn’t even bother developing LSY’s character.

    Go have sex with Yoochun since you are so obsessed with him but pls move on after you’re done + dont make the other characters useless.

    • Except for the sex part, I kind of have to agree. The worst part is that PYC’s character isn’t even that compelling to begin with. No wonder this drama likely won’t surpass a 12 in ratings…

      • “No wonder this drama likely won’t surpass a 12 in ratings…”
        But this drama’s rating is number one, surpass jeon woo chi who get number one spot last week. So, what is your point?

      • mmmm.. your comment made me curious so I went to check the episode rating. MY epi 12 has actually surpassed 14% nation wide, and more than 17% in Seoul..

      • @denya88
        The AGB Nielsen ratings show that the ratings are much lower than what you stated. I think the Nielsen ratings are more trusted.
        11.6% MBC – 보고싶다 (Missing You)
        10.3% KBS2 – 전우치 (Jeon Woochi)
        9.1% SBS – 대풍수 (The Great Seer)

    • @bay
      Hmm, I get that this is a place where people can critique and comment on this drama. However, I do think that it is a bit harsh to say that the writer is a fangirl of Yoochun. And the sex part was Totally unnecessary. It is not uncommon to have a drama written from the POV of one character (in this case JW’s) and I don’t have any issues with that. And extrapolating your frustration/hatred of how the writer has written JW’s character onto Yoochun is a bit unfair, no?

      I agree that the second female lead could have been a meatier role. But I don’t get why you’re saying that the main female lead (SY) is non-existent. Although she hasn’t been taking big strides in terms of moving on from her harsh past, she certainly does have a lot of scenes (I wouldn’t say she’s non-existent), and the writer still has 8 more episodes to develop her character.

    • Wow bay! What’s up with your statements there?! It is so crystal clear you hate Yoochun and I am really beyond appalled with your words with your last paragraph, and that is not definitely NOT WORTH LOL-ing at all!. Seriously!, give some RESPECT(If you have some of it) with Writer-nim and Yoochun. You know you’re worser, no, a lot lot worst that those crazy obsessive fangirls out there. No wonder you have that kind of attitude with this playgound.

  14. I just find it funny and ironic. Those who claim “This is HER BLOG,y cant she write whateva Her opinion is,she has the right to do it” . This “Miss you” is THE AUTHOR’S DRAMA too.or should say is author and her team’s drama. It is HER script, The story that she wishes to write. WHO ARE YOU ALL to tell her what she should and should not write. I find some plots problematic too (to me), eg all the nonstop murders, but the drama keeps me interested so I will watch it towards the end. Whateva story coming, i will leave it up to the author.
    For those who complain SY should get more scenes, theres too much JW there and stuff, since the drama from the beginning was set to read things from JW’s point of view (if this is author’s wish to show the story this way), i don see any wrong with it. Drop the drama if it bothers u too much. instead of asking the author to go have sex with pyc? thats so rude of you. If u are that great, go write a drama n u can DEEPLY develop wateva characters u want.

    • The difference is that no one has access to the writer nor does anyone repeatedly express to the writer that she should stop writing. What about the fact that this is a personal blog stumps so many people?

    • Another difference would be that it is the writer’s job to develop the characters and make the story progress while for the bloggers it is just a hobby.

      I mean, getting paid is really the difference. 🙂

    • you made me laugh. Stop coming here babe. If you dislike the way this blogger express her thoughts. I donna why IMY hardcore fans is so protective and defensive. It it just a drama! Be it we like, dislike, complaints, rants, express out like/dislike that is up to our own personal thought as long as it is civil.

      • LOL so hard. Mayb u didnt get me. Did i ever say i dislike the way this blogger express her thoughts? No? I def didnt. and what makes u think i m a hardcore fans of IMY? I m just a pure K-drama audience. watching other k dramas at the same time. And “Be it we like, dislike, complaints, rants, express out like/dislike that is up to our own personal thought as long as it is civil.” LOL what i expressed was up to my own personal thought too. No? And i really dislike people assuming someone is YEH/PCY fans when one steps up to say something in favour of the drama, while in fact i am not their fan.

      • wait shouldn’t ve said “in favour of” . i did say i find the plot problematic. it’s just that i still respect the author.

    • The writer is PAID to write the script. It’s her job so it’s natural that her work got criticized. While this is a PERSONAL blog. Can’t you see the difference?

    • “WHO ARE YOU ALL to tell her what she should and should not write.”

      Maybe because the writer/production team is selling a product (the story/drama) to the viewers, i.e. we are the customers. So as customers, we have the right to comment/praise/complain/critique the product?

  15. so, zoe-yeon is the real killer i guess?no?because in the trailer soo yeon got chase by the cop and jung woo protect her..
    the writer makes zoe-yeon keep back and forth between jung woo and harry..

  16. This drama is weird in that I continue to dislike most parts of it but still interested to know what happens in it, albeit I just skim through the recaps now.

    The revenge plot of Harry is so uninteresting and the romance part barely moves anywhere. Besides, why must SY need to choose to either go back to her mom or return to France? Can’t her mom follow her to France too? I think it’s her hometown that SY can’t return to, not her mom. She has no problem meeting her mom.

    I need these characters to think, communicate and make up their minds to solve the problem, epsecially SY. This writer is annoying me, how at one point when SY and JW already make their decision, the writer find an excuse for them to meet again, and back to the square one. It’s illogical that HJ who is full of jealousy will invite JW at his house and cause JW and SY to meet. It’s just an excuse from the writer part to allow more OTP scenes. She should be more believable.

  17. unnie ! thanx for recap this until its latest episodes. I’ve been waiting for Dramabeans to recap it. but they stop until 8th episode if I’m not mistaken. luckily, I found this website. please recap until the last episode yaa. thank you so much.. 😉

  18. Tears, tears, and more tears. Totally agree wit you that this is turning into a soggy toast. I have been long ago been desensitized by it all. I’m not even sure why I’m still hanging on to this drama. *Sigh, BIG sigh*

  19. I can’t even with this drama anymore. It has finally reached a level of absurd that makes me completely give up.

    Why are we still on the Ahjumma Killer again? If we absolutely HAVE to have it in the drama, I’d prefer if they really brought it with this murder mystery crap. You know how that whole “there may be a second culprit” scene could’ve been elevated? If Jung Woo had been looking over the case notes and found a discrepancy in the evidence (another person caught on CCTV, a boot print that doesn’t match the Ahjumma’s, a partial fingerprint that can’t be cataloged but isn’t the Ahjumma’s cuz she wore gloves, etc.) that led him to re-investigate the case because he suspects there is another or a different murderer. Then I could actually buy all those times they kept telling me Jung Woo is a crack detective.

    Other than his lack of actually being good at his job, I agree that I’m liking Jung Woo now. He has finally mostly redeemed himself because he backed the fuck off. He’s definitely the most complex of these characters, accompanied closely by the Mother. As you said, it’s still heavily focused from his POV and I don’t like that but that’s the drama, not the character.

    I’ve already talked about Zoe/Soo Yeon’s lack of advancement as a character and today was no different so I won’t add more.

    Harry’s scene arranging his Arts & Crafts of Evil broke me though. OTL XD

    Now I just need a scene where Harry is in his secret lair of secrets crafting nefarious key chains for his enemies and each time he strings a bead, dramatic music and extreme camera angles highlight the inherent sinister nature of each bedazzled bauble (a la Death Note).

    Harry’s eeeeviiiilllll plans feel like I just heard a bad joke and I’m waiting for a punch line I know won’t come. “Welcome to Heaven” has got to be the hammiest line of dialogue I’ve heard since “It is my destiny.” in K2H and, as much as I love Yoo Seung Ho, the delivery left much to be desired. The cheese of that whole scene would have been fantastic if it was intentional but the writer/director was taking itself so seriously in that moment that I think they thought that it was superb storytelling. lmfao

    The reveal of Not-Dead Mom was so clumsily anticlimactic that I just rolled my eyes. OMG, it was really obvious she was still alive, I can’t even… And they didn’t even go full Old Boy and have the woman waiting to get her revenge (the best part about Old Boy). I hope to god her unhinged look is a feint and she’s just biding her time until she can skewer Han Tae Joon. Otherwise we have one more terribly victimized woman who isn’t portrayed as taking charge of her life. (Right now, Mom and Murderous Ahjumma are the most independent female characters I can relate to.)

    Also, am I supposed to believe Harry is evil for getting his revenge? I’ve never actually felt bad about that. Han Tae Joon was a disgusting psychotic fuck who imprisoned his dead father’s 2nd woman/wife and maimed his little brother cuz of money his father left them that Han clearly didn’t even need to be successful. He literally just did it out of spite for his dad boinking a woman his son’s age. smh. Kill him. I don’t even care except I don’t want Harry to go to jail because of it and Jung Woo might shed a tear for some odd filial reason.

    Now within the story, the only thing I don’t like about Harry’s revenge plan (other than the lack of any real avenging/evil) is that he’s keeping it from Zoe still. I guess he’s trying to prevent her from finding out that his mom ordered Jung Woo (and Soo Yeon) to be kidnapped but that whole plot line is falling flat for me. I mean, if she can forgive homeboy for knowingly leaving her after her brutal assault, why wouldn’t she be able to forgive Harry for something his mother did and he wasn’t involved with?

    Also, I know this secret is gonna be the reason she finally leaves him but I just…IDK. I can take her leaving because he’s been lying or because she just loves Jung Woo more but leaving because of something his mom did before he was old enough to know what was going on is a bit much considering their past together. If the writer focuses more on the lies and deceit, I’ll be satisfied but I fear she’s gonna put more emphasis on the Twisted Parental Fate trope instead. :/

    At this point I feel like Harry, Zoe, and Jung Woo (who I like now) should just pack up and all move to France (with the two moms too). Zoe can start working again, Harry can…invest money in things or whatever, and maybe Jung Woo would have a better time investigating things being a PI instead. They could all three live together in Paris a la Design for Living (1933)…sans the saucy three-way cuz incest, obvs.

    Is that more or less absurd than the actual story being presented? lol

    • oh drat! I forgot that the HJ-JW pair would be incesteous. And here I was concoting stories in my mind.

      I so agree with everything you just said. every word.

    • It’s a pity there’s no like button. This comment would likely get a lot. LOL. I agree, the comments are way more entertaining than the story.

  20. I find it strange how you talk about cause and effect as if it’s relevant. With melodramas, there is no such thing as cause and effect; only the plot and heightened emotion matter. But I do appreciate you insight. I find it insightful and interesting.

    • I’m not watching this thing, but I have to wonder how on earth you can have a plot WITHOUT cause and effect being relevant. Even the most makjang melo should have a thin veneer of logic glossed over the top of it. Otherwise you have a series of unconnected events happening at random. That’s not a stylistic choice; that’s bad writing gussied up with emotional manipulation.

      • It’s not “without” cause and effect completely; it just doesn’t follow the basic foundation which is cause and effect. If this were a normal drama, Jung woo wouldn’t have suffered fourteen years, agonizing over a girl he only knew for a couple weeks, and most likely would have ended up with Eun joo. And the reason why Hyung joon’s mother is alive is because he needs a happy ending. Sooyeon is not going to be his in the end, so his mother is the forefront (unless the writers has other plans because I‘m rooting for Harry and Zoey). Though this could only be the theories of a theater major.

  21. Well…so KHJ/Harry’s mum is still alive…we all saw that coming. I was feeling really sorry for KHJ/Harry coz he was a lonely person with fear of abandonment issues and only had LSY/Zoe to rely on but he has such a cruel streak to his character that tends to wipe out whatever pity I feel for him. I am all for his revenge against HTJ, who is just plain evil and deserves whatever he gets. What I cannot forgive is his plan involving HJW who has done nothing against him. Putting son against father…that is just cruel.

    I am really worried about what HJW will do when he finds out his father’s involvement in this whole matter. Although they are estranged at the moment, they are still father and son.

    Am I the only one that thinks there is more to KSD’s murder than just the cleaning ahjumma?

    • I understand except…Harry hasn’t really been that cruel to Jung Woo. Like, the cruelest thing that has been done to Jung Woo since the two came back from France was done by Zoe: saying she wasn’t Soo Yeon but slyly dropping hints that she was to him and watching him suffer over it. Harry has mostly been sitting around and smirking at him while talking politely about things. What? When he told him Zoe was his fiance? That was half in support of Zoe’s revenge plan.

      The whole “pitting father against son” is just not that bad. If Harry had framed homeboy up and then set Jung Woo on him then it’d be cruel but nope. Han Tae Joon is just a scumbag and Harry is revealing his crimes but using Jung Woo to do it. I mean…City Hunter did that to the prosecutor and while it was a bit messed up it wasn’t overly cruel there either. Very few people complained about that. Does he get pass cuz he was the main lead but Harry doesn’t cuz he’s the second lead? Cuz City Hunter slaps a veneer of justice over it but Harry just calls it what it is: revenge? It’s a dick move, and they’re both dicks, but it still isn’t evil. And Daddy/Prosecutor actually had a far more complex love/hate relationship than Jung Woo and his father. Han Tae Joon is a psychopath who doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself and everyone in the story and out knows that. No love lost there except lingering feelings of filial duty that I’m sure Jung Woo will get over.

      My problem with this drama is that Harry ISN’T evil enough. It’s like Yoo Seung Ho gives these sinister facial expressions for actions that aren’t really that bad.

      PS. Then again…maybe Harry killed the nanny/kidnapper/aunt/nurse and IS framing Han Tae Joon for it. That’d be sufficiently evil to mollify me.

      • Nah…even in city hunter it was cruel and the main lead felt bad about it later on in the series. He initially didn’t know they were father and son.

      • Yeah. I know! My problem with the drama is the same. Harry just isn’t evil enough. It’s almost as if the writer is afraid to make YSH go completely dark coz he’s always seen as the little good guy. I really really want him to be the aunt’s killer.

        And him pitting son against father is just what PSH did in prosecutor princess (that was pitting daughter against father and the father was not all that evil in the first place). So HJ just doesn’t strike me as being the “evil” guy.

        Here we have HTJ,a ridiculously evil man and all of us want him dead/buried and harry is doing exactly that in a very legal way. He’s the typical revenge drama lead.

  22. I agree about the character motivations. The reasons are just so flimsy and I think the story is getting draggy and intended to just make people cry. I have not seen any makjang this year and watching this drama may fill my quota for it. I’m staying for Yoochun, he’s so compelling(yeah, fangirl here)and his character is getting better. I’m terribly tired of how dastardly evil HTJ is and LSY’s passivity. HTJ especially, he’s so one dimensional and the stepmom too. In fact there’s no women wonderfully developed, except LSY’s mom (and what’s her name, are we even told of that?)

  23. I think that you can’t totally dismiss Harry’s character. The first time I saw YSH act was in the Legend – the younger version of BYJ. He was superd there. I was totally impressed with his cold blooded action when trying to protect his father. The calm determination + the very real grief of having to take that step showed the charecteristics of a leader in doing what is necessary. I guess I keep waiting for a stellar performance like that from YSH. Not sure why it’s not happening yet. Maybe it needs a team of writers & director that has the ability to draw YSH acting skill. He’s going to be a great actor with some years under his belt.

  24. Plot and relationship issues aside, I think the director should focus more on character development ESP Soo Yeon’s because it is really weak. The director seems to give only the two male leads things to work with instead of her and honestly her POV is the one viewers would want since she suffered emotional trauma the most. It’s disappointing to only have her cry and cry in each episode(except for episode five when she was really kickass) when she can get the most development out of everyone. Also I wish she made all the decisions, if not some, in the relationship she’s in with Hyung Joon instead of just following him around and listening to his every word. A relationship works both ways and so far only Hyung Joon has been the one to ‘direct’ it and she’s following him. I want her to stand her ground and talk it out instead of hiding whatever she’s feeling. Yoon Eun Hye is a talented actress and if given correct material to play with, Soo Yeon wouldn’t be this shell of a character that the director is showing. Soo Yeon has so much potential as a character. In fact, so do the two male leads but the director has problems facilitating their character depth and its hard to do that since he/she has only 20 episodes to squeeze everything in. That said, the drama is still compelling because of the cast. Praises to all of them because doing this drama isn’t easy and requires so much effort and I’m sure the cast is doing everything they can with what they have. It’s great to read your recaps btw, it’s refreshing to read others’ opinions even if I don’t find them agreeable. I’m looking forward to the upcoming recaps! 🙂

  25. This drama is a joke but it still has the power to rope in viewers like me because of Yoon Eun Hye and Yoo Seung Ho. I don’t care about the other characters and the ridiculous storyline. They have better chemistry and are atleast natural with each other. I’ve seen YEH’s interactions with her other leading men and she is not that stiff. The BTS of IMY clearly shows that she is not comfortable with Yoochun. Well it could be because Micky Yoochun is a very close friend of her younger brother. All in all I hope the storyline gets better.

  26. JW was quite nice in this episode. As I hoped HJ showed more of his evil side so I should be happy with that – except YSH doesn’t do his secret lair thing well at all. I’m sure he’ll look back on those scenes and cringe. (I’m blaming the live shoot system for that and not my baby) He’s pretty good outside the secret lair.

    But still – the episode was boring. I wondered why and realized it’s because LSY was not in many scenes. She had hardly any lines at all. Yes, she was around JW and HJ but she didn’t really do much.

    Her scene with her mother: it was her mother who shined there.
    Her scene with HJ crying and being clingy – that was all HJ (the camera was focused on him most of the cuts)
    her scenes with JW – again the same thing.

    Such a waste of potential!!!
    Does the director not like YEH?

    • It’s not that the PD n writer dont like YEH.
      They just like male actors more. Yoochun comes from the biggest idol fanbase, so men, women, seniors or young go gaga over sum1 like him.
      I dont blame Son Ye Jin for tuning down the drama. It would be nuts for a top star like her to play second fiddle to an overrated idol actor. YC is lucky that sum1 like Yoon Eun Hye doesn’t give a shit about who gets more airtime. She’s known to b cool like that.

      • Son Ye Jin wasn’t offered with the project at all and she confirmed that. This project was only offered to Yoon Eun Hye. I feel so bad for Yoon Eun Hye. It breaks my heart a lot. I wonder if she ever feel belittled by the writer. I wonder how she feels right now. And yes its true that she isn’t really concerned with who shines the most.

      • oh, That’s sad. I’m sure YEH took the project looking at the character description of LSY. It’s got huge potential for an actor. traumatized girl who grows up feisty yet still has deep fears and insecurity. It would have been perfect to showcase her talent. (If they has continued in the same vein as ep 5/6 it would have been.)

        But instead she gets to play this weepy silent sidelined character. That’s really unfotunate. Now she’ll probably think twice about whom she acts with.

      • I don’t see how the idea that YEH is getting less screen time (which I don’t think is true) has anything to do with PYC. He was chosen for the male lead and she accepted the female lead role. The way the drama is progressing has little to do with who he is, it has more to do with who he’s playing. To me, they are portraying their characters is the way the writer intended to be portrayed. Also, before the complaint was that there wasn’t enough focus on her pain and struggle, now there too much focus on her pain and all we see us her crying. Plus, I doubt PYC has the clout to demand he have more screen time than his co-leads, regardless of his fan base. Pretty sure that kind of behavior would have leaked out by now…

      • @bay
        I can see that you’re a true blue yoochun hater, based on your comments here in this thread. I’m not a fan of yoochun but I think he’s doing an excellent job portraying JW. Well he’s definitely not overrated. Just feel it’s unfair to see everyone hating on him. And how do you know son ye jin turned down the drama because she didn’t want to “play second fiddle to an overrated idol actor”? Based on the character descriptions before all 12 episodes were aired, I’d say that SY’s character would be the one with the best range. And I don’t think Son ye jin would have known how the writer wanted to develop SY’s character. But like what I’ve said before, there are 8 more episodes to go. So everyone just have a chill-pill and see where the show will take us. I’m hoping the writer will beef up soo yeon’s character too.

      • I dunt think she feels belittled, if she did she wouldn’t have accepted this project after reading the script.Yoon is professional nd cool like that. Humble to the core.

        Writer is still a horny byatch though..

      • YEH said she has read the script and she really liked it. She mentioned she had a discussion with the writer for hours, so she knew beforehand.

        After My Black Minidress she said that she doesn’t care for a big role or small role, as long that she likes the script she will take it.

        I hope people in here are more supportive of her choice.

    • Eun Hye and Yoochun don’t have anywhere close to good chemistry. It’s not negative chemistry, but its pretty pffffffttt, and a waste of the sterling chemistry between Yeo Jin Gu and Kim So Hyun. I don’t even think her chemistry with Yoo Seung Ho is all that either, but its light years better and more than she has with Yoochun. Granted this is a woman who lights the screen on fire with some of her males leads (Kang Ji Hwan, Gong Yoo, Joo Ji Hoon). I don’t think age matters, she and Joo Ji Hoon rocked in Goong and they are close in age. I can’t explain what is missing, but its also clear in BTS that she’s not that close with Yoochun. Granted everyone gets along and there is laughter and camaraderie, but having seeing ALL the BTS from Lie to Me I cannot stress enough the difference when she has chemistry in RL with the male lead. She and GY aren’t each other’s types but they manage to get along so well in RL that they combusted onscreen.

      I’ve said it since episode 6, Lee Soo Yeon has gotten barely any character development. I pointed out that by making the drama from the POV of Jung Woo it was making SY reactive and passive and we get no understanding of her thought process or feelings. Heck – I have no clue if she thinks Hyung Joon is a brother or the hottest guy in her life that she’s too scared to make out with because she’s still dealing with rape trauma. I don’t think YEH minds, she’s a very professional actress and always has a good words for anyone she works with. The writer centered her story around JW, and whether YEH knew it beforehand or not, it was her choice to take this drama. I’m not upset on her behalf as a fan. I am rather upset that its ruining the story because its so lopsided and I can’t get a feel for character motivations and feelings aside from Jung Woo. That’s not good writing, period. I don’t know what the writer’s motivations are for doing so, whether its because she likes Yoochun or she wants to write a drama for him or to attract his fans. Her motivation doesn’t matter. What matters is that the drama isn’t working up until now with her approach. It’s sadly becoming rather farcical.

    • @ aoiaheen

      I have a feeling that the writer has a weakness for male characters than females. Even Joon Woo’s partner gets more screentime than my girl YEH…
      I know he’s an eyecandy, and I like him, but what’s up writer??? Don’t you want YEH to shine?…this could be one of her best characters so far…She’s been killing it with the little that she has had to work with so far.
      That writer seems like a very emotional person as well… Someone commented in one of the previous episodes that the reason why Eun Joo’s character only gets 3 sec per episode (Ms Koala’s word, which I agree with) is because the writer did not like Jang Ming In Nae’s casting…

      So let’s see…the crazy PYC fans’s who protested + the writer’s dislike of Jang Ming In Nae = no surprise about the 3 sec mandatory appearance per episode with baggy, unflattering cloths, and bags under the eyes… Hang in there Jang Ming In Nae…Fighting!!!!

      Well, going along with the idea that the writer might be a PYC’s fan, I am not surprised that we don’t yet have a kiss…or worse….there might be none on the horizon…

      I would be really disappointed if that’s the case as YEH can kiss! I don’t know about Yoochoon though.
      Anyway, I’m still enjoying MY, so let’s see where this writer takes us…


  28. I think the problem being there is no chemistry between JW and LSY. They are great actors and can cry buckets. Yoochunnie is great with LSY’s mom and his work partner and even the cleaning ahjumma, but something is missing with LSY. Is it YEH’s acting or what? I don’t see much chemistry between HJ and LSY either. Maybe YEH should be acting with older male leads rather than younger ones like Yoochun and Seung Ho. I like YEH, please don’t get me wrong. I just don’t think YEH fits in with this drama or the cast. Sadly !

    • How can you create chemistry when the writer fails to develop the characters? Yoon Eun Hye has had chemistry with all her male leads. Even during her cameo in Personal Preference, she had chemistry with a younger Lee Min Ho.
      Yoon Eun Hye doesn’t have superpowers where she can just create chemistry even if the writer doesn’t give her charcter anything to work with.

      Don’t just blame the chemistry thing on her. How bout Yoochun and Yoo Seung Ho? That’s what’s so illogical about crazy fangirls, cause they tend to just blame everything on the actress.

      • Your last paragraph is unnecessary and very inflammatory !! Especially your last sentence, very inappropriate !!

  29. I concur especially on your thoughts about Hyung Joon. I’ve been reading a lot of people saying bad things about him (being a psycho, lying to SY 14 years ago bout her being dead and whatnot, killing detective kim). I’m glad you explained that so well and hopefully other people wouldn’t be too blind about it.

    I’m also glad that both of our lead men finally showing something different. Jungwoo finally lets go of LSY and Hyung Joon admitting his jealousy. I’m really curious of how Harry & Zoe lived and built their relationship for 14 years the fact that Harry telling Zoe that he doesn’t want their “FIRST” argument be about Jungwoo.

  30. Why should YEH be the one to try fitting in with the cast. Why not the other way around ? She is known for having chemistry even with a rock. Hahahaha. jk.

  31. I rewatched Ep. 11 & 12. I noticed that everytime YEH cried, she has her eyes closed – looks like she was sleeping. It is difficult to convey her feelings with eyes closed. PYC, on the other hand, has more sparks on his eyes, and we can see his feelings. I am trying to be very objective here as I really don’t like comments of me being a crazy fangirl. I read that LSY character is not developed. I kinda agreed, but now after I rewatched Ep. 11 & 12, I find that YEH really slept thur most of her crying scenes. No sparks in her eyes. No indication of any hatred nor love. No feelings. How can we as audiences know how she feels towards JW or HJ ? She looks the same when she cries in front of her mom. Just tears but no feelings. Ms. Koala, what do you think?

    • Dont give me that crap about being objective. First you blame YEH about not having chemistry with the 2 guys and now that it was shut down, you find some other way to diss her acting while praising PYC’s acting to the high heavens. Just admit that you are simply an obsessed fangirl who doesn’t like Yoon Eun Hye period! But dont sit here and discredit her in every which way possible cause that is not fair at all. There is nothing wrong with her acting, the experts in korea have beein praising her performance. So dont masquerade yourself as a fan of anyone, with the hidden objective of stirring some shit inorder to make fanwars. It is so blantantly obvious!

      • Whether you like it or not, this is my honest opinion. Even Ms. Koala said YEH has no chemistry with the male leads. Not crap, this IS my view, this is what I see from watching the drama. You are the one bashing the commentors on this blog and try to label the viewers with your bias. AND watch your language !

      • Jokinda is this you iceprincess? Crap is still crap! Koala indeed said that she has no chemistry with the male leads…but unlike you, she didn’t put the blame on Yoon Eun Hye.
        Jokinda, I suggest you take your meds.

      • Jokinda is this you iceprincess? Crap is still crap! Koala indeed said that she has no chemistry with the male leads…but unlike you, she didn’t put the blame on Yoon Eun Hye. Jokinda, I suggest you take your meds. Multiple personality disorder much?!

    • When I heard that Yoon Eun Hye would be starring in this drama together with Yoochun, I have already anticipated this kind of reaction from his rabbid fangirls. Although I liked them together I knew at one point that his fans will try to take credit for everything and blame everything that goes wrong to YEH. That’s why YEH fans were so against this pairing in the beginning, because male idol fandom are so different from regular actor fandom. Regular actor’s fandom show much more respect.

      Not all Yoochun fans are like this, but I noticed that Han Ji Min-Yoochun shippers have been pretty crazy, in terms of bashing Yoon Eun Hye in many sites. Delusional shippers are the scariest because they malign any other girl paired with Yoochun. If you are one of them shippers, please stop!

      • Rabid idol fangirls are so cray cray they scare the hell out so many people. Good thing their words, no matter how crass and harsh, can’t kill (literally). Otherwise, so many k-actresses would be dead by now, along with Capt. K and the YSH-loving noonas round here.

      • Why are you mentioning Han Ji Min? So what if we ship them?

        “Delusional shippers are the scariest because they malign any other girl paired with Yoochun”

        Let me lol at you…looks at all his partners in his others drama lol at you..

      • Yoon Eun Hye doesn’t have any chemistry with Yoo Chun ? I guess she finally figure out that she is being used by SM. Yoo Chun never really have good chemistry with his leading ladies just like Lee Min Ho but somehow some people still insist that they are good actors. Am I the only one missing the memo here.

    • I’m not a fan of either Yoochun or Yeh but I can say that through watching Yeh in her dramas including IMY, I always think that her forte is in crying scenes. She’s able to make me cry along with her more often than not.

      I never have problem to connect with her characters before but the problem in IMY is, it seems like the writer wants to keep SY and HJ’s inner feeling vague. So the difficulties to really understand their characters are mostly due to the writing more than their acting in my opinion.

  32. For me personally, a great drama is a drama in which the OTP / main characters have well-balanced story and well-developed characters. Unfortunately, so far MY only focuses on JW’s POV, neglecting SY & HJ characters growth and most of all, EJ. We still have 8 episodes left, so hopefully the writer and the production team will take into accounts all the viewers’ feedback (I lurked on dc bogo), and like many of us here, many K-viewers also complained that there has been little development on SY’s character.

    Not sure if YEH has read the whole script because the writer can easily change the script along the way to feed the viewers’ reactions, and unfortunately due to live shooting, the actors & actresses don’t have any privilege to discuss the script with the writer.

    I don’t know if anyone here is watching King of Dramas, but I hope we don’t put the blame 100% to the writer. Many things happen during the drama production and sometimes the writer is forced to write scenes that even herself doesn’t want to write. And like what happened on Faith, the writer mentioned that some of her writing didn’t translate well into the screen and the PD even changed some of the scenes that she wrote. The backbone of any drama is viewership rating which will translate to profit aka money. IMY has successfully won the rating game this week, even though it’s nothing to write home about because the story is still circling around JW’s POV.

    Fingers crossed the next 8 episodes will bring pleasant surprises to us and they will give us the characters development that we’re longing for.

    • I read something about the production team of MY in vaultofdoom . wordpress, entitled missing the point. Turns out the production team had a history of handling their drama the bad way. It could probably explain some of the reason what’s happening to the drama now.

    • I also watch King of Dramas. It really makes me view the Korean drama making differently now. And I agree, the weakness in writing could be caused by other people too, not the writer alone.

  33. Why do I only see YEH’s fans bashing Yoochun and his fans here while the commenters themselves say otherwise? It is so funny here.

  34. Now i know why you are distasteful with this drama it’s because the turning point of this episode is the YEH and PCY love. and you’re a hater of PCY!! Proof?! You can see it in the Tag Clouds where YSH name is so big as well as YEH, but there are no PCY. Why is that? It’s because you don’t like to write about PCY. hahahaha Pathetic recapper!

  35. I don’t really read the comments sometimes, but I have to say I love all actors in korea. Bad or good it doesn’t matter to me. 🙂

    **And I’m hoping this is still going. Please update soon. Thank You.

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