The C-stars Descend on the 2012 Anhui TV Drama Awards

It’s awards time everyone, and in a few weeks the major networks in Korea will hold their own drama awards and I’ll be checking it out for the fashion and the onscreen couplings while laughing at who actually “wins” an award. On the heels of SETTV holding their drama awards a few days ago, across the strait the TV Drama Awards sponsored by the Anhui TV was held today. It’s only a few years old but always a glittering parade of pretty Chinese and Taiwanese drama stars from the years most popular dramas. This year I actually tried watching more C-dramas than previous years, but ended up watching about only a handful in its entirety and gave up on most of them due to sheer awfulness or tedium. China produces more dramas in one year than Korea, Japan, and Taiwan combined, so it really is like a needle in a haystack to find a diamond in the rough. With that said, some drama really are quality but just not my preferred fare as it’s of the more historical dry documentary types. This was also the year where time-travel dramas were more or less banned, and then the censors also tried to limit period, fantasy, and remake dramas as well. There are already a couple of dramas I’m going to check out next year (King of Lan Ling, Da Mo Yao, The Swordsman), but in general I’m always rubbernecking to see what crazy productions are brewing over there more than actual interest in the end product. Nevertheless, there are some gorgeous actors in C-dramas for the eye candy factor alone.

Liu Shi Shi and Hu Ge. Did Shi Shi forget to put on make up before leaving the house? And much as I adore watching GeShi onscreen, in real life their chemistry just doesn’t stack up with what Shi Shi has with Yuan Hong. I love the silhouette of her dress, the lace is gorgeous, and the sea foam green definitely stands out on the red carpet. If only her make up was more vibrant since her dress is so mellow. Hu Ge looks great and not as lean and sunken cheeks as he looked a few months ago.

Yang Mi. Perfect from head-to-toe. Just stop doing tweaks to your face so that I can get back to loving you again.

Bolin Chen. Wow, who gave Bolin fashion tips? And he actually followed through. Except he had to done tan leather gloves to ruin it all. It looks like he either drove himself to the show, or is planning to commit a nefarious crime afterwards. Sigh.

Victoria Song of f(x). Am I imagining things or does Victoria have a completely different face? I almost couldn’t recognize her. I like her old face much better.

Hu Bing. How hard is it to find a simple well-tailored black suit or tux. Though he does smirk like my Jung Woo Sung.

Guli Nezha with Jiang Jing Fu and Ying Er. The reason Ying Er is with these two walking the red carpet is because she just got signed by Tangren and is now part of their agency. During the signing she had to publicly state that she had no intention of trying to vy with Liu Shi Shi for top female star power at the agency. Jiang Jing Fu is one lucky bastard, that is two drop-dead gorgeous women he’s escorting, and he looks like their younger dorky brother. Ying Er is pretty much poured into that dress, and Guli Nezha is so pretty it hurts my eyes. I love both their dresses on them, sexy without being slutty.

Yan Kuan. Once again, how hard is it to find a simple black suit or tux.


The C-stars Descend on the 2012 Anhui TV Drama Awards — 17 Comments

  1. AHH thanks for this post! Agree with you on all the commentary too! These people honestly need to get better stylists! Can you do a post on the awards too?

  2. I say doesn’t most of the world’s clothes get made in China?Plus seriously get your best tailored clothing done as well?
    Or we have truly bad co-rd stylist to the stars there as well?

  3. The girls are gorgeous! As for Victoria, it’s her makeup that makes her look different. I hate it when they do that kind of eye makeup on her. As far as I know, she is all natural and she looks the same back when she was still in Beijing Dance Academy.

  4. Yang Mi is smart in that she does tweaks to her face little by little so its not as shocking, say like Yuan Shan Shan who seems to have a face change overnight.
    Also, I take issue with the fact that it seems like all the actresses are going after the same features and they end up looking alike. Especially those young models. That, or they all go to the same surgeon.

    That aside, I’ve never heard of Guli Nezha but she is SO pretty. Is she mixed?

  5. I like the picture of Hu Ge! He definitely looks a lot healthier than compared few months ago!!! I wish it was Ariel standing next to him though. lol…I like GeShi but they give off as a sibling type of love.

    Gulin looks the best out of the ladies! Love her dress! Hot!

  6. Ewww, somebody call Joan Rivers and the fashion police because Hu Bing jacket is just plain hideous, but i cannot wait till he appears in Drama Go Go Go. I really wish that Cecelia would have just came with Yuan Hong instead of Hu Ge, not that I don’t love Hu Ge, but I just ship YuanShi. Like seriously they have been in like 6 dramas together and are not together in real life *sign*…

  7. Yeah, I need Liu Shi Shi with Yuan Hong again.

    Sigh, Yang Mi used to be one of my faves. Her face was drop dead gorgeous when she was Guo Xiang, Xiao Qian, and Wang Zhao Jun. It was still pretty and fine during Chinese Paladin 3. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SHE’S DONE TO IT. She was way more beautiful before, already one of the prettiest actresses ever, so why did she ever feel the need to mess with it? Ugh. Breaks my heart.

    Victoria’s face is fine. It’s just the odd makeup and hair combo.

  8. I agree with you Shxu, I thought Yang Mi was so gorgeous and fit perfectly for the role of Wang Zhao Jun (Appearance wise) but she’s becoming too plastic one can say. She was gorgeous before, no enhancements necessary.
    I actually do have something to say about all the outfits.
    First off, Hu Ge, he’s fine but whats with the random patches of blue? LSS, I love her but miss her long hair and that dress does not look like seafoam green and she’s suppose to be with Yuan Hong :(. Yang Mi, passable but this is an award show, not dinner and where in the world is Hawick missy? Bolin Chen, why the gloves? Victoria Song,…. too many mistakes for something that could be perfect, put down the hair to one side. Hu Bing, just no. I think if he had a black suit with the bow and a matching watch would be fine. Guli Nehza is perfect. Jiang Jian Fu is awkward, just that his cute face is saving him. Ling Er, I just straight up don’t like her, just drop out the industry for good please and does she really think she’ll be better than Liu Shi Shi? she wishes. Yan Kuan, good but way too casual, a simple tux dude.

  9. Hm, maybe Bolin has a rash on his hands or sth? Or he’s a fan of Mickey Mouse. I don’t know.
    Shi Shi looks so pretty, I really like her dress, it suits her.
    And holy crap, Guli Nezha is stunning! Never heard of her before, either.

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