First Stills from the Taiwan Remake of You’re Beautiful

We’ve got the first peek at the leads in the Taiwan adaptation of You’re Beautiful starring Jiro Wang and newbie actress Su Li Wen. Above is Su Li Wen dressed like a nun-in-training and posing with Park Shin Hye, who cameos in the first scene at the church. Apparently she’s the one who is listening to music very loudly, heh. The rest of A.N.Jell will be – Shin Woo played by Korean newbie Hwang In Deuk who was in tvN‘s Flower Boy Casting: Oh! Boy reality show and Jeremy played by Taiwanese idol Evan Yo. Directing will be the director who helmed Love Forward and Ex-boyfriend (where he reportedly had a thing going with his leading lady Gina Lee), and gossip-aside I really like his directorial style which is very sophisticated with a romantic sheen to it. The drama doesn’t have a network or airing date yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up on GTV during the 2013 Summer calender where it would be a good fit.

I’m still marveling at the need for this remake since neither the original K-drama or the Japanese remake last Summer garnered decent ratings that would warrant this story being retold with a new cast and a different style. I actually think Ikemen desu ne flew under the rather since it aired along with Hana Kimi 2012 and Ouran High School Host Club, and three cross-dressing doramas at the same time is two too many if you ask me. I actually really liked Takimoto Miori‘s take as the herione but was not fond of Tamamori Yuta, though I have heard he’ll grow on me. This will be Su Li Wen’s first drama and already she’s playing the lead and that worries me immensely. Jiro will do fine playing an idol singer since he is one in real life AND he’s playing such a character in 2 previous dramas already. I’ll keep my expectations low but will definitely keep tabs on the filming because I remain curious as to what this version will look like.

First look at Jiro Wang as Hwang Tae Kyung. He definitely makes the character look older than either Jang Geun Seok or Tamamura Yuta’s versions. A recent picture of Su Li Wen below, she looks pretty tomboyish and hip so I can see she isn’t a terrible choice for this role on looks alone.


First Stills from the Taiwan Remake of You’re Beautiful — 10 Comments

  1. Knew it~ 蔡旻佑is Jeremy.
    You’re beautiful is like my all time favorite Kdrama, so I may just check this out. But no way is Jiro Wang gonna top Jang Geun Suk’s Hwang Tae Kyung. And I really don’t care for Jiro Wang much, old face or new.
    And who is this girl? Can’t find any information on her, so new. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad…

  2. My expectations are so ridiculously low for this. First of all, I really just don’t like the female character at all. I hope they rewrite her just slightly. PSH was really cute but did GMN drive me up the wall. I think Jiro can probably do HTG ok and make it his own, but I do wonder if it will be at all memorable.

    I did kinda like ex-bf and love forward, before the script drove me crazy. But directing wise, I thought it was good.

  3. Hopefully they’ll do something more original than the j-version did. Taiwan makes good wacky weird dramas, so maybe hilarity will ensue.

  4. Remakes are really never like the original. The cast of YB Korean were so perfect in their roles that I can really not see me liking any other version acceptable. The Japanese one I still have yet to see but the parts that I did watch seemed to be exact copy. Therefore did not make sense to watch it with different actors. I could not do it. YB ‘s popularity does seem to be widespread for it to be remade again although its only been three years since first broadcast. It still is fresh in our minds.

  5. what is the title for the taiwan adaption of you’re beautiful I want to be able to find it under its name when it comes out !! 🙂 I will watch for Jiro and Park Shin hye ! I am not too sure about putting in a newbie actress is a good idea…. but it’s been a while since I’ve watched taiwan dramas so hope its acceptable and the only thing I liked about the Japanese one is how they fixed a few scenes and didn’t do exact copies but the actors did get to me… GOOD LUCK TAIWAN !! 🙂

  6. Sigh, I think Aaron Yan would be a better choice? I don’t know, Jiro doesn’t seem…eccentric enough? And the female character makes it worst. There are tons of female actresses in Taiwan! IDK, not having high expectations either.

    • I’m with u…I like Jiro but this role just seems to fit Aaron Yan more…I was excited when I heard that the director if the original You’re Beautiful personally wanted to work with him…I was anticipating this but…a newbie actress, Jiro as HTY….and I think Evan is cute but Jeremey’s role hmmmm…

      • I think Jiro is perfect for the role! I think he’s more eccentric than Aaron. If you watch KO One, you’ll understand what I mean. Aaron playing Yonghwa’s role would be perfect!

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