Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 7 Recap

If my reaction to Cheongdamdong Alice was a reflection on its quality, this episode might have sucked donkey balls because I fell asleep watching it. But that is a feint, I tell you. The reality was that I was so exhausted from being up for 22 hours straight that I actually was trying to squee and it came out like whimper and my eyes refused to accede to my heart’s desire for MOAR CA and I actually passed out somewhere between laughing and worrying. But never fear, because I woke up and zoomed right to watching the rest of the episode and banging out this recap. I thought this episode was lovely but definitely much slower than the previous ones and that was mostly due to Se Kyung being so tentative and morose about her growing feelings for Seung Jo. I missed the zip in their banter, though that was replaced with Seung Jo’s adorable attempts at expressing himself and meeting with a brick wall. I know it’s easy to assume that Se Kyung will set her sights on Seung Jo once she learns he’s President Cha, but I don’t think the drama will be that superficial especially since Se Kyung has shown herself to be a complicated and introspective woman. Same goes for Yoon Joo, who I continue to like more and more if indeed she really did give up her love for Seung Jo because he couldn’t give her the security she wanted. To know she actually loved him but chose to hurt herself by giving it up makes her more interesting for me. And it also gives me hope that she loves Min Hyuk now, because I don’t want this entire drama to head towards some sort of commeuppance for Yoon Joo or Se Kyung to suffer for her decision to marry into wealth. It’s clear to both Se Kyung and Seung Jo that they like each other, but they are both interacting through a combination of lies and half-truths they each created. I’m adore Seung Jo for his childlike sincerity towards love but at the same time I worry he’s just way too naive to survive in this world and he needs to toughen up considerably like Yoon Joo said if he even has a chance of making this new romance work. Of course, there isn’t a budding romance anywhere that can’t be made better with a kiss that was sweet and awkward and totally called for. CA, please continue to rock on.

Episode 7 recap:

Seung Jo and Se Kyung say goodbye after their almost kiss at the pojanmacha. She sits down at a bench and touches her heart and looks stricken. He, on the other hand, is giddy and twirls around the street and also clutches his heart. My poor my heart is about to burst from how wonderful their burgeoning romance is, so why is no one clutching it for me?

Back at the hospital, Yoon Joo flashes back to her conversation with President Nam when she agreed to leave Seung Jo in exchange for graduating and a recommendation letter. President Nam asks her if she was ever genuine towards Seung Jo. Yoon Joo clutches her bag before asking if that is even important at a time like this?

Se Kyung arrives home to find her parents chasing Se Jin, who is running away from home because her parents want her to take the next semester off and get a part of time. Mom wants to go take lessons in being a nutritionist. Se Kyung promises to buy her sister a nice purse from the money she is making at being a stylst and Se Jin agrees to do what is best for the family. She watches Se Jin go home and calls her immature, but then sighs and says she’s also immature.

Se Kyung sits down her room and gets a call from Ah Jung. She’s drinking with Secretary Moon and tells Se Kyung that she needs to stop hanging around Secretary Kim because she has a soft spot for poor guys. Ah Jung wants to find out more about President Cha for Se Kyung. Se Kyung thinks about Ah Jung saying that she has a soft spot for poor guys and she vows that it won’t happen again in this lifetime.

Seung Jo is playing pool with Dong Wook and describing how something happened he thought would never happen in this lifetime. He holds a pool cue and describes the almost kiss with Se Kyung and how close they were but they didn’t end up kissing. Dong Wook thinks Seung Jo is making Se Kyung wait but Seung Jo reveals it was because he was trembling. Dong Wook says that is normal and tells Seung Jo to kiss her for sure next time, that’s all part of healing. Seung Jo smiles and tries to kiss the pool cue but Dong Wook stops him and tells him not to practice. He asks Seung Jo to tell him after he kisses Se Kyung.

Se Kyung reads the secret diary and it says love will ruin her plans because it will disrupt her decision making ability. Seung Jo is at home listening to the OST from Love Affair. He sits in a chair and has a content emoticon rabbit on his chest. LOL forever, this boy is ADORABLE. He is so in the moment and discussing how love is the one emotion that makes people willing to do anything despite the steep price to pay. Se Kyung looks at the bow from Seung Jo and sighs before putting it away in the drawer. Seung Jo sleeps in the chair cuddling his content emoticon rabbit.

Se Kyung wakes Ah Jung up who reveals that President Cha is not married so why doesn’t Se Kyung set her eyes on him. Se Kyung says that is aiming too high but agrees she can’t keep hanging around Secretary Kim. Se Kyung asks if Ah Jung told Secretary Moon anything last night. Ah Jung says she wouldn’t say anything but then flashes back to her drunken night and now she can’t remember exactly what she said?

Seung Jo is in a meeting discussing the upcoming Artemis Christmas Party and Art Talk, the guests to include the GN Group President and In Hwa among other VVIP guests. Seung Jo notices Secretary Moon zoning out. Secretary Moon wonders why he feels so uneasy, did he tell Ah Jung anything he shouldn’t? Ah Jung goes to work also feeling uneasy. She passes by Seung Jo but doesn’t notice him and he also doesn’t notice her.

Seung Jo meets Se Kyung at the clothing boutique and he’s so giddy and waves at her purposely, wanting to high give but she’s all business and doesn’t respond other than to say the final two designs are done.

Seung Jo tries on one outfit and remembers Dong Wook telling him to kiss Se Kyung no matter what. He keeps awkwardly trying to get close to her as she is dressing him and HOMG its so ridiculous and cute at the same time. He calms himself down and reminds himself about timing. Se Kyung reminds herself to focus on work right now.

As they are leaving, Seung Jo asks if there aren’t more designs to choose from? Se Kyung reminds him that he asked her to focus on two designs? Seung Jo says since its the first appearance for the President, it has to be perfect. Se Kyung agrees and asks if she can’t go see him wearing it just to make sure it worked well? Seung Jo stops Se Kyung from leaving and says President Cha wants her to have a nice outfit. It’s not that her clothes are shabby, but he wants to make sure all the people around him are dressed in his style. Seung Jo snaps his fingers and ladies appear with outfits at the ready.

Se Kyung puts on a dress and walks out. Seung Jo’s eyes light up and he puts on a white coat and black flower necklace on her which completes the outfit. He asks if she’s happy and Se Kyung says she’s happy but she doesn’t look happy. Seung Jo leads her over to sit down and puts on a pair of strappy heels for her. When Se Kyung stands up, she stumbles and falls into Seung Jo’s arms.

It’s a redux of their scene at the pojanmacha. She stays in his arms for a moment before trying to move away, which is when Seung Jo pulls her face towards him and kisses her. Her eyes are closes and she seems to enjoy until she snaps out of it and breaks way.

They stare at each other awkwardly before Se Kyung runs into the changing room. She puts on her own clothes while Seung Jo paces outside fretting. Se Kyung walks up and leaves, not even waiting for Seung Jo to explain. He rushes after her but can only watch from the street as she gets into a bus which pulls away. Se Kyung sits in the bus and watches a couple being affectionate. She turns and looks out the window.

Ah Jung and Secretary Moon tries desperately to remember what they said to each other? Secretary Moon wonders if maybe he told her that Secretary Kim was actually President Cha. Ah Jung buys a cake and invites Secretary Moon out as a treat for yesterday since he paid for the meal. Secretary Moon freaks out about the huge bill and wonders if he really agreed t pay for it or she charged it on his card? Secretary Moon asks if he said anything last night and they have a fake laugh about how much they drank and might’ve said to each other. They eat a bite of cake and wonder if the other person won’t remember soon.

Seung Jo sits in his living room wrapped in a blanket freaking out about Se Kyung’s reaction after the kiss. Dong Wook laughs at him for being a 30 year old man and freaking out over a kiss. Seung Jo says he worries, thinks about, is nervous, angry, happy, all because of one girl. And these are feelings he never thought he would have again. Dong Wook asks if Se Kyung knows how Seung Jo feels about her?

Se Kyung thinks about Yoon Joo’s three dangers and takes out the bow again. She thinks about Ah Jung saying she has a soft spot for poor guys. She tells herself that in the future (when she has money) she can help Secretary Kim. She gets a text from Seung Jo asking to meet tomorrow to talk.

Tommy gets an invite to the Artemis Christmas party. His assistant hands him Han Se Kyung’s resume. Tommy says if he makes a marriage alliance between Artemis, Gn Fashion, and Royal Group, it’ll be the most spectacular match he’s ever made. He knows what other people whisper about him behind his back? If this marriage is done, all that will stop.

Tommy meets with President Nam about setting up Seung Jo with In Hwa and he’s fine with it. Tommy says this marriage can’t happen without hard work since Seung Jo isn’t easy to deal with. The President asks if Tommy wants him to recommend his label to outfit all the athletes for competition that he is on the board for. Tommy says he’s just a hardworking youngster and would appreciate a opportunity. President Nam agrees.

Yoon Joo’s brother asks if she is really intending to go to the Artemis Christmas Party where she will run into President Nam and Seung Jo. Yoon Joo is freaking out and tells him to leave her hospital room. President Nam goes to the hospital to meet with Dong Wook. He runs into Min Hyuk outside, who is here to visit Yoon Joo. Her brother sees this exchange and calls Yoon Joo to warn her that President Nam is here and going upstairs with Min Hyuk so she needs to hide.

Yoon Joo runs off and hides in the stairwell. President Nam doesn’t end up going inside the room, saying that its rude to meet her for the first time in such a setting. Yoon Joo cries in the stairwell from all her stress and worry. She flips through her phone and looks at Han Se’s number.

Se Kyung gets a call from Yoon Joo and visits her in the hospital. She brings over the items Yoon Joo asked for but notices that something is wrong. Yoon Joo asks about Se Kyung, what is wrong to cause her to ask about the three dangers? Se Kyung says she’s taking care of it today. How did Yoon Joo overcome that danger? Yoon Joo never overcame it, she thought she did but she didn’t. Yoon Joo tells Se Kyung that she needs to overcome it otherwise it will drag her back.

Se Kyung realizes and asks if the second and third dangers are also….. Yes, Yoon Joo confirms it is also love. Se Kyung asks how love could become a danger for her? In her life she can never escape love. For the last 6 years its all that has sustained her. Yoon Joo says there is no one in this world who can live without love. Even if Se Kyung doesn’t believe her, she is also like that.

Yoon Joo asks if Se Kyung thinks she clawed her way shamelessly to the top? She was just like Se Kyung is now, wanting to live a little easier. She tells Se Kyung to hurry up and take care of things before she falls completely in love.

Seung Jo paces his office practicing what he will say to Se Kyung. He looks at her bracelet which he is wearing on his wrist. He plans to tell her that he hasn’t had this feeling in a long time which is why he’s so awkward, but what he feels for her is real. Seung Jo arrives at the coffee shop and find Se Kyung already inside waiting for him. He greets Se Kyung with a smile and wants to talk about yesterday, saying she must’ve been alarmed and he’s sorry. He knows this is awkward and he must look really goofy right now, but he really wants her to know that his feelings for Se Kyung……

Se Kyung cuts him off and says she doesn’t want to go through Secretary Kim anymore to work for the President. She is very grateful but this can’t continue. She acts like nothing happened yesterday. She simply can’t style someone without seeing him. Seung Jo asks if Se Kyung dislikes him? Se Kyung says there is nothing to like or dislike, she is simply working with Secretary Kim.

Seung Jo looks very taken aback and says what he did yesterday must’ve been his own feelings and he didn’t taken into count how she feels. Se Kyung says there are no feelings involved between them. She wants Seung Jo to pass work to the President that if she can’t style him in person, she can’t continue this job. She thanks Seung Jo for all he did before walking away.

Se Kyung tells herself that she did well but she pauses in the stairwell and flashes back to all her happy moments with Seung Jo. She turns and sees him hunched over at the table where she left him. Jesus woman, way to spork a man’s heart out. Se Kyung steels herself and leaves the cafe. Seung Jo thinks back to their almost kiss and chases after Se Kyung but he can’t find her outside.

Seung Jo is back at the office and getting updates from Secretary Moon about the party. He asks if Seung Jo isn’t feeling well? Seung Jo asks if Secretary Moon hasn’t met with Ah Jung since that night? Secretary Moon asks if Seung Jo heard anything? Seung Jo demands to know what Secretary Moon told Ah Jung but Secretary Moon says he doesn’t remember anymore. All he remembers is that is has something to do with President Cha and some secret.

Ah Jung meets with Se Kyung and reveals that she might’ve said something to Secretary Moon but she doesn’t remember. But it won’t be something like using President Cha as her White Rabbit. Ah Jung claims that Secretary Moon was so drunk he doesn’t remember either. Seung Jo asks if Secretary Moon told Ah Jung that he is President Cha? Secretary Moon claims he didn’t, and also that Ah Jung was so drunk she doesn’t remember anyways.

Seung Jo calls Dong Wook and says he thinks Se Kyung knows he’s President Cha, that is why she won’t work with him anymore. She know he’s been lying to her and probably thinks he’s a crazy freak. Dong Wook tells Seung Jo to confirm it himself and also explain to her directly why he did it. Seung Jo’s party outfit is delivered and he opens it and stares at the suit.

Tommy goes to see In Hwa and asks her to work with him for next Season’s outfits. She smiles and says that’s a fair exchange since now the alliance has grown even bigger if this marriage happens. Tommy gives her advice, she needs to have Jean Thierry Cha separate marriage and his feelings. In Hwa heard from her mother that there is a woman currently in Jean Thierry Cha’s life. Tommy smiles and says that is not a problem.

Se Kyung arrives back at GN Fashion when she gets an invite on her phone from President Cha to attend the Christmas party. She calls Ah Jung who thinks its awesome. Ah Jung says this must mean President Cha didn’t hear anything. Se Kyung says she’s worried, if before she sees the President he hears about her intentions, then it’s all over. Ah Jung assures her that it will be fine. Tommy walks out of GN Fashion just in time to overhear this conversation and he wonders what Se Kyung doesn’t want Jean Thierry Cha to find out?

Min Hyuk and In Hwa check on Yoon Joo in the hospital and then head to the party. Yoon Joo gets out of bed after they leave. Se Kyung sits in her room and looks at the dress, remembering Seung Jo dressing her. Yoon Joo takes her clothes out of the closet. Se Kyung changes into her dress and sits down to style her hair. Seung Jo waits outside Artemis and is driven to the party. Se Kyung goes to a hair stylist and gets her hair and make up done. HOMG she is so beautiful.

Yoon Joo goes to meet with President Nam as the wife of the GN Group President. He doesn’t recognize her immediately and she reveals that she is Seo Yoon Joo. He takes off his glasses and stares at her in shock.

Seung Jo arrives at the party and gets out of the car right before Se Kyung, who is in the car behind him. Secretary Moon is at the party and sees a bartender turning a bottle and he flashes back to the drunken night and suddenly remembers. Ah Jung is at the same restaurant drinking y herself and vowing to remember. Ah Jung also remembers.

Se Kyung walks into the building and sees a man’s profile wearing the outfit she designed for the President. He gets into the elevator and she misses him so she gets into the opposite elevator. They both head upstairs at the same time.

Seung Jo remembers Dong Wook telling him to meet with Se Kyung in person and explain his actions. He gets a call from Secretary Moon who has something to tell him that he just remembered Ah Jung told him about Se Kyung’s feelings. Se Kyung gets a text from Ah Jung that Secretary Kim is President Jean Thierry Cha!

Se Kyung looks stunned which is when the elevator opens and Seung Jo stands directly across from her when his elevator door opens as well. They stare at each other and jesus my heart is beating wildly.


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    The crazy and funny SJ is baacck! That was a very cute scene with him sitting with the emotion rabbit doll. 🙂 Love MGY’s hairstyle and make-up for the party. 🙂 Also love the opening melody of K. Will’s “Love Like this” song; it reminds me of the opening melody of the theme song of the J-drama “Imouto Yo” (aka Tokyo Cinderella).

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  18. Thanks for the recap!!!! I agree, this episode was slower than the others, but maybe necessary? SeKyung has put up walls, but what does she do after finding out that Sec Kim and CEO JTC are one and the same? Will it make her motivations clearer or murkier? The stakes are also raised –what potentially can be gained from a Royal-GN-Artemis merger? Will Tommy H manipulate and use his knowledge of SK’s motivations to keep the two apart? But I have faith in CJ’s heart, and SeKyung’s too — no matter how she tries to harden herself and put blinders on. I hope she doesn’t feel too betrayed and sees CSJ’s sincerity. Also, YJ, is turning out to be one of the most intriguing characters –I dare say as much as our leads. I look forward to how she will play a role in whether bringing SK and SJ together or apart.
    I also love how our supporting cast is just as awesome as our leads. Thanks so so much again for the very fast recaps despite your jetlag!!! Know that it muchmuchmuch appreciated!!!

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    I could feel the hurt that SJ is feeling when SeKyung said her parting shot at the cafe after the kiss. I love this drama so much but really drag the angst that is going to be built up over the coming episodes when SJ found out the truth about SeKyung. Please writer-nim, don’t make SJ suffer too much. He will be so devastated and not sure whether he can recover this round after been rejected the second time.

    Thanks Ms Koala for such a fast recap, it really helps when watching without subs !

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