Aibu Saki Pairs with Oguri Shun and Mukai Osamu for J-movie Version of Gossip Girl

I’m truly baffled by Aibu Saki‘s career in J-ent. She’s an okay actress and pretty enough, but definitely not the usual sweet faced ingenue nor is she the hot and bitchy type that gets all the guys excited. Yet she keeps getting cast in projects with the hottest guys around, not to mention she’s been dating wild thing Nagase Tomoya for the past few years (they recently broke up which adds to the media speculation that Nagase is getting back with his just divorced ex Hamasaki Ayumi). She was actually not bad in her most recent dorama Rich Man, Poor Woman, where I liked her performance but her character at times aggravated me simply by her sheer existence but in the end she was a nice add to the story. Up next for Aibu Saki is playing the lead in the J-movie version of Gossip Girl, where reportedly she’s willing to take it all off for some steamy bed scenes. Normally I wouldn’t care but for the fact that her beaus will be played by Oguri Shun, Mukai Osamu, Okada Masaki, and Matsuzaka Tori. Holy bejebus is that a collection of uber-hotties or what? Apparently the seksi scenes are with Shun and Osamu, and I betcha Yamada Yu is staking out the set, LOL. The plot revolves around a rich daughter of an IT billionaire who returns from studying abroad to Japan when her best friend dies. It’s set in ritzy Roppongi and will revolve around the rich and their money and sex lives. Count me in, I enjoyed the pretty fluff that was Gossip Girl even if the series ending last week had me rolling my eyes with the stupid. I’m sure the J-movie will be a lot more risque considering its skewing older and being released on film.

Aibu Saki is so lucky I have no words. She gets to make out with all four of these guys in ONE MOVIE?



Aibu Saki Pairs with Oguri Shun and Mukai Osamu for J-movie Version of Gossip Girl — 27 Comments

  1. Damn! Oguri Shun!! Mukai Osamu!!! Okada Masaki!!!

    That’s 3 hots guys on my list, in one movie! I don’t mind Aibu Saki, so this movie’s a go for me!

    • i like aibu saki too.. i think she could act well.. i watched some of her dramas, and she did play some different characters! and agree with you.. those hot guys seem yummy! haha

  2. i don’t know why but your comment about yamada had me rolling. i can imagine her standing by the camera man with an axe in hand lol. being married to oguri shun must e exhausting

  3. my absolute favourite actor: oguri shun + hot scenes ? hel yeaaaaaaah
    i like okada masaki but why is he in everything why not daito shunsuke? he’d be much better in steamy scenes

  4. I think she seems really genuinely nice and good to work with. (apaprently Nagase is single, Ayu is together with her backup dancer Maro)
    She can be good in the right part but she usually gets really cutesy roles. Karei naru Ichizoku and Triangle are some of the few not cute romcom roles she’s done.
    You bet that Yu is going to stalk the set making sure Shun is on a tight leash 😀
    But this movie sounds deliciously fun!

  5. I am not acquaintance with who she is but damn, pardon me this girl is like she has all my boys. Dammit I need I get a plane ticket to Japan and stalk the set along with Yamada

  6. I’d take everything off too for a steamy hot scene with Oguri Shun, Mukai Osamu, Okada Masaki, and Matsuzaka Tori. Who wouldn’t right? Hopefully after the movie is out, they’ll have a DVD out as well with subtitles. Damn lucky girl!

    • If they added Yamapi as one of the beaus, I’d definitely have her kidnap and replace her with moi. Just to act out the steamy scene part then bring her back once it’s done…see I’m not that greedy!

  7. UM YEAh..Lucky and surprised that all 4 men were willing to star in the movie all together all at the same time..

    They mustve been getting a nice pay to do this one right? It’s not too common to see these 4 together.. Oguri and Okada have been in movies and tv and are friends with each other so no surprise, but the other two are popular just by themselves…

    Now we are going to wanting to know more about this upcoming movie!

  8. How can there be so many hotties in one movie and just one girl? :O Aibu Saki must be doing something right. What I would do to be in her shoes lolol I will be looking forward to this movie 😛

  9. A movie with Okada Masaki, Oguri Shun and Osamu Mukai?? OMG, it’s a MUST WATCH!

    I don’t know about Aibu Saki (haven’t seen Rich Man Poor Woman), but I LOVE Masaki, and I think his pairing with Shun is a cool thing. He did a great job pairing up with Mukai in Aishiteru Kizuna as well, so the trio is a must see. Dunno about Tori (never saw his movie), would be nice if Ikuta Toma is here to complete my dream movie.

    But definitely a must see! Thanks for the news!

  10. Wow! Why her is right!
    It really should be us – all of us!

    I don’t think I have seen Shun in any even close to blue stuff, and I would love to know how they’ll do that with Yamada.
    Although wasn’t the kiss score in RMPW:
    Saki – 3
    Satomi – 1

    Maybe Yamada doesn’t have a problem with her?

  11. Im actually an aibu saki fan. In fact I was lucky enough to attend an event of hers when I was in Japan. She’s genuinely nice and sweet, not entirely cutesy like most of the characters she’s played. I really loved her in Regatta. I ship her crazily with Mokomichi.

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