Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 10 Recap

Everything was going along swimmingly in this episode of Cheongdamdong Alice, until the very end of the episode. HOMG did I want to smack Seung Jo upside the head. What the hell does he think he’s doing? Or am I too weary of this type of grand public displays that are counterproductive that I fail to enjoy the “in your face!” declarative intent of it all? I really loved how this episode dug deep into the past and present, allowing Seung Jo and Yoon Joo to find closure in their past relationship as well as paving the way for Seung Jo to form a productive new relationship with Se Kyung. I was annoyed with Se Kyung’s multiple attempts to come clean with Seung Jo always running into a disruption, but I’m actually with Yoon Joo on asking Se Kyung to reconsider whether she should come clean with Seung Jo, whether now or later on. I don’t know if it serves any productive purpose other than to avoid Tommy outing Se Kyung later on, but telling Seung Jo is in truth to preserve Se Kyung’s candor in Seung Jo’s eyes but isn’t necessarily for his benefit. Seung Jo is very emotionally weak and I can’t say his actions in this episode gave me any comfort that he’s learned his lessons from the past and can actually handle the truth.

The final scene in episode 10 was just so classic petty and thoughtless Seung Jo, wanting to make big declarations and stick it to the old man at the same time. But he didn’t consider Se Kyung’s situation or her feelings. How can she go back to work at GN Fashion? How will rubbing the faces of Royal and GN Group into the ground help make his relationship with Se Kyung stronger or more viable, not to mention muddying up the waters on the business collaborations. I was mightily disappointed in Seung Jo, but conversely that helps to level the playing field with him and Se Kyung. Just like Seung Jo and Yoon Joo both wronged each other and failed in their relationship, now its clear to me that Se Kyung doesn’t owe Seung Jo anything nor has she done anything she needs to be ashamed about. These two are totally 半斤八两 (Chinese proverb meaning “six of one, half a dozen of another” – ergo they are the same but simply has a different name) and the scale is even going forth. I like that so many more secrets are out in the open and that Se Kyung and Seung Jo are managing to happily date while opening up to each other (him more than her). I hope this drama isn’t extended because I’m not feeling there is enough material for an extension, but I am curious how this gamechanger at the end of episode 10 will lead the drama forward. I hope Seung Jo’s big announcement doesn’t bit him in the ass, even if my gut tells me it will.

Episode 10 recap:

Se Kyung informs Tommy that even if her love for Seung Jo is dirty, it is still love and she won’t give it up. She’ll love Seung Jo in all her dirty glory so he should just let her go. Tommy glares at her and she glares right back. Seung Jo waits by the banks of the river for her.

Se Kyung is not scared anymore and if he wants to stop her, he needs to find another way. Tommy points out that she won’t dare come clean with Seung Jo, to which Se Kyung points out that Tommy also can’t come clean with Seung Jo. If he does, Se Kyung might be out of the game, but so will Tommy. He points out that she’ll still be poor but Se Kyung says that is what she has always been. Especially since she’s poor she can’t sign the contract with Tommy because that is just getting herself into debt, which will continue to snowball and increase over time until she loses her direction. That is why she won’t deal with Tommy. Se Kyung leaves Tommy standing there frustrated.

Se Kyung walks out of Tommy’s and has to stand outside to catch her breath. She gets a call from Ah Jung saying that Seung Jo has been standing at the same freezing cold spot for the last hour. Se Kyung rushes there, calling him a dumb bear for not waiting somewhere warm. She arrives and sees Seung Jo shivering. Team Seung Jo has retreated to the warm confines of the car and is watching Seung Jo freeze his butt off. They wonder if they should bring him in but Dong Wook says no, Seung Jo never listens. Ah Jung introduces herself Dong Wook while Se Jin whispers that she already has dibs on him. Secretary Moon seethes as the two ladies gush over Dong Wook.

They notice Se Kyung has returned and everyone snaps to attention to watch the scene unfold. Se Kyung watches Seung Jo and thinks about what Tommy said. Seung Jo finally notices her and smiles in relief. He walks over and everyone in the car holds their breath. He asks if she’s really here? Does that mean she accepts him? Se Kyung starts to say something but he cuts her off and asks if she’s ready to accept him. Se Kyung smiles and nods. Seung Jo breaks into a mile-wide grin and grabs Se Kyung and spins her around.

Everyone in the car cheers and Ah Jung takes out a camera to snap a picture. They giggle about how they will peep until the couple kisses.

Seung Jo thanks Se Kyung for accepting him and says he would have waited her until he froze. Team Seung Jo gets out of the car and congratulates the new couple. They want to continue the planned event but Seung Jo says no and shoos them all away. Team Seung Jo wisely take their leave. Se Kyung and Seung Jo go inside to keep warm and she wraps her scarf around him and warms him with a hot beverage. Seung Jo smiles that they are just like a real couple.

Yoon Joo is at home and thinks about seeing Seung Jo piggybacking Se Kyung home. She gets a call from her worried brother asking what is going on?

Tommy tells his assistant that Se Kyung is smarter than he gives her credit for. She is done pretending to be good, and now she’ll act thoroughly bad. She is right, he can’t come clean with Seung Jo. But Han Se Kyung also can’t come clean because with Seung Jo’s temper it’ll be over immediately. He asks for someone to keep an eye on Se Kyung.

Se Kyung walks Seung Jo home and tells him to hurry inside and take a hot shower. Seung Jo is reluctant to walk inside so he asks her to go first. Se Kyung walks away and Seung Jo keeps calling her with a be safe and see you tomorow. They happily wave goodbye to each other.

Seung Jo walks inside his apartment and sniffs Se Kyung’s scarf and almost trips over a step. He sits down and happily buries his face into her scarf. He raises his face and his eyes are wet with happy tears.

Se Kyung gets a text from happy rabbit asking where to meet tomorrow? She says anywhere with a smiley face emoticon. Seung Jo texts back that he will pick her up at 10 am and she needs to leave the entire day for him. He happily hugs the rabbit to his chest. Se Kyung thinks to herself that she will tell him the entire truth tomorrow with all her sincerity. She encourages herself to have the courage to do it. Se Jin and Ah Jung inform the parents that Se Kyung has accepted Seung Jo. Dad wants them to calm down about it until Se Kyung is ready to discuss.

Morning arrives and Seung Jo picks up Se Kyung outside GN Fashion. She asks where to and he says Paris, France! Se Kyung and Seung Jo walk into the airport and she asks if they are really going to Paris? He says they are both on vacation and she has her passport and first class always has empty seats. Turns out that Seung Jo asked Ah Jung to put it in her purse but Se Kyung actually doesn’t have a passport. Seung Jo grumbles that he even made reservations at the crepe restaurant.

Se Kyung thanks him but a place she has been planning to go for the last 7 years, he seemed to make a reality anytime he wanted to. Seung Jo worries that she thinks they are too far apart again, but Se Kyung says no. He makes her promise to go with him in the future.

Seung Jo puts Se Kyung in a passport photo booth and then sneaks inside the take couple pictures with her. They then enjoy French pastries at the airport cafe. Afterwards Seung Jo drives Se Kyung to have tea and during the car ride Se Kyung tells herself to get ready to come clean with Seung Jo.

Seung Jo takes her to an art gallery where two of his portraits are hanging on the wall. He painted it in Paris when he was very poor. Seung Jo confesses that when he was in Paris and broke ties with his dad, it wasn’t just because he went to Paris to study art. It was also because he met a woman there. Se Kyung asks if his dad disapproved? Seung Jo’s dad has always disapproved of everything he did so at that moment he stiffened his spine and decided to break ties with his father, giving up his identity and inheritance. All he had left was 150 euros and he understood what it felt like to be hungry and cold.

Se Kyung asks if Seung Jo still refuses to see his dad. Seung Jo sees his dad on occasion but every time they argue. After severing ties with his father, his life with his woman was bordering on poverty, which is when he painted that picture and it was sold at an art gallery for 30,000 euros. Seung Jo was surprised since he was just a no-name artist, but after that painting was sold more people came to buy his paintings. He doesn’t know the identity of the person who bought that painting but that person gave it to this gallery owner Carrie Park which is why it is hanging here. Betcha money Seung Jo’s dad bought it. Seung Jo is very grateful to that person because that is how he came to be here today.

Seung Jo asks why Se Kyung isn’t asking why he stopped painting and entered Artemis? Seung Jo says he had something to do, and he hands Se Kyung a USB drive. But he changes his mind and doesn’t give it to her, saying he is worried that she will dislike it after she sees it. Se Kyung says she also has something to tell Seung Jo that he will likely dislike her when he hears it. Se Kyung is about to come clean but Seung Jo stops her. He is afraid that if her secret is no big deal, he’ll be afraid of telling her his secret in the future.

They fight over who should reveal their secret first but he asks her to wait. He wants her to see what he has to say first before telling him. Tommy’s spy is in the gallery and hears all of this. As they are driving home, Se Kyung asks what Seung Jo’s dad thinks seeing him return so successful. Seung Jo says his dad is angry and upset but Se Kyung doesn’t think so, her dad might disapprove of her but also secretly keeps tabs on all her accomplishments. Seung Jo says his family is not like hers.

Seung Jo drops Se Kyung off and Yoon Joo is waiting outside in her car and sees this. Seung Jo asks why she seemed subdued today and she confesses feeling trepidation. Seung Jo thinks he should have listened to Dong Wook and scrapped the going to Paris idea because it makes him look like a loony. Se Kyung says it wasn’t that, she’s too happy and had too much fun which is why she will work hard to make it not so fearful for her in the future. She sends Seung Jo off. Yoon Joo gets out of her car and is about to call Se Kyung but stops herself. Se Kyung goes back to her room and prays that Seung Jo tells her his secret soon so she can come clean to him before she becomes even more despicable.

Seung Jo goes home and puts the USB drive in an envelope addressed to Se Kyung. Tommy looks at pictures of the couple and realize Se Kyung hasn’t come clean yet. His spy says Se Kyung looked like she wanted to tell him but didn’t. He also reveals a woman was lurking outside Se Kyung’s house observing the couple as well.

In Hwa arrives to meet with Tommy and both think the marriage prospect is progressing well. In Hwa offers to meet with President Cha since last year Royal lost out on a bid with GN Group to sell outlet items. Seung Jo gets an invite to the Royal Charity Bazaar while Tommy meets with President Cha to discuss another collaboration with GN Group that will also involve Artemis.

Seung Jo walks through a sales floor with In Hwa and they discuss upcoming fashions. Seung Jo compliments In Hwa’s taste and style. President Cha arrives and notices In Hwa with Seung Jo. In Hwa is called away and father and son walk towards each other. Seung Jo asks why his dad is staring at him without talking.

Dad asks when he is done with work? Dad finally spits out “foo….fooooo….food!” He asks Seung Jo awkwardly if he wants to eat some food. Seung Jo agrees and they sit down to eat at a nice restaurant. Dad asks Seung Jo how things are going with Han Se Kyung? He cautions Seung Jo on marrying the wrong woman and points out rich men who married poor wives. Seung Jo points out the proper marriages that have all ended in divorces. Dad rails at Seung Jo to stop talking back and he should just say yes to everything dad says. Finally dad barks at him to just eat and the two silently shove food into their mouths.

At the Shin family dinner, the family says President Cha looks intrigued at the new collaboration because it will give him more opportunity to see Seung Jo. Mom thinks the marriage prospects are going to get better. In Hwa reveals that Seung Jo dined with his dad today and Mom thinks Tommy Hong is credited for the thawing of the father-son impasse. Yoon Joo thinks to herself that its likely because of Se Kyung. Min Hyuk asks if In Hwa gets along with President Cha and In Hwa smiles and says she does. Yoon Joo smirks that In Hwa doesn’t know anything about Cha Seung Jo and things will never go according to their plans.

Seung Jo drinks with Dong Wook who asks if Dad has changed? Seung Jo says his dad is still the same. Dong Wook credits the power of love for getting Seung Jo to warm to his dad. He wonders why Seung Jo hasn’t revealed everything to Se Kyung yet? Seung Jo is afraid and just wants to know that Se Kyung will respond with an “I love you” even after knowing. Dong Wook runs off with the envelope and says he will deliver it if Seung Jo can’t, leaving Seung Jo to chase him out of the bar.

Yoon Joo is drinking and calls Se Kyung, asking if things are going well? Se Kyung says she intends to go forward with her own methods. She intends to breach the defenses straight on. Yoon Joo asks if Se Kyung means to come clean and confess everything. Se Kyung says yes. Yoon Joo yells at her, asking if she doesn’t want to succeed and enter Cheongdamdong? Doesn’t she know men? Yoon Joo reminds Se Kyung that if she wants to go dark, she has to go all the way. She cannot confess now. Se Kyung ends the call.

Yoon Joo cries and thinks to herself that Se Kyung not coming clean is the only way Yoon Joo can survive. She needs Seung Jo with Se Kyung so that the marriage with In Hwa is stopped. She breaks her wine glass in frustration and Min Hyuk walks over, wondering what is going on with Yoon Joo lately? Yoon Joo cries that she doesn’t know what’s going on? Min Hyuk is genuinely concerned about her but all Yoon Joo can say is that she’s sorry.

Se Kyung reads a letter from Yoon Joo telling her not to confess. Se Jin comes in with an envelope from Seung Jo and inside contains the USB drive and password. Seung Jo sits in his room praying knowing that Dong Wook express mailed the USB drive to Se Kyung. His doorbell rings and he can’t see anyone outside so he opens the door and finds Yoon Joo slumped against the wall.

Yoon Joo walks inside and says Seung Jo did more wrong to her than she did to him. He used her as well and he didn’t trust her. Yoon Joo says Seung Jo didn’t give up everything for love, he did it to win over his father and prove his backbone to his father. That is why he used Yoon Joo. He said that he gave up everything for Yoon Joo, but really he was testing her to see if she will stay with him if he had nothing. Because he didn’t trust her.

Seung Jo admits that she wasn’t that type of person. One day he woke up and she was gone. It took him three months to find out she was still in Paris, another five months to find out where she was staying, an entire year before he saw her again. He wanted to find evidence that she actually existed. She once looked at him with even more warmth than his mother looked upon him when he was small. He knows that she really did love him, but how much of it was real or fake was driving him crazy. He kept asking himself and doubting himself.

Yoon Joo cries and says she knew he was crazily looking for her all year in Paris. The letters he wrote to her that year, she read them all. She also knew that all he had left was to seek revenge. Seung Jo doesn’t know if he was looking for a way to keep himself alive, or he really hated his father and Yoon Joo that much. But now he is certain of one thing, he and Yoon Joo never really broke up. One day she disappeared and he kept looking for her. That is why they are standing here having this conversation right now. Seung Jo apologizes to Yoon Joo for not protecting her and not trusting her. That was all his mistake. From now on, he hopes that she is happy. Yoon Joo sobs and sobs and Seung Jo tries to comfort her.

Se Kyung watches the video Seung Jo recorded of his confrontation with his dad after returning to Korea. She also listens to Seung Jo’s recorded conversation with Yoon Joo. Afterwards Seung Jo records a video for Se Kyung explaining how he orchestrated revenge against his dad and former lover and recorded it all. Clearly he wasn’t right in the mind. When he gave up his inheritance six years ago, he thought to himself that all he needed was an expensive watch that would sustain him for a few months. But his dad noticed the watch and made him take it off. Inside he felt so ashamed he wanted to bash his head against the wall and die. He was so weak.

Seung Jo left his password for Se Kyung and she can find all his online postings, the things he could not say to people. He purposely would write online mean things because he couldn’t sleep at night. He is that kind of guy, someone filled with dirt in his soul. Can she still accept him like this? Se Kyung cries as she watches him confess so much to her. No matter how dirty he is inside, Se Kyung brings out the best in him. If they can stay by each other and protect that love, that is happiness in his mind. Can she still accept him?

Se Kyung grabs her things and rushes out to Seung Jo’s place, sending him texts that she is coming. Seung Jo is standing by the window and doesn’t notice her texts. Se Kyung runs into Seung Jo’s building and Yoon Joo sees her and chases after her. Se Kyung rings Seung Jo’s doorbell but Yoon Joo drags her away before Seung Jo comes running out of his apartment after reading Se Kyung’s texts.

Yoon Joo asks if Se Kyung is here to confess but Se Kyung asks why Yoon Joo is here? Se Kyung says Seung Jo revealed everything to her so she wants to do the same. Yoon Joo says men are different. When Se Kyung dismisses Yoon Joo, she confesses that she was the woman who broke Seung Jo’s heart. Wasn’t she known as Cha Yoon Joo back in France? Yes, she was Cha Seung Jo’s woman, the woman who dumped him as a business arrangement. After it happened, Seung Jo almost died. He suffered from PTSD because of it.

Since he was born he only loved two woman, if he learned that both women are friends and both approached him for money, he could not possibly survive this truth. He would die because of this. Seung Jo is outside looking around for Se Kyung. Yoon Joo says confessing is to relieve one of their own guilt, but what about the person hearing it. She asks Se Kyung to think carefully about what will happen to Seung Jo and her own life if she confessed. Dayum, Yoon Joo you just put Se Kyung in a deep pile of crap she can’t crawl out of. Yoon Joo says Se Kyung has to save Seung Jo (and in her mind, she thinks that Se Kyung needs to save her as well). Se Kyung drops to her knees in shock.

Seung Jo finally spots Se Kyung outside and runs over to ask what she wants to see him about? He asks if she’s watched it all, and if she’s still okay with him being that kind of person? Se Kyung doesn’t saw anything so Seung Jo grabs her hands and puts them on his cheek while saying he is too embarrassed to face her. He asks again and again if she can accept him. Se Kyung quietly says yes. Seung Jo is so happy but Se Kyung is forlorn and subdued. Seung Jo notices it but Se Kyung dismisses it as nothing.

Seung Jo pulls Se Kyung in for a hug and thanks her. Se Kyung closes her eyes in his embrace. He asks her to go somewhere with him tomorrow, does she have time? Se Kyung says yes again. Seung Jo confirms she will come tomorrow and he wants to take her home but she declines. Se Kyung walks home through Cheongdamdong and recalls Yoon Joo sharing her own failed history with Seung Jo, as well as Seung Jo confronting Yoon Joo about how much he was shattered after she left him. Se Kyung gets a text from Seung Jo to meet him at the Cheongdam Convention Center tomorrow. She responds with an yes.

The Royal Charity Bazaar Party is underway at the Cheongdam Convention Center and the GN Group folks are there as well as Tommy. The other rich ladies are discussing the potential marriage alliance between Artemis and GN Group. President Cha arrives and goes over to join the group. Seung Jo arrives as well and meets up with Se Kyung. He happily brings her inside.

In Hwa is the first to notice Seung Jo arriving, but he pauses at the entrance and goes to bring Se Kyung inside, holding her hand. Everyone stares in shock and when Se Kyung sees everyone she stops and looks stunned as well. Seung Jo smiles and brings her over to the group.

Se Kyung shrinks behind Seung Jo but he proudly introduces her as his girlfriend to the entire group. Tommy looks absolutely horrified while everyone else gapes in shock. Seung Jo then introduces Se Kyung to his father, President Cha Il Nam. Seung Jo then calls him father and informs him and he intends to marry Se Kyung.

Everyone stares at Seung Jo and Se Kyung like they sprouted five heads and was suddenly doing the naked shimmy. Se Kyung looks totally disconcerted and shaken while In Hwa tries to mask her discomfort and disappointment. Seung Jo smiles broadly and smirks proudly.

As much as I wish Seung Jo would behave more maturely and thoughtfully, I can’t deny the frisson of satisfaction that passed through me when watching Tommy’s look of utterly disbelief and In Hwa’s silent rage. Also, why and how did those other two random rich ladies suddenly vanish into thin air from when Seung Jo and Se Kyung walked in the door and when they reached the group. So weird.


Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 10 Recap — 90 Comments

  1. Thanks for the recap so fast.
    1. Yes, it will bite him in the ass.
    2. Yes, Dad did buy it.

    I loved so much about this episode that I am going to pretend SK not telling SJ made perfect sense, and that when she goes to reeeally tell him, he WILL LET HER, and if he gets mad at her, he will forgive her because SHE TRIED TO TELL HIM!

    Basically her guilt amounts to writing a letter to Cha pretending she didn’t know he was Kim. Everything else was honest, right?

  2. Thanks very much Captain for this recap! 🙂 While I was happy that Tommy Hong got the surprise of his life by Seung Jo’s big announcement (‘coz I really dislike Tommy Hong’s character), I forgot that Se Kyung might suffer because of that announcement. Oh, Seung Jo, what have you done?!!! Not only Se Kyung might suffer at work, she has to carry the burden that Yoon Jo placed on her – keep the secret or Seung Jo might die!
    I guessed it was Yoon Jo who bought Seung Jo’s painting; but I think your guess is the correct one, i.e. it was his Dad. I wonder if the identity of the purchasor of the painting, once revealed, will have an impact on the plot later on. Thanks again for recap. Patiently waiting for next weekend. 🙂

    • oowwh! You could be right that Yoon Joo bought the painting. Didn’t she get about the same amount of money from Cha Il Nam, for leaving Seung Joo?
      Expecting a scenario when Seung Joo go figure, realized that he actually didn’t make it purely by his own effort, much worse from a person he seek revenge. Maybe to make it worse, he will know about Se Kyung’s secrets at about the same time…

      • Hi Lorelai! 🙂 I forgot about the amount Yoon Jo received from SJ’s Dad. But I think you’re right- it was the same amount. I had guessed it was Yoon Jo who bought the painting because in the dialogue between YJ and SJ, YJ admitted she was still in Paris while SJ was looking for her for a year; that she read all of SJ’s letters. Perhaps through SJ’s letters, she learned about SJ’s plight and his painting. If YJ bought the painting, it only shows YJ did love SJ and reluctantly left him for money, and if SJ finds out this truth, he might soften up towards YJ, and…rekindle his love for her? Oh no, let’s not go there, since I’m with Team SeungJo-SeKyung!

      • I sort of doubt it that she would spend all the money on the painting, I think she was too into jewelry and such but maybe I am wrong, the amount is the same, ha, maybe as a proof of her love, that woman is just weird honestly

    • oh..u got the point there..i never thaught it was yoon joo.i also felt and thaught it was his father who bought his 1st painting when i watched it.
      But yeah..yoon joo received the same amount of money too!!
      Maybe the writer wants to show us that yoon joo did love and still love him but at the end eventhough he knows yoon joo’s true feeling, se kyung’s secret but still he will choose se

    • YES!
      And all the sub love stories swirling around in that little space, too.
      Sec Moon got jealous when Ah Jong asked interestedly about Dr. Dong Wook.

      I LOL’d at the part when SK’s sister asked Sec Moon, “He’s a little [makes crazy gesture]?” To which Moon responded, “Not little, a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT.”

      • And the peeking through the fingers? Gaaah…all kinds of cute. Poor Sec. Moon, hot doc is some stiff competition.

    • Oh yes, that was so cool, oh dear me, I LOVE THIS SHOW…. 🙂 . I think they are so cute together, the best pairing ever…

  3. OMG!!! I am so shocked! I still can’t believe SJ did that. What was he thinking? I am with you Koala. I also love everything in this episode until SJ dropped his bomb. But since I trust this drama’s writer, I will not whine and continue to ask WHY??? He or she must have a good reason for this. I like the way the writer redeemed SK in episodes 9 & 10. I was getting annoyed with SK for deceiving SJ but thanks to the writer, I can understand her better although it’s still wrong to deceive anyone.
    Thank you so much for your recaps. I always look forward to your recaps and comments. Everyone’s acting was fantastic. I cried when SK came back to SJ finding him almost frozen to death. I wish she gave him a tight hug and a kiss. I also love all the OTP’s moments and the scene between SJ and YJ, that was powerful. Great acting from YJ. I am so addicted now to this drama.

    • I, too, found my feelings for SK teetering after ep. 8, so glad to see the writer stop the shaking and get SK back on track with ep 9 & 10. Now it’s SJ’s WTH moment. From a writing stand point though, it’s totally in character, and like Koala says in her recap, it evens things out in the relationship. After ep 8 I worried that SJ was too sympathetic, and SK in danger of not being sympathetic enough. With the direction of these recent episodes that worry has been put to rest. So, like you I’m trusting the writer.

  4. I’m totally with you ladies on this! How could he just announce it like that, without at least warning Se Kyung! Girl could had gotten dressed up to meet her future father in law. I’m also afraid for Se Kyungs life once she returns to work the next day. In Hwa looks like one of those crazy women that will make your life hell. The only satisfaction I got was Tommy’s shock, in your face scumbag.
    Oh and secretary’s moon face in the car when the girls were all excited about the doctor, hilarious.

  5. The dad totally bought the painting!

    Sigh. The whole marriage thing…ugh. I want it so badly. But without discussing it with Se Kyung first? Or getting her parents’ approval? Officially, that is.

    Besides the last couple of minutes, I liked the episode overall. I appreciate Yoon Joo’s character, but I wish the writer had made it so I knew they were both officially over each other. Or if that’s the case, make it clearer, because I don’t think they’re over each other. At least, I don’t think Yoon Joo is.

    I can’t wait for the next episode. I hear there are talks of an extension??

    • Also…the Doctor is just adorable. He needs more screen time!

      And the ending…oy vey. Yeah, way to spring it on a girl just as she decides to accept you as her boyfriend that you’re going to marry her! Even if I loved a guy…if he said that after only knowing him for…1 month I’d be like…what?!

  6. seung jo has always been a nutter, no? he’s very romantic and naive, in a way. it’s rooted in him since he grew up in an entitled environment, no matter how he tries to pass off as having nothing and being a plain man. in this way, i can understand yoon joo and her decision to leave him more. he has good intentions, but his actions can be selfish. that being said, my heart will be breaking when se kyung finally has to drop the truth bomb on him, but it’s almost necessary. but since she accepted him wholeheartedly (well, that can be questionable, too, since she’s carrying a heavy baggage of guilt herself), hopefully he will learn to forgive her quickly, too. se kyung, i felt her anguish when she saw seung jo after yoon joo’s confession. she wanted to confess so badly, but she wanted to protect him, too.

  7. Umm guys… Does it not bother anyone that SJ proposed after only like 2 days of them dating?! Lol who am I kidding, I am watching a Korean drama:p

  8. Ok I am so butt tired from cleaning up a mini crisis of a flood in our kitchen that I can’t think straight. If there are rules in dramaland, which there are, number 1 would be end episode with a huge game changer, and number 2, said game changer will bit the OTP or one part of the OTP in the ass. I love SJ because he is so adorable like that, however, he is rash sometimes and too fragile right now. He definitely needs to turn over a new leaf. And actually, SK needs to as well. I think SK has an opportunity to really help SJ here and I hope that she can support him and encourage him in the right direction, both for his own sake and for their sake as a couple in the future. Fighting!! I’m going to rewatch it again since I think I was half paying attention the first time.

  9. Love your summary. I didn’t think so much of the consequences. Now I am a bit worried as SJ did not inform SK of his announcement. Wonder what will happen after that.

  10. I loved everything about this episode, oh dear me, I am laughing so loud and celebrating here with the glass of wine, I love that he told them all that they are getting married, he is like a Romeo, goes with his heart, which is a great discovery for him, not to doubt himself and his love after the first fiasco with a weird lady. So I applaude his growth… We need more of his best friend time…

  11. The writers of this drama is sure creative….I could never predict what would happen in the next scene…lol. I’m enjoying the sweet moments between Moon and Park Shi Hoo…never thought their chemistry would be this brilliant.

  12. Yup, I am with you Ms Koala. CJ’s really needs a smack in the head. What are earth is he doing? Obviously he has forgotten YJ’s advice when she first visited him at his apartment when she noticed he brought a female guest back. She warned him to think of his new girl’s feelings and considerations.

    My poor SK,how on earth is she going to face her boss, her parents and her parents by the impromptu proposal? Anyway, on the interpretation of going black all the way, I am seeing SK pursuing her love with SJ in all her ‘ugly’ love and glory. In contrast to YJ who abandoned SJ when he was down and out, my gut feeling is that SK may standby her man to the end, which is when SJ discovers the truth. Even if SJ is disappointed with her intentions, at least he knows there is someone out there who loves him despite his condition and willing to stick by him no matter what.

  13. This episode was SO. GOOD. I am breathless. CA owns me. It’s too soon to tell whether this will become my favorite romcom, but it’s well positioned to claim that title.

    I get your frustration with Seung Joo (and Se Kyung, for that matter), but their imperfection is IMO the greatest strength of the show. It’s incredible to me how the writer & actors craft these three-dimensional characters who are flawed in subtle, rich ways, yet are still ultimately very likable. They are flawed enough to be human, but not so flawed as to be unsympathetic. I am totally on board with Se Kyung’s conflict, and agree that Seung Joo has some growing up to do before he’s ready to be in a healthy relationship with anyone. But I love that Se Kyung is smart and outspoken enough to call him on his shit if she needs to…and I really, really, REALLY hope she does in the next episode. Because springing this on her (presumably) to spite his father is exactly what Yoon Joo called him out on earlier in the episode–using her as a pawn to one-up his dad.

    One thing: “Telling Seung Jo is in truth to preserve Se Kyung’s candor in Seung Jo’s eyes.” I disagree with this. That may be part of it, but I think the bigger issue is that her guilt over her deception is eating her up, and she needs to be honest for herself more than she needs to be honest for him (or for any damage control w/r/t Tommy). Actually, the reason that I didn’t mind her mopiness in episode 7 and especially episode 8 was that I saw her as grieving for the self-identity that she had always clung to, FAR more than for her current situation with Seung Joo. He was the catalyst for her self-reflection and her tears, but only because he forced her to confront the guilt that she had over her decision to enter CD by taking advantage of him. I think she is struggling to find her place in this new world that she has entered. She sort of decided to check her integrity at the door, but she is finding that to be impossible. Since she actually cares about Seung Joo, she can’t pretend to be someone she’s not around him, but the person she *is* would never lie to him as she has done. so she’s grappling with this new identity that is still being formed/that she is still forming.

    For all Se Kyung’s efforts to shed her candy self, she is still a very moral person with a pretty strong conscience. She was able to ignore it sometimes, but now I think she is it incredibly difficult to move forward in her relationship with Seung Joo (particularly as he continues to open up to her) with the shadow of her lie hanging over her head. I do find it REALLY interesting, though, that Yoon Joo painted her deception in such a way that telling Seung Joo the truth is a selfish act. Because now not telling Seung Joo may become a sort of noble idiocy for Se Kyung–torturing herself by keeping her lie a secret, while “protecting” him from the truth. Anyway, I’m not convinced that Seung Joo’s blissful ignorance is good for *him*, either. He seems to have a tendency of putting his loved ones up on a pedestal and then, when they fall short of his unrealistic expectations, he vilifies them. Methinks it would actually be really healthy for him to get a dose or two of reality.

    • Hi rearwindow! 🙂 Thanks very much for your cogent comments…I agree that SK is still a very moral person. Who better to confirm this than her Dad. I recall two scenes (one in this episode and the other in a prior episode) where the Dad sort of reminding the younger sister and the Mom not to force or hurry SK’s decision as if the Dad knows that SK does weigh and consider all things before deciding to do something.

      P.S. Love the banner, Captain Koala. Tommy Hong’s shock is priceless!!!

      • Ooh yes, I loved her dad’s comments in those scenes as well! What a nice foil to SJ’s dad, who bulldozed through SJ’s desires and wanted him to be a submissive little obedient puppy. And also a good reminder that even if SK’s overwhelmed by guilt and can’t see herself clearly, there are people around her who know her better than she knows herself, who trust her and her judgment.

      • Also, what a good reminder of how different (and potentially complementary) SJ and SK are. SK likes to think everything through very carefully before deciding anything, while SJ acts first and thinks later (case in point: final scene of this episode). This impulsiveness also ties nicely into SJ’s privilege and wealth. Impulsiveness is a luxury that a lot of poor people simply cannot afford. People like SK don’t have a rich benefactor waiting in the wings to swoop in and buy their painting, so to speak, if they fall into hard times.

    • “Because springing this on her (presumably) to spite his father” – That’s my thought exactly. He has used her to prove something to his father, it looked like he was pleased with himself and his father’s reaction to the news. Wow! Hope next ep will clarify this

  14. Thx for the recaps of ep 9 & 10. The one-week break cooled my obsession a bit, but these two episodes brought it all back. I do wish Seung Jo would grow up, but PSH is so darn cute playing those comedic scenes!!

  15. After watching the drama and suddenly saw your headline, i couldn’t help but laughing (especially TH expression LOL). By the way thank you for recapping 🙂

    I still wish SK gonna confess the truth in the next episode, because it’s gonna hurt more when somebody else reveal it. And is it just me or i think SJ was also a bit scared to hear SK conffesion, thats why he put it on hold.

    Can’t wait for next week! ^^

  16. Thanks so much Cap Koala for recapping this! But I’m really confused because I marathoner it all today. What is SK’s confession?
    Is it…1. That she is trying to enter CD
    2. That she knew his identity before he told her
    Or something else! I’m dying here!

  17. Err. Sorry to say Koala, but your pondering in the beginning of the recap about whether SK should tell SJ or not is basically same reasoning as “one should not tell if one cheats because it will not benefit the other party”. So truth is just out of the window because it’s not “beneficial” to the other party? What kind of right has Se-Kyung make such a decision for Seung-Jo? Do we have a right to decide that for the people who are close to us? I’d be mad as hell if somebody would make such decisions for me.

    But even if we do not take that into account, fact is that TH knows about SK’s plans and will most likely spill the beans. Also, Se-Kyung’s friend knows and while I don’t think she would deliberately hurt Se-Kyung, it’s possible that she would accidentally tell it, for example to sec. Moon. Also, Yoon Joo knows about it. The more there are people who know, the more likely it is that truth WILL come out. And trust me, it will be much, much, MUCH worse when it comes out from somebody else than Se-Kyung. Because EVEN if Se-Kyung would be thinking only what’s best for Seung-Jo, that is not how Seung-Jo will see it. He will be extremely hurt and the fact that Se-Kyung hid the thing from him will basically conform to him that she is in fact after him only for the money. If she comes clean herself, she has a chance to gain his trust but if somebody else outs her first, all trust is lost.

    So she should just freakin’ tell him.

    • But Se Kyung didn’t do anything wrong to Seung Jo that she needs to tell him about. Cheating is the wrong analogy.

      1. She intended to marry into Cheongdamdong —–> So? Why does she need to tell him. She’s not dating him now because he’s rich, she’s dating him bc she loves him. What she “intended” before she fell for him honestly isn’t something she NEEDS to tell him.

      2. Finding out he was the President 3 days before his big “confession” to her ———–> Once again, so? She’s fell for him as Secretary Kim, she found out mere days before he told her as opposed to she knew in the beginning and targeted him, and she’s not playing him now. She is genuinely behaving like her real self in front of him. All this talk of Candy acting is ridiculous. Se Kyung IS a Candy. She has been pretending to be a gold digger and now is back to being herself.

      3. The letter ——-> But the essence is true, she likes Secretary Kim. I don’t see any big lie embedded within.

      I don’t think she owes it to Seung Jo to tell him. I think she wants to tell him to make herself not feel as guilty. Tommy is wrong. Her love for SJ isn’t dirty, its just messy because of how it got started during her gold digging quest when her intended target wasn’t even him. This situation is akin to me attending a party intending to mack on one hot guy, but during the party fell for another guy. Do I need to tell him I went there for someone else? No, its none of his business. She doesn’t owe SJ to tell him what her “intentions” were, she didn’t do anything wrong to him. She likes him genuinely, for who he is, before she knew he is Secretary Kim. If Seung Jo needs to learn that she tried out being a gold digger for a few weeks before she met him, I think that is ludicrous. She doesn’t owe it to him to detail her entire thought process and past history. If she was a stripper in college to earn tuition money, why the hell does she need to tell him when it doesn’t have anything to do with how she feels about him now?

      • I agree. When I was watching the episode live, I did think, “she NEEDS to tell him”, but after reading your comment it did make me think a little bit differently.

      • The stripper thing is a good analogy because we can assume
        1. She would have done it at the lowest point of her life
        2. Other people are bound to know about it
        3. She would be ashamed because of how she was brought up

        The problem is her perspective, her feelings towards this, like rearwindow pointed out.
        It amounts to how badly she handles the unconfessed guilt as well as the threats to reveal it.

        She has to get the point where she can face everyone down and say with confidence your enumerated points above, ending with, “Yes, this is what I did. This is who I am. Can you accept me, or not?”

      • It doesn’t matter anymore. Her intentions aren’t relevant.

        I understand where you’re coming from Arawn, but things are different now. They’re both in love, like Koala said. If she was still pursuing him because he was rich, then telling him the truth does matter.

      • Well put yourself in SJ’s shoes. If you would find out from somebody else all things that SK did, would you still think that aaaa, it was all because she loves me? Hardly. We know where she’s coming from but this guy has already been burned once badly by a woman who was only after his money. When he hears from somebody else that this was SK’s plan initially, he will be devastated. Also, it will destroy his trust in her. She did manipulate him – why should he trust a person who does that?

        Even if you think she doesn’t owe it to SJ, she should do it even if her own protection only. Thing will get so much more uglier when the truth comes out from somebody else. And it will – why else we have this drama?

        Also, if I remember correctly, didn’t many people judge SK previously for her manipulation of SJ? And now it’s suddenly a-ok because she also loves him? So if we love somebody, we don’t have to be truthful with them? We can manipulate them and it’s fine?

        Jowha: Love doesn’t just wash past away unless you come clean with it. SJ will feel betrayed and I think justly so. If SK had his feelings in mind, she would confess. Not confessing means simply that she’s afraid that SJ will be so angry that he will kick her out of his life which she doesn’t want because yes, she does love him. It’s an understandable dilemma but still, taking this route and making a ton of excuses how she doesn’t “owe” him the truth, is a coward’s route in my eyes.

      • And I’m sorry to say but that still IS a logic of a cheater. You have done something you KNOW will hurt the other person – it doesn’t matter what or how – and you choose not to tell to spare the other person’s feelings. You did wrong there, not the other person, so you decide to carry the burden of your guilt. It’s better for the other person not to know so he/she will not feel hurt and sad.

        Say what you want but this is exactly the logic I’ve seen cheaters to apply.

      • However, I think I’ll stop here. I have a feeling that we speak different language here and nothing good will follow from heated arguments. Arguing in the internet, after all… 🙂

      • Koala, off topic: “Mack” is a word I haven’t heard a LONG time—made my day! I can tell we grew up in the same era…LOL! SK is “candy” because she is over agonizing this problem. Any other gold digger would have reveled in their happiness of winning the jackpot/SJ but SK is all “woe is me” about this.

      • What I find really interesting about this conversation is that it exposes exactly the double-standard that Se Kyung picked up on when talking to Tommy. What is so different about SK considering marrying for money, when SJ was every bit as conniving in choosing a partner? He selected her initially for superficial reasons too. He wanted a pure, unsullied partner when in fact no such person exists in the real world. He wanted someone outside of his social circle so he could stick it to his father. Yet because he is wealthy and privileged, we don’t bat an eyelash at his criteria. SK’s poverty is just as superficial as SJ’s wealth. Yet we weren’t disturbed by the fact that SJ didn’t give SK the time of day when he thought she was wealthy, yet the second he finds out she’s poor and earnest, he falls head over heels for her. But it is unacceptable that SK tried to stifle her feelings for SJ when he didn’t fit her criteria?

        Pretty much everyone at least takes social status into account when selecting a partner, whether they admit it or not. Many people in Korea hire matchmakers to find them someone socially and monetarily compatible (cough cough Tommy Hong cough cough). What exactly is so repugnant about what SK has done? The fact that she is poor? That she admitted to herself that she wanted to marry above her station and took steps to make it happen? The fact that she met SJ at an extremely low point in her life, briefly toyed with the thought of turning love into a business transaction, and then went back to being her sincere self?

        I love how this drama is revealing a lot of the double standards and classism entrenched in the dating game. Like SK told Tommy, why is her going after SJ “dirty” and “wrong” when In Hwa doing the same thing (more underhandedly given that she’s hiring someone to help her and has SJ’s father on board, and that she is explicitly approaching it as a business arrangement) is “right” and “beautiful?” actually, isn’t it a bit ridiculous and a mark of his extreme privilege that SJ assumes that because SK is poor, he thinks she’s somehow “safer” or more morally upright than the wealthy women around him?

        We all make mistakes, we all have desires that are “ugly,” we all want some things that we can’t have. That’s what it is to be human. And even SJ is starting to admit that things with Yoon Joo aren’t as morally black and white as he wanted to believe they were.

        For the record, I do think Se Kyung should confess to Seung Jo, but not because she is morally obligated by some Grand Law of what is Right and Wrong. I think she should tell because not telling is clearly holding her back from moving forward emotionally w/ SJ. I think she should tell him because her personal code of ethics mandates that she does, for better or for worse. Also, it seems that SJ places a high premium on total honesty and so it’s better that she divulge some of her secrets to him now before somebody else does. But I do love that this show is really engaging in a conversation about privilege and the double-standard for the wealthy and the poor. And I love that my initial knee-jerk reaction (to get frustrated with Se Kyung for not putting it all out in the open) was challenged by the show and its characters (and Koala :)). Because the question of honesty and deceptuon as it relates to the assumptions implicitly embedded in one’s social status is MUCH more interesting to me than a simple one of “she should tell! She shouldn’t tell!”

      • wow I feel as if I have gone back to English class. Good analysis here with this debate. I love how this show tries to portray both sides of the story. This gives realism to the characters and the world they live it.

      • Ok, one comment to rearwindow…

        I don’t actually think that Se-Kyung has done anything so repugnant though I wouldn’t quite compare her to Seung-Jo here. Seung-Jo’s reasons for choosing her might have been superficial (but if they are, isn’t that the case with ALL of us because usually people start to date before they know each other just based on some general “liking), but he hid his real persona from Se-Kyung because he liked her. He was simply trying to get a girl whom he liked. He wasn’t especially looking for somebody, he just got interested in the things he thought he saw in Se-Kyung. On the other hand, Se-Kyung was in for the money. Somehow I don’t quite think that wooing somebody because you like him/her and wooing somebody because of his money are quite the same things…

        But I digress.

        As for Se-Kyung’s possible wrong doings, only thing I personally hold against her is the fact that she’s not telling the truth to Seung-Jo. Otherwise she hasn’t done anything very bad in my eyes. I think you explained it better in than I did in your last chapter. I’m not talking about some universal great moral law either but simply personal ethics though I think I didn’t explain it very well. As you say, Seung-Jo seems to value honesty so if (rather when) he finds out about these things from somebody else, he will be much, much more hurt than he would be if Se-Kyung told him herself.

      • Arawn, thanks for the reply! In that case, I pretty much agree with you. I do think that it’s in SK’s best interest to tell SJ (both emotionally and strategically). But I have a whole lot of sympathy for her in her equivocation, because she has SO MUCH MORE to lose than him. Her job, her future, her career, her dreams, her family’s well-being, her heart, SJ’s heart, now SJ’s HEALTH, I could go on and on. It makes sense for her character on all levels that she’s hesitating.

        As her father said (and we’ve seen repeatedly), SK doesn’t do things on a whim. She considers things very carefully from all angles before acting. It’s just her personality, and probably a mark of her poverty coupled with being the responsible one in her family and being smart and ambitious. She hasn’t had the luxury to make impulsive decisions.

        As for the bravery/lack thereof, I see where you’re coming from but I’m not ready to blame her for hesitating. I mean, impulsive SJ didn’t even pull the trigger on actually giving SK the zip drive with all his secrets, his doctor did it. If he’d been surrounded by people actively advising him to keep his mouth shut, I have no doubt he would’ve taken a whole lot longer to come around and open up. Same with coming out about his true identity as Thierry Cha. In fact, he kept that secret a lot longer while actively wooing SK than she’s kept her secret while pursuing SJ romantically. Anyway, I agree that SJ will probably be devastated to discover the info SK’s withheld from him, though i’m not sure it will be a bad thing for him to start looking at love in a less black-and-white way.

        I look forward to seeing how this all plays out!

      • Rearwindow

        After seeing episode 10 properly with subs, I have much more sympathy for her, too. Of course I should have viewed it before I cane to rant here in the first place… It’s just that I quite detest the logic that one should be quiet about the hurtful things one has done to spare the other person’s feelings. This is partly personal matter to me hence the strong feelings. But one shouldn’t be emotional while commenting some stuff, that is true, also. Must remember that again in the future. 😛

        Anyhow, SK did try to tell in many occasions but was somehow interrupted. And I really, really disliked YJ in the end of the episode. The burden she placed on SK’s shoulders is horrible and she had no right to do it what so ever. Because SHE was the one to hurt SJ in the past, she’s now expecting that SK will save him – at the expense and risk of SK’s own ethics, sanity and well-being?! Gah. Then again, it was revealing that she wanted to be saved, too and I guess that’s the ultimate motivation, not SJ. She has a selfish streak in her after all. I can understand how horrible SK must’ve felt after that.

        YJ’s rant does make it much more difficult but unfortunately SK hasn’t got much choice here. Too many people know about it for it to be kept a secret forever. I personally believe that YJ is also exaggerating and I have more belief in SJ than she does, especially after he acknowledged that he had treated YJ wrong, too. I don’t think he would break if SK told him although I can understand at this point if SK thinks so.

        About the ending, SJ did loose some points in my eyes for the trick he pulled off there. It suits his character very well because as he was using YJ once, now he’s basically doing the same to SK, using her against his father. So he has a lot to learn, too, here. At this point both aren’t able or ready for a healthy relationship, I would say. We’ll just have to see how this progresses…

        And btw, I detest In-Hwa’s tactics much, much more than SK’s. She seems much more calculating and cold which makes it worse.

      • manipulation is manipulation. as 1 party to a 2 party relationship, if she values love as much as she is claiming to, then he deserves to know that she manipulated him. Had she just told him when she initially found out, then I think you’re right. at this point, she’s gone past the “just intentions” stage.

      • PS I loved what Seung Jo did at the end. As a human being, despite everything, I still think it’s best to live honestly.

      • Except for the marriage thing. hahah you’re right. he’s a little crazy and delusional there.

  18. okay, i’m in. Couldn’t resist but i had to join in. The discussion has been very well thought through so far. Your last comment Captain are my thoughts as well. However, it seems that being the Candy that she is, a good moral being, SK may feel compelled to speak her truth. I think it is important for everyone, no matter what the reception of that truth is. She couldn’t (at least i could not myself) face the one she loves with that burden of truth on her. I think SJ’s growth though will be shown in how well he will handle SK’s truth. I think that will be the tipping point for him. Relationships must be built on solid ground of acceptance. If we can be accepted by the other warts and all, then there is good basis for the relationship to continue.

  19. CCDA was awesome..its not like other drama’s that only exist on dreamland..CCDA is in reality really exist,like SK said loving to a rich person is like a forbidden..ahhhh i dont know what to do if CCDA will finish..

    i wish saturday is coming faster..XD

  20. I have the feeling that the writer will give our OTP a happy ending one, with SJ leaving Artemis and going back to Paris as an artist/ painter with HS tag along and pursuing her dream to study and live there 🙂

  21. Here’s a different (maybe) opinion… Why do I got the feeling that SJ actually know/aware of SK’s intentional of getting close to him, you see everything happen so fast, couple declaration is like just a minute ago and the next minute you already decide to marry her… Ok… What’s all with that??? Plus SJ keeps forbid SK to tell him her secret? If someone try to tell me secret I would not hold any more minute wasted cos it could make me dying of wondering.. U know what I mean… Woman’s natural… 😀

  22. this is just a wild guess. so don’t take it seriously. at first i’m also think daddy cha is the one that bought seung jo’s painting but i’m also have a thought that maybe it was yoon joo that actually bought it. i remember in an episode seung jo had mentioned that he disappointed(?) yoon joo received only 30k from his dad in order to leave him. he thought she was going to (and should) ask for more. maybe she just decided to give the money to seung jo indirectly given the fact she knew how fragile he was at that time.

  23. Drugs! Drugs! Drugs! Need some more CDDA drugs! Wow, CDDA is getting so good. Okay, when did SJ decide to marry SK? Did I miss something? Doesn’t he need her consent? LOL! Yes, it was an immature thing for SJ to do but I wish he was more genuine and less vindictive in his announcement of his marriage to his dad. This part did not make sense to me???

    • Agreed that SJ should have asked SK first before announcing to his dad that they intend to get married. I can understand SJ’s rationale of dropping the bombshell is to kill off the arranged marriage idea between him and In Hwa and to show his independence towards his dad. However, his announcement has really put SK in a difficult position which he obviously did not consider. He is so impulsive , imperfect but yet so adorable! I think SK will initially reject his proposal but too late, all the villains especially TH and In Hwa will definitely step up their actions to break up our OTP in next episode. What a cliff hanger!

      • You’re right, TC. SJ loves dropping bombs on people. Our madhatter doesn’t ever do anything half-a**, that’s for sure! Maybe he thought this would be a solution but he’s shortsighted (I wouldn’t say selfish because he does really love her) because he put SK in a bad position. Like he said, he’s not a prince charming, but how does he figure marriage will solve both his and SK’s problems—giving his dad the finger-again; marrying SK and giving her access to cash so she no longer needs a job? Both of them have flawed love for each other but I think it really is love tho. I am shipping these two like crazy!

  24. What a nerve racking episode. Now I’m worried of what will happen after Seung Jo’s confession to everyone and how it will affect Se Kyung and her feelings and Seung Jo how will he defend her Lady love to these aristocrat people of CheongDamdong? Gosh..I’m nervous!

  25. Twist: maybe SJ’s mom bought his paintings? She’s been MIA and the show doesn’t necessarily say what happened to her after abandoning SJ, did she disappear or die? At least SJ admitted he has mommy-abandonment issues…hehe. It’d be nice if she came back just to round out the story but highly unlikely since the show is more than half way done.

  26. What a great way to get ur girlfriend fired, way to go SJ!!!!!

    If I was SK, I’ll b quite mad actually, even though the look on TH’s face is priceless! Talking about TH, I think he’s doing a great job acting as the total douchebag we all love to hate, in fact everyone is doing a fantastic job in their respective characters; YJ (which I actually kinda like), the awesome doctor (who I think should have his own love storyline with SK’s sister), Sec Moon and AhJung (who should totally just get it on). Great cast!

    Love this series so far, to the point I rewatch each episode at least 3 times! That has not happened since My Name is Samsoon ^__^

  27. @rearwindow
    Loved your comments above, but can’t “reply.”

    I also like in SJ’s dinner conversatin with his dad, how he started to list all the divorces that came from the arranged marriages of the rich, and the high alimony that had to be paid out.
    The good and pretty matches of the rich don’t necessarily add up to happiness for the couple, but nobody seems to look past the wedding. The reality is ugly and therefore ignored.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I just love that this show is seriously challenging the veneer of beauty that wealth can slather on “ugly” things (as well as the veneer of “ugliness” that poverty can superimpose on beautiful things, like love).

      It seems that marriage is never fully about love–it’s either a willful disobedience of the current power structure (a la SJ) or it’s a business arrangement for the wealthy (in the world presented in CD, and, I suspect, upper class circles in the real world as well). It’s like South Korea is a modern-day Monarchy, only the kings and queens are chaebols.

  28. I don’t think Yoon Joo was the one who bought SJ’s painting. She needed the money to study abroad. Unless that happened when she was already married to the rich guy. I’m not sure when the painting was sold.

  29. I am really curious to find out writer’s motive in making SJ dropped that shocking statement at the end. There has to be a good reason or else it will put SJ in a bad light. He just apologized to YJ for not being able to protect her so why is he doing the same mistake? Please don’t do this to SJ. I’d like to believe that inspite of his eccentricities, he is not a crazy man. I guess I had to ask “WHY?”, although I said I wouldn’t.

  30. i don’t think SJ mom buy the painting b’cos when he tell SK family at the first meeting that his mom died when he’s still kid

  31. I think the last scene was all about showing that SJ has still not worked past the idea of ‘sticking it to his Dad’. Even though he genuinely loved both YJ and now loves SK…he is still using them the way they used/are using him. It’s real love that is actually ‘working’ for their other motives. YJ has mentioned several times how this won’t work…which it won’t if there isn’t honesty. It will blow up in their faces….and because there is genuine love…it will hurt all the more that there wasn’t complete honesty. You can’t ‘use’ people you love. You can still love them, but you aren’t being loving. If that makes sense.

  32. I wish YoonJoo were in that final scene too, then it would been even more awesome!!!!!! but yes it will bit him in the ass, and Tommy’s face priceless

  33. Cha Il Lam bought the painting!
    Mr. Writer, please make sure SK hugs SJ once in a while…he has been such a good boy for entire episode 9 and 10 (disregarding the end, of course). He needs them badly….

  34. She really love him and afraid of loosing him..thats normal feeling when you still unknown what will your love one react.

  35. I don’t know Koala….but Park Si-hoo…I think is stealing this drama…as far as I am concerned he is the only one that stands out! What a wonderful and complex character…and PSH pulls it off brilliantly, as usual.
    He is a pleasure to watch! 🙂

  36. Hello everyone!

    Just re-watched ep 6 and ep 7…Episode 6 reminded me that SK still have Yoon Joo’s diary which SJ almost opened and read had SK’s Dad not find him in SK’s room. Perhaps that diary will play a role in revealing SK’s secret in the coming episodes.

    In Episode 7, there were 2 statements by the Doctor that echo many of your comments on whether or not SK should tell SJ the truth:

    1. Early in the episode, I think when SJ was struggling to answer SK’s plea to show proof that SJ was the President’s shadow warrior, the good Doctor adviced SJ to tell SK the he is the President because it will be worse if SK learns it from someone else.

    2. Then after SK told SJ that she cannot work anymore for the President through Secretary Kim, and SJ appeared to be distraught after that conversation, the good Doctor adviced SJ, again, to tell SK the truth because there is no love without honesty.

    Those advices from the Doctor were as if taken from your comments on this Episode10 recap. Isn’t that amazing? 🙂

    If those advices are some kind of hints to the future episodes, I’m afraid SK may not come out unscathed if she continues to withhold the truth. 🙁 4 more days before we find out…

  37. I think that despite the fact that Se Kyung didn’t really do any acts of wrong doing toward Seung Jo externally, she was deliberating about her deceit of knowing Secretary Kim’s real identity and her intention of marrying into money for quite some time. It just shows that she is a moral person at heart. In order for her to move forward on this relationship without any internal turmoil, she needs to come clean with her initial intent. Seung Jo values honesty and having confessed to Se Kyung of what kind of person he was even though he was afraid of the outcome, he deserves to hear what kind of person she really is. He has too high a regard for women that he loves (or maybe self-delusion) and knowing Se Kyung’s intent would give him the opportunity to grow out of putting them on a pedestal. His response from Se Kyung’s honesty will show his maturity. However, like rearwindow and Arawn mention, having to hear it from someone else would be more detrimental for their relationship. Their confessions to one another would have them start from a clean slate per se or at least without any misconception. Seung Jo was honest enough to allow Se Kyung to make a decision whether accept him or not after he confessed everything though he did not have to, why should Se Kyung cuddle him by not being honest? It just perpetuates his immaturity. When Yoon Jo told Se Kyung that Seung Jo needs protection, first question came to mind was, protection from what!?!? Growing up? If Se Kyung does not come clean, she is just another lying enabler. I really wanted to shake Yoon Jo at that time. Furthermore, Seung Jo’s impulsiveness at the end goes to show he has a long way to go to have a healthy relationship. They both do. Revealing who he was to Se Kyung and acknowledging to Yoon Jo that he was in the wrong is a start toward maturity. Se Kyung seems to be smart, I just hope she can overcome her fear.

    • I love your thoughts on Seung Jo’s immaturity and how the women are enabling him if they feel they need to “protect” him from the truth, especially what you say here: “He has too high a regard for women that he loves (or maybe self-delusion) and knowing Se Kyung’s intent would give him the opportunity to grow out of putting them on a pedestal.” Perfectly said.

      Interestingly, I love how CD has subtly subverted the kdrama trope of the woman having to be protected by the man, in having Se Kyung grapple with this moral dilemma while Seung Jo plays the innocent.

  38. To confess or not to confess. This is SK’s dilemma and has led us to likewise question ourselves. If we were SK, what would we do?

    If she confesses, there will only be 2 responses from SJ depending on his perspective of things. Either negatively or, I’d rather use the word acceptance instead of positively. If he thinks or feels betrayed by the truth of what SK has to say, then most likely he will response negatively. He’ll be hurt, he’ll get angry or he might even go to the extreme of exacting revenge. He has done it before, it is not unlikely he’ll do it again. The confession might even lead to a break-up of the relationship and worst a travel back to despair and emotional breakdown for SJ. At the other side of the balance, he might just understand where she’s coming from and accept SK’s moment of weaknesses – the thought of using him (in the persona of Jean Thierry Cha) and his money to uplift herself from her current status. Granting that she harbored the idea of using SJ, but once she learned that JTC and Secretary Kim are one and the same person that’s when her anguish sets in as she agonizes between pursuing her dream of entering Cheongdamdong and loving the man in the person of Kim Seung Jo (Secretary Kim) as she knows him.

    If she chooses not to, does it benefit SJ? Maybe. Sometimes, what you don’t know won’t hurt you. But to SK, keeping it to herself could be an unnecessary burden. There will always be a nagging thought and a feeling of remorse. Although she is not morally bound to tell SJ that once she contemplated the idea of using him for his money, for her own peace of mind it is prudent and sensible to do so. Secrets have ways of finding their way out into the open. For the sake of their relationship, it is advisable that they start on a clean slate. Just as SJ came out clean before SK and gave her the opportunity to decide whether to accept him as he is, it would benefit them both that she be honest with her intention, too.

    “There is a voice inside of you That whispers all day long, ‘I feel that this is right for me, I know that this is wrong.’ No teacher, preacher, parent, friend Or wise man can decide What’s right for you — just listen to The voice that speaks inside.” – Shil Silverstein

    It would be judicious for SK to listen to what the voice inside her says.

    And to SJ, “Love comes to those who still hope even though they’ve been disappointed, to those who still believe even though they’ve been betrayed, to those who still love even though they’ve been hurt before.” – Positive Treasure

  39. The issue of ‘double standard’ raised by Se Kyung to Tommy Hong is something worth mulling over. Why is In Hwa’s attempt to lure Seung Jo into marriage any different from the scheming plots of Yoon Joo or Se Kyung to marry a rich man? Subtle it might be, IH’s attempt through the machination of TH is as devious as the cunning bid of YJ or SK to crack Cheongdamdong. In the eyes of many, why are the likes of YJ or SK looked down as women who uses their charms to extract money and things from men? Why the condescending attitude to the likes of YJ or SK when IH’s primary interest to marriage is material benefits as well. Why is IH’s method acceptable while that of YJ or SK’s is unacceptable?

    It all boils down to social class and financial status in society. It is okay when done by the rich and famous but it comes down right dirty and ugly when done by someone from the low rank of society. Why this kind of perception?

    Double standard may take the form of an “instance in which certain concepts are perceived as acceptable to be applied by one group of people, but are considered unacceptable when applied by another group.” But this reeks of hypocrisy and violates the basic principle that all stand equal, a total disregard to impartiality which is based on the assumption that the same standards should be accorded to all people “without regard to subjective bias or favoritism based on social class, rank, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, age or other distinctions”. SK hit it right on when she questioned the validity of TH’s contention. TH is biased and rightfully so because he has a lot to gain financially and socially when the marriage match between IH and SJ is accomplished.

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