Written Preview for Episode 13 and 14 of Cheongdamdong Alice

It’s strange to watch Cheongdamdong Alice deflate slowly like a balloon in terms of tension and excitement. I’m still enjoying the watch somewhat but it feels like the majority of drama fandom has more or less set this one aside in search of crackier sustenance. It hurts that SBS maintains radio silence on this drama during the week, only grudgingly releasing written previews the day before the next episode, with a video preview dropping a few hours before air time. It’s not my spoiler loving side talking, networks do a disservice to its dramas by not keeping up a steady supply of tantalizing morsels to whet the appetite of the viewer so that the drama isn’t forgotten in the interim. With respect to CA, this drama’s narrative is really losing steam so it needs spoilers even more. SBS just released the written previews for episodes 13 and 14 and unfortunately it doesn’t appear that my issues with where this drama is headed will be rectified anytime soon. In addition, I’m actually concerned that even if Se Kyung were to come clean with him, he actually doesn’t want to hear it and prefers living in his bubble fantasy of her as some altruistic kindhearted Candy. That would seriously piss me off, even if it doesn’t surprise me. I want the leading man to grow some backbone and gumption sooner rather than later, and I hope the drama won’t drag it out until the really end before Se Kyung finds the smart way to deal with him and Seung Jo learns how to cope with reality.

Written preview for episode 13:

Seung Jo sees Tommy Hong and asks him with annoyance why he is here. Se Kyung nervously follows Seung Jo out and exchanges a look with Tommy. Seung Jo’s dad reaches out to Se Kyung’s dad and says he is very pleased with Se Kyung as a daughter-in-law and asks him to agree to the marriage. In Hwa takes the tablet containing the video and goes to see Seung Jo’s dad (Cha Il Nam).

Written preview for episode 14:

Seung Jo behaves like his normal self towards Se Kyung, as if nothing happened, and continues to prepare for the wedding. Seung Jo says he has something to show Se Kyung and takes her to a church. Se Kyung tries to tell him the truth and Seung Jo becomes flustered and frantic….


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  1. Knowing old folks , if Cha Il Nam gets to see the incriminating evidence on In Hwa’s tablet…well ,then ,as the chinese saying goes ,”Even jumping into Yellow River cant ever cleanse her ‘sin’ away” in his eyes. For that reason , I hope that somehow , someone cleared the video & it can’t be shown to all the oldies.
    As for Seung Jo ,if he remembers the sequence of events , then ,he’ll get not derailed offa his love track.
    I don’t think he’ll go into a pyschological coma or axe himself off.
    Just tell him already!Lets see him move on from there.
    Don’t run off ,Seung Jo!

  2. I agree that SBS did a horrible job advertising this show from the beginning and is still doing a horrendous job promoting it now. Really?? What kind of crappy preview is that??

    Anyway…I agree SJ should wake up and smell the coffee. Nobody in this world is only black or white…majority of the people are treading gray. I hope he continues to love SK after he discover the truth.
    I’m a loyal supporter of this MGY and this show.

  3. The last 3 or 4 days I have been so busy that I totally forgot about Cdda until I saw this post. I didn’t even realize that a new episode is airing soon so I guess that just shows that this drama has really lost a lot of its original spark and spunk. Sigh.. Is it not ok to have two mature adults face their issues head on and actual resolve them and get past it maturely instead of all the ridiculous drama and then nothing actually gets resolve except “love” sweeps everything under the rug. Is it because its boring to watch 2 adults tackle these issues and together come out ahead?

    There must be a twist somewhere here. Seung Jo doesn’t seem like the character who would sit back and do absolutely nothing when confronted with the truth. There has to be some sort of revenge right?

    Frankly I don’t know what’s going to happen and pretty sure it won’t happen this way but the otp should just have a pow wow together and everything gets laid out and worked out. Then, they should just stick it to in hwa and maybe his dad, not sure, depends on if he changes or not, and show them that they can work things out on their own, business and personal and that all the meddling has done nothing but made them pull together even stronger.

    Sigh… If this turns out to be the traditional kind of rom com kdrama, the baddies split up the otp… And more coldness and crying btw the otp… I will go crazy. Lol 🙂

    • i did the same episode 2-8 was exciting and cute i couldnt wait to watch the next episode. From episode 9 onward this show seems boring to me and it’s not helping that i dont see chemistry between the leads so…

    • Oh, Pearl. I have missed you! Unfortunately, we meet again under similar circumstances. As much as I love my doctor friend here, I was not going to get sucked into another world until it was over and I could marathon it, but it seems like this one may be stricken from the list. What is going on with dramas? Did these writers decide to skip class on the day they covered “conclusions”?

      • Long time no talk, Trotwood, I miss you too. So happy to hear from you. Yeah, what is going with all the good dramas??? I’m down to almost nothing to watch… : o(
        So are you planning to go to Korea this year or next year? For 2 years right?

  4. Anyone besides me wonder where the hell all the sexual chemistry went? How can that “almost kiss” in EP 6 be so full of promise and then just deflate into nothing? I’m bummed this one has gone wacko too.

    • nope. not alone. (waving hello & sending a hug)
      This couple had early signs of panty-flinging with R&B music in the background….and now, it’s like a house-nanny-noona is leading around the lil’boy with a crush.
      What-the-hell with the chicken-peck-style kisses?! really?
      shaking my head ~
      I want the heavy breathing, with lips centimeters-apart, BACK. 😉

  5. I can’t help but think Seung Jo doesn’t need to be in a relationship and should go on a trip with his doctor bro. Too many issues. The more this show goes on the less I like the main couple actually being together.

  6. Until this day, the list that Hanse wrote about her being a candy after finding out that SJ is the prexy of artemis bothers me. Where did that list go? Could it be that SJ got a hold of it? He also went to her college design room when he was looking for right? Only 4 more episodes to go, I hope they won’t make a rush rash ending.

  7. My fingers are still cross that somehow the show would all come together in a good way…I love the casts (specifically Moonie and PSH) so much….so sad so many people are abandoning it

  8. the preview for episode 13 is already out


    thanks koala for translating the preview for both episodes ..so from the intro in the epi 14 preview , it means that SJ might have known the truth from someone else (it could be his dad) and just pretend as if nothing happens … ? tskk … I am really hoping that he would first know it from SK .. I don’t know , but I guess Yoon Joo would help SK and tell SJ that SK really truly loves him , not his wealth .. and hopefully he’ll find the list that SK made , coz in the list SK mentioned that she fells in love with Secretary Kim but then she needs to commit to President Jean , so if SJ ever find that list , he would surely know the real SK is not black .. she loves him for what he is , it’s just that she’s been cornered to the other side because of what happened between her and her ex before.

    • That would be nice. The list. As an interesting twist, it would be nice if SJ simply dropped the bombshell on all of them, and reveals that he actually saw the list back when he went to search for her at the college and he saw those drawings of the bunnies. I’ve never seen a drama actually do this, so I doubt it would happen and I have no faith now that the writers are actually going to go against any sort of convention.

    • There’s nothing expert plastic surgeons the world over can rectify.
      Its the job of eye surgeon ,an opthalmologist.
      Charismatic & uniquely beautiful Moon Geun Young has a slight squint.

  9. Normally I just lurk here, but today 2 things moved me to post…

    1. Moon is looking so pretty in that photo at the top of the post.

    2. That’s my Kang ah on the header together with his 2 lady co-stars in 49 Days!

  10. Omg how could u say its not exciting i can really feel the tension and i can clearly forsee what is going to happend ,he knows but pretends not to be cuz deep down he knows that she feels something for him and that he still trusts her somehow so he wants to give it the chance till the last moment i can see her feeling so guilty and trying to leave cuz she’d rather hurt herself than hurting him alone .

    Well thats my pridiction depending on the numerous amouts of dramas (arabian,american, KOREAAAAN ,Tw ….) i want it to be this way
    I want a blog golden membership if that came true !!!

  11. I still watch Cheongdam-dong Alice because I do want to see how the script writers are going to convey the whole truth and let the characters deal with it, however I have to be honest that after Flower Boy Next Door premiered I was all praying for Mondays and now Saturdays anymore. I just need that spark back in this show to remind me why I was so obsessed with it to begin with.

  12. Go to gooddrama.net and dramacrazy.net for more comments of the viewers. I personally like this drama and sad at the same time that there are only two episodes remaining. This drama made me smile and cry a lot in a very good way. A healthy way. To the producers of this drama I hope they make lots of dramas in this genre light and serious and refreshing. In the meantime, I am avoiding watching the other heavy in the heart, extreme heart wrenching ones.

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