The Gang of Flower Boy Next Door Smile for Market O

I’m loving Flower Boy Next Door to pieces but it’s not a drama that leads me to claim perfection is in the making. It’s got too many side characters that serve a purpose rather than feel real and well-developed (Tae Joon, Seo Young, Watanabe) while others are slowly getting fleshed out but not in a way that piques my interest (Dong Hoon, Do Hwi). I would say that three leads of Dok Mi, Enrique, and Jin Rok are easily the best part of the show, and its great that they represent the majority of the drama so that the story focuses on what is most fascinating. I do have a bone to pick with the ridiculous amounts of PPL in this show (product placement), which isn’t isolated to FBND but is slowly becoming a pox on the industry. All the dramas I loved in 2012 (from The King 2 Hearts – donuts and Galaxy Note, anyone?, to Big – Vitamin Water please, to Nice Guy – Canon point-and-click to capture your honey in close up!) had astonishing levels of PPL that varied from truly invasive to easily ignored. FBND makes no bones about its PPL and here the cast even poses with the chocolate brand Market O which sponsors the show. Sigh. Oh who am I kidding? More pretty pictures of my precious babies is all good with me!

As much as I love Kim Ji Hoon, and also adore his character Jin Rok to pieces, my heart and soul has been given over completely to the cuteness and growing connection between Dok Mi and Enrique. They talk, they fight, they argue, they challenge each other, they hang out, they pretty much are the OTP of my dreams. The chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Yoon Si Yoon has surpassed anything I expected and blown me away even more with the potential that hasn’t yet been fully tapped. They connect even in silent scenes, but especially in the scenes where they confound each other when you can see this interest that neither even asks for. I just don’t see anywhere near the same level of chemistry between Park Shin Hye and Kim Ji Hoon, which isn’t their fault but merely the lack of similar amounts of interaction between them. Poor Jin Rok still hasn’t had a single meaningful conversation with Dok Mi, he’s so far behind in the game I just want to comfort him and then snatch him up for myself. Heh. As for the PPL, this drama is going gangbuster ratings for a cable show so hopefully the sponsors will get their intended exposure and keep supporting great indie shows like this.


The Gang of Flower Boy Next Door Smile for Market O — 14 Comments

  1. Lovely!
    What is making me soooo happy about PSH’s portrayal is how mature, thoughtful, tender hearted she is playing it.
    It makes me want to go punch out the Heartstrings director for how stupidly he managed her talent there. I will let the YB guy go, because that WAS the Go Mi Nam role – cute and airheady.

    JR never had a chance, poor guy, once E showed up. Somehow waiting 3 years to actually have a conversation with the girl you love doesn’t seem like a plan for success!

    I think the best is yet to come for uri OTP. It’s gonna get super hot up in that apartment with the tree-lined ceiling. Cannot wait!

    • The funny thing about Hippo is that when Enrique goes to hug him, Hippo’s body language is “oh dude, get out of my face.” Also, the line for Kim Ji Hoon forms to the left. 😎

  2. sometimes i’m confused if enrique has any romantic interest on dok mi. yeah! sure he ‘s curious but he’s helping jinrok. I’d love dokmi will end up with jinrok. His more manly and romantic.

    • Enrique might not be much romantic, but he’s not ‘just curious’ either. Do you remember in the initial episodes, when Enrique had to put his finger on Dok Mi’s oscillating head? At that point both of them got dazed at the ability to understand each other without words. That’s exactly how love starts budding – from being knocked out, from surprise. They themselves might not consciously know it yet, but it’s there! And it’s something deeper than idealized (aka ‘romantic’) love.

  3. I think the editor is the best of the side characters. I like the editor’s role in motivating Jin Rok and the awkwardness of their interactions. I bet she’s ready to pounce on poor Jin Rok after he’s been rejected. She can be there to put the pieces back together after his 3 year long crush breaks him.

    The actress is from SNL Korea and is pretty good at investing these kinds of short lived characters with a lot of personality.

  4. i strongly feel that this drama is way OVER rated….
    i was expecting it to be much more fun and upbeat but for some reason i always feel like sleeping when im watching this…

    • I watched the first two eps and thought it was cute and interesting. Afterwards, it went downhill for me and I find myself skipping lots of scene. I find it dragging too for some reason, I know it’s developing but yeh I have a hard time finishing it.

      • i know right? same with me… i mean we’ve seen 8 episodes already and almost nothing special happened.. its kinda boring and the hype is not worth at all!!!

  5. I don’t mind PPL like this, at least it’s not in the midde of a drama.

    I understand the people who said it’s slow and it’s true but it’s because the story requires some time to build. They should’ve used better side characters to balance it out.

  6. Its draggy some of you said, I guess it is at times but if you understand the conversation and watched the expression, you will know it is very interesting.I am watching with subbed and yet I really liked the actors they can convey the stories through their expressions and actions well indeed..especially the 3 main lead.Agree with Jomo ,PSH reaching her full potential here in FBND…even though she was ‘OK’ in Heartstrings in my opinion.I can see she has this connection with YSY very well and I saw a tiny of sparks with Tae Joon and JR is very one sided but its very strong spark from KJH towards PSH.JR and DM really haven’t have a real conversation and interaction.Thanks Ockoala.

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