Written and Video Preview for Episode 9 of Flower Boy Next Door

There was a new song introduced in Flower Boy Next Door that was a stark contrast to the peppy uptempo first few songs off the OST. This one is an angsty ballad and it played over the ending sequence for episode 9, which perfectly captures how this drama went from mellow contemplation to cranking up the intensity in a few short minutes. Seo Young whips out the plane tickets and unleashes a potential hornet’s nest of issues. If Enrique didn’t have to decide between staying in Korea or returning to Spain with Seo Young, he could continue his flitting about the apartment buildings and being a social butterfly. I notice that he’s rarely serious, but because he can’t be, but because he’s letting the inner childhood id reign because he probably grew up too fast. Only with Dok Mi is he forced to be serious, and I still get goosebumps remembering their confrontation in her apartment when he pushed her to deal with her issues with Do Hwi. It does make it amusing to watch Jin Rok try to have adult conversations with him only to end up thoroughly defeated by Enrique’s joie de vivre. Now that Seo Young has upped the ante, suddenly Enrique is faced with making a decision. And making a decision is what adults do, because from every decision flows the consequences.

I’m assured he’s no longer harboring any interest in Seo Young but its too early to say he is interested in Dok Mi in a romantic sense. He’s curiosity about her likely stems from an unconscious interest in her, but I actually see Dok Mi falling for Enrique first. She’s falling for her because he both frustrates her and moves her, that fascinating dynamic between inertia and force. Initially he literally dragged her out of her safe haven but gradually she’s become proactive in stepping outside and interacting with people. She’s not comfortable with it, but the anxiety seems to be fading with time. I wished she would have time to figure out what Enrique means to her before facing the prospect of him leaving, because I really love the slowness of how this drama develops the OTP relationship. It’s relaxing to watch them blossom around each other. But with this new twist suddenly the leads will be pushed towards dealing with their feelings earlier rather than later. Will Enrique stay for Dok Mi? Will Dok Mi go back to her former lifestyle at the prospect of him leaving? Will Jin Rok stand back and watch those two avoid dealing with the pink elephant in the room, and how must be feel seeing this happen when he’s like Dok Mi for so many years? I love me my weekends but right now I need it to be Monday ASAP.

Written preview for episode 9:

The denizens of the apartment building plan a farewell party for the soon to depart Enrique Geum. Do Hwi takes Jin Rok’s straight up rejection of her as resulting from his feelings for Dok Mi. She vows to destroy Dok Mi and starts planning a party. Jin Rok sees it and questions her intentions, but its Enrique who hears what she is planning to do………

Preview for episode 9:

Dok Mi: Sometimes I will think of you. It’s goodbye now. You….can you really leave?

Jin Rok: Dok Mi, you just continue like you are standing there right now.

Enrique: Please give up. I already said I wasn’t getting embroiled in it anymore.

Dok Mi: When are you leaving?

Jin Rok: When did you know your heart? That you like Dok Mi, when did you realize it?!


Written and Video Preview for Episode 9 of Flower Boy Next Door — 14 Comments

  1. oh wow! love the new song (can’t understand a word of it but the feel of it shines through) and i think i like where this is going. i’m thinking e will fall for d first… i always like it when the guy falls for the girl first. kinda feel bad for j though — he’s a great 2nd lead but i don’t think he’s even in the running right now.

    • Me, too. I always love it when the guy falls first and all the more when the side of the guy is shown on screen. How he notices the things that girl does, and what he does to make sure that he sees her, etc… I sizzles down my spine and I love it so very much that way… 🙂

    • I can’t say if I like the the guy to fall in love first or vise versa, but to me it all depends on the situation and then I can decipher who I think I would like to be first. I also love this song; it’s very touching and it goes great with the scenes that it partakes on. I might not understand the language, but deep down I can feel the emotions that are out through the melody. I am like that with all types of music that is not English…

  2. OMG I know how you feel. I can’t stand the week days usually because it brings me stress and anxiety, but waiting to see what will happen in this drama between Enrique, Dok Mi and Jin Rok is way worst than any bad weeks combined. My friends are calling me crazy for being OBESSESED with Mondays, but hey this Drama is addicting and wonderful. I’m just glad there are people around the world who have the same views as me, it helps the craziness die down a little.

  3. I hope E will go to spanyol..then JR~DM will start their love line. After that, E comes back again to korea and baammm..love triangle war start! 😛 😛

  4. Aaaahhhh this drama….
    Makes me love Monday… I was quite surprise when I found out that this one has some depth… Not just ordinary pretty faces on my tv…

    By the way, I’m so glad that now I can open your site, Ms. Koala…
    Few days before, your blog’s labelled unsafe and can’t harm my computer by Google. I didn’t know what happen, but I’m just glad it resolved now

  5. It’s interesting to see that E is now unable to put up the happy, carefree mask wherever his interaction with DM. it’s more often now. Is it reflective of how seriously he takes anything related to her.. This new song does express these changes in their feelings very well. A lot of things look like changing forever in the lives of these adorable characters.
    The scenario from the past seems to be repeating with DH unable to handle the interest of someone she is after, in DM once again. This is going to be good for DM this time because of two knights in shining armours…..E and JR helping her handle it and at the same time finally overcoming this phobia for outer world resulting from what happened in school. Waiting eagerly for the next episode……like always.

  6. Maybe I am connecting the dots too excited, but if after watching the preview like ten times and then reading the written preview, I think I can pretty much predict what’s going to happen in ep. 9. So… Enrique decides to leave, that’s why DM is saying goodbye and everybody is ok to throw a farewell party…BUT evil DW has this plan of getting ride of DM and does something that is going to let DM in the hospital (maybe she says very awful things to her… or maybe now she goes physical and really give her something), so E (as a witness of DW intentions) decide to stay and confront DW, so JR understands he stays for DM and is assuming he (E) has realized his feelings for DM, but I think he is not (just looks at his speechless face at the end).

    Well, tomorrow we will if I’m just nuts and read to much into this drama because its the only thing I am watching so far, but I think that everything Koala’s said about the show is the same I was thinking. Some people would like more drama, more action or angst, idk but I really like the way this drama is developing, because it feels like you are living every moment at a time, you have time to understand the characters and slowly see how one thing lead us to another in every little change in our life we decide to make.

  7. i think he might go back to sy -just to take her back and dokmi will be sad and start relationship with jr and e will come back within a week once he realize he really likes dm but jr and dm already become bf gf- so e is sad and try to distance himself and dm later realize that she cant stop thinking about e so she run to e and they are lovey dovey for 1 episode.

    then e has to go some country for job offer whatever… dm is sad and they broke up and later she follow him there..

    that’s what i think will happen …lol

    • I was also looking for that part. I have noticed recently that in the previews for the next episodes, there are some scenes that has been displayed, but has not been shown as they should be. When it doesn’t present like we thought, it would most likely be in the upcoming episode. I don’t understand why it happens like that, but they still give us a great visual to watch.

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