Adorable Kim Bum and Jung Eun Ji in That Winter, The Wind Blows

I like both leads of That Winter, The Wind Blows, and their characters and interactions are definitely compelling and rife with potential for sucking me in. With that said, while Jo In Sung and Song Hye Kyo are getting all the attention in the drama since they are such mega-stars and they are indeed both doing a splendid job of selling their roles, I think second leads Kim Bum and Jung Eun Ji need more love from the viewers because they are the tiny bits of levity in an otherwise bleak Winter world of the drama. Kim Bum, who is adorable beyond belief in my eyes, is a very physical actor who uses every bit of his body to convey a line of dialogue. He has a penchant for smirking but I find it endearing rather than annoying, and here his character is earnest and playful and totally up my alley. But paired with Eun Ji, the two of them just light up my screen together. Every time their characters have a scene it’s bristling with energy and crackling with chemistry. I find their presence adds to the depth of Oh Soo – his bromance with Jin Sung gives him a personality outside of his dissolute existence and the way Hee Sun challenges his shady ways shows us that he’s capable of caring but is simply so unloved that he has no emotional compass to guide him. I’m also glad Bummie and Eun Ji have a chance to watch their sunbae act and learn from their advanced craft.

I’m sure there are tons of folks who ship Eun Ji with Seo In Gook from their Answer Me 1997 days. I liked them there but I am crazy in love shipping Bummie and Eun Ji’s own bickering playful second lead couple here. Please give them a happy ending even if the OTP ship goes down in flames!


Adorable Kim Bum and Jung Eun Ji in That Winter, The Wind Blows — 19 Comments

  1. Aw, they are very adorable together but i’m still a very steady So-Eul mate shipper and will probably go down with that ship, lol….btw I’m loving Eun Ji as much as any of the other three experienced leads here even though I was worried abt her at first….looking forward to seeing more from her even when this show ends

  2. woah kim bum is so handsome! and i love eunji hehehe people said it was easy and natural for her to be in character with Reply 1997 and this new role might be difficult for her but so far, im loving her character here =)

    even if i soooo love her with seo in guk, im totally loving her pairing with kim bum!

    • Really?…Come on. Kim Bum is out of eunji’s league. There’s so many Asian girls prettier than her. They may have a little bit of chemistry, but for a fine looking dude like kim bum, he deserves better.

  3. Koala you’re right on! I LOVE these two together in the show, just about my favorite part of the show right now! They need more scenes together πŸ™‚

    • Kim Bum is very handsome and he is too good for jung eunji. She looks like a 12 year old and she is NOT that pretty. Kim Bum is perfect from head to toe and he deserves to be paired with a pretty & hot girl.

    • Is it your youtube site? It is great. I have not been in a movie where the second leads are as delicious looking as the leads. The girl is young and i hope she won’t do anything to her face. Love her as she is. Indeed, we look forward to more from this team-up.

      • It’s not mine, but I found the video roaming around. I thought it was a really well-made video, seeing as how they’ve only been on screen for a couple minutes! There’s a ton of SHK + JIS videos already out so this was a nice change!

        I totally agree with you – she’s young, she’s not the most beautiful out there but she’s attractive and stands out in a sea of actresses that look very similar.

  4. i’m one of those tons of folks..hehe..Yoonjae n Siwon is my fav OTP of all time beside Samdong n Hyemi..
    but its ok for me to watch kimbum n eunji problem at all..

  5. YESS!!! Thank you for this! I loved Eunji from Answer Me 1997 and this is my first time seeing Kim Bum in something but I am just in love with the two of them together even though they’re the secondary OTP. And I agree, I liked Seo In Guk and Eunji together, but I’m a bigger shipper of Bumji <3 Most of the viewers are spazzing about the main OTP but I love these two more so I'm glad that you've posted something about them!

  6. I looooove Eunji. She has so much personality and presence, especially for such a new actress. (Though I miss her adorable saturi in this.) Kim Bum has always struck me as greasy, and I’ve never found him attractive, but he’s better here. I still don’t love him, but I can see his appeal. And he and Eunji are very cute together. I love how he straight-out tells her “You’re mine”. Haha.

    Hopefully these two will keep us from drowning in tears once The Pain gets going in earnest.

    • What do you mean greasy??? Kim Bum is a VERY GOOD LOOKING guy. Based on different websites, Kim Bum is ALWAYS on the list of MOST HANDSOME KOREAN ACTORS. I agree with serena that Kim Bum is TOO GOOD for Eunji because she is not that pretty and she’s not a hottie either. I hate his red hair in that winter the wind blows, but he looks so good with the black bowl hair cut in Boys Over Flowers and long hair in Goddess of Fire.

  7. I’m not watching the drama, but now I might just for Kim Bum and Jung Eun-ji. I love love Kim Bum from the time he played the lead in Woman Who Still Wants to Marry. That’s one of those dramas I can watch over and over (well, the first 12 eps anyway). I also think Kim Bum is “adorable beyond belief” πŸ™‚

  8. He is so damn cute. I have the biggest CRUSH on him when “boys over flower came out”.

    He still has me at HELLO !!! Lol .. Lol..

  9. It’s good that Eunji matched well with Kim Bum. It would be boring if she only clicks with In Guk, right? However, the first usually cannot be replaced. So, even with the good chem with Bummie, I still prefer the EunGuk/Eungchil couple. Just like how I like the SoEul couple too.

    • Kim Bum has better chemistry with kim so eun in BOF. Kim Bum is really handsome and hot, but eunji’s not good enough for him. A lot of people think she’s not pretty and Kim Bum deserves a better looking female co-star.

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