That Winter, The Wind Blows Episode 6 Recap

That Winter, The Wind Blows is so beautiful its like a Winter watercolor painting come to life. But for some reason it leaves me cold when I watch it. This is rather apropos for the title, but not good for making me addicted. A melodrama needs to hook my heart to care about its central conflict for it to work. Right now only my brain is entertained, enjoying the con that isn’t really a con and the various interplays of deceit and sincerity. Jo In Sung is acting suitably engrossing and Song Hye Kyo is bringing on the quality acting nuances, but neither get me right in the gut in caring about them. I think one big disconnect for me is the sense of deja vu, that I’ve seen this all before and quite recently at that. TWTWB is so much like Nice Guy in set up and structure I’m constantly reminded of it. We have the con man hero with ulterior motives in approaching the rich heiress, who has an abandonment complex and is angry and bitter at life with a death wish, we have the supportive best male friend, the annoying little sister like distraction, the gangster guy who poses a threat, and the male lead falling in love with the heroine despite his initial reasons for approaching her.

Yes, the details are different but with so many overarching similarities my interest in the story is decreased and I find myself watching for the pretty cinematography and the well-written dialogue. I think this drama leaves me cold the same way some viewers have said NG leaves them cold – it’s a bit clinical in its preposterous set up and leaps of logic execution. I’m not comparing which drama is better, only that TWTWB airing after NG makes it difficult for me to really get into it. The ratings are decent and it leads the Wed-Thurs pack, but it hasn’t hit the high teens the way NG did and I’m wondering if viewers in Korea feel the same sense of been there-done that? One thing that does stand out for me in TWTWB is the characters and interaction of the second leads Hee Sun and Jin Sung. Their relationship with each other and with Oh Soo is intriguing in how unpredictable it is to watch. I love how the two of them speak their minds to each other and to Oh Soo, and how complicated their feelings are towards each other. I find myself more excited to see where they are headed than the main OTP.

Episode 6 recap:

Oh Young asks Oh Soo for the pill, knowing full well what it is. Looks like she still has a raging death wish. He’s understandably upset and yells at her making a crazy request of him, especially since the pill is his. Ha, its like a game of who wants to die more.

Oh Soo storms out back to his own room and Oh Young comes by to ask him to sleep in the same bed with her again. He pretty much says “hell no!” and explains adults opposite sex siblings DO NOT sleep together in this society. She apologizes, explaining that the blindness has turned her into a self-centered person. She also sees him as the brother who left her at 8 and has a hard time understanding that he’s an adult man.

Moo Chul confirms that his minion is treating Jin Sung’s sister as a VIP and also giving her spending money. His boss comes by, the man who So Ra swindled money from and blamed it on Oh Soo, wanting to know why the Oh Soo situation hasn’t been resolved. He calls Moo Chul a bastard and Moo Chul says he’s taking care of it and then spits on him before walking away. The boss is physically restrained from beating up Moo Chul. Wow, this guy answers to nobody.

Oh Young opens her window to allow the wind chimes to lull her to sleep. Oh Soo hears it and goes over to close the window. Oh Young asks him to keep it open since she has chronic insomnia, otherwise he can sleep in bed with her. Oh Soo choses the latter and Oh Young revels in the victory. As she falls asleep, she hands him the new will that names him as sole heir if she dies without any conditions, but the kicker if that she wants to share the pill with him. It’s like killing two birds with one stone except Oh Soo is falling in love with the bird and can’t kill it. She then hugs him and says he smells really nice.

Morning arrives and a pissy Hee Sun storms into the house. Jin Sung does a double take when he sees her but can’t stop her before she barges into Oh Young’s room. Jin Sung, Secretary Wang, and Hee Sun stare at the tableau of Oh Young and Oh Soo chastely sleeping together. Jin Sung accidentally knocks a painting aside and sees a hidden safe behind it.

Jin Sung drags Hee Sun out while Secretary Wang wakes up Oh Soo. Outside, Jin Sung asks why Hee Sun is ruining everything now, when Oh Soo’s life is on the line and she doesn’t want him to die either. Hee Sun is pissed they are sleeping together so Jin Sung says he sleeps with his sister, too. Oh Young comes out and Hee Sun takes her away to have coffee.

Secretary Wang rages at Oh Soo for sleeping in the same bed as Oh Young and he rages back that Oh Young is in stunted growth since the day he left. She is still 6 and sees him as an 8 year old, plus Secretary Wang has kept her sheltered for so long that she doesn’t understand that she can’t sleep in the same bed as her brother. When Oh Soo brings up Young’s chronic insomnia and needing someone to keep her company, Secretary Wang one ups him and says the wedding with Myung Ho should be pushed up then.

Jin Sung tells Oh Soo that Hee Sun took Oh Young away and is about the reveal the truth to her about the con. Hee Sun and Oh Young sit down at a coffee shop and Hee Sun gets enraged when she learns that Oh Soo rode a motorcycle with Oh Young. She reveals her older sister died in a motorcycle accident and Oh Soo vowed never to ride one again, refusing to take Hee Sun no matter how many times she begged. Oh Young apologizes since she didn’t know about that.

Hee Sun tells Oh Young that there are two Oh Soos, which Oh Young already knows. Hee Sun doesn’t out Oh Soo as pretending to be Young’s brother, but she does tell her that her brother this current Oh Soo is a con man and swindler and he’s back in Young’s life because he needs a large sum of money.

Oh Soo and Jin Sung run to the coffee shop and Oh Soo pulls Hee Sun aside and slaps her. Jin Sung drags her out and asks loudly why she is telling these lies, is it because she’s jealous of Oh Young since Hee Sun likes Oh Soo?

Oh Young asks Oh Soo if what Hee Sun said is true? Oh Soo says no but Oh Young just walks out, clearly not believing him. She tells him that he can kill her anytime and all the money will be his, but he won’t get a dime from her when she’s still alive. The coffee shop folks see Moo Chul outside keeping tabs on Oh Soo and wonder if Oh Soo is a gangster? Oh Young’s friend texts Secretary Wang that Oh Young and Oh Soo had a falling out because Hee Sun claimed Oh Soo was back to get money from Oh Young.

Oh Soo follows Oh Young all the way home. She trips on a bike and he wants to help her but restrains himself. Moo Chul watches all of this from his car.

Oh Young gets dressed up to go on a date with Myung Ho, saying her brother wants her to get married before he leaves.

Oh Soo calls Hee Sun out to talk and she slaps him around a few times. She cries that she likes him and it hurts her to see Oh Soo so clearly falling for Oh Young. She doesn’t think she did anything wrong – she didn’t reveal he was pretending to be the brother, but did reveal he needed money and asked Oh Young to just give it to him. She doesn’t want to see him die. Oh Soo pulls Hee Sun in for a hug, while we see Jin Sung off to the side watching this.

Myung Ho drives Oh Young who asks to go see a movie and then grab a drink. He hands her the business card from Moo Chul saying this man knows how to contact the other Oh Soo. He asks her to pass it on to Secretary Wang.

Oh Soo stands outside the restaurant owned by Jin Sung’s parents. Mom walks out and tells him to come in and eat. Dad comes out and is annoyed to see Oh Soo since he’s the reason Dad sold the cows and now they are here working their backs off in Seoul. Mom shoos him in and calls Oh Soo son, saying that she worries about him.

Jin Sung comes back from making a delivery and ignores Oh Soo. When he comes out with another delivery, Oh Soo asks why Jin Sung is ignoring him and apologizes for slapping Hee Sun. Jin Sung says his life is on the line, the slap Hee Sun deserved. So should Oh Soo be apologizing about that or about hugging Hee Sun? Jin Sung says they are all just his lackeys so he ought to figure out how to keep on living rather than worried about them.

Oh Young drinks with Myung Ho and discuss the action movie they just watched. Myung Ho is texting and totally not into her at all. What a dickhead. After he goes to the bathroom, Oh Young calls Oh Soo and tells him that she is drunk now and he can come kill her because this is the perfect time. She tells him where she is at.

Jin Sung gets a call from Moo Chul once again recruiting him. Moo Chul reveals he gave Oh Soo a poison pill to off Oh Young and end the charade quickly. If Jin Sung stays with Oh Soo, he’ll become an accessory to murder. He also reveals that So Ra is onto Oh Soo and will destroy him this time for good.

Oh Young keeps trying to get Myung Ho to drink while he asks if she loves him because doesn’t just want to be the guy her dad picked for her. He leans in and steals a kiss which Oh Soo witnesses from outside the window.

Oh Soo walks in and takes Oh Young away. She thanks Myung Ho for the date and the kiss. Myung Ho takes Oh Young out to the car and Oh Soo sees his phone ringing on the table and answers it to hear a woman calling Myung Ho honey. She quickly hangs up when Oh Soo asks who she is?

On the drive home, Oh Young tells Oh Soo that she’ll unbuckle her seat belt and he can cause an accident to kill her. Oh Soo tries to tell her that Hee Sun lied but she gets out of the car. He follows her and yells that she is so easy to kill and he could have killed her many times ago if he wanted to, such as at the train station or at the lake. He’s right on that point.

Oh Young collapses on the ground and cries that she wants him to ask her to trust him. There is no one she can trust so she just wants to be able to trust him. He tells her to trust him.

Jin Sung storms to Oh Soo’s room and searches until he finds the poison pill. He walks out and sees Oh Soo coming home. Oh Soo carries Oh Young upstairs and puts her in bed, telling Secretary Wang to leave and he will tuck her in. Oh Soo wonders what the heck he is doing, a man who has no good reason to live lying his ass off to this little blind girl? He touches Oh Young’s hand and she’s not yet asleep and talks with him.

Later when she falls asleep, Oh Soo leans in as if to kiss her but stops himself at the last minute.

After Oh Soo goes back to his room, Jin Sung confronts him about the poison pill. Jin Sung has always unconditionally supported Oh Soo – when he left the orphanage and came to their home he was always getting into trouble and had to be bailed out at the police station, how he took their dad’s cow money and gambled it away – Jin Sung never castigated Oh Soo. But he draws the line on murder. He tells Oh Soo about the safe and how Hee Sun can crack it. Can they just break the safe and take the money and leave, that way neither Oh Soo or Oh Young needs to die? Oh Soo agrees to crack the safe.

Oh Young and Oh Soo watch a melodrama movie with him narrating for her what is happening. She’s especially keen on how the lovers look at each other. She shares her recent first kiss experience with Myung Ho and how it was totally lacking in meeting her expectations. They feed each other chocolate as they watch the movie.

The next day, Oh Young is driven to the parental meeting ceremony for her engagement to Myung Ho. She’s happy until Oh Soo calls that he won’t be going because an emergency came up. Oh Soo meets up with Jin Sung and Hee Sun and takes a bag to go crack the safe. He hurries back to the house and sneaks in past the maids.

At the parental meeting, Oh Young overhears Myung Ho’s parents refusing to attend. They castigate Myung Ho for doing something dishonorable, he already has a girl they all treat as family plus how could he marry a blind girl even if she’s filthy rich? They see Oh Young and know she’s overheard. Oh Young makes an excuse and leaves.

Oh Soo cracks open the safe after a few tries and finds gold bars inside and some documents. He closes it quickly when Oh Young returns home. Secretary Wang tucks Oh Young into bed and turns to see Oh Soo hiding behind the door. Neither say anything and just stare at each other. The con can’t be up that quickly?


That Winter, The Wind Blows Episode 6 Recap — 26 Comments

    • Urghhh…. I never like Nice Guy though Ms Koala was so passionate about it which it is just great coz it helped to follow the story without watching it 🙁

      So, tried to watch this one coz of Jo in sung – lol but I must admit that melodrama is just not for me now I think.,, hmmmm…

  1. In some ways, I like this episode because it shows that Oh Soo really cares about Oh Young whether he realize it or not, but then Oh Young is really pushing it with him sleeping next to her, like WTF! What grown man and woman who are SIBLINGS, sleep next to each other like that!?

  2. I feel the same. I don’t care for the main characters at all (though their acting is good) because it feels clinical. I know that some people don’t see it that way but I do and that’s the reason why I stopped watching. Because I don’t care for the characters I don’t care whether they die or not.

    Never felt that way when I watched Nice Guy but I know some people thought it was clinical as well.

  3. IMO ep 7 really brings you in as a viewer. The scene where Soo tells Young about his past at the cabin was one of the most heartbreaking scenes in a drama

  4. Young’s constant nagging about Soo killing her started to annoy me; “kill me so you can get the money, you can kill me right here, just push me to the rails, give the pill to me, i’m unbuckling my belt so let’s have an accident, kill me please…” It was saddening at first but now it just feels shallow and lost its touch. Other than that I’m enjoying the show immensely.

  5. Dear Koala,

    I am embarrassed to admit how many times I have checked your blog since wed. looking for this post. I really wanted to hear your thoughts on the recent episodes since I don’t have a single friend who watches kdramas to talk with them about. I must rely on you my dear Koala. I agree with Zoe that episode 7 was the make it episode for me – it hooked me completely. I do NOT watch melos. In fact I avoid them like the plague. I have not seen Nice Guy which is really saying something because I adore Song Joong-ki. For some inexplicable reason I began watching TWTWB after your first posts and I am not sorry that I did. I love everything about it – the writing, the cinematography, the enigmatic villaness, the music – I could go on and on. Jo In-Sung is new to me (having stayed away from It Happened in Bali for the reason stated above) and I am enthralled. The man is mesmerizing and a joy to watch act. He is also extremely easy on the eyes. It is true this drama is very heavy on the pretty. I am sorry to see that your interest is beginning to wane. I hope that episode 7 turns that around somewhat. I have always believed that Youngie has known that he is not her brother from the start. She knows the voice from their first meeting and she knows that he is a conman and yet also a good person (as stated in her brothers letter) however she is curious to see what he is after and what he will do to get it. She seems to have been sheltered and bored but she is not an idiot and I have felt that this is a game to her as much as it is to him. Which is why I have no problem with the fact that clearly they like each other. I am just dreading the possible ending for this drama. I HATE melo endings. I have enough real life crap to deal with that I need me some happy endings in my dramas. It does not have to be rainbows shooting out of unicorns that are carrying puppies on their backs but something that gives the viewer the ability to foresee a happier future for the OTP in their imaginations. I don’t think this is a lot to ask. For example, I love the ending to My Name is Kim Sam Soon. No weddings, the babies, just the possibility that they will make it and that is all. That being said we have a long way still to go in this drama and I predict tears! I hope you continue to recap but I will understand if you have to much on your plate. You are a prolific blogger and I appreciate all that you do. If not for you I would never have watched Drunken to Love You (my first TW drama) which I loved. So Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Amy (in Seattle)

    • Don’t worry Amy you’re not the only one. I have been refreshing the page for lots and lots of times too. I was so worried that ms.Koala has decided to drop this because I really loved seeing her opinions on this drama. So far I am okay-ish with this drama. I didn’t watch Nice Guy (Not even my love for Song Joong-ki can persuade me to do it.) because I have never been a fan for melodramas. But TWTWB has managed to draw me out from my no-melos strike,which is interesting considering the fact that I actually decided to give it a try for the secondary OTP in the first place. JIS does tend to overact a little but for the purposes of the drama,I was fine with it. This drama doesn’t make me feel outright cold,but nor does it makes me super hyper about it either. I can’t seem to put my finger on it. And yet week after week I find myself coming up for more. HEH it must be the cinematography. I also think(and strongly hope) that Youngie is well aware of the fact that Soo is not her brother because it’s starting to frustrate me a little. I mean,9 more episodes of fauxcest seems rather daunting me. Well maybe it’s just me. If the ending’s a sad one,I don’t know if I have it in me to accept it.(I have a strong feeling that someone’s gonna die somehow idk) Thank you Ms.Koala for updating your site daily for us regular readers. It really means a lot to us.

  6. I am in Love with this drama, The writing is good, its fast-paced and the acting is good. SHK is doing a great job in playing a blind girl and the chemistry between her and JIS is amazing.
    Thank You for recapping this drama.

  7. Personally i felt like Nice Guy left me more cold then TWTWB, but everyone’s different.
    I noticed this is not the first time i heard about Noh Hee Kyung’s writing leaving viewers “cold”, as i remember that’s why Javabeans stopped watching/recapping Worlds Within. Is it because you can’t connect with the characters? I’m really interested in what exactly leaves you cold, koala.
    Nice guy kept me tense for the first half and although i found it compelling to watch, i could never connect with their characters.

  8. Nah… This show is giving me the warmth that Nice Guy didn’t. Nice Guy left me so, so cold despite how much i like Song Joong Ki. It’s probably because the set-up and most of the scenes in NG felt makjang-ish. Here, although the set up is a lil improbable, it feels realistic because the writing here is simply better. Very good understanding of human emotions and the characters’ drive is believable. And I like that it’s the coming of two cold, lonely souls, one whom I hope will eventually find reason to live, and the other will be able to live.

    This show’s a keeper. At least to me.

  9. I’m not a big fan of the PD at the moment. NG may be somewhat lacking in the script department, but the ensemble casts and PD were all great and managed to make it work. I’m only in this for NHK. I’m not a big fan of JIS’s acting (not only him, actually), but SHK is doing really well and I have a new respect for her as an actress. I guess it has to have the whole package. It leaves me cold and everyone keeps on raving about it, so I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling detached from the show.

    So far I am moderately invested in it, just slightly above the line of dropping it entirely. I am tuning in for the well-written script and the pretty winter cinematography. Also for Eunji. Definitely for her.

    I was a bit worried you’ve dropped recapping it. Usually your recaps are really fast and by the next morning after the episode aired I knew you’d already have the recap ready, but Thursday Friday came and no posts at all. Thanks for your dedication! I know how hard it is to travel and have to write recaps as well. You’re awesome!

    • I agree with you… I don’t like the directing at all. It’s still deliver, But somewhat I feel sometimes they want focus on the pretty more instead trying to bring a narative stand point, and too much close up scene that actually showing some lack of acting skill for some actor.

      The directing and the casting in Nice guy is more awsome.. Maybe that’s a reason so far I love Nice Guy more?

  10. In the writing departement, I love TWTWB more. I love Noo Hye Kyung writing despite lack in logic. The character motivation are more detail, and the antagonist here is way more interesting than the antagonist in Nice Guy. I particularly love how the writers tease us viewers about Hwang He Ji and Jo Moo Chuul’s character about their real motives, their real goal. What is real and what is not? Trying to testing my consience. It’s so fascinating. I loved Jae Hee Trajectory in Nice Guy, A character who Enjoyed more instead of the heroine not to mention Jae Hee was well more well flash out IMO.

    But Hwang Ji Hye is more intriguing to me, and her relationship with Young. I somewhat sense the sincerity in her about caring Young, but also can’t 100% sure about that either. If she is sincere? But what the reason behind it? I want to know her background, and her trajectory. I hope NHK will give us more about her in the future.

    • I do agree. The reason why I became interested in this drama is because I have trust in NHK’s writing though I’m so familiar with the plot as I’ve watched the jdrama version which I loved. The things that jdrama didn’t show is what this drama is doing right now. I’ve watched Nice Guy and liked it but I feel more invested in this show. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but I can totally see the difference between the two dramas, I can’t compare them but both love them. Maybe because I watched the jdrama so I understand what drives them to be why their characters are like that.

      SHK is so amazing here, for I have low expectations of her as an actress it’s a revelation and JIS is as usual intense and riveting (oh how I love him on episode 7). He is not everybody’s cup of tea for some may find him a bit chewing the scenery ala Al Pacino but it works here. He compliments SHK’s subtleness and she controls JIS’ explosiveness. I find their chemistry not in the romantic level but acting wise they are doing a good job.

      For Eunji, she really has potentials while a bit disappointed in Kim Bum smirking all the way (but still love you Bummie, sorry, i hate to say this).

      I think the PD would like to implore some disconnection to the viewers so we will somewhat feel undisturbed to the darkness unraveling in this story cause the jdrama is SO DARK and TWISTED that others may not take it.

      • But if the PD wants some distance from us, why is he using so many close-ups? that is precisely what is creating intensity in my opinion. i understand the comparisons to NG in terms of emotional response but this drama is more complex in its probing of moral conundrum. Young is offering Oh Soo an opportunity to redeem himself and interestingly, if he is exposed not only will he lose out but so will she. He needs to keep conning her so she can be saved but then the more he cons her the more damaged her trust in the end will be. I wish she would find out about him and then retain him in exchange for money and continue the charade so she can free herself from the clutches of Sec. Wang via her “fake” oppa. Pretend to be my brother and then help me escape from here. I will pay off your debts in return. That is what I would like to see happen next.

      • Maybe the reason why I said that is because I can’t help but compare this to the original wherein I totally hate the jdrama lead (his character but not the actor) as he is a total douchebag. I was so ambivalent on how to root for him but in this case, OS is redeemable and we can see that path and I cannot totally hate his character. I say disconnection cause I feel I am not guilty of cheering for him because in real life, how could you root for a con man to succeed his goal of conning a woman so fragile and vulnerable.

  11. I feel the same Koala. I feel somewhat detached when watching this drama, but it could be that melodramas are really not my cup of tea. But I love the acting, especially SHK. It’s been years since I saw her on the small screen and her acting is wonderfully nuanced here.

    I like Jin Sung and wish he gets more screen time. I’m reserved about Hee Sun at this point.

  12. I’m totally the opposite of you. I found Nice Guy engaging in the beginning but along the way I felt detached towards the characters that I continued watching dispassionately. I didn’t hate it but I did’t like it either.

    With That Winter however, I love it so far and very much addicted to it. The writing is more subtle, poignant and complex. The important thing is I care about the characters especially the OTP. I think that’s where your main problem lies in. You don’t feel for them and I bet you also feel disgusted over the fauxcest and the OTP intimate scenes.

    It’s been ages a melodrama felt this good to me, so I hope That Winter will keep up the momentum and the quality it has now. The only flaw I notice is the transition of the scenes sometimes are not very smooth. Anyway, I just want to shout out that Jo In Sung is amazing! I appreciate the close-up because he has such a great range of expressions. I also appreciate that the drama always has new twist/development every episode and the characters have depth that we’re not clear about. They’re good at cliffhangers too, I can’t wait for Ep8!

    • there you have it. It’s the transition of the scenes that you want to see more of them emoting but it was cut off already so somehow you still feel a way dissatisfied…

      Well, I didn’t like JIS in Bali (his infamous crying) but here, I can see maturity in his acting. Still not my cup of tea, but he is really good here.

  13. Yup, for some inexplainable reasons this show leaves me feeling cold/empty. Jo In Sung of course is doing his magic. As far as SHK, I have to say her acting improved a little somehow I don’t know what it is but she puts off a cold vibe as well. Not really sold on how she’s portraying the blind. (I know her character is not fully blind)
    I like the movie a lot better than the drama. MGY did a splendid job portraying her character.

  14. Even though I adored analyzing the hell out of Nice Guy, TWTWB is MUCH more emotionally engaging to me. I couldn’t really pin this down at the time, but I think that sometimes the directing in Nice Guy was too stylish for its own good. Sometimes the director created an air of mystery around the intentions and reactions of the characters that ended up undercutting the emotional stakes of the relationships. This meant that I had a lot to analyze intellectually (the composition of the shots alone gave me a field day of analysis), but left something to be desired in emotional logic.

    Even though there are just as many mysteries in this show as there were in NG, I feel like the emotional life of the characters is always front-and-center. For example, even though Secretary Wang may prove to be a nefarious character, I can say with some certainty that she does love Oh Young and that she cares very much what Young things of her. Similarly, whether or not Oh Young knows Oh Soo’s true identity, Young’s emotional journey is consistent with how she interacts with him.

    I really can’t get enough of this drama.

  15. This drama is a longer and more detailed version of the Korean movie “Love Me Not”(2006) starring Moon Geun Young and Kim Joo Hyuk.

  16. I’m like completely opposite from you. I find this drama more and more addictive after each episode 🙂

    I did try to watch Nice Guy but somehow I couldn’t continue after the 2nd episode. I know it’s not long enough to judge a whole drama, especially one that seemed to gain very high ratings. Maybe NG got better later on somehow, but I just felt too tiring after the first 2 eps so I gave up and trust me it’m not one of those 13 year old Kpop fans who only watch the simple idol dramas 😛 The first few episodes in any dramas IMO are very important as they have to gain enough interests from viewers for them to decide to follow it and NG just simply didn’t do it for me. I wouldn’t discuss about much about the writing since I didn’t watch much. But I couldn’t connect with the main guy played by SJK and the female lead at all. The guy left his very sick sister to run to some noona who (if I don’t remember wrong) was not even his girlfriend and then all of a sudden, he decided to take the blame and go to jail for her. Didn’t seem realistic to me. It felt like the writers just wanted to do something (anything) to quickly jump to the main plot. The acting was what turn me away. The whole cast was kind of ok. Not as bad as idol acting, but I honestly did not see why people praise the female lead so much. I think her acting was way too technical and felt like there’s no soul (excuse my bad English, hope you understand what I mean). And this one may sound childish, but I couldn’t stand watching her constantly staring intensely at the camera all the time no matter what she was doing. Maybe it’s just her eyes being that way, but I just felt uncomfortable. Also, did not like Park Shi yeon’s acting either. Kwangsoo is great as a sidekick friend though.

    About That winter, I didn’t want to watch it at first since it’s a melodrama (even though i love JIS), but after some positive reviews, I decided to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised. It looks good, the story makes sense (most of the time) and the acting is spot on. JIS and SHK are amazing. But I admit the close up scenes kinda exposed some weaknesses for a few actors, especially the girl who plays Hee Sun. She’s not very good at sad/crying scenes. Although she did express the sadness but it didn’t feel right. But the girl has been improving so it’s ok. All in all, I like this drama

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