Reveur Hair Care Gathers Four Famous J-actresses for New CM Campaign

Sometimes a mega ad campaign works wonders to gain brand recognition. A few years ago, Shiseido got Oguri Shun, Eita, Tsumabuki Satosi, and Miura Haruma together to hawk its line of hair car products called Uno Fog Bar. See, I’m not even a guy, and I don’t live in Japan, but I know that product thanks to a totally awesome series of ad campaigns that feature some of my favorite J-actors together. Sure Shiseido probably spent a lot of money for 4 famous actors instead of just 1, but I think the pay off could be 4 times greater since it just expands the fan base curious about the commercials and might go buy the product. A female hair care line called Reveur is taking a page from the Shiseido playbook and this March has hired Nagasawa Masami, Toda Erika, Ishihara Satomi, and Eikura Nana to film a series of commercials for its line of non-silicone based hair styling products. There will be a total of 5 commercials: Masami is the “Orange no Onna” (woman in orange), Erika is the “Green no Onna” (woman in green), Satomi is the “Purple no Onna” (woman in purple), and Nana is the “Pink no Onna” (woman in pink). A 5th commercial will feature all four ladies together.

These commercials were all filmed in rather industrial settings, with Masami’s filmed in Taiwan since she was there for a long stay filming a TW-drama with Blue Lan. Right now only the making of videos are available and the highly anticipated commercials will air on March 10th. This brand is doing a stellar job of getting the excitement up and watching the making of videos does make me want to watch the final product. I have to confess that its not immediately clear when watching the videos that the four lovely ladies are selling hair styling products as I find my interest captivated by what they are wearing and their different but very well-done make up. Satomi goes for a sultry glam look, Masami is the sexy lady (and she looks so much like Yoon Eun Hye in her CM I was really taken aback), Erika is the edgy hipster, and Nana goes for the modern office girl. Apparently the ladies weren’t given a script but merely a concept so each CM was made with their input along with the director, and will therefore really capture each actress’s unique personality and style.

Nagasawa Masami making of Reveur CM:

Ishihara Satomi making of Reveur CM:

Toda Erika making of Reveur CM:

Eikura Nana making of Reveur CM:


Reveur Hair Care Gathers Four Famous J-actresses for New CM Campaign — 8 Comments

  1. They got me there, Ishihara Satomi, Nagasawa Masami and Toda Erika are all my favorite actresses in J-ent. I was hoping that Aragaki Yui will be in this list too =p and it will be perfect!

    Eikura Nana have really gone quite far, I remember her playing Masami’s best friend in Proposal Daisakusen and now she’s a leading lady on her own. Although her face is not my type, she suits short hair a lot.

  2. This reminds me of another classic hair products CM made by Shiseido years ago promoting the Tsubaki series. I think Shiseido invited 6 prominent actresses for the CM and it was really mesmerizing (esp. when you were at the subway station in Japan looking all the beauties as you took the escalator LOL). The theme song back then was by Smap and it’s still one of my fav songs of them.

  3. i wish to see ueno juri or aibu saki or keiko kitagawa .. but these 4 ladies are gorgeous too.. great! thanks koala 🙂

  4. I only know Ishihara Satomi from this and she looks beautiful! Can’t wait for the RMPW SP! 😀

    Koala, could you add the link for the post about Shiseido’s CF that the actors did? That was a gorgeous post.

  5. Ah, the Uno fog bar cm’s. I loved them and still do. I wish they’d do moe of them and maybe add a few more ikemen gentlemen in the bunch.
    The Shiseido’s tsubaki commercials are so well known in Japan that I guess Reveur wanted something similar even though I think Shiseido as a brand is more luxurious and had some big names in their Shideido ads.
    Maki is also doing for a shampoo brand, Kracie I think. They had a gorgeous ad with Maki with flowers in her hair and cm’s with random french kid.

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