Bu Bu Jing Qing Starts Filming and Alternate Ending Footage from Bu Bu Jing Xin Revealed

The long-discussed sequel to the 2011 time-traveling period C-drama hit Bu Bu Jing Xin started filming this weekend. The first scene filmed was between Liu Shi Shi and Ye Zhu Xin who played 10th Prince in the original. The sequel is given a different but similar name of Bu Bu Jing Qing (Startling Love with Each Step) and is set in modern times and doesn’t involve time-traveling at all. With 13th Prince Yuan Hong and 8th Prince Kevin Cheng off filming the Hua Xu Yin drama adaptation City of Devastating Love, neither will be in this sequel. However, Tangren recently hinted that both will be making cameo appearances which was bolstered by a series of weibo posts recently. Producer Karen from Tangren wrote the tagline for the drama “If one day you leave my world, I will go to your world to find you.” This spawned a series of replies until suddenly Yuan Hong butted in and said “If I leave this world, I will carry you along”, to which Liu Shi Shi then replied to him “If you come to my world, I’ll carry some tequila along.” LOL, Hongshi flirting never ever gets old. The only confirmed cast members coming back other than Shi Shi and Ye Zhu Xin is Nicky Wu, everyone else is either declined (14th Prince Lin Geng Xin, who is off in Yunnan filming a Tang dynasty drama), cameoing (Kevin and Yuan Hong), and possibly still going to be involved in some capacity (9th Prince Han Dong, Ruo Lan Annie Liu, et. al.). On one hand, I’m glad this thing is finally happening, because all the talk of will it-won’t it was driving me nuts with the rumors and indecision all around. On the other hand, the synopsis submitted to SARFT for approval sounded deadly dull and dreadful, like a modern workplace C-drama discarded script that Tangren picked up and renamed BBJQ. Without the entire cast back this really isn’t even a sequel anymore, but I have to admit being curious to see Shi Shi and Nicky as the OTP again in a different setting. Will they have the same intense and quiet chemistry that smoldered in BBJX? We’ll have to wait and see, but check out Shi Shi and Ye Zhu Xin on set below. Also you can watch the never before released alternate ending footage which shows that modern-era 4th Prince was the driver that hit Zhang Xiao and sent her to the past.

The new footage is the final 30 seconds of this video. Or you can rewatch the entire “he went to get her a handkerchief” scene all over again.

Original Ending with Added Ending Footage:


Bu Bu Jing Qing Starts Filming and Alternate Ending Footage from Bu Bu Jing Xin Revealed — 11 Comments


    Sorry, I am just in sock, I didn’t really think this would ever start filming.

    Honestly, I don’t have any expectation from it, but I am just happy that LSS and Nicky get to be the OTP again, and I will probably watch it just for them. Not going to lie, I am kinda exited for this!

    • I am also happy they didn’t keep that ending. It didn’t really flow into the sequence. Plus, he looked richly dressed in the museum and he was driving a car like that in the other sequence?

  2. I will be looking out for this! Too bad 14th Prince is not involved since he was her official husband but at least the original leads are in it.


    I’m sorry, but the last scene with Nicky in the car.. just made me laugh my ass off.. I’m glad this wasn’t the actual ending.. or else, his comical expression of being shocked that he just ran over somebody with his car might ruin the beautiful, sad ending..

  4. I am such a sucker, as soon as the music starts to play tears well up.
    I still don’t know how they managed to create the perfect melancholy mood for this show. There hasn’t been another show that affected me so efficiently for lack of a better word. Maybe Sandglass…

    Anyhoo, there has to be some impossible or next to impossible barrier between Nicky and LSS to make us invested. He could be married already, or a spy or something. I remember part of his attraction was fear of his power. Because when he ended up bowing to her, it was amazing.

  5. I am excited for this too. I love both Nicky and LSS. I am sad that Kevin and YH can’t be in it. I am curious as to who the second lead man is? I hope that both Nicky and LSS will have a happier ending this time around, but if it was as beautiful as the original, I don’t mind a sad ending. I hope that TR will put alot of effort and time to make this a quality serie. I don’t expect it to be better than the first one, but I’m hoping that it would come close.

  6. Nice photo! LSS looks gorgeous in that dress while Nicki looks dashing as always. Great that BBJX2 is finally happening. Don’t believe it will ever be as perfect as BBJX but still looking forward to a new storyline with one of my fav on screen OTPs!!

  7. Thank goodness, this ending wasn’t shown. Nicky looked like he just ran over a rat. And the actual ending was perfect.
    I’m giving this a chance, I have watched train wreck of a story till the end before (think RRB) if the OTP is winning.

  8. finally!! Thanks. I saw this Bu Bu Jing Xin post on my facebook but couldn’t understand what it said, so i waited for you to post about this here. I can’t wait. I hope the script is good and it’s not like other C-drama out there.I hope it’s as Poetic too!!

  9. I’ll admit I’m disappointed BBJQ won’t be a “complete” sequel with ALL the original actors, but I’m hooked enough by the chemistry/story of RX & 4th Prince that I’ll check out the remake.

    P.S. I’m glad the car wreck scene didn’t make it into the broadcast. Like others have said, the “he went to get her a tissue” ending was beautiful.

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