Park Shi Hoo Concludes Police Interview as New Leaked Text Messages Add More Lurid Facts to the Case

The police investigation into the alleged Park Shi Hoo rape case has concluded its preliminary interview phase a full 2 weeks after the allegations were raised, finally interviewing Park Shi Hoo and K (24 year old actor Kim Hee Jun) on March 1st at the Seoul Seobu (Western) Police Station. Park Shi Hoo’s interview lasted 10 hours and he left the station well after sunset. Upon exiting, it was clearly evident the interview took its toll on him as he was seen with visibly red-rimmed eyes and a haggard demeanor. The reporters camped outside rushed to interview him and he respectfully said that he had provided all the facts to the police and the truth will come out in the investigation. After that he was assisted into a car and left the police station. Police have made a statement asking the media and the public to not speculate on the case, due to the recent leak of supposed Kakao texts between A and her friend B which appear to indicate that A has ulterior motives. B tells A that she can get 1 billion won out of this or else ruin him, while A replies that she will do her best acting to the police to make herself seem like the most pitiful victim. Police have now said that these texts, as well as others leaked earlier between A and K, are all taken out of context and there are many more collected in their investigation. Some are favorable to Park Shi Hoo while others are favorable to A. So there you have it, the classic rape case of he said-she said. Let me say that even if an alleged victim turns avaricious after the fact doesn’t in itself prove a set up or that a rape didn’t happen. Similarly a victim that eschews any type of settlement isn’t proof that a rape did happen, since it could have been consensual at that time only to turn unwilling after the fact. That is why sex between two adults is never as cut and dry, even between spouses and lovers, much less between two relative strangers who just met and got interested in each other, as Park Shi Hoo has claimed was what happened.

A spokesperson for the precinct came out after the interview and gave a short statement saying nothing of import other than the interview was complete and the investigation will proceed accordingly. These are some truly inept cops, I wouldn’t be surprised if evidence gets misplaced and the interview is transcribed incorrectly. Honestly though, the incompetence of this particular batch of cops what with the delayed interview and the info leaks left and right, is no better or worse than many high profile celebrity investigations I’ve seen in many other countries. Cops are just employees of the government of a particular country and with that comes the competent and incompetent ones working cases. Add to it the celebrity factor and chances are the tabloids are going out of their way to dig up dirt regardless of the cops or either side deliberately leaking info. I’ll leave this case with the cops and the parties involved to sort out, whether it be an indictment or a settlement to come. This has been an exhausting two weeks following this truly disturbing and scandalous event – either Park Shi Hoo raped a girl he just met, or some girl he just met is setting him up for an epic fall from grace. Either way, pretty hard-to-swallow stuff, no?


Park Shi Hoo Concludes Police Interview as New Leaked Text Messages Add More Lurid Facts to the Case — 67 Comments

  1. And the plot continues to thicken…

    Whatever happens at the end, I truly hope this girl wasn’t just in it for the money. That would just be a disgrace to real rape victims in the out there (at least, in the entertainment world) who are branded as gold-diggers and sluts when they reveal to have been raped.

    • True that! But its getting hard to say which is saying the truth, and harder to take sides. If he really rape her, I hope it comes out and his career ruined (so atleast in the entertainment industry ppl will not feel like they’re above the law) but if she’s lying.. well he’ll have to be careful Not to sleep with Strangers!! Either way, I don’t think this would help her get anywhere in the industry in korea, if she still wants to.

    • It does continue to thicken, and it’s getting tiresome too, with the police’s incompetence and unprofessionalism… If she is just trying to extort money from him, well, she just ruined his career with her antics. If he sexually assaulted her,then justice should be served. Whatever the outcome, both their lives are completely changed, and not for the better.

  2. There was info that netizens uncovered the real identity of A and that she is a trainee at CCM. If it’s true this becomes even more convoluted because that company’s CEO has a reputation blackmailing people to get his way, trying to ruin people in the media and for hiring young trainees with questionable pasts. 

    If it’s true, that opens up a whole lot of very nasty possibilities. The plot, as they say, thickens. 

    • OMG, CCM…. this is getting really bad. I just wish things don’t get completely messed up for the people indirectly involved with this case (i.e. rape victims in general, the staff and actors of PSH’s dramas)

  3. I’m not very familiar with any law-related things, so just wondering… Why is it legal for Park Shi Hoo and K’s names to be publicized, but not girls A and B?
    Hope someone can clear this up for me and satisfy my curiosity!

    • Hm didn’t a girl called reporters saying she was being bothered by the media and some crazy fans telling them she wasn’t the A girl but someone who shared the same name?

      The netizens also found where she works, which company she is from and found some pictures…

      • That’s what I read, too.
        Meanwhile, on fansites for the actor, some of the comments ask for “find the girl and torture her”. Which, I am sure, some fans will do, seeing the mob mentality of fans.

    • I think the reason why the identities are kept from the media is because with Park Si Hoo being a celebrity, a lot of fans will be after A and may end up doing bodily harm to her especially if it turns out that she falsely accused PSH of rape. I won’t make any judgement in all parties involve and will just wait when the whole results come out. If PSH is guilty then by all means he should be punish but if he is innocent then this girl just ruined this person’s life not to mention hers also. This is turning out to be one big drama. Let’s all keep an open mind and not cast a stone at either one of them. This is clearly a case of he said/she said and we will never know the whole truth….

      • Let’s face it, whether PSH is innocent or guilty, all their lives will never be the same. And the last thing we want to hear is someone died because of this unfortunate event.

    • As far as I know, the names of rape victims are almost always with-held from the press. This anonymity is, I believe, to prevent further violation/exploitation of the person in question, but also to encourage other women (or men) to come forward, secure in the knowledge that their identities won’t be made public.

  4. This case keeps getting more complicated, but I honestly think it will end with a settlement. In either case scenario – if she was raped, or out there for money – I think she will get the money. Its probably the fastest way. Unless she is seriously determined to send him to jail, or that PSH is seriously determined to prove he is innocent – that he’s ready to wait a few months or so.

    But if this is really to ruin PSH, I have a feeling thats already been accomplished. Its pretty hard for him to rise up from here, even if he were innocent. Which is a tragedy, if he is…

    • He is already ruined, for the fact of being accused of raping a victim. Everyone nose rape is a serious matter and seeing that no one knows the whole truth yet shows that no one would probably want to work with him anymore. Just being accused of it if he is proven innocent still will damage his career. Most companies takes scandles seriously and they do not want anyone to damage their image either.

      I do not want to jinx, but in some cases a person could be innocent, yet he or she was announced guilty and vise versa. No one can possibly know exactly what happened except for the beings who were actually there. Let alone if they were also in a drunken state, then some of the actions and words could have been done or said and doesn’t remember it.

      If he is innocent, then hopefully there will be someone and some company that will take him in and try to restore his image and etc. And also hope that he learned from his mistake.

      But, if he is found guilty. Then he can probably tell his career goodbye.’

      • Two words: Roman Polanski.

        To elaborate a bit in case somebody doesn’t know: Polanski is a world famous director, acclaimed for his movies and has won many prizes. He’s also a possible rapist of an underage girl who’s been running from law for decades now. He was arrested in States but fled to Europe and has been living in Europe directing movies.

        So if Polanski can make a successful career even after being accused of drugging & raping a 13 year old, why would PSH’s career be over? We don’t know.

      • Judging by previous sk celebrity cases, he will be acquitted and a small settlement change hands. After a brief spell for reflection, he will be back at work . His guilt or innocence will never be thoroughly resolved, but it wont matter; his fans will always believe the best, regardless. It will remain as a little asterisk in his bio. The girl will be forgotten. Think I’m cynical? Look at lee byung hun.

  5. One thing interest. why A,B, text message like that really they don’t know the text is an evidence have been hit them after back i think A decide already before text with B for ruin PSH why she has choose send text in stead of call just savety than show message

  6. I have to say that this is really like a K-drama unfolding itself before our eyes…Although I was never a fan of PSH, I kinda feel bad for the guy because his career was just starting to pick up after CDDA, but this will totally damage his image even if he’s proven innocent later on…

  7. at this point I understand why PSH’s team wanted transfer to another police station (wanting and being able to request for one is two issues)

    i cannot believe that all the “evidences” etc were even “leaked” out by the Authorities before any serious investigations have even taken place. This cannot benefit either party because the previously leaked messages, CCTV footages, “interview” with the friend etc did nothing but pour water on hot oil. i can’t believe (in the age of modern technology) the police didn’t even think of going to message service centers to seize phone calls, text message records etcetc from both parties and PSH’s lawyers had to do it. i thought these “evidence” usually present themselves IN COURT during a trial and not even before a proper investigation is complete.

    i think it’s justifiable that the victim’s (A) identify was never disclosed (obviously, the K-netzitens always have their way – the power and horror of internet) – i think it’s for the respect of the victim and to be honest sexual abuse/assault/rape etc is such a terrible ordeal to go thru, one doesn’t need more “judgement” from the general public. potential victims will never make their voice heard if they know that they will be harshly judged/criticized by the media and public.

    PSH will in fact have a really impossible time to clear his tarnished reputation even if he is innocent. Let’s remember that this is Korea, where the perceived moral standard is very high and Asian society is in general ultra-critical of celebs/public figures who have had high profile cases, lawsuits or scandals (or even disputes) to their names.

    if this is an actual drama i would throw coffee at the TV screen and complain at how poorly scripted and badly produced it is! except it’s not.

  8. @Kandiboo yeah exactly they are in Korea. Some say PSH’s sex life is his own business, yes correct too! who would bother anyway.
    What’s private should have been protected by all means, specially by that person who has more at stake. If he was a Hollywood actor, such behavior would not be such a rucus, but there, really, cmon how can that be overlooked when one’s reputation is everythng.

    • @zenia i don’t know whether people critical of his sex life (assuming this was “consensual” where his fangirls or his haters. either way, he’s not the first person (or celeb, or public figure, or even a lay person) to have relations with someone younger & vice versa. a younger lady (assuming >18 yo, with a sound mind) having consensual intercourse with an older male should also not be automatically be labeled as a kkot-baem either. what was the wrong bit – premarital sex, sex or relations with someone much younger or the very public one night stand??! there are probably examples of all three in the Korean entertainment world (maybe except number 3).

      that’s assuming it was consensual intercourse of course. honestly if a mature adult has decided to do something especially something “out of the norm for self/society”, s/he has to be fully aware of the potential consequences that follow, so think carefully – being tipsy is not a good excuse (completely intoxicated is another issue)

      this applies for people/character bashers on the netziten world too. i hope people don’t think that there is no consequence to whatever is written on the internet (even in forums, etc) as we are all anon. look at the Tablo case and the hurt that it did to both parties.

      i pray that PSH is indeed innocent and this thing was a whole big joke because sexual abuse/assault/rape should not be tolerated under all circumstances.

    • It is because they do not care for his reputation even if they are ruining it. It is sad to have some evidence be overlooked in a serious matter as this.

      Any evidence should be considered and taken seriously, so they can understand the full affect of what’s going on. Even the smallest piece of evidence can be a help sometimes.

      • it’s so tempting to just completely unload our feelings, our view and hatred or perceived love for someone (we don’t even know!) on the internet because we don’t think that it will get to the person involved and it’s going to affect anyone – but what if it does and it’s not true?! of course everybody has been guilty before but we probably be wise enough not to write something if we don’t have the guts to say the same things to the person in real life.

        i hope that the Western police station and staff are taking this very seriously because too much damage has been done already, even before a proper trial has begun. to come to think of it, if there is enough evidence shouldn’t the suspect be properly arrested, given a court date and trial instead of having all the things leaked out when the summons “to assist investigation” and before a proper (condemning) investigation? maybe the law system is different in SKorea…

  9. This incident is very sad and bad at the same time for all the parties concerned. Someone out there must really hate PSH so much or envy him so much. When we are young, our parents often remind us to never talk or receive candy from strangers. As adults I guess this reminder still holds true. The people we become friends with does not necessarily are true friends, so we are reminded too by our parents to choose our friends as these friends can make or break us. Being of age or an adult does not necessarily equals maturity. Age is just a number. At any moment in our life, especially when we are feeling very low or sad, we are the most gullible, so it is very important to have the right (real, true) friends and the right place to let go of that sadness or if it’s happiness one is feeling the same goes in celebrating with the right (real, true) friends and the right place.

    • @strawberryshortcake agree. the older i get (so sad! the age! getting wiser and more cynical!) the more i realize that it’s very difficult to have a “just friends” relationship with anybody (i’m not even talking about a bf/gf/one night stand, i mean exactly just friends, with no conflicts of interest and no ulterior motives). “real true” friends are hard to come by nowadays – especially true in the entertainment industry where most people want to stick with and eventually be the top dog/A-Lister.

      which i guess that’s why most (seemingly?) very eligible people in the entertainment industry either date within, or not get married. (i might be wrong, don’t shoot me). some of them must be so lonely, especially if they have to judge the motive of everybody approaching them. sad sad business.

  10. Poor PSH. He is in big trouble, plus his career is in big trouble. I respect him the way I respect others. He is already 36 years old, and i know that he knows his responsibility as a man and a professional actor. I know PSH will not do something to make his career burst like a bubble. I will support PSH even Im not beside him, and I can support him by respecting him.

    • How do you know that he “knows his responsibility”? Do you know him personally? How on earth can you have any reasonable idea of what a celebrity is truly like? Your name says it all, with all of the unrealistic fantasy and pitiful hero worship that being a celebrity “lover” entails. Go ahead and respect his work, but as a man? We know nothing, and you respect only the story you have built for yourself.

  11. All I want to know is why are there still articles that say A still needs to be interviewed?Isn’t this the first person you interview when a person makes the accusation? Because charges are laid against the alleged rapist?

    Plus frankly, the whole investigation process here scares me.I’ve never seen a police department that leaks so many pieces of information.Shouldn’t they have an internal review of their own staff?Can you imagine if anyone innocent any crime is charged there? It will be chaos. I know both lawyers, police investigators and just constables. Gosh if I was in change would be having some talk with some of the loose mouthed people.

  12. What episode are we in now? 6? Is this a 16 episoder or much longer?

    It seems that the police handling the case has some unfulfilled desire of becoming screenwriters thus the fiasco.

    As of now, I am in no position to point a finger on anyone involve except the police. The most incompetent set of investigators I’ve encountered in awhile.

    • what episode ? dont think there is anything to make light off either way 3 lives have been changed for ever
      who ever is leaking info is just feeding the sharks

  13. I respect all of your opinions regarding this case ! I really love PSH andthe one thing I’m certain of is that he is innocent ! Maybe Im acting based on my liking but I can’t just not look at the very typical conspiracy plot that is going on ! But if there is a slight chance he might have done it , he is doomed but if he didn’t which I believe so , he is not the least ruined ! He will be stronger and this whole thing will be looked at as a private life! And will be seen as a man who stood for him self , plus he made his career out of his talent and his talent will get it back , so its for the kdrama industry to use that and not prejudice here and there , She however will be done !!! Justice will be revealed and

  14. The one thing I have left is ,shi hoo oppa , we have your back ! And we. Always support and believe in you , and I think , no I know we Wont regret it !
    Ps . Please don’t look to every alleged rape victim as victim , sometimes they are the bad guys ! Ive seen alot of those …

    • Out of curiousity… how many real cases of rape victims you have seen, yourself, in comparision to those who fake being raped?

  15. i don’t know, call me biased but sorry i’m still in favor of oppa park si hoo even the case wasn’t close yet… i just can’t imagined how he’s coping with all these problems and traumas… how can he even have a good sleep? poor oppa, i just want to hug him after i saw his pictures coming out from the police station… i’ve been following him since 2005 and at some point i know he’s a good person… i just hate those kind of girls who are mingling with guys in any club, of course what do you expect after! if you really have self respect you should not go out with anyone that they just merely introduce to you in the first place!!!

    • Mmm… if you say that really self respecting means you don’t go out with anyone you just met, then does that mean that Park Si hoo also has no self respect? Because, apparently, that is what he did. Just wondering. 🙂

      • on oppa Park Si Hoo’s case, men will be men..”A” agreed to meet oppa PSH through his friend “K”, “A” was invited to oppa PSH’s apartment located at cheongdamdong, if I we’re “A” i won’t go with them knowing that it’s our first meeting and you would exactly know what will gonna happen given that they had a fair share of liquors beforehand… i am a lady, and i know how to think and act like one… that’s where the self-respect comes from… you should protect your dignity…

  16. This is getting bad and worse either way , why is it when I look for A and B i cant find them?
    I see I am used to tv legal dramas where things get resolved in an ho
    for weeks i wanted him to go for the interview now I have now want to see what’s next he is charged or not??

    now A and B talking on Kaoko hmm

    i will just wait and be paitenct

    it is like watching a bad drama but its not

  17. Love him or hate him you have to admit that it was stupid to have consensual sex or not with someone you do not know. Life lesson learned.

  18. “A spokesperson for the precinct came out after the interview and gave a short statement saying nothing of import other than the interview was complete and the investigation will proceed accordingly. These are some truly inept cops.”

    Why “inept”? Isn’t it standard procedure that ongoing investigations are kept private? I would be truly horrified if the spokesperson had actually divulged information about the statements PSH gave. That would only feed the tabloids and add to the speculation that is already rampant.

    There is a time and place for the information to be revealed. I think at this point, when investigations are still ongoing, any kind of comment made by the cops would be twisted and taken out of context by tabloids, journalists, blogs, fans, etc., as the whole message incident has already shown.

    • “Isn’t it standard procedure that ongoing investigations are kept private?”

      Are you saying that has happened? I’ve been horrified at the amount of information that has been leaked and circulating from the start. I don’t think the PD can be ruled out as one of the sources of those leaks. It’s why it didn’t seem unreasonable to me when a request to change the investigation location was made.

      • I agreed with you 100+ % on why he wanted a different location! He hadn’t even gone for his questioning and ALL this leaks were out from that station :/ If she indeed was raped, I hope and pray she gets justice, same as him. They both have so much to lose starting with their mental state because they both will never be the same. My BFF was fondle(once and for a brief minute) by a co-wrk that she thought was a genuine person and that incident change her life. To this day she has fear of getting to close to ppl. 🙁

  19. No matter how this case turns out….PSH image is damage and he’ll never be able to recover his popularity. All for a one night stand…so sad.

  20. Then an actor (since he is just human like us) has no moral obligation whatsover to the public or for example to those younger people who idolizes and one way or the other is looking up to him as A ROLE MODEL. He is not to be expected to be more discreet because he’s not answerable to anyone? If he can’t take that the public eyes are on him on a situation he brought about to himself, then why did he got into this profession. maybe he should just be a private citizen and doing something else?

    • Discreet? This issue became of public interest only because it was elevated into an issue of rape. If it did not resulted into such, then we wouldn’t even know he’s having sex with anyone.

      Actually, I don’t understand how the ROLE MODEL thing really works with actors or why we care about their life choices too much. Why the emotional investment? It’s not as if our taxes goes to their pocket thus they need to perform according to our desire. They do their job, we pay to watch them on screen. Why expect more from them? Why project our value system to them? What’s with the entitlement?

    • Yes, the way he looks makes me think that too. If his conscience is clear he should just hold his head high and declare that he has done nothing wrong. That it is normal to have sex. And get on with his life. People might actually respect him for that. Why apologize to fans as if he has done something wrong. Just stand up tall and don’t be daunted if you have done nothing wrong.

      • But another person’s impression of him acting fearless might be that he is being cocky or smug about it.

        Frankly, if I were being accused of something I did not do, I don’t know how confident I would be able to look either. I’d be scared out of my freakin’ mind that I wouldn’t be able to convince people of my innocence or sufficiently disprove something that made it look like I was guilty.

        I just wish people would step back from these conclusion they are trying to come to because there isn’t a right way to read any of the information that has come out.

      • @dj I agree. Even if you have a clear conscience, you would still be terrified if you are in the same position. Innocent people have been known to go jail.

      • I knowww ! Im also scared he might commit suicide from this but then i think he has a be a brave man. I believe in his innocence but if it turns out he is guilty he just needs to be strong , if he made a mistake he has to deal with the consequences and be on the down low for a while and maybe he can get his career back becuz he is a very talented actor who shouldnt go to waste

  21. its because people put these korean entertainers in a pedestal bubble that as soon as a speck of dust touches it…it burst. let them be humans and date freely, live free so they don’t hide the fact that they are people too.

  22. @Arawn, so to continue like “Roman Polanski” he should just move to Europe and be a director there, that might also work for him.
    Atleast you wouldn’t see that Polanski acting goody – goody ONSCREEN.

  23. He is an innocent victim of the GAME they attack him on time with many fake stories about him even they badmouth about his parent …I think they want kill alive him

    That why too many Korean actors and actress suicide

  24. Too much stress for him …. that why too many Korean actors & actres suicide

    There are thousands jobs in this world … he is a Talent guy ..we should not worry about what he will do later

    All A & B & K said …. ????not sure… but what they say & text in their cells IT’S TRUE
    His Lawyer is very wise and intelligent

  25. Yeah he has so many talents i’m sure, he can also just start a different profession, like starting his own business.
    He might have the hiatus as they say, but considering his age now, he’ll make a comeback when he’s 50?

  26. I really hope he can continue his career when he clear his name. That girl sounds like she wants money from him, she is a trainee after all. and from the information I read above her company isn’t helping her either. with the company’s bad reps, i say she is screw and she should burn in hell when the truth comes out that she faked everything.

  27. It seems they easily knew what would make him fall. knew very well what his weakness was… girls? so gullible.. so easily manipulated.

  28. 2013.03.04 21:37 Tonight’s news

    Park Si Hoo’s counterclaim: sues A and B for blackmail and defamation

    Park Si Hoo’s law firm PURME revealed that this afternoon PSH has filed a suit at Western Police Station against A and her friend B for attempted blackmail, and against B for defamation (reference is to the exclusive interview B gave to a weekly magazine LIYO last week.)

    朴施厚反控告: 起訴A和B勒索和誹謗

    朴施厚的律師事務所PURME 透露今天下午前往西部警局, 控告A與B企圖勒索, 以及B毁壊名譽. (B數天前曾接受某周刊LIYO首尔訪問, 披露了一些朴施厚案件的”所謂詳情”. )

    2013.03.04 22:23

    Park Si Hoo’s counterclaim: sues 3 people

    Second news report says Park Si Hoo is also suing Hwang Mo of his former management company EYAGI.

    朴施厚反控告: 狀告3人



    2013.03.04 23:07

    Park Si Hoo goes on all-scale war against former agency

    Third news report says Mr. C (EYAGI representative – President?) seems to try to help Park Si Hoo when his contract expires at the end of January 2013 but is in fact the mastermind behind all these, so PSH is using all three — A, B, and C.


    第三段報導是 C先生(EYAGI的代表 – 會長?)當朴施厚的合約屈滿後表面上是幫助他, 但實際上是事件的幕後黑手, 所以朴施厚一併起訴了A, B, C 三人.

    Please see our earlier posts:

  29. Rollercoaster day in Asia with regard to PSH case. No time to confirm the source, I’ll just list them below following the time sequence when I received the info. The words in () are some thoughts cross my mind.

    The police is going to call P and A for cross-examination but didn’t state when.

    The police did request, based on A’s statement about the possibility of being drugged, for search warrant to search P’s home and his car. But the request was declined by the prosecution bureau.

    Another part of text messages between A and K was revealed:
    A: I felt strange with my body.
    K: Did you two had sex?
    A: Yes.

    According to the police, when A filed the claim, it was TWO occasions of rape. Some male fluid was found in A but not yet being identified if it belongs to P or K, since the police only recently had the mouth swabs from P and K for the DNA tests.

    In K’s testimony, he said he spent the night in the living room. When he returned the linens/comforter back to P’s bedroom in the morning, A misunderstood the situation and mistook his act for sexual molestation.

    (it beats me that K was not aware of what P & A was doing in the bedroom. Return the comforter? why not leave it on the couch and just leave quietly, or entered the bedroom fully dressed up? and what with the following text messages asking A about it? What the H….!)
    (Since the police is planning the cross-examination, should they keep all these information secret? it beats me again.)

    The reason for P changed the lawyer for the third time. Apparently, the second attorney he had was quite capable and did accept the case. But soon after having found the possibility of group sex, he made some legal advices that P felt unacceptable. So P fired him.

    P’s current attorneys filed a countersuit against A and B for blackmail and extortion.

    (his lawyers got to do something at this point. A right move to defend him)

    Again, just to let you guys aware of what is flying out there. Not sure any of the about is true or not.

  30. I am not a fan of Park Si-Hoo. However, I have watched his TV programs and interviews. I found that he is a very sincere gentleman. I do not believe all the rape charges against him. I think obviously it is a setup by Miss A based on the evidence exposed so far. Once he is cleared all the charges and he will, he will be back to his stage soon and his fans will still stand by his side. As a matter of fact, in china, his Weibo fans or his Baidu fans has grown in size since the incident. This is not because the fans are stupid and naive but because they believe that their idol is truthful about this incident.

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