Lie Detector Test Results, New Interview with K, and Additional Text Messages Cloud Park Shi Hoo Rape Investigation

The he said/she said/everybody else said rape investigation that has been dominating the K-ent headlines continues to roll along on its own like a muddy snowball. The lie detector test results from Park Shi Hoo, alleged victim A, and third party involved K, has been expedited and come back to the Western Police Station. The police have commented that the answers from the three remain consistent with their initial statements to the police, and remain completely contradictory to each other. Great. Glad that was so useful. The police will not be releasing the report and will be studying it carefully and comparing their responses to the evidence to weigh the case. Then the case will be passed on to the prosecutor’s office who will make the determination whether to charge Park Shi Hoo. In the meantime, the dizzying number of civil suits filed and cross-filed by Park Shi Hoo and other ancillary parties remain but will likely be resolved in the long run by settlement or dismissal, probably hinging on the Big Tuna charge of whether Park Shi Hoo is indicted and/or convicted for allegedly raping A. The facts of this case remain so tainted with too much contradictory facts not to mention too many unreliable hearsay statements that the possible rape itself might never be determined. Park Shi Hoo’s friend K has gone on record to give a second much more comprehensive interview to the media, which needs to be read from the understanding that he believes nothing criminal happened and is trying to exonerate Park Shi Hoo. The fact that his interview contains statements that are contradictory to his own text messages with A is very telling indeed. Gossip rag Dispatch has purportedly gotten even more Kakao text messages between A, her supposed friend B, and even A’s mother, that sheds more light on the intentions of A and B after the alleged rape happened. Read on and make your own call.

K prefaced the interview by saying: “After Shi Hoo was accused, I talked with him so I know a good chunk of the truth. A made allegations through various avenues whereas Shi Hoo has only stated his side during the police investigation and has not said anything else. Most people are looking at him through tainted lenses when they ought to reserve judgment.”

R (reporter), K (Kim Hee Jun):

R: On the night of February 14th, the meeting place was changed to a bar in Cheongdamdong. Was it to get A drunk as rumored?

K: That day I offered to introduce A to my hyung Shi Hoo. It was February 14th Valentine’s Day and there were many people in the original spot. We switched to a bar in Cheongdamdong with private rooms so Shi Hoo would not be subject to other people’s prying eyes.

R: What happened inside the room? Park Shi Hoo is known for not being able to drink and you did not drink, so was A the only one who drank?

K: Park Shi Hoo has never been able to drink much and I was not feeling well, so I did not drink. A was drinking and being happy while playing drinking games with Shi Hoo. Shi Hoo could not hold his liquor and was half dozing. I took some photos. A drank a lot, but I did not drink.

R: When you three left the bar, why did you not separate and instead all go to Park Shi Hoo’s apartment. Was a rape being planned?

K: The atmosphere at the bar was very good and we had wanted to continue drinking but it was already quite late. A was a little drunk so it was hard to just put her in a cab to her home in Sangamdong. Shi Hoo’s apartment was a 5-minute car ride away so we decided to go there for another round of drinks. I drove because I didn’t drink while Shi Hoo sat in the passenger seat to give directions. A was in the backseat.

R: A walked down the stairs just fine when she left the bar but when she arrived at Park Shi Hoo’s garage she could not walk and had to be carried on your back. Why? It was only a 5-minute drive.

K: Both Shi Hoo and I could not understand why and we remain confused.

R: What was the situation when you three to Park Shi Hoo’s apartment? A claimed she was raped by Park Shi Hoo while she was unconscious, and you also molested her.

K: Originally we planned to continue drinking in Shi Hoo’s apartment. When A got out of the car she was already drunk and later vomited in the elevator. This was not caught on CCTV but the apartment security guards confirmed this fact. It’s not true that I took off A’s clothes to wash off the vomit. A drunk person becomes somewhat conscious after vomiting. A sobered up enough to go to the bathroom to wash up and then to bed.

R: So was it like the Kakao Talk about it being cramped in bed so you went into the living room?

K: I often joke around with A and I just wanted to put her at ease in Kakao Talk the next day. The Kakao Talk is just word-for-word chat and doesn’t mean everything. At the bar the atmosphere was very good, so I just wanted to leave Shi Hoo and A alone. That is why I went into the living room. It is not true that we were involved in a threesome or that I sexually molested A.

R: Then what really happened between Park Shi Hoo and A in the room?

K: What happened between Shi Hoo and A in the room that day, only the two of them know. But the case is simple – If A was sober, she could refuse to have sex with Shi Hoo. If A was drunk and unconscious and Shi Hoo forcibly had sexual intercourse with her, then it was rape. If force was used, there would be injury on A’s body. But A had no injuries at all, so there was absolutely no rape. A claimed she was raped while she was unconscious. According to Shi Hoo, A was conscious during sexual intercourse and cooperated aggressively. I will not say in what ways she was aggressive. A also insisted that Shi Hoo wear a condom so they had protected sex twice. If A had been raped while drunk, she would not have such reaction. Shi Hoo told the police about the aggressive sexual intercourse.

R: You left Park Shi Hoo’s home around noon on February 15th and A left at 2:40 in the afternoon. What was the mood like then?

K: It was cordial when the two of them parted. Shi Hoo and A even exchanged cell phone numbers. CCTV footage showed A was looking cheerful in the elevator, fiddling with her cell phone and touching her hair. If she had really been raped, would she have looked so calm?

R: Park Shi Hoo panicked for some time after being accused of sexual assault?

K: Shi Hoo was traumatized to experience something like this for the first time. Many people who cared about him wanted to help but there are too many speculations and the situation was getting out of control.

R: Why the sudden change of lawyers from the original law firm to PURME? Did the original firm quit because it knew there was no way to win the case? Or because it was referred by his old agency?

K: Park Shi Hoo switched to PURME because it was highly recommended by the people around him. It was not because the first law firm was introduced by his former management company or because his first law firm quit.

R: Why did Park Shi Hoo apply for the case to be transferred to Gangnam Police Station? Was Park Shi Hoo hoping to receive favorable treatment from Gangnam Police Station?

K: Western Police Station scheduled Shi Hoo’s attendance for Feb. 24th but he was just changing to his new law firm PURME who needed time to familiarize themselves with the case and to investigate the incident. Western Police Station only sent him one summons and never called Shi Hoo directly. The police said they did not have Shi Hoo’s contact number, so they called Shi Hoo’s former management company to ask Shi Hoo to attend the investigation, and Shi Hoo only heard about it from his former management company. It does not make sense for the police to contact Shi Hoo’s former management company representative Hwang. Shi Hoo applied to transfer the police station on the advice of PURME. A’s lawyer used to work at Western District Prosecutors Office with jurisdiction over the Western Police Station, and this fact caused some anxiety.

R: Some reports say the Park Shi Hoo offered A 100 million won as settlement but A rejected it because she wanted Park Shi Hoo punished. Is this true?

K: It’s true. Both sides wanted to settle and 100 million won was mentioned. The media refers to Shi Hoo as Goliath and A as David. But in a sexual assault case, the celebrity is actually David. Because he has lost so much already, even if it turns out that he is innocent, he would still receive strong public condemnation. Shi Hoo was in that situation so both sides were trying to work out a settlement. As the media reported, A did not explicitly ask for a figure but she made unacceptable demands like “wanting to live in a foreign country” and “PSH must be responsible for her until she is 80 years old.” So they could not reach a consensus. It is true Shi Hoo’s mother met with A’s father, but the media did not mention the above facts and just presented it like Shi Hoo’s mother was trying to solve everything with money. It is despicable that A should twist things like this.

R: Some people who claim to be on Park Shi Hoo’s side have been talking to the media. Are what they have said true?

K: Not long ago, someone who claimed to be a close friend of Shi Hoo’s gave an interview claiming Shi Hoo intended to keep seeing A. But Shi Hoo never said such a thing to anyone. Which is why even though I’ve been watching everything, I hesitated for a long time to enter the fray for fear of causing more confusion.

Kakao messages between A and B on February 15th (the day after the alleged incident):

A: Do you think I can go tomorrow?
B: No. They said you need to go now.
B: Don’t answer the phone. Don’t wash yourself either.
A: Yup. I’m going to the police now.
A: Should I get my urine and hair strands tested too?
B: Yup. They said do everything you can.
B: Let’s settle too and get several tens of millions won. Park Shi Hoo will probably get on his knees and beg.
B: Actually instead of money, let’s just get him punished. He’s dead now.

Conversation between A and her Mom on the night of February 15th:

A: Mom, I’m going to the police now
A: Don’t worry. If Park Shi Hoo had the upper hand, he wouldn’t be this scared
A: I heard his entire fortune is about 3 hundred billion won so do you think he can’t even stop the police?
A: But seeing that Park Shi Hoo is asking to let him live, it means he’s caught in a situation where he can’t do anything about it.

Kakao messages from February 17th between A and B:

B: They say its good to get news articles out first.
B: They say that settling is nonsense.
A: Yup. There is no settling.
A: Kekeke
B: They say that if we get articles out tomorrow, we can get even more settlement money.
B: And Park Shi Hoo will be getting a fatal blow.
A: Yup Yup.
A: Do you think those people are telling us to take settlement money so they can claim it for themselves.
B: Yup, but I think it’ll be good to give them a bit of it, too.


Lie Detector Test Results, New Interview with K, and Additional Text Messages Cloud Park Shi Hoo Rape Investigation — 120 Comments

    • The ONLY credible thing to come out of either one of these two girls mouths is the comment B made in her interview. As the Police investigation progressed I realized A had Lied to me also..

      • Well, if A had lied, then she should’ve fallen flat on her face during the lie detector test. Apparently, whatever she told, she must be seeing as the truth.
        Unless she was taking tranquilizers and tricked the lie detector by that. Then again, the same would go for PSH and K.

      • My understanding is that the lie detector test results have not been (or will not be?) revealed to the public, so at this point in time, the media/public does not know who passed or failed the test.

        Under the cross-examination, all 3 of them gave statements consistent with their initial statements. So, maybe it is possible that all 3 are telling the truth?

      • If A had been found lying, I think the entire thing would already have collapsed, right there at the police station. Instead, the results have been handed to the prosecutor, which, in my opionion, either suggests that PSH or K tripped up while telling their version of story, or all three told the truth – as they see it. So yeah, all of them might not be lying.

      • The lie detector tests results came back later, not during the tests at the police station. The results were supposed to take a few days to process, but were expedited.
        As the police have finally finished their investigation, they have handed the results of their investigation, which include interviews, cross-examination, drug tests, lie detector tests & whatever evidence they may have uncovered, to the prosecutors to decide whether to prosecute or to drop the case. This is standard operating procedure when a complaint has been filed, and nothing to do with whether A or “P or K tripped up while telling their version of their story.”

  1. So what episode are we in?

    This case is more ridiculous than a makjang. Too confused to pick a side. As a woman, I was more inclined to believe A initially since who the hell would fake a rape accusation, especially when it involves the media trying to go down your throat?

    But now i’m starting to shift…

    These texts don’t make it look good for A. It’s just creepy how A and B respond to each other in these texts. Like that ‘kekekeke’…why would you type something like that about such an abuse?

  2. This case is getting so blurry, really can’t see straight right now…that K fellow is so trying to save his neck and his “friendship” with P when he really is the one who P should blame…”why did you set me up with this A?” is what I would be asking myself and K if I were P. “You have to understand that the atmosphere was so good…” that’s why they went back to P’s place…huh, ok, atmosphere for what? Drink more? Just hanging out? Get laid? And he didn’t drink when he texted that he is so hungover the next day? And Kabao Talk is just words, doesn’t mean a thing? So throw out all the texting evidence and there is nothing on A, B, C, etc….as those are just words, they don’t mean a thing…right. I can’t believe he is still giving interviews to say things like that…does sound like a total moron!

  3. Yeah…this just reached a new level of mind-boggling absurdity. At this point, even if A was raped, she hasn’t done much good for herself and other women who have being raped. I think B is as big a scumbag as K, if not worse because she’s either manipulating and ruining her friend’s life or she’s destroying someone else’s career and bringing down a slew of people in the process.

    Exactly what is this girl’s problem? How was A able to maintain a friendship with her for years? And what was with those ridiculous apologies to PSH if she’s the one who spread the info online in the first place?! She should be sued for defamation!

    Also, where do they expect PSH to get tens of millions of Won to pay them? And they were going to pay their advisors as well? If this case goes to court, I can’t even imagine the number of people who’ll be supeoned. Such a mess…I feel pity for all involved. Stupidity all around…

  4. wow….that’s all I can say…..poor PSH…..I was reading a newspaper article commenting on his movie in Singapore….that was sad, especially when they referred to PSH “who is currently being investigated for raping a woman”…NOT “allegedly raping a woman”…not that anyone would register “allegedly” in their brain. All they would see is “rape”….it just made me sick to my stomach…if we could only turn back time 🙁

  5. I think a lot of people made judgement against PSH. I don’t know the guy, but I insisted on waiting for evidence. She doesn’t sound like a rape victim hence “Yup there’s no settling kekeke”. Making accusations against people is something people need to reconsidered because it will not only create a huge impact on the accuser also your life as well. I wished she had considered before pressing charges. I’m sure it will get muddier as we progress as the media will dig up more “dirt” in the near future

    • If you were a rape victim, would you want to settle with your rapist for a sum of money? As in–this is how much money it’s worth to have sex with you against your will?

      Not wanting to settle is very natural, I think.

      • The way the conversation goes, it’s more like A and B did not want to settle for the amount that they were offered. Instead, it seemed like they wanted more, as they went on to say:
        “B: They say that if we get articles out tomorrow, we can get even more settlement money.
        B: And Park Si Hoo will be getting a fatal blow.
        A: Yup Yup.”
        They also talked about sharing the money with “those people”.

  6. Wowser. More drama unfold. *rolleyes*

    Well, investigation isn’t over yet…but with this new info, sheitz, doesn’t look good for A. Why would you say and make fun of something that supposely traumatizing to you? Unless A lied to get money and ruin P’s image. Well, she ruin his image alright…but get money? unlikely. Even if she believed he did rape her, with the way she’s kakao talk with her friend, mother, who’s going to believe her? She must really be greedy.

  7. oh its been a month already ?

    was watching on the news about the alleged rapists in india one of them , the driver killed him self and then there have been all these reports of women being raped by soliders in the us army, women being raped in COngo

    rape is a serious crime of violence against women

    this is something else will they charge not charge him already i rather hear about somethinge else really

  8. This is no longer a rape case for me. NO rape victim jokes around & writes messages like that. All I see is a dump young girl trying to get her easy way out as a trainee. Any news about A intention is good for PSH it seems.

      • which is why she may be looking to leave the country so as not to be ostracized.

        Just because someone cries rape doesn’t necessarily mean they were raped. You can never understand one’s mind…..the thought may have sounded good at first, but when the show starts rolling, you realize that things won’t progress the way you had imagined it. As well, just because she cried rape, doesn’t mean she wasn’t raped…..rape among consenting adults is a very deep gray area. The truth is only known amongst the individuals invoived, so be careful and consistent on whosee side you choose and don’t judge too much unless you know the persons character, cause you might be next to find yourself in a difficult situation and noone believing in you.

  9. it seems for me just both girls trying to get revenge because PSH raped A, and what hurt the most? The money.

    Why would B say ”instead of money, let’s get him punished”

    This means that PSH did rape her and they are seeking punishment, and B even say let’s get him punished instead of money. Would her really say this if they were just after money? No. I see someone trying to avenge her friend…

    • i believe she said that because she initially believed everything A said in the beginning.. but then a lot of things happened after that and she may have realized A lied or exaggerated what really happened that night, that’s why B is apologizing now to PSH,..

  10. I know a number of people who’ve been date raped, which would be what supposedly happened to A. But they do NOT talk of their experiences like A. It angers me even to read the kakao exchanges.

    That said, I know a number of people who have had sex but then have no recollection of having done so. They black out. That happens when people drink a lot. That doesn’t mean that they weren’t cognizant of what they were doing at the time. To other people, these people seem completely in control of their faculties. I myself have had an entire summer that I can barely recollect because I was drinking intensely. I only remembered various experiences after other people I was with reminded me, allowing me to regain snippets. But at the time, I was fully in control of myself.

    I’m not at all trying to say PSH is innocent. Rather, while the law might be more black and white, reality is much less clear cut.

    • Your Comments are very true. Honestly, I believe she was well aware of what was happening and a willing participant, then in the morning things were fuzzy, she was hung over, and regretful. One lie to a friend to ease her regret, and it all snowballed from there….. So Sad for all involved.

    • Thats exactly it!! At this point I think each person is just convinced of their own version, that they believe it. The lie detector results will not solve anything. I don’t think highly of PSH, but I think right now its not even about the truth anymore. Whether A was raped or not, whether she seemed in control or not, she took a step but can’t back up. I think none of them are entirely innocent but none is entirely lying. In the end, this case will be all about who wins, not about the truth of justice. K is the one with most contradiction though

  11. I really don’t know what to comment. Who is lying? Who is the traitor? Who is set up? When the story end? Surely after Thursday night Februari 14, 2013, the lives of the three people was not the same anymore.

  12. As much as I hate how “A” and pretty much everyone involved is handling this, I’m actually starting to wonder if this really is considered “rape” simply because “A” was drunk and PSH was not. A was not in the capacity to make any sort of decision. She was clearly drunk out of her mind. PSH, on the other hand, was completely aware during this whole period. He personally may not feel it is “rape,” but legally, that does not seem to be the case, at least from my very limited background on all of this. Ms. Koala, if you could please expand on this, I would greatly appreciate it. In particular, if you could define “rape” for all of us legally, I think we would have a better understanding of this already insane case. (Not that it is possible for us to understand anything that’s going on in this circus.)

    I personally think that we’re losing sight of what the initial case is about, over all of this hullabaloo.

    • Miss Koala can define rape but that’s just textbook definition and the actual act or nonact is a whole different experience, so don’t be looking for other people to convince you that someone committed or didn’t commit a crime.

    • If we are to believe K, PSH was drunk, too. The fact that he “doesn’t hold his liqueur” very well doesn’t mean that he doesn’t get drunk. It means that he gets drunk very fast and only by a small amount of alcohol. If PSH really was half dozing because of the alcohol he drank, he was pretty drunk at that point. He had so sober up a bit to actually perform, but he would still be quite drunk and so he wouldn’t probably be able to tell how drunk A actually was.

      All in all, they were both drunk. Penetration happened. And we don’t really know a s*it what really went on in that room.

      • We don’t know for certain if PSH wasn’s able to asses how drunk A actually was right before sleeping with her. Even if he interpreted that she seemed to be willing, it still can be considered that he sexually assaulted her. A drunk driver is still responsible if he kills someone, nobody absolves him of the crime he committed only because he didn’t know what he was doing at that time.
        PSH himself said that the sex was consensual and that they talked and realized their feelings or attraction for each other, and then they procedeed to have sex. So his assesment of A’s consent to sex seems to be strongly affirmative and beyond interpretation or doubt from him. Perhaps he isn’t sure himself of what exactly happened and he’s lying that the sex was consensual just to have a strong position in front of the law.
        We musn’t forget that K himself said that he and PSH thought the girl was too drunk to be sent home alone in a taxi. If K is telling the truth, it seems PSH knew quite well about her level of drunkenness before they got to his apartment. After that it gets murky. She presumably loses consciousness and can’t remember what happened and he is able to provide a laundry list of details.

      • It’s quite possible that PSH was drunk too, and that’s why K drove instead of PSH. And only PSH and A (and maybe K) know what really happened in that room that night.

        Maybe she consented and she forgot or she is lying.
        Maybe she did not consent and he is lying.
        Maybe they misunderstood each other or they both got overcome in the heat of the moment, and she regretted after that.
        Who knows?

        A drunk driver is always responsible, because he should not be driving in the first place.

  13. I don’t know much about the legality of things, but if one were to be drunk (had sex) claimed to be rape. Court would be endless filled with those case because plenty of people who are drunk do things that they wouldn’t actually disagree to when they are sober. I don’t know whether she was rape in this case, I’m going to wait for the police to do their investigation. I think she was in a bad situation (being drunk at a guys house during late night hours)

  14. I sort of feel A was probably coerced into going to the police by her family/shitty friend or whatever and they didn’t exactly have her well being in mind when they told her to go. Seems they saw money instead. I still don’t know if she was raped or not, but I doubt she would have done anything about it without them. That should be a good thing, but she seems to be surrounded by assholes. She’s not doing a great job of making herself look good either.

  15. on the phone conversation between A & B on Feb. 15, B said “Yup. THEY (all caps by me) said do everything you can.” Who is the THEY that she was referring to?

  16. Yeah, anyone who texts “kekeke” after this sort of ordeal is crazy. Rape allegations are serious, so I wouldn’t go around laughing in text messages. Other than that, I have no idea who/what to believe and I’m no longer making assumptions.

    • @Katie

      Yeah… What kind of girl is that? Apparently there is such a kind girl !!!
      After having sex with the man who had first met casually then she went and made the message on the phone with a cheerful. Later claimed that she was raped. It’s horrible !!!

  17. There are some cases out there that they’ll never get to the bottom of the truth for. This case is one of those. It’s not black and white — PSH thinks it was consensual, A thinks it was not, and you get confusions all around.
    At this point, and definitely at this rate, they’ll end up settling and PSH and A will never be the same again.
    Although i do wonder why A is all “keke” in those kakao messages when she is allegedly a rape victim.So bizarre. Were these messages released by the police? Otherwise I wouldn’t find it reliable.. anyone could have made them up.
    Honestly, they’ve dragged this case out for so long with he said she said finger-pointin schemes that I find myself no longer in disbelief.

  18. None of these conversations are damning for A. None of them prove she wasn’t raped. And it’s ridiculous to claim that her behavior wasn’t “natural” for someone who’d just been raped- unless you have personally been raped before, how can you determine what is natural behavior in that case?

    I will say she seemed angry and vindictive, which isn’t unreasonable behavior for someone who would have been raped just 24 hours ago.

    Isn’t Korea known for settling all sorts of crimes with large amounts of money- even murder, etc? In the West money isn’t seen as a legitimate retribution (ie. justice) for crimes, but perhaps that’s different in Korea. If that’s the case, it makes sense why she would be so set on getting money from him.

    • Money could be a motive for her make an accusation. She wanted to drag PSH down and already calculated the money she will gained from the case. “Do you think those people are telling us to take the settlement money so they can claim it for themselves”. She doesn’t sound like a victim more like someone who’s using the law to blackmail PSH.

      • @ Jt88

        I’m agree with you. If it is true that Miss A has a purpose for the money. We should feel sorry for her, because she’s paying herself and her moral responsibility only worth 100 million won. How would the world be if there were a lot of girls like her?

  19. Here it is the power and influence of the family Park Shi Hoo. Money can buy any of the information, phone records, and more. No one cares about the rule of law and private life. Miss A. is not enough money to do the same. Do you think that we have heard and read in teleyonnyh conversations Park Shi Hoo and his mother, a brother, Mr. K.?

  20. I’m sorry, but reading all A’s messages with either K or B or her mom, it’s really hard to imagine that she is a “victim”. I don’t feel any sympathy for her. Either it’s consensual or not, I think she is childish and shallow. A lot of people say that A has a lot to lose, claiming as a rape victim and any sane women will not do it if they haven’t been raped. In this case, I didn’t see that A herself realize or even care that she has dignity to keep. In her shallow mind, she probably just wanted a very high settlement and continue the rest of her life overseas. As for PSH, this is a very hard lesson for him to learn not to sleep with any girls! At this point, PSH has so much to lose (even if he win the case at the end). No one will ever see him the same again. No matter how talented or how hard he works in the future, he will always be associated with this rape case.

  21. I’m sorry, but these Kakao talks between A and B still don’t prove A wasn’t raped and that she’s only after PSH’s money. If she was unconscious when raped, she doesn’t have to look traumatized from day 1 to prove she’s a rape victim. She may be hungry for money, instigated by B and other people, naive, stupid, but nothing sugests from these talks that she wasn’t taken advantage of and everything is a big lie.

    Her phone talk with her mother sugests that both A and her mom were concerned about PSH’s status and money influencing the police’s decisions.

    K is a complete a**hole. I wouldn’t want him as my friend, buddy, anything. B doesn’t seem reliable either.

    This case is tainted beyond belief. And why are we only getting private telephone/kakao conversations of only A and her people? Why there are no PSH’s private messages leaked? Are we to believe that PSH’s side or a PSH biased party is digging up possible damaging information on A and releasing it to the media for trying to clean PSH’s image and taint A’s? Disgusting. We can’t even verify the phone talk is the real deal. Tainted, tainted case.

    I’ll wait for the lie detector’s results.

    • Good point that we haven’t seen a single text message from PSH side. it seems very lopsided. In one hand, A handed over her phone while K and P are withholding theirs so perhaps we have yet to see their text content. Either this or P’s side bribed the media to release on A’s side of text messages

      • Actually, it was reported that P and K had submitted to the police all the outgoing call history and text messages on their mobile phones before and after the events. Hence it’s untrue that “K and P are withholding theirs”. Anyway, the police would not (and should not) reveal the text messages since these are evidence in the police investigation.
        A lot of A’s text messages were released to the media by A’s side themselves. Maybe, there’s nothing interesting in P’s text messages or the messages are detrimental to A, that’s why we haven’t seen anything? Don’t forget that the media were having a field day publishing any negative stuff about P that they could dig up.

    • Agreed.

      This is a classic, perfect recipe for a disastrous alphabet soup. A well-known celebrity of a certain social standing looking for some unique lifestyle. Celebrity has a dubious relationship with a friend K who may have the same unique lifestyle. A naive, innocent and flighty lass comes along, has a crush on K and perhaps she was looking for her own unique lifestyle. The stars collided and this big bang theory was discovered.

      By K’s own statement, it seems that on that fateful night, A didn’t know she was going to meet P. Whatever settlements she talked about after the alleged rape by P couldn’t have been pre-meditated because she was only going to meet K. What looks pre-planned is the meeting on that fateful night. What’s even more alarming to me is how desensitized P and K are of the surrounding CCTVs when they carried drunk/semi-conscious A to P apartment/officetel.

      Who knows, maybe A is the 56th gal who didn’t have an OMG, it’s PSH moment with a different drunken behavior pattern from the rest. And perhaps P, in his own mind thought that there are a few hundred more lass willing to jump him. This one is no different. So, many things happened quickly and every alphabet in the animal kingdom has their version of the big bang theory. WTH just happened here, everyone asks. Light years from now, everyone will still be asking the same questions.

    • febe, A’s side released the kakaotalking messages after presumambly incomplete ones leaked to the press, and she wanted to clarify. After that P’s side released more too. And now it’s definitely not A’s side releasing the last convos with B.
      I haven’t read anywhere that P gave his phone to the police. Can you give me a link to the article please? Thanks. I’m just saying that if A’s side subpoenaed his text messages, by now they would have leaked somehow to the press. We don’t know yet and let’s not jump to conclusions like they were detrimental to A and stuff.
      And just do you know, Dispatch, the site who published A’s latest messages is strongly on PSh’s side, they are quite biased, so…

      I want to see the messages or phone calls exchanged between P and K before and after the night in question. Also, P’s convos with K in the 2 weeks time before deigning to present himself at the police station. Where is Anonymous when you need them to hack into the online records? Does SK have Anonymous?

  22. Why was A not in a trauma state? BECAUSE SHE DOES NOT REMEMBER HOW IT HAPPENED. if she was conscious of his intentions and she fought then that could have caused trauma.
    How A “word” her text does not absolve PSH, as text messages are not the sole evidence of this case.

  23. This is getting silly by the min . Mrs koala I think u should get beck to recapping ! The posts are. Being so silly !

  24. Even if PSH spend all his wealth to point at A as the antagonist, not all people can be fooled by him anymore. Money cannot cover up everything, it just show more and more how they are panicking, and getting desperate. those monsters cannot get away to do this all over again because a victim took the courage to expose them, as there is an end to everything.

    • I dont get why PSH is protecting K while he goes all out with A. Granted A is the accuser. Since A is a stranger to him and K knows him, He doesnt suspect K at all? He suspects his former agent/agency and his suspicion is with everyone else EXCEPT K. This part is very intriguing.

      • Because P and K are in tandem with each other. They seem suspicious to me. Even B turned against A although they were close friends and B still hasn’t a clue if A was raped or not. How is P so sure K didn’t conspire with A to bring him down and take his money when K was the person who introduced him to A? And how is K so sure P didn’t rape A? LOL, he thinks rape is only when force was being used, no comment. Maybe P thinks the same. Are they bros sticking up for each other no matter what, or are they covering up mutually their a*ses? Is K protecting P because of the influence P has, or because he sincerely thinks nothing foul happened? Or because he can’t admit that he was doing groceries for P? LOL
        A should sue P and K for conspiring too. LOL K didn’t said to A that it will be a drinking session with P that night, not a date with him like she was lead to believe. I want to see messages exchanged between K and P before and after that night. And lastly, did K drink that night or not? Is he afraid of a DUI that’s why he said to the police that he didn’t drink? So he knows how to lie to the police and to someone who considered him a friend.
        And lastly, how come P has the nerve to sue A for conspiracy based on some Kakao talks obtained who knows how exactly, when he still is a suspect in her rape case?
        Prove you’re not guilty first and after that countersue.

      • Yes, Ondine. These are some questions that I too ask. There’s gotta be something between these 2. K lied and its on record. PSH still seems to trust him. Why?

      • @ Ondine: “Prove you’re not guilty first and after that countersue.”

        This is what bothers me about so many of the comments… the way it works is supposed to be “innocent until proven guilty.”

      • @djbullock
        “not guilty”=innocent

        I haven’t said anywhere that I believe he’s guilty, though I believe that some sort of foul play happened that night.
        Right now there are more damning evidences against him, than against the girl.

      • @Ondine, he should not need to prove that he is not guilty. He is innocent=not guilty until proven otherwise. And P did not sue A for conspiracy, he sued her for blackmail.

      • @ febe, A was sued for attempted blackmail, not for blackmail, based on the leaked kakaomessages. There’s a difference.

  25. Just to clarify that the text emoticon used by A/B is ㅋㅋㅋ = kkk = kekeke which means chuckling.
    It is different from laughing (ㅎㅎ = hh = haha) or LOL (ㅍㅎㅎ = 푸하하)
    or giggling (ㅋㄷㅋㄷ = 키득키득).

    I think it’s truly hard to interpret Kekeke in this context, because kekeke could also indicate cynicism. This is why I hate texting because the nuance is missing or easily misinterpreted.

    • Thanks for differentiating. I am getting it is part of her personality. And yes texting can be easily misunderstood/misinterpreted. You cant really get the emotion across because just using words is limiting.

  26. Well PSH can buy himself out of this case, using money, influence, power. But KARMA is still an equalizer, a few years after this case had been forgotten, he might just get hit by a speeding car…or get flattened by a falling debri…get choked by his food…or a venereal disease microbe damages his brain.. or much worst somethng like this happens to his own daughter someday.

  27. Everytime we see loopholes in their testimonies they always resort to release new texts to really paint A more as antagonist. Ever wonder about that?
    If settling by money is culture in SK, why is everyone so adverse? Even though its dramas, it sometimes reflects the society. You see car accidents, you settle. You see someone get punched, you settle. You get rid of rival, you settle. Anything distasteful/untoward, you settle with money. Heck, even the police is probably stalling for them to settle. It doesnt erase the fact that A was taken advantage of that night. She is clearly using it as leverage.
    The texts seems incomplete. A seems to be talking to herself because I dont see A’s mom response to be it a conversation. We know that A’s not seemingly bright. You can tell someone can take advantage of her. She is still being taken advantage of. Everyone close to her telling her what to do, what she can get out of it, how to deal with it from their perspective. If everyone talks to her about money, of course she will respond with money talk. Would you respond with, say, Gee I wanna eat ramen. Unless you dont wanna answer directly and subtly hint to drop the topic.
    Why dont they scrutinize PSH texts around that time? No conversation between K and PSH either.

    • Right. Where negotiations between Park Shi Hoo and Mr. K.? Where conversations between Park Shi Hoo and his mother and brother? Can negotiate cynical and desperate that are afraid to show? Let it show police the negotiations.

  28. Is it just me or am I thinking that the only reason this scandal thing is going on so that other things can be hidden? I think there is politics going on behind the scenes…

    Or am I being too suspicious?

  29. Im more inclined to interpret the kekeke as disdainful/contempt laugh cuz it fits the conversation and its after “Yup, there’s no settling.” Why no one analyzes how it was use. I dont get why some people see it as cheerful. Or does some people pick out a line without reading the whole context.
    From the conversation, there are people who advises to settle and dont settle. A questions the set of people telling her to settle if they want some of it. I dont know why this got interpreted that she’s asking for more money. Her parents are not settling and she is not settling. Is this why some people think she’s asking for more money?
    Also the supposed text between A and A’s mom, the line where she mentioned PSH fortune. I read that even with his 300 billion won worth PSH could not stop the police launching the investigation against him. Again, do some people just pick a line without understanding it.
    PSH also seems to beg the police or some higher authority, to let him live. Dunno why no one is picking this line to misinterpret.

  30. KE KE KE Ke Ke KE KEK : Ha HA Ha HA means really really realy HAPPY

    She was really really happy and had fun with PSH that Valentine night althought she had to wait for his payment till 2pm of the next day !…

    PSH ‘s mistake is forgot paying for her after her serving one night !
    ( Her dream is ” going to Australia ” so she must need money !!)
    And she knew PSH has $270 million US !!!????

    • @Rose, I really pray that you will never experience sexually assaulted, neither your friend or family because if it happens you will regret what you have accused A just because she KEKEKE that you interpret as HAHAHA.

      Did you hear her laughing, it is just emoticon that can also be interpreted as cynical. Not everyone that has been raped will act traumatized. How do I know?…BECAUSE I WAS ONE THAT HAS BEEN RAPED. Right afterwards, I behaved quiet normally and still laughing just because I don’t want people to know what I suffered, I didn’t even shed tears as I was too shocked and blamed myself of being stupid. After the raping, I continue my life still with laughter and else, but I am dead inside. Not until I heard my rapist tried to do the same to others that I come to my senses that this guy has to be stopped. So, I take all courage to go for counsel and that is the very 1st time I cried of what has happened and reported this guy….and that was almost 5 months later after the incident.

      So in this case, I am not siding with Ms. A, but judging her of what she wrote in kakatao is so immature and bias. You don’t know her, you don’t know what nightmare she might have experienced, you don’t know how confusing she can be with all what is going on. And you interpret that as she is being HAPPY??. Don’t judge the book by its cover, Don’t judge people by her/his look.

      Whatever happened rape or not, one thing for sure, this is not the 1st time this actor had a night stand experience. If this actor did rape or sexually assaulted her, well I am fine if she asks money to compensate because that is the only way she can get back on him in such a corrupted legal system, when criminality such as rape can be settled by money. I can understand if she wants this actor career ruined, it is not half of what she has lost (if rape/assault did happen). Ms. A is just being realistic and I don’t think she is for the money, but for revenge. Even if she gets the money, if she wants to go to Australia or Alaska, so what, she needs money to start her life over again where people don’t know what happen to her. But you won’t never know for sure if she really did ask money and what she wants to use with the money, who knows she wants to use the money for rape victim counseling foundation?.

      My point is …, please if you are a woman, even if Ms. A lies, give also a point that she might as well telling the true. And don’t judge her just based on the text messaging from unverified source. For me verified source is only coming from an official release/announcement form the police dept/court.

      But again I won’t expect you to understand unless you have been assaulted yourself, then see if you can say the same thing.

      • Thank you Opal for sharing your story. I hope you continue on your road to self healing. I hope you can see that not everyone has the same mentality that faults rape victims. I also hope you dont take to heart what has been said about/comments or posted so far. Just take it as ignorance and immaturity talking. It took courage to finally confront the guy who took part of you and not use what happened to define you.

  31. Those texts are very interesting and voice needs to be put to words on a stand before a judge where they explain them verbally.

    To me, it still seems like A was raped that night, but the trauma of it was assuaged because she did not remember the night before and may have had sex under duress the next morning after discovering herself naked in bed with PSH lying next to her.

    Her texts do come off as very immature and none of these women are bright. Who texts someone about their rape? And, why aren’t they “talking” to one another vs texting on such a serious matter?….Estupidas.

    Don’t know, but I hope this goes to trial.

    Thanks for the latest episode in the ongoing ridiculousness of this case…..

  32. seriously I don’t really think A was raped based on the way she conversed with B and her mother ..instead , I really feel that she’s a bad girl for having such idea to trap PSH. yes, they had sex together and I don’t think it’s a rape. furthermore, it’s already mentioned that from one cctv footage , A was seen smiling while kakao talking using her phone after getting out from PSH’s apartment. she was even seen to play with her hair. I don’t think a rape victim would behave like that. furthermore , she can still exchange messages with K just after she reported PSH as her rapist to the police station. B also already apologized to PSH for what she did. why would she apologize if she’s confident that she’s on the right side ??? why would she be afraid of PSH if what is claimed by A that PSH raped her is true ?? I used to feel bad for A but now I’m sorry after all these revelation I don’t think I can be on her side anymore.

    • rape victim would not use ‘keke’ in her messages . and she does seems as if she’s happy that she gets to blackmail PSH . if she’s really raped, she would be really traumatized though she claimed that she was unconscious during the whole process. but can someone please tell me , if she’s unconscious, why would she be at the PSH’s apartment for so long ?? it’s just sounds illogical for someone to be unconscious for so many hours because of drinking. unconscious for more than 12 hours just because of 2 bottles of soju ?? it’s already proven that she was not drugged. and there’s no trace of K’s DNA on her that proves there’s no gang bang rape happen. and seriously the reason why I can’t really trust A is because there are so many loopholes in her statement , and also B’s statement. they kept changing or adding info’s to their statement. somehow I find what was mentioned by K seemed to be quite synchronized with what mentioned by PSH. and please don’t hit me just because I’m not on A’s side. I’m entitled to my opinion just like how others who are on A’s side right here.

      • btw , I also find that K is sort of a manipulative guy. PSH should have believed him. if only K hasn’t introduce A to PSH , all these won’t happen.

    • How do you know a rape victim will not behave like that?. Rape victim can behave 101 ways that might not logical but doesn’t mean the incident didn’t happen.

  33. K says he did not drink, then says he was a little drunk. He says A was “a little” drunk so they couldn’t put her in a taxi to go home but instead decided to go to PSH’s apartment which is 5 mins away, “to have another round of drinks”. The girl is drunk to the point not being able to go home on her own even with a taxi but they decide to keep drinking anyway. May I ask why? Oh and they can’t understand why she was in such a condition as to be in need of being carried when they got to the apartment. You just said she was drunk and couldn’t go home remember? He also says she could walk fine but then again she can’t go home. Or is it the taxi drivers in SK who are unreliable? I doubt it. At this point K looks as a huge lying lier who lies. Even his interview which must have been rehearsed is full of contradictions in itself and I don’t think he decided to give an interview on his own, he must have asked for PSH’s permission and they might have discuseed what he should say beforehand. They must be hiding something about what else happened that night (apart from the alleged rape).

  34. What A’s texts are doing here, all the ‘kekeke’s and talk of money, are diminishing the dept of how horrendous a crime rape is, how it effects a woman, make her feel tainted and torn, how much strength she’d have to find to move past it.

    Whether A was assaulted that night or not, the fact however remains, and ought to be stressed, that PSH slept with a girl 10 years his junior after a few hours of meeting her when she was in a drunken, unstable stable while he clearly, from his low tolerance for alcohol, was much, can be inferred as having being more aware of the happenings than her. That spells sleazeball, and it really is this sort of attitudes men in this world have to get rid of.

    Honestly,with all these news reports from India to Korea on these crimes, it amazes me how much nothing really is really been done about any of it, as with this ongoing and far too public case. We as a society perhaps have never moved on from the dark ages.

    The injustice of it all, is disgusting. Disgusting and morally wrong, can’t they see it, bringing a drunk girl home instead of doing the gentlemanly thing and dropping her home? It isn’t a question of her foolishness, which evidently extends quite a bit, but the cheap conduct of men like PSH and K who abuse their stronger, more powerful place in society as men rather than behaving with conduct.

    • K’s excuse for not sending her home because he was too drunk is ridiculous. The burden of premeditated rape plan is on P and K since they hauled her to P’s house in such a poor condition. They mistreated a woman and i don’t blame her that she took advantage of every opportunity to bring him down. We discussed about how women should protect ourselves by not drinking with strangers, etc. the same rule must a

    • K’s excuse for not sending her home because he was too drunk is ridiculous. The burden of premeditated rape plan is on P and K since they hauled her to P’s house in such a poor condition. They mistreated a woman and i don’t blame her that she took advantage of every opportunity to bring him down. We discussed about how women should protect ourselves by not drinking with strangers, etc. the same rule must apply to men that they should avoid putting themselves in sticky situations such as this case , esp when you are a celeb when everything goes public. Nevertheless , it’s no one to blame but P himself that he’s suffering. Way to go to treat a woman, douchebag!

    • Do you uphold all of those morals? HMM you think this is 2013 there are shoot outs in school (kids) people are a little corrupt and psychos.

      Regarding people said she’s not traumatize because she was rape and DOESN’T remember? Then how exactly does that become traumatic rape? How is it RAPE if she doesn’t REMEMBER?

      • Does anyone really have to spell it out for you? She cannot remember how and why she was on PSH’s bed, but as PSH have said they had sex, and as substantiated by the lab results, She cannot remember because of the condition she was in when it happend, not in the proper state of mind to b able to give consent. She cannot remember, SO HOW CAN IT HAVE BEEN CONSENSUAL?

      • What the heck so youre telling every drunk person who is drunk can claim rape? If thats the case jail is going to be overcrowded with rapists. She woke up naked and probably go what the heck did I do. That’s why she said “biggest mistake of my life” is a more plausible explaination. Rape sounded more coerced

      • Whether it be rape or sexual assault is for the court to decide, but obviously that was not consensual.

  35. I mean what kind of guy who told a very drunk girl to have another round of drink at a guy’s house! I say P and K are as stinky as rotten fish! Ladies, girls, MCW, MGY, other actresses, never ever drink with P and K by yourself, or else you might be taken advantage of. These guys are no gentleman.

    Even if he didn’t rape, i think he deserves all the heartache and pain for mistreating a woman. Who knows how many other drunk women he had one night stand with. A true lesson for people like him. Don’t have sex with an incapacitated woman whom you just met a few hours ago! She couldnt possibly give consent and you need to protect yourself frm sticky situations

  36. I especially love the part where K rationalizes,
    “You know you end up being more sober after you throw up,” because that makes the fact that someone had sex with a drunken, puking woman so much less revolting! Oy vay.

    • Oy…indeed.

      While I’m very aware of the extreme tragedy of rape (even in it’s subtle, “oh we were drunk” form) — I cannot shake the sense of humor I have about the ABSOLUTE absurdness of this tale.

      K and B are by far the most interesting to me, because, they really don’t have any stake in the thing other than blabbering and inserting themselves into the lawsuit…. whilst simultaneously getting sued themselves.
      I consider both of them to be exhibiting the highest level of dumbassery.

      And even if others don’t agree with me — I find PSH to be just a semi-middle-aged, horny lothario…and A to be a box-of-rocks, party girl. All the scenarios of calculated rape…OR…rape entrapment don’t ring nearly as true as:
      Two stupid people got drunk – had drunk sex – and then disagreed on the circumstances.

      K set the thing in motion — B took the hysterical-friend approach without deep thought and caused/or enabled A to jump into a fire pit without much consideration for the outcome…. and now, after smack-talking, is calling her friend a liar.

      I guess my sense of humor about it is how Flaming-Stupid everyone is.

      • Most people don’t think it was a rape entrapment, only a sex entrapment.
        But I agree, everyone involved is so freakin’ stupid.

        I sorta agree that there were 2 stupid drunk people who had sex and disagreeing after about the circumstances, but the way I see it, PSH, a public persona of 36 years old should have known better than a 22 years old airheaded party girl, who was vomiting all over the place and couldn’t walk on her own foot when they reached his home. You don’t have sex with drunk people the first time when you’re a star and you don’t know what those people at all.

        The way I see it, horny PSH wanted to have sex at all costs and now it came back to bite him in the ass. Serves him right after throwing decency, prudence, morality out of the window! He was the most stupid of the bunch!

        They should have let the girl sleep on the couch alone if they were real gentlemen, but who lets an attractive, young, drunk to boot girl to sleep alone? it beats the purpose of a real man. ROFLMAO

      • Hey there 🙂
        ~re: “you don’t have sex with drunk people when you’re a star and you don’t know these people at all.”

        gurl.true that.
        That makes so much sense to reasonable people..who are sober…reading articles…

        but THIS bunch of fools tooled-up on Soju and lay in bed together.
        Whether A *thought* it was K…. or PSH rolled-his-Ego over and said “hey baby”~ there was still…dumbass, drunken sex going on.

        I actually don’t judge any of them on their age, fame or morality…I DO judge them on not being able to *contain* their dumbassery. Collectively.

      • Hey back to you, sally_b! 🙂

        I still believe that PSH should’ve been the most reponsible adult in this situation. His management even apologized to the public by saying
        “We apologize again with out heads bowed that he wasn’t able to properly take care of his private life as a public person”

        He was stupid because he was thinking with his reproductive organ. It’s just fair now that he must suffer the consequences. He behaved like a sex-starved college boy at 36! LOL

        The drunken sex version of the story it’s just the light version of it.
        The dark version is the guy having sex with an unconscious or barely responsive girl.

        We might never know which version of the story is true.

  37. lol guys, KEKEKE is not HAHAHA it is like an evil laugh. I say ”kekekeeke”

    A was saying she would bring down the guy who raped her, they would make him get punished and ”kekekeke” evil laugh that her rapist is going to jail.

    Why do you take this as ”happy” it can be ”vengeful” against the guy that raped her.

    You never evil laughed when you were going to pay back what a person did bad to you?

    • Yes, I’m dying to see it tbh. PSH must have texts like ”I’m horny and need a girl tonight on Valentines day, find one K”

      or K like ”I found a pretty but dumb one, her body is dabaek”

      • And even if PSH erased all his text messages, the Telcom provider will have all of those in their system, from Feb 14 or even before.
        i wonder why PSH and K wont give up their phones, when PSH said he will be cooperative to the investigation.

  38. After reading all those messages, I don’t want to believe A anymore, just can’t trust her。Doesn’t matter PSH win the case or not, his future no doubt will be effected , i think some people alreay very happy to see this result now.

  39. if it was me,i think i would behave the same as “A” knowing that her rapist is a very rich and well known actor. this probably is not her first time doing”s*x”,i dont think she is still virgin ,that explain why it doesn’t seems like she was being raped. and consider that she doesn’t even remember and feel what happen that night,is another point why she she doesnt seem depress in the morning after it happened.
    But in my opinion,there is higher probability that,she is being taken advantage of by “P AND K”. P and K seems very suspicious.i dont think it is right to disclose all the text message by A and not P AND K. and recently all of them(like B) turn their back and leave “A” and suddenly some random people like” L ” APPEAR..wth?police should have the right to obtain and the text messages even from P,to give them more evidence. and what is police DOING here by disclosing all the text message by A and not P or K?I m sure P with more power and money is behind all of this.grr..this make me shouldn’t discriminate whether u are common people ,trainee or well known actor.

  40. Sounds to me like PSH n K are good friends that shared a certain lifestyle. PSH was horny that day and K knew it. A liked K and dumbass that he is, he had no idea and just saw her as another party girl he knew. So, he conveniently brought PSH with him that day and A went along with the flow so as not to offend her crush K. Most likely Only A was really drunk. PSH probably did believe that A knew that he wanted sex that night and was open to it, so he saw nothing wrong with having sex with her even if she seemed totally drunk. A was prob too out of it to show she didn’t want sex. She regretted it but likely would have settled for money and chalk it up as a mistake she made after getting dead drunk. Others around her convinced her to report it as rape. So to PSH, no rape happened but to look good, let’s say that I liked the girl and intended to pursue a relationship. K would see things the same way. Maybe B was really a good friend that was indignant that her friend was raped (since A did not say yes) but that was no excuse for her going to the press. Prob wanted her 5 minutes in the limelight n regretted it when she saw PSH was gonna sue n it wasn’t a clear cut rape. K prob has introduced girls to PSH for 1- night stands before without incident, so PSH trusts that K is not involved in a set-up for him.

    • well if that is the set-up, that would make K the pimp, and with that girls are being prostituted by him? now these two men are covering each other’s back, shady connection i say

      • Nah, pimping would mean K gets money. I just think K prob is in a crowd that’s ok with casual sex n introduces such friends to PSH when he wants introductions

  41. I’m feel upset instead of CDDA Co-Star because of his scandal let stop for on air in oversea i never see him out to apologize his friends and staff team maybe A , B , K and the other hate him set up but truly he has mistake very very in his private life you can’ t drink why go to club and take the girl drunk end up have sex in one night he is poor for choose the woman dating why he lie overall to public he tell he like the girl kind positive thinking and not need sexy appear bitch Miss A look sexy not kind and gold digger Why you lie PSH ? You did for good your image and marketing but behind you not right ?

  42. All the people who comment in this post is very immature…Don’t judge someone until the true come out!!!! Don’t hate anyone until you know it is real;!! We live our life day by day, we don’t know the future so be very careful what you are saying!

    All we know is that PSH,K,and A life will not the same anymore!!

    • Is that what your conscience tells you? or are you of one of the blinded fans of this “matured” idol… talk about maturity and being responsible, what an irony.

      • By reading all the comment, I can tell that you are one of those hater!!!!…no wonder you get mad @ my comment!!!!!YOu are not very smart!!!!!!

        Why get mad @ ppl who support the idol?? That is their business, not yours, no need to piss of @ them!
        Why get mad @ ppl who like to know the true and waiting for the result????

        WOW you must be a person who believe in everythings you found and read….I guess I can make money off you!!!!!!

    • Do you think i got mad? i just asked you a rethorical question, but compared to your post, yours is more of the outburst not mine, just see all those exclamation points you used, i think i was even calmer than you, LOL. are you not being overly emotional? you even want to make money out of someone else? that shows what character you have then. well anyway that is not surprising, show me what kind of actor you support and idolize, and it will show what kind of person you are… see no exclamation points there.

      • LOL! You even claim that you are mad @ my comment..ahahaha!!!!!!!

        Y i say i can easily make money off you is because you seen to believe eveything you read from here! You seen to be very easy!!!

        Only point finger out when you see with your own eyes okay:)

      • @sun
        Well if you can read well, im just not sure of your comprehension ability level, my response to your original post was actually a question. it was you who presumed i’m angry. you know if your intelligent enough, you’ll know what’s going on, no one has to spell it out for you, it’s not about believing what is posted here or not. and if you want to make money in the manner you chose, im sure with a role model like him, you’ll be a hit…hahaha good luck.

  43. @jez
    Hmmmm i wondering how intelligent i am? I do not need anyone to spell it out for me cuz I just waiting for the result to come and i didnt point finger @ anyone or start a fight with anyone. If you are that intelligent then y jump to conclusion? Then y fight with a not so smart person like me?
    Shouldn’t smart ppl like you be working with the Korean police department and prove PSH guilty, but y in here fighting with me?

    Oh by the way don’t get jelly…ahahah

    • First of all this is not fighting, if you have the right to post here, we also have the right. posting here does not mean fighting for me, i just don’t know with you.
      you claim your not pointing fingers at anyone and you have no intention to criticize anyone but in your original post you generalized that all who posted here are “immature.” well sorry to tell you that anyone can post here and continue to post here, only the OWNER of this blog can tell anybody otherwise. why don’t you make your own blog or join his own website and post all praises for him all day there, il bet he will like that so much LOL

      • @ jez
        Not a fight then an argument? WHAT is the different? Then you shouldn’t have reply to my comment. I saying that all of you guys are immature because I see you guys’ comment and jump to conclusion when you don’t even know the result yet. BUT you point finger to PSH and other are point finger to A already! Y get mad @ ppl who praises for him? If they want to praise for him, let them do, what is the matter with you?
        After all, Im not intelligent like you, but at least I don’t just judge and accuse of one person…it takeS two to tangO!

  44. @ jez

    Since you hate PSH so much, you should make your own website and wrote how much you hate his A$$$. I don’t need to make one because I am different from you:)…I bet he will not like it @ all!

    Don’t don’t jelly @ ppl who praises for him, ’cause I know no one is praising for you that y you act out for attention!ahahahahah

    • Well i don’t need anybody to give me praises. i am not as shallow as the one you idolize to the point of utter madness LOL. And why would i make a site for him when all search engines for his name attached with sexual harrassment have all been filled up already LOL. i have not even tried to search for him under the search word loser. that would be so redundant, right?
      And be assured I’m not fighting with you even if you started it with the”immature” accusation.
      It is a pity that you’re not going to do a blog for him though, you..with your such very perfect grammar?

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