Awesome First Teaser for Gu Family Book with Lee Seung Gi and Suzy

Kyaaaaa~ I can’t take this much goodness all at once! MBC is not dithering around that’s for sure. Right after releasing the super adorable and squee-worthy official stills of Lee Seung Gi in Gu Family Book, the production up and dropped the first video teaser as well. It’s like getting an unexpected inheritance and then winning the lottery later in the afternoon. Or something like that. I’m probably way more excited than I ought to be because right now there isn’t a single K-drama that has my interest, and that totally bums me out because I worry that the days of my drama addiction are slowly passing me by. But then baby boy and his GFB arrive and I feel all my addiction nodes tingling and standing at attention. The drama hasn’t revealed the first official stills for leading lady Suzy yet, but she appears for the first time in the teaser so check it out. She looks fantastic – her hair pulled up and wearing a masculine-type attire which fits her character who is described as a martial arts instructor and a tomboy.

In the teaser, we first are introduced to the parents – Lee Yeon Hee as the fallen noblewoman-turned-gisaeng and Choi Jin Hyuk as the god of the mountain and her protector and later husband. They fall in love in what looks to be a really emotionally charged way, but then we see poor Lee Yeon Hee giving birth alone in a cave. Afterwards a baby is floated down the river and picked up by a Joseon officer. The teaser ends with adult Choi Kang Chi smiling and fighting his way through the marketplace, joined by Suzy who deftly wields a sword. I know this story sounds like a cross between the story of baby Moses floated down a basket and Inuyasha with the half-human/half-beast mythical being with super fighting skills but a human’s heart and empathy. Funnily enough, Suzy’s character Dam Yeol Wool reminds me of a mash-up of Inuyasha’s two leading ladies Kikyou and Kagome, with her fighting skills and likely bickering relationship with Kang Chi. The directing looks solid from the teaser so my sole reservation for this drama still remains the scriptwriter. Oh vey, please let writer-nim suddenly grow some brains before starting this script.

First teaser for Gu Family Book:

Click here to watch.

From legend it slowly emerges, Kang Chi’s contract book to achieve his dream of becoming human. The mythical half-man/half-beast, his eyes opened. Gu Family Book – premieres on April 8th.


Awesome First Teaser for Gu Family Book with Lee Seung Gi and Suzy — 46 Comments

  1. Looks seriously high quality and amazing all around. The trailer even got me interested in the parents story. I knew Seunggi & Suzy would look great together.

  2. Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffck that’s awesome.
    I am guessing THIS will set all subbing records with this cast.
    He is already making me hold my breath a little, and she looks super cool.

    Is Hunky Moses?

    Love CJH ever since he was sexy gangster in Romance Town and evil evil Ha Jung Woo chaser in that Yellow Something Something movie.

  3. Literally shaking with excitement!! This show went from meh to “must watch” in a span of a few hours… ever since you posted LSG’s first look and then thissssss!!

    Oh and then there’s Sung Joonie… two of my fave actors from last year in one show!!

  4. OMG the teaser has a 3D option… not that i wanna see the drama 3D but the fact that that its an option means there some really awesome PD quality here.

  5. Looks amazing! Ok-Jung also released a teaser… 2 shows for April! 😀 I’m really curious which drama will be stronger – not only rating- but also plot-wise. 🙂

  6. Please, oh, please let that be as awesome as it looks! Please be more Arang and the Magistrate and a whole let less Faith, if ya know what I mean. Directing looks good from the teaser, so fingers crossed!

  7. i’m on my dry spell with dramas right now too…i hope this one has the right combination of heart, story, sense and humor.

    koala might break the record for fastest a human can recap, type, cry, laugh and be frustrated all the same time. goodluck!

    • I’m also on a dry spell and have been wondering if there was something wrong with me. But with this trailer, I’m baaack!

      Can’t wait! Salivating here.

  8. Ok, I’m already in love with the prologue of the drama…the LYH-CJH love story!… my level of anticipation has shot from zero to excitement (on seeing LSG stills) to Love, all in the course of one day…still not sure how I’m going to be dealing with my allergy to Suzy but for now I’m in

  9. Major dry spell in terms of dramas! I can’t wait for this. LSG looks adorable and I have reservations about Suzy’s hair..but honestly I can get over it haha. YAYYYY

  10. I really REALLY do not like this pairing… I do not like the leading lady. Suzy as an actress just doesn’t push any buttons for me. Hated her in Dream High & skipped her scenes in Big (a drama which I really liked), she just doesn’t cut it for me as a leading lady. She could probably be the annoying sister or something but not a leading lady and not next to the loveable Seung Gi.

    For me this was a step in the wrong direction for Seung Gi, as an actor you want a good script but you also want good Co-stars and from working with the likes of Ha Ji Won, Shin Min Ah and Han Hyo Joo…. then step all the way down to Suzy…. I just shake my head. I really really HOPE Suzy proves me wrong… but I can see it already the kind of role she has and the acting shes going to give….

  11. I like Suzy as a person and kpop singer but have been left mostly lukewarm with her acting. I will admit that I have not seen her in Architecture 101 which she was supposedly decent in though. I just hope that she is able to pull out the acting chops to make this work. I know Sung Joon can act, and Seung Gi’s ability depends on the role but so far not so bad, so Suzy is the question mark here especially considering she is female lead here.

  12. I’m surprised that Suzy actually looked really good and oddly very suitable in Josean costume, and with a sword no less.

  13. Ahhhhh!!!!!!! I love it!!!! I’m also in the same boat as some of you guys. All the current dramas are soo meh… I resorted to rewarching my old faves.. Sooo this brings me hope that something cute and funny is coming soon!!!!!’n

  14. OMG…Suzy I’m going to love and admire you more…you’re so adorable, talented and beautiful…please be my sister….and Seung Gi oppa saranghae-yo…

  15. So….this is an unrelated post, but since I’m on a drama drought (like many people here) and I’m waiting for this to come out, shall I suggest to others You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin? I really like it so far (although no subs) but DB just did a recap of 1-2 and I was able to follow along with pretty much what was gong on even though I don’t know Korean. It’s light and easy to follow along (yeah the 50 episodes is daunting, but still you can probably miss a few episodes and still be caught up!)

    • is subbing it. Just checked it a second ago and looks like ep 3 is subbed. Watched the first 2 and it was entertaining although I felt like it was taking too long for the 2 leads to spend more time together though I understand that they have to build up the plot. I skimmed through ep 3 and 4 and looks like something unfortunate happens next week which I wasn’t happy about (won’t say as it’s spoiler)…But so far, happy with the acting of the 2 leads esp the guy, he got most of my laugh-out-loud moments. So I have cautiously high hopes that this drama might alleviate the very dry spell in drama land that several have already pointed out.

  16. kyaaa i can’t wait. I feel the same, there is really nothing to watch these days. And iwas so desperate that i start to re-watch The KIng 2 Heart lol

  17. no impact from Suzy so far but she looks beautiful in this period costume…fresh..I will watched..depended on your recap Ockoala..lost the anticipation on K dramas lately..and all my favorite actress are not in any waiting for them..Yoon Eun Hye, Park Shin Hye and Lee Yo won…The last drama of Yoon Eun Hye and Lee yo won are more for the leading man..they taking the second seat…Thanks Ockoala

  18. I am so torn! I am in a drama-dry season now without anything to watch since FBND finished! I need something! I like LSG a lot since TK2H but just feel so-so on Suzy, so I might watch this for LSG. But I don’t often watch sageuk! But the teaser sounds moody and intrigued enough! It’s a bit mysterious, a bit serious, a bit fun, a bit of action, and a bit of romance. I hope all story-lines will be explored, not only the romantic parts. But, still, it is a sageuk!

    Ms Koala, I will wait for your verdict after 2-3 episodes so gauge my interest before starting then! I hope there will be something to watch or at least to look for recaps in April!

    Until then, I will re-watch Tamra the Island again (and again, and again). Team Park Kyu!

  19. Can someone tell me the second background music that played on the trailer? The first is Atlantis by Two Steps from Hell, but I can’t remember the second one.

  20. Yeah, I’m totally with you. Lately, I have not found any drama of interest to me. Am dying to watch Lee Seung Gi’s new drama. He looks so handsome n cute n charming n tall! Love this drama already. Seung Gi FIGHTING!!!!

  21. I like sageuk dramas and Jang Ok Jung appeals to me more since I follow DongYi so much but I really like the character of the heroine. What am I gonna do? The witty fashion designer or the martial artist? I can’t…I want to focus only one drama. sigh

    • This drama GFU is not centered around the female martial artist. It is about LSG and his character (Kang Chi’s )journey.

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