Exciting New Video Preview for Episode 11 of King Flower

I think TTV knew I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown if I couldn’t get some spoilers for the upcoming episode of King Flower (Substitute Princess), so it decided to be nice and today released a second video preview of episode 11. Watching it felt like an addict getting a shot straight into the blood vessel and I visibly relaxed afterwards. I’m so in love with this drama right now it’s not even funny. This is what it felt like when I watched episode 5 of Office Girls, which was when the switch flipped for that drama (if you’ve watched OG, it’s the dinosaur costume “don’t go” scene on the department store floor). Once the switch flips it’s on like Donkey Kong, and I’m that little tiny Mario running my way up to save the damn princess. Similarly when the flame dies out, I’ve checked out and it would take a miracle to get me reinvested, which recently happened a few weeks ago with That Winter, the Wind Blows.

Back to KF, clearly Guan Jun is helping out that gangster thug for the double whammy of earning money to pay back Terry and therefore bring Da Hua home, as well as stick it to the guy. Those two pretty much can’t stand each other from the first minute they met and now its mental fisticuffs each time they lay eyes on each other. What Guan Jun doesn’t know, and I feel bad for him, is that Terry has already let Da Hua go and doesn’t want the money back. It’s Da Hua that is refusing to go, and she even threatened Terry with paying a 10X penalty for ending the contract early. If Guan Jun knew he’d probably blow an even bigger fuse, because who does that unless she really cares about Terry. I want Terry to come clean with Liang Yen’s death and its bound to happen in the end, but I need those two to keep spending time together because Terry is thisclose to having a meltdown in his current state. Guan Jun oppa will just have to respect the wishes of Da Hua on this one, even if it kills him knowing that she’s just getting closer and closer to his rival.

Previews for episode 11:

“I’m Not Leaving”

Guan Jun: I’m here in the role of Da Hua’s Guan Jun oppa. Here is NT 2 million.

Da Hua: I’m not leaving. How can you help a guy like Da Cai To? Our family’s debt, he (Terry) paid it off for us. How can you be so ungrateful?

Guan Jun: Your eyes are covered by a ghost! (i.e. you are blind) How can you speak up on his behalf? Perhaps you are happy being pretty, but what I miss is our old life. Ouyang Tai is the perpetrator who took that away from us. Don’t you know?

“Da Hua, your mission has ended.”

Terry: This is the steakhouse that you said was your favorite?

Da Hua: Yes, and on my birthday, Guan Jun oppa took me here to eat once.

Da Cai To: If you agree to stay and follow me, you will get riches beyond your wildest imagination.

Da Hua: How can you help a person like Da Cai To hurt someone as good as Terry?

Guan Jun: Your Ouyang Tai is a good person, and I Lin Guan Jun should go die? Everything I do is wrong!

Terry: Da Hua, your mission has ended.

Da Hua: Didn’t I already say I was staying for the entire year?

Terry: Cheng Hong.

Da Hua: Terry!

Winnie: Director, please come quickly to the hospital, the President has collapsed.

Da Hua: Terry really needs me. I have to go back and help him.

Guan Jun: Da Hua, is Ouyang Tai’s problem really more important than us?

(er…..sorry Guan Jun oppa, I think Da Hua just answered your question when she shook her hand off and walked away. Yikes, even if I ship Da Hua-Terry, my heart still hurts for the poor lunkhead.)


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  1. I love this show. At first I didn’t too much like it after watching the first couple of episodes, but when I came back and watched the third; I became hooked and now it is one of my most favorites. I’m rooting for Terry : )

    Thank you for the post, I really enjoyed it immensely.

  2. Just started this show… aaaand, Chris Wu is HOMFGGGGGGGG HOTT!! Yep, shouldn’t be expecting anything intelligible from me on this guy. 😀

    Thanks for the pimp!

  3. Ah thanks for the share I needed this, but then again it’s making me squealing like crazy lol! can’t wait til Sunday!!! ^^

  4. What is there in TWTB that u hated. Omg just seeing those pros Is heaven itself !
    Abt this show ! I didn’t watch it cuz u don’t recap it ! Hahha thanks

    • LOL, when did I say I hated TWTWB? I’m just bored by it so stopped watching. That’s all. It’s a pretty drama.

  5. I’m not sure if I should thank you or curse you.. After reading the last post about this show, I decided to watch a couple of episodes on my day off… 7 hours later… Ahhhh!!!!! I want more!!!! Are we sure she’s dead??? In the back of my head I keep hoping that creepy doctor somehow manage to bring her back… Please???? Oh I’m also aboard the Terry ship..

    • Yeah…watching a couple of episodes is like getting sucked into a vortex. I accept no blame for this.

      Qin Mo is the hottest Dr. Frankenstein ever, but Liang Yen is beyond dead.

      The Terry ship set sailed already so hurry up and paddle faster to get on.

  6. I can’t choose either. I wish I could turn back time and perform some miracle and Liang Yen would still be alive. Terry loved her a lot. Then GJ could get DH. And both boys would be happy. But I can’t 🙁 Sniff Sniff.

    Chris cracks me up so much. He is so random sometimes. LOL I loved how Nikki said that OYT tai niang. 🙂 LOL

    Who to pick… I agree with GJ’s words as I don’t like Terry ultimate methods. But love is love. If DH picks Terry, then I will pick Terry. DH is going to pick Terry right? From everything I have seen, it seems like she will pick him.

    • Chris is ridiculously adorkable. He sometimes act so Niang, I agree. He goofs off so much with James and MC40. He and Nikki are never ever going to have something going on in RL, she loves bad bad BAD boys.

      TW-dramas have so many endings with OTPs shaken up I don’t even think its a shock if she ends up with Terry. Because I don’t understand why she’s not jumping at both Terry and Guan Jun’s chances for her to end the deception and go home.

      She really is that loyal to Terry and wants to keep Guan Jun his job at the company? Cuz guy already quit now! And Terry is ready to come clean. Her motivations only make sense if she cares a little too much about his well being.

  7. I know nothing about this drama but seeing that photo of Chris Wu above made me pause. Then I watched the trailer and whhhaaattt James Wen is in this too? Hahaha. I recently finished watching PS Man and man, poor guy’s always playing second fiddle it seems. I guess my comment’s pretty random. Anyways, haven’t left a comment on AKP in a while. Thought I’d stop by. 🙂

    *goes back to cramming*

    • *poke, poke*

      Is that really you, mei mie? Good luck with finals! Or shall I say enjoy it while it lasts. Let’s hang after you’re all done.

      • Hahaha. *pokes back* Yup, it’s me!!! I’ve missed this community here, and most of all, I’ve missed reading your thoughts! Glad to know you’ve been consistently blogging for these past few years (of course, wouldn’t expect any less from you, teehee). I know I haven’t been around much in the blogging world, but I’ll return once I’m done. And of course, let’s definitely hang out when this chapter of my life is over! Wheeeee!

  8. I was on the fence about this drama until you started gushing over it. Now I’ve just finished downloading the 9 eps available and I’m about to fix me a bowl of ramyun and start watching. This is all your fault 😛

    On a completely divergent note…does anyone have any idea when Ming Dao’s next drama is supposed to air? Happiness of an Angel or something like that. The summary sounds like a remix of Sunny Happiness and Prince/Frog but then I found out it’s a remake of a Kdrama called Thank You…at least that’s what I’ve read. It’s just, I need some Ming Dao on my screen, please.

  9. Long-time reader, infrequent poster here. YO~

    I always end up liking the TW/CH dramas you rave about so I ended up starting King Flower. 6 hrs after I started, I’m already dreading the “I’m caught up, now what?” which will inevitably happen.

    AND I don’t care what others say, death-defying Dr Qin Mo, might be on the creepy side for most, but he’s too hot for me to care about that.

    I won’t lie though, I came in for James Wen, staying for Chris Wu. Don’t worry, he’s all yours. I’ll be happy just looking 😀 Slow down the Terryship, I’m paddling right behind you.

  10. Oh, I choose Chris without a second to think although I haven’t watched this series yet.
    Am I bias? Hell yes, when it comes to Chris Wu versus James Wen, though Chris is a little niang. Heheehe…

    The previews are pretty captivating and really making me wanting to start watching directly in this episode instead. Humm… Excellent preview!!!! Thanks.

  11. Where to watch this with eng sub??? Viki has inexplicably taken it down from their site NOW that I feel like watching this so much 🙁

  12. Hehe! It seems I’m not the only who got addicted to the show when the stakes were raised with Liangs death. Terry’s meltdown at the hospital, when he cradled her in his arms… Wow that was so unbelievably raw! And now I’m so emotionally invested in his character it’s not even funny. I need a seriously happy ending for him! The writers better let him get the girl or else…! Also, I’ve always liked Chris Wu but his wonderful performance in this show has totallt turned me into a diehard fan! Better late than never, right? 😉

  13. Even if I understand Guan Jun, his move just push Da Hua away even more. If anything, it makes her realize how much she care for Terry as a person, and not just her mission or out of her own kindness. Bad Move Guan Jun!!!

    I have a feeling I know where this is heading *evil smirk*

  14. hi koala sis! it intrigued me with how you described this. i’m giving it a shot. would like to join you on the discussion later if i can watch this. 🙂

  15. So glad to see I am not alone of the Da Hua-Terry ship! I am loving KF! It is also my current crack and waiting every week till it has subtitles kills me! I am sad for poor Guan Jun but he missed his chance to jump on the boat! I did actually like both male leads equally until this episode! But Chris really has made me feel more connected to Terry than James has made me feel to Guan Jun. I can’t wait to see what happens because until this preview I wasn’t sure which way Da Hua was going to go, both male leads looked like they had an equal opportunity to be the one! However I am very excited it seems to be going Terry’s way!!!!

    Also Koala-unni very glad the KF has drug you into its crack filled goodness! Always glad to know I have a friend in as deep as I am in a drama! Also very glad because it means I will see KF posts here on the Playground 😀

    Let’s hope that KF keeps on going with its upward trend and that it keeps getting better and better!!!!!

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