Taecyeon and Gui Gui Attend their Wedding for We Got Married

Heck if this isn’t the perfect antidote to the recent spate of bad news and blergh drama offerings out of Korea – Taecyeon of 2PM and his international edition We Got Married bride Gui Gui (Wu Ying Jie) did a reverse of the marriage process last week as they filmed their wedding on Jeju island after they first filmed their honeymoon sequence. LOL, that is too cute. I love how everyone knows this WGM business is totally staged, like a drama OTP without all the filler of other characters or pretending there is even a story around why they are together, but even then there is a possibility two actors could fall for each other and if not, at least we all had fun imagining they did for a few episodes on TV. For their honeymoon, Taecyeon and Gui Gui genuinely appeared to have fun walking along the beach, jumping into the hotel pool and having a warm cuppa afterwards, unpacking in their luxury honeymoon suite, and having a romantic candle lit dinner to cap off the night. Gui Gui is just one ball of happy energy and so expressive that I’m sure she can smile and wave and Taecyeon will get her drift. For their wedding sequence, the production turned it into a solo wedding on the beach, with them walking down the aisle together, exchanging rings and vows, and afterwards blowing bubbles with matching blue-and-pink whale bubble guns like the happy-go-lucky kids they are. The altar was a simple four column arrangement wrapped in white and blue gauze, with flowers dotting the corners of the ground on top of the sand. They faced each other with a smile, then bowed before finally putting a ring on it. I must be in a very wistful mood because seeing these pictures turned me into a blubbery mess cooing over how the thought of a simple wedding to cement the love of a young beaming couple just spreads the happiness and joy around. I think WGM captures the most hopeful parts of getting married and lets the viewers bask in the feeling of all the good things without all the baggage that comes along with saying I do and then trying to live a lifetime together. I can’t wait to watch these two light up the screen together.


Taecyeon and Gui Gui Attend their Wedding for We Got Married — 15 Comments

  1. OMG… Taec… Guigui.. my two biases in different country and entertainment based.. taec so cute but handsome and manly.. gui gui is soo pretty.. i’ll watch them for fun.. after khuntoria and adam couple left WGM,no one couple get my attention..

  2. SO CUTE. Okay, I haven’t been following this that much. So can people explain whether they speak in English or through translators or Korean or Chinese?

  3. OMG does this remind anyone of George Hu and Annie Chen’s first wedding in Love, Now? Kind of ironic too, with all the rumours going around about the three too.

  4. So. Cute.

    I think you’re right about the charm of WGM, Koala. It’s marriage-on-the-weekends and everyone knows it, so the couple can enjoy playing house when they’re together and go back to their regular lives for the daily stuff. And the audience can share in the fascinating journey of two very different people learning to match each other without feeling like creepers, because it’s not actually real. But the fact that they’re “playing” themselves and not characters from a script gives it that extra thrill of possibility that they might actually have feelings for each other. Though that can make it feel a little voyeuristic…

    LOL, I have such a complicated relationship with WGM.

  5. WGM was my first k variety show and I still love it to bits, at times. Specifically when they get the right couple and those actors/singers can commit to the show for a good run. When they pair the right people, its fun despite it being staged. I’m still shipping Crown J and In Young + Hyung Joon and HB.

    • haha me too! first season was the best. Alex and Shin Ae were my favorite from that bunch though. but after the first season, the Lettuce Couple just stole my heart. I was so convinced that Hwang Bo and HJ developed real feelings for each other before they got “divorced”. That chemistry was too real! Stopped watching altogether after their divorce.

      • Yup. Lettuce couple 4 life. I still believe, lol! Season one will always be the best because the couples were great on their own and it was even more fun when they all got together.

  6. OMG what a stunning pair! GuiGui reminds me of a younger version of Asian American actress (don’t know her name) who played Mulan and a doctor in ER.

    Can’t wait to see their chemistry

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