The Love Triangle of George Hu, Annie Chen, and Gui Gui Heat up Taiwan Media

Love triangles never get old in dramas, probably because every time it happens in real life one can’t help but be fascinated. Hot on the heels of the last love triangle in Taiwan entertainment (between Roy Qiu, his now-ex Tang Yan, and his maybe fling Tia Li) comes another trio that has been causing all sorts of heated speculation in the press. George Hu had two dramas airing simultaneously last year, his completed drama Summer Fever with Gui Gui and his live-airing drama Love, Now with Annie Chen. The two dramas aired on different networks and time slots so it was a double win for George to get double the exposure. Looks like it was also double the offscreen romance because this week new broke that George may have been dating Gui Gui (since they filmed their drama the prior year) and then cheated on her with Annie when they filmed LN. Gui Gui’s mom, who has been estranged from her daughter, gave an an exclusive to a tabloid magazine that her daughter has been dating George (and the relationship kept a secret), and Annie was the Xiao San (interloper) in that relationship. She gave the magazine pictures of a topless George posing with a make-up less Gui Gui in a selca and other at-home shots, which pretty much does confirm those two dated. That was the rumor all last year after George and Gui Gui did Summer Fever the prior year, but then his great chemistry with Annie in Love, Now caused the media to start speculating on that possible pairing. Gui Gui’s manager says she’s quite upset at her estranged mom for giving that interview while George and Annie attended a fashion show doing a couples endorsement (and wearing a couple’s outfit by the designer) and brushed aside the controversy. George didn’t confirm or deny the relationship with Gui Gui, while Annie also played coy and said her relationship with George could be more or less than just co-stars but that is up to them and not the fans to encourage. All I can say is…..uh, you’re the man, George? I can ship him with one or both of his great co-stars but honestly whatever goes on in real life with the celebrities is up to them to sort out. But in Taiwan, it’s harder to keep a lid on things but conversely fans are less ridiculous and accept these juicy scandal updates with a wink and a yawn.

Gui Gui’s mom’s scathing interview with Apple Daily also accused George of being a bad influence on his formerly filial daughter Gui Gui and turning mother-daughter against each other. The tabloids caught George driving Annie home during the filming of LN which really fanned the flames of the dating rumors between them. I think George is lucky to get either girl, but both girls are also well-known for having dating scandals with many of their former co-stars so who knows in this case what is truth and what is rumor. I thought he had equally great chemistry with both ladies in their respective dramas so I’m sure fans of either are pulling for one or the other.


The Love Triangle of George Hu, Annie Chen, and Gui Gui Heat up Taiwan Media — 67 Comments

  1. Actually that topless picture of George Hu and Gui Gui bare face selca looks fake and photoshopped, if you have a bigger picture, you can clearly see it’s fake. But George Hu had confirmed that he and GG indeed dated before. GG also apologized on her mom’s behalf for dragging George and Annie into this whole mess.

    I’m not sure what to feel about GG’s mom, estranged or not.. it’s a basic courtesy to not out someone’s private life to a gossip tabloid. But she’s her mom and still do that, I can imagine that their relationship will further worsen after this.

    • Both couples look cute anyway, I just finished watching the adorkable 真愛趁現在 and looking forward towards GG’s global WGM episode. I don’t care who they end up with, this gossip will eventually be forgotten anyways. I’ll be looking forward toward their new works.

    • I was able to point out how fake that photo looks. Which makes it even sadder that Mom would use a fake photo to cause problems for her daughter.

      • I feel like the reason GG became “bad” according to the estranged mom is not because of George Hu but because of her mom. Outing her own daughter’s private life to a tabloid clearly shows something is wrong with this mom.

      • I will try to explain how both women deserve better. Respect,is very hard to get and so easy to lose especially the respect a man will give a woman, When a man dates someone exclusively he sends a message to the world saying hands off, this is my woman she completes me 360. If a man is dating multiple women at the same time he also sends a message, I am passing time, this is just a fling an easy lay. Trust me that is also a message to other men-to try your luck,neither woman is of that great a value to me -That is disrespect. But of the kind that only you can accept or not accept. lastly for space constraints, Most times if a man has multiple dating partners and they are aware of each other, it stands to reason that the women has the same rights to have multiple dating partners. unless that’s his thing, if a man tells you he do not care if you are seeing someone else. Run for the door, that man does not LOVE you. that is if you care that he does not love you or respects you. ( again we are speaking about the average male I am trying to be circumspect) because as doggish as men can be, they are just that possessive and most believe in the do as I say not as I do creed. Trust me, even in a pack,herd the alpha male have multiple partners but the female can mate with only one. it is so telling if a man is willing to piggy back behind someone else, you know what your purpose is in his life. Demand your respect and stand firm right around the corner there is another person just waiting and who knows, they may just be the right one. All women can do better by first respecting themselves and there is no man alive that is worth the price of a woman’s self respect. and that was the very circumspect version not going into the fringes and definitely not as colorful as when my mother spoke to me when I suspected my boyfriend was cheating ( yes I left the dog) and that is the gist of what I will tell my daughter with all the color and the fringes if and when I have kids, it is true sometimes mother knows best.

    • GH is so handsome, talented and super nice too (If you read his blog before he became famous like now, you will see how sincere he is). I know that we cannot judge a celebrity based on how they “present” themselves in the public, but at least, from the gesture, how they speak, how they react, you will have some clues on how their personalities are. He is not good at defense himself in the public coz his mandarin is not perfect. But he’s a really talented actor and I am rooting for his next project!

  2. I find that Gui Gui is more adorable compared to Annie Chen … I like her personality more …George already admitted that he dated GG?? so that means the relationship already ended ?? hurm .. it’s ok. I guess GG deserves someone better then. I am definitely looking forward to see GG and Taecyeon in WGM global edition.

  3. I think regardless of who he dates, its his personal life..He can do what he wants. I’ll root him on regardless! I also think its interesting this news comes up now since the world version of WGM is going to air soon. Stirring up publicity?

    However, you go George! I mean both ladies are beautiful and I’m sure its not easy courting either one of these ladies..Im sure they both have plenty of men in the entertainment world wanting to date them! 🙂

  4. This issue heated up few weeks ago. Gui2 was at Korea filming WGM and she personally called GH to apologize for the scandal caused by her mom (which is so embarrasing. I bet that her mom couldn’t get the money from her daughter and use the media to get what she wanted.) If you guys watched Love Now, u will see the great chemistry GH-AC and how all the fans go crazy to ship these two. The impact is so huge that they got several product-endorsement together. They really are so compatible to each other from head to toe…I love GG too…but I’m definitely a GH-AC shipper. AC is known for her high EQ in handling the media and she speaks really well. GH is so talented and his acting skills improved a lot in “Love, now” ~no matter who they ended up with, I will always ship GH-AC, the perfect match!

    • i love your comment..!! i love the chemistry between GH and AC, well, i love AC with CW too (inborn pair), even CW is rumored to date Vivian Hsu.. i read about this rumor some days ago.. but i hope the best for them!

    • I totally agree with you, i just recently started watching LN (coz im not really into Tdrama but more of Kdrama & Kpop thing u know) but because of GH-AC chemistry, i can’t get off my eyes of them… i fell in love with them (more on George, oh dear he’s sooooo gorgeous), i loved him, the way he talks, his voice, he stands… & the way he smiles… soooo mesmerizing… Never realized that Taiwan has someone as George… i’ll be rootingg on him from now on and onwards… oh by the way, their chemistry with annie chen is just so brilliant.. they actually looked perfectly wonderful together… and after watching Love,Now (as of this time they’ve got another project they did with its success) i’ll continue watching them at Love around… Thats sooo wonderful… Oh one more thing, i’ve learned that George is working on with a new project again with annie chen… that would be Awesome!!!!

    • When I watched this 2 drama Love now and Love around they have a good chemistry and I think they have a new drama together this year and I think the good and love friendship was strong enough to be together again good luck both of you and let’s cross our fingers they are still single if one of them got a mistake from the past we are all human nobody’s perfect forget the past begins a new life

  5. couldn’t have said it any better preach it gui gui detailed issue^ i totally agree i’ve watched gui gui grow up in each show and interview, something very deep about one of her more recent interview is how she admits how much more she is growing each moment in her life. she knows she can be childish or didn’t know any better while she was only 16 but she’s growing up to be much more mature. she’s very humble and adorable. full of life, for a person that has many scars in her life i wish media would go deeper other than skin deep. like everyone gui gui faces trials and what i love about her is that being in the entertainment industry she manages to put a smile on other people’s face despite of her personal issues. you see that through the staff’s smile<3 GUI GUI ADD OIL!

  6. Rumors can destroy the personality of one person,like in showbiz,no private life.But I think its up to George Hu….Annie is the best for George Hu their loveteam are popular.We don’t care thier private life…But for me Annie & George meant for each other.I wish in real life they are lovers…I’m avid fans of Annie & George.

  7. I think George can tell whoever the 2 ladies he loves…George say Gg his good friend I think he’s telling the truth.If he courting or dating with Annie,that is good news,if they are no relatinoship with others,go…..Love now thier tv drama they are sweet and they like a true lovers,I wish it will happen in real life. I love them both…I’m here to support you guys.

  8. I feel bad for guigui for having her personal life revealed by her mother of all people. But I think she will soon find her soul I think George hu is kind of old for her i mean it is not a big difference but still i would prefer with someone younger, I did like her with him but not anymore plus they barely interact on weibo anymore *sigh* it is just too complicated…personally I love guilun <3 and I have loved this couple since 2009 when I watched their drama. Of course this will all make guigui stronger!!!

  9. Juicy gossip. Celebrity does have a right to their private life. They are young, good looking and definitely prone to gossip. Does it matter whether GH with GG or Annie or others. My advise to them, enjoy while you can. Love all you want to. Who cares about gossip as long as you give a great performance and improve your acting. Fans are fickle people, once your good looks fade, they said goodbye, Sayonara.

  10. GH looks perfect with AC. GH looks more comfortable and more true himself with AC. and…GG….She is cute but she needs to be more mature. I know GG is a strong person but she has somewhat independent and relying-on-man personality for sure. She is bubbly but she is to be a shelter her b.f rely on. and…Taec yeon…I don’t think he is a match for GG. They are just so different. Actually I don’t see a chemistry between them. It is just awkwardness and curiousity between young girl and young boy.
    anyway it is a disaster to have mom like that.

  11. all of Annie and Geo are both perfect for each other. They are the most beautiful couple and good Taiwan. It’s something everyone can admit when he saw them together!

    • I agree with you 100%. I’m watching right now Love Around because of George Hu and Annie Chen. I’ve watched them both in Love Now. They are my favorite couple in Taiwan at present. These couple help me a lot in my witdrawal syndrome for Ming Dao and Joe Chen.

  12. Geo and Annie born with all the most perfect for each other. They are so beautiful and perfect for each other in height, looks and faces!


      I can’t reply to you individualy so I just address to everybody. I agree with you that they are a perfect match. Hope that there were will be another project after Love Around. I guess the love team is very successful in Taiwan because there are more fans who is rooting for them than anybody else. thank you.

  13. Posted baby looked too low compared to the Geo. Annie and Geo is a better combination. They are sweet in both appearance and personality together. They are beautiful couple in all respects!

  14. I just wanna say that I’m the biggest fans of GG…I love his adorable smile, his acting n natural attitude. No mother what issues around. Keep fight..success for further carrier!!


  15. George Hu and Annie Cheng looks good together….i just love them for being Shi Dei and Yi Ru in Love now….i hope for another GH /AC team ups aside from Love Arround…

  16. hi im from philippines in the subscriber in VIKKI, i watched inborn pair i love the tandem of chris wang and annie chen, i watched also the love now i really really like the tandem of george hu and annie chen, i wish in real life they are true sweethearts. thanks Vikki and you tube because i can watch the movies of my taiwanese actors and actresses, goerge hu and annie chen More success and GOD bless you both!!!

  17. I was watching Love Now over n over again, cuz I never see any men are perfect like George! Handsome, rich, and love his woman more than himseft.

  18. I watched Love Around and after seeing how awesome the chemistry between George Hu & Annie Chen was, I started to watch Love Now (though the drama is really long). Really wish that they’ll be together in real life. Hope that they’ll have another new collaboration coming up. Support them all the way. 🙂

  19. Hi! I’m from the philippines…the first time i watch love now..i super in love george hu and annie chen…keep it up guys….more series please…go bless!

  20. I <3 the drama Summer Fever with Gui Gui and George Hu and their kiss scenes but I don't understand why people are making such a big deal on who dates who maybe both girls are really close friends…honestly I think is just rumors. All I can say is it might be right and might be wrong who knows…

  21. For me goergu and nini is the match couple.I love them so much and they are cuties together.forever and every I am supporting them.lovely nini and goergu keep going.. ahja…ahja..

  22. I was just browsing tdramas when i encountered love now, i watched the 1st episode and presto i got hooked with gh and ac. They got onscreen chemistry that we their fans are so crazy over them.hope to see them together again……

    • About Christmas 2016, I found Love Now on Netflix. I watched all the shows and was hooked so I watched again. Then, I found Love Cheque Charge. I’m almost finished with season. When I’m finished with that, I plan to watch Love around. I’m loving George Hu. George and Annie have great chemistry. Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!

      • I like Korean drama but also got hooked in Taiwanese drama as well when I first watched Chris Wang in Love Family but I like him better in Inborn pair with Annie Chen. Found her again in Love Now and Love around…..she and George Hu has great chemistry on screen. What is next for both of them?

  23. I’m from the USA. Around Christmas 2016, I found Love Now on Netflix. I watched the whole season and was hooked. I loved it so much, I watched it twice. I then found Love Cheque Charge and I am almost finished watching that season. Just today, I found Love Around and can’t wait to watch it. I love George Hu and his chemistry with Annie Chen is awesome. Keep them coming!!!


  25. I have watched Love Now and Love around 10 times, and I am still watching. I just can’t get my eyes off these two. They are perfect. They looked like real couple. I am looking forward for more of these shows soon. George and Annie, you’re both wonderful!

  26. I watched Love Now and Love around and I fall in love with them, George Hu and Annie Chen. I also found out that they been dating since 2012 up to now in 2017. I really love Annie’s great personality, she is drop dead gorgeous a supermodel, very tall. I seen her French perfume commercial and the vouge runway in France. She is so unique.

  27. I loved George Hu and Annie Chen in Love Now. Love around where Annie’s on screen father is abit unrealistic. Out of date. Show abit less of the parents and more of them. I then to skip when they came on. As Netflix is wonderful as I can skip to the part I want to watch after the episode once around. I loved the music to go with the movies. Pair them again in another loved series. I haven’t watch a chinese movies say in over 30 years and now on Netflix over 2 years and I have watch Loved Now and Inborn Pair for about the 8th times.

  28. ive watched love now and love around many times and i really like the pair george hu and annie chen. They are so wonderful together. I hope they will have more movies together because they have great chemistry. Very talented actors and actress.

  29. Love George Hu …he is awesome in any movie ,don’t matter who is the female you fall in love with his movies

  30. Chris wang is my favorite Taiwanese actor esp with Annie Chen in inborn pair I have been watching them every day since beginning of the year I wished they married in real lire

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