Anticipating J-dorama Last Cinderella with Shinohara Ryoko, Miura Haruma, and Fujiki Naohito

OMG, I want, I want, I WANT!!! I heard rumors about an upcoming J-dorama rom-com a few weeks ago but nothing confirmed and then sorta forgot about it until it snuck up on me. Spring 2013 will be having a love triangle rom-com from the land that frankly has mostly forgotten about that genre. Last Cinderella starring Shinohara Ryoko, Miura Haruma, and Fujiki Naohito (drooooooolz) reminds me of a non-office version of Ryoko’s own Anego but this time with two male leads that I love. Can we say win and win already? This is my first Ryoko dorama in three years since watching her last starring role in the laugh-a-minute Tsuki no Koibito with KimuTaku, and Fujiki Naohito’s last dorama was also with KimuTaku in Priceless. I haven’t seen a Miura Haruma dorama since Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta (the mouthful dorama Everything I need to know I learned from you) but its good to see him making up this fantastic main cast trio. The story revolves around a hairdresser in her late 30s who makes all her clients look good but could care less about her own upkeep. She’s best described as an “ojisan type of onna”, and she’s currently undergoing a middle-aged hormone imbalance that is making her grow facial hair and driving her bonkers. She’s still hopeful on love but after not dating for the past 10 years is scared to dive in. Fujiki Naohito is her boss at the hair salon, a hair stylist who is known for his cutting remarks, love of crude jokes, and an odd relationship with Ryoko’s character though he is dating a rich younger woman. Ryoko’s character has two best friends, one who is married but the relationship has fallen into celibacy, while the other is a man-eater who wants to change her lifestyle and return to chastity. Ryoko’s character meets a much younger man played by Miura Haruma at a party and they become attracted to each other. His character is a BMX biker rider and total ladies man. The dorama premieres on April 11th after Saikou no Rikon on Thursday on Fuji TV. Check out the first teaser below.

Teaser for Last Cinderella:


Anticipating J-dorama Last Cinderella with Shinohara Ryoko, Miura Haruma, and Fujiki Naohito — 34 Comments

  1. hmm I do like the cast but it’s the storyline, all déjà-vu. Older(or not) woman can’t fall in love/can’t get married etc it just feels like Anego v.2 to me. but this time she surely ends up with Naohito aka the older guy. like in that drama w Nakama Yukie..

    • i actually think she might end up with miura haruma’s character because his name comes before naohito [not only here but also on dramawiki] but that is just my guess i could be wrong

      • hmm I don’t think that means much. In anego I accepted the pair because Jin looked somehow suitable and the age gap wasn’t huge, And the fact there wasn’t other competition (there was but you know he’s not the one). Here, Haruma looks too young for Ryoko, it’d be so weird, and beside there’s Naohito, and per jdrama rule you know he’ll be end game. though we’ll probably get an open ending, just like many others in the past.

  2. Oh my GOD! what a pair of gorgeous men! this spring comen full of drool. Waiting and camping here, I hope a very kind koala will make a recap of Rich man, poor women SP ^___________^ and waiting for the “good news” after the SP ^^

  3. oh YESSSSSSS!!!

    Couldn’t watch the teaser but OMGGGG!! I LOVE both of these guys. They’re perrrrfect! omigoshhhhh SOOOO excited!!

  4. They are HOT ! hhhh I’m exited for that ! But what’s up with the facial hair ?! Hhhh I laughed at that Hhh !
    Pls mrs koala recap that ! Hh

  5. If her towel was any lower in the first still she’d be topless. I don’t get it. The first guy is cute & younger guy is pretty but they are way too skinny.

  6. OMG!!!! *flails uncontrollably* I love them both!!!! Haruma and Naohito in one dorama..yes please!!!!

    Thank you, Koala for this great news! 😉

  7. I’ve loved Shinohara Ryoko since Mukodono and Unfair so I can’t wait for this to start!

    Miura Haruma is just so pretty.

  8. is the younger guy supposed to look like a girl tho? I can understand fangirling over kpop boygroup members but do women in their late 30s truly find this an attractive quality in a potential life partner? Im so confused

  9. Why is Haruma almost never paired up with a actress closer to his own age, I know he looks older then his bff Takeru but still.
    Fujiki will forever be Buchou to me 😀 and he is one of those men who age really well.
    This does sounds like Anego version 2 but I’ll still watch it for the cast.

  10. Yay this is one of the upcoming dorama that I will watch and the Spring season’s offer is pretty good with this, Galileo 2 and Take Five. If this is as good as Anego then I’ll be blessed.

  11. SOLD! I love Haruma and Shinohara Ryoko and have been wondering when they’d both have a new drama out, so the two of them together is like Christmas.
    Love the poster, although I’m not digging Haruma’s hair in the third picture. Too bouffant for me.

  12. Omg I just completed Itoshi Kimi E last night and you tell me my shunsuke is back!!? And in a rom-com. God bless jdoramas.

  13. 17 years age gap between Miura Haruma and Ryoko …. it’s pretty big age gap… I really hope they suit each other well though I know and I think perhaps I would be rooting for Fujiki to end up with Ryoko…

  14. I watched Saikou no Rikon this season and i love love love it (it’s EITA galore!!!). Glad that it’ll be followed up by another interesting rom com! 🙂

  15. I’m not a fan of Haruma’s hair but it is certainly loads better than the idols’ hairstyles in kdramas (say, full house 2) which is surprising since Japan can get a whole lot overboard regarding that stuff. Anyway, so excited for this. Japanese romcoms are still very much appreciated ‘coz they’re full of heart. 🙂

  16. Ahh, FUJIKI NAOHITO (swoon). . . this I’ve got to watch . . . after RMPW . . . have new jdorama to crazy about!!! . . . thanks for the info 😉

  17. this Thursday would be the final episode..OH my can’t wait!!! I prefer she choose the older one rather than that very young boy..Imagine in another 10 years..I prefer growing old together

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