New K-couple Alert: Lee Ki Woo and Lee Chung Ah from Flower Boy Ramyun Ship are Dating

These days I take whatever good news comes out of K-ent like a thirsty desert traveler spotting an oasis. In a shocker that no one saw coming, probably because the participants aren’t huge A-list actors with fans trailing their every move, Lee Ki Woo and Lee Chung Ah have just confirmed they are dating. Awwwww, can we get a “hell yeah”! They co-starred in 2011’s tVN cable drama Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (the first of the Oh Boy! series that has since spawned Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, Flower Boy Next Door, and the upcoming Flower Boy Dating Agency) and actually got quite a good audience buzz from working together. I would be in heaven if any of the cast members in the other dramas started dating as well, because undeniable chemistry was a consistent thread in all those dramas. Lee Chung Ah was actually OTP with Jung Il Woo in FBRS, and since I didn’t finish watching the drama I can’t say whether she had better chemistry with him compared to second male lead Lee Ki Woo. I do know there were plenty of second lead shippers in that drama, so this news is probably like a dream come true for them. In fact, there are so many dramas where the heroine had better chemistry with the second male lead that I don’t even have enough fingers and toes to count so this news keep the hope alive for this particular offscreen shippy possibility. I’m not a particular fan of either actor, Lee Ki Woo has a sweet presence but he’s so tall he always reminds me of Lurch (a very good looking Lurch, of course), while Lee Chung Ah does well outside of characters that require her to act cute or klutzy. Apparently they only started dating early this year after they spent last year together on the same celebrity ski team. I actually think this increases their chances at making it since it’s not a relationship stemming from the heady experience of making a romantic drama together but one built outside the realm of make believe interactions. Congrats to the new couple!


New K-couple Alert: Lee Ki Woo and Lee Chung Ah from Flower Boy Ramyun Ship are Dating — 24 Comments

  1. girl probably took a good look at his abs and decided there and then that she had to have him. i would have done the same.

  2. watch FBRS not my favorite, watch it due to Lee Chong Ah…I love her in Summer Beach with Lee Wan..I was shipping her with 2nd lead for FBRS..sort of happy for this couple..they sure will produce tall and lanky children if this bring them to the altar..hahaha..Thanks for the update its seems that lately no good dramas on air or maybe I am just tired with the same all stories..

  3. I actually really really love FBRS!! it was a cuteness overload drama with full of good looking guys! And yes, LKW and LCA had better chemistry together than JIW.
    Who wouldn’t like LKW? such a lucky girl!

  4. All I can say is she is one lucky girl and I’m hella jealous. Congrats to them and I’m glad they publicly announced that their dating, hopefully more K-ent couples will find the courage to reveal their relationships too. Is it just me or are K-celebs becoming more comfortable revealing relationships these days?

  5. He is hot and she is cute. I didn’t watch the whole drama but they had god chemistry but his character was mostly written as a big baby (a very very attractive one)
    But yeah, I like this pairing and I hope them all the best. Girl, I’m so jealous now. She can have all that…..sigh

  6. This couple was totally my OTP and I was shipping them off-screen. Now one couple down, one more to go. Come ON CHAEKI. I need confirmation 😉

  7. I love Lee Ki Woo since ‘Kid Gang’.
    In FBSR, I lost interest when LCA’s character fell for JIW’s. It is not that I don’t like JIW, I love him after ’49 Days’ so much but in term of characters and chemistry, I felt LKW was better with LCA. Anyhow, glad they’re now dating. They look really good together!

  8. Oh my gosh, this is awesome and they are adorable. I wish more Korean actors would be forthright about their couplings.

  9. Yes, Yes, Yes …. for All us romantics that wish to see our fav Korean actors & actresses being in love and learning how yo kisss FOR REAL!!! HELLLL YEAAAAH 🙂

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