King Flower Episode 13 Recap

This is the episode where I have sadly come to the conclusion that both leading ladies in King Flower are morons. If Du Liang Yen had a man like Terry in her life, forget wanting to experience adventure, she ought to live like the bubble girl for fear of ever dying and thereby losing him. And don’t even get me started on Jin Da Hua, a girl with a heart of gold but the brain of a rabbit. She’s content with her little fantasy world of marrying Lin Guan Jun, so much so that she fails at every measure of thinking critically and behaving rationally. If all she can think about is him, then why bother insisting (her choice) on staying with Terry to finish out the year long contract. The man has tried to ship her off many times, she needs to hurry back to her little store at the little market and marry her Guan Jun and let Terry move on. The poor man is stuck in emotional and mental limbo and I so want to reach into the screen and give him a hug every single time he shows up onscreen. I worried this drama was trying to turn him evil, and it may still do so but so far I like Terry rising up to Guan Jun’s antagonistic attitude.

Hilariously this episode’s attempt at trying to redeem Guan Jun failed miserably and only made me loathe him more with his me-first attitude towards everything. He’s like an 8-year old boy in the body of a 32-year old, and how that even qualifies as a hero worth rooting for might just be the greatest mystery of the 2013 TW-drama season so far. Terry continues to have so much screen time random people checking out an episode would think he was the leading man without a doubt, and root for him to speak his mind to Guan Jun and Da Hua. She’s also starting to grate on me with her dimness, which was cute initially because I thought her extravagant adventure would smarten her up. So far she’s shown no mental growth and the lack of office politics at Sheng Da is really dragging down this drama. What happened to Terry’s career on the line over the botched land auction? What happened to Da Hua learning Liang Yen’s job and maybe acquiring skills beyond selling items at a corner market and cleaning up Lin Guan Jun’s mess? This episode showed that the writer is probably at a loss for how to proceed since the drama has turned out very differently then it was initially marketed as, so the questions remains – stay true to the course or walk a different path to see what the journey holds?

Stage 13 recap:

Terry sits in his office brooding. His face lights up the moment he hears Da Hua knocking on his door. Chris Wu’s acting is just magnificent in how quickly that smile is contained as he adjusts his relief and happiness at seeing her after the cat is now out of the bag with her family.

Da Hua comes in and thanks him for letting her spend the night with her family, and apologizes for letting slip. Terry smiles and says that can’t be helped now and asks her to make sure her family keeps the secret. Da Hua promises they will.

Johnson knocks and walks in ready to test the waters with Terry. He points out that Terry made the promise to buy the E22 land and now it’s gone. Johnson claims that he’s ready to take over and be a better leader for the company. Terry asks Johnson not to be so impatient, he has another week until the Board Meeting and his time is up. He expertly maneuvers Johnson to handle the protesting citizens at the other construction site in the meantime.

It’s pretty cute how Da Hua pointedly stares at Johnson like he has the plague the entire time he’s there. After Johnson leaves, Da Hua gives Terry a thumbs up.

Guan Jun and Da Li to buy a truck from the dealer to start their own delivery business. You know, having Guan Jun turn into a hardworking industrious man (after lazing away most of his prime gambling and fighting at the market) is one important step in rehabilitating his character. But this method is fundamentally flawed because he got the money to start his own business by backstabbing Terry and working for the shady man who was responsible for the family debt in the first place. Like, what? Guan Jun’s money is ill-gotten gains as far as I’m concerned and anything flowing from it is all built on Terry’s pain and suffering. That is not cool and a totally douchey thing to do.

Guan Jun names his truck Da Hua #1 and he and Da Li drive over to Ah Xi’s and she hires them to do her flower shop deliveries from now on. Yawn.

Terry and Da Hua go visit President Du at the hospital and the man is recovering nicely albeit still weak. He still can’t handle any stress and brings up how seeing Liang Yen married soon will make him feel at peace. Da Hua looks visibly uncomfortable at the discussion of marriage while Terry tries to stall by saying he was planning to wait until President Du got all better.

President Du gets angry and reminds Terry he promised to prepare the wedding! He hasn’t even seen the wedding pictures yet so what is with the feet dragging. Cheng Hong pulls Terry aside and reminds him that President Du cannot suffer any shock right now. Terry goes back and promises to take wedding pictures with Liang Yen.

Terry and Da Hua walks into a wedding picture studio and Da Hua is very unhappy. Terry asks her to please do it for President Du. Da Hua’s attitude is at odds with her knowing that President Du is one sick old dude and specifically asked for wedding pictures, and still she is all cagey about doing it. She claims he’s just like a good friend’s dad and she wants to make him happy, so treat this like the job you are supposed to do, girl.

Da Hua changes into a strapless v-neck wedding dress and Terry stares at how beautiful and alike Liang Yen she looks.

Terry walks up to her and remembers at his engagement party with Liang Yen, he promised to do everything in his power to keep that smile on her face. He takes Da Hua’s hand and stares at her, but Da Hua grows increasingly agitated and she shakes his hand off and walks away. You know, I totally respect Da Hua’s right to feel unhappy, but Terry has tried to send her away MANY times and she is the one insisting she’ll stay and finish up her role as fake Liang Yen. Either do it right or don’t do it at all, this half-assing it annoys me.

Terry walks over to Da Hua in the waiting room and sits down, apologizing for putting her through this. Da Hua apologizes to him, she knows this is a job and she doesn’t know why it bothers her so much. Probably because she’s always imagined wearing a wedding dress and getting married to Guan Jun.

Terry tells her she doesn’t need to go through with this, he’ll call it off. Da Hua says no, she will go through with it and take those wedding pictures. Since she agreed to come back to finish the contract, she will do her best and finish what Liang Yen needs to do. Terry smiles and says thank you. Girl, this staying for a year makes NO SENSE to me. Either you are staying to be Liang Yen forever, or you better leave now because shit is coming out eventually anyway. Narratively we need these two together, but good gracious it makes Da Hua seemed so hare-brained. Can Qin Mo reappear to give her a brain transplant as well. This thing is probably not ending the way I want it unless Liang Yen miraculously resurrects or Da Hua get possessed by her dead spirit.

Terry and Da Hua pose for wedding pictures. The photographer tells them to get closer and they both awkwardly try. This is sad narratively, because even when they are awkward Da Hua still has more chemistry with Terry than with Guan Jun.

Terry can tell Da Hua is getting worn down by it and asks for a break. He gives her some water and assures her this is almost over soon. The assistants swoon over how wonderful he is to her. You know, I never ever got the sense that Terry is so considerate and good to her because she’s pretending to be Liang Yen or looks like Liang Yen. He is good to her because she is Da Hua and she is good to him. He sees her for who she is inside, and its the part where she looks like Liang Yen that keeps him at bay. That and also Liang Yen just died. Gotta keep reminding myself that. Terry takes Da Hua’s hand to point out that these pictures are for President Du so she needs to try her best to convey a sense of happiness.

The photographer asks for one last set of pictures that require the bride to kiss the groom. Terry and Da Hua are startled and he is about to ask the photographer to change the request when Da Hua says she’ll do it.

Of all the places in Taipei, Guan Jun arrives to deliver flowers to this photo studio. He walks in just as Da Hua is puckering up to kiss Terry on the cheek.

Terry notices him and purposely pulls Da Hua in so that her puckered lips connect with his cheek. I actually appreciate Terry showing his competitive and calculating side in that moment with Guan Jun, who has so far been the world’s most annoying human being to Terry since the moment he had the misfortune of colliding with his truck on the street in episode 1. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone – the kiss picture is taken and Lin Guan Jun gets a taste of some jealousy medicine.

Da Hua turns around and notices Guan Jun standing there. She calls out to him but Terry stops her from walking away, reminding her as Liang Yen that she needs to finish these pictures. Guan Jun puts the flowers down and storms out.

As Guan Jun is driving home, he’s fuming about what he saw and wonders if something is going on between Da Hua and Terry. He is so distracted he almost runs over a pedestrian and has to brake at the last moment. Seriously? This tool runs a delivery service? He operates a vehicle on the streets? And I am supposed to like him as a character? Screenwriter EPIC FAIL.

Da Hua finishes the wedding pictures and runs off to find Guan Jun to explain. Cheng Hong wants to take her but Terry stops him, saying he’ll accompany her. After he leaves, Cheng Hong is shocked at the behavior of the Managing Director in being so considerate of Da Hua and wonders if he’s fallen for her.

Guan Jun goes home and Hu Xiao Fei is there waiting for him. She offers him cake but he dismisses her. She follows him around so he sticks his face in her face and asks what she sees in him? Yeah, please tell me, too. Xiao Fei wonders why she needs a reason, she just likes him. He says they have no future together but she begs to differ. She knows he’s opened a delivery service so starting tomorrow she can ride with him, do his books, and work hard together to build a business.

He’s shocked and she thinks he doesn’t like it so she offers to work at the store and wait for him everyday. She keeps wondering what she can do for him and he says whatever to shut her up. Xiao Fei is so happy that he’s agreed that she leans in to kiss him. He looks surprised but doesn’t push her away or get closer.

Da Hua and Terry walk up right at that moment and see this kiss. Da Hua is stricken and Terry holds her hand and says they should go home.

Terry is brewing coffee for Da Hua and she’s going on and on about what she just saw. Terry asks why she didn’t just ask Lin Guan Jun then and there to explain? Da Hua claims she was so shocked she didn’t know what to do. Da Hua remembers Xiao Fei staking a claim on Guan Jun before and she mutters about that girl constantly bothering Guan Jun.

Terry says “constantly”? Da Hua explains that she’s been by the store many times looking for him. Terry brews his coffee and points out that Guan Jun and Xiao Fei isn’t a new thing then according to what Da Hua just said. Da Hua insists Xiao Fei snatched a kiss but Terry points out that Guan Jun didn’t push Xiao Fei away.

Da Hua says Guan Jun was shocked too, yes, it must be a misunderstanding. Terry looks at Da Hua and smiles and says sure, whatever she says must be what happened. Terry placates her by agreeing that it was all a misunderstanding. Terry pours her a cup of coffee and smiles at how distracted she is. She takes a sip and burns her tongue and he tells her to be careful. Terry says that he can tell Xiao Fei likes Guan Jun a lot, and now it makes sense to him why Guan Jun helped her dad snatch the land auction from them. Da Hua looks distressed to hear this.

Da Hua talks to her stuffed animal and says Guan Jun would never betray her. Terry stares at her and doesn’t seem to agree, so he finally smiles and changes the subject and asks if the coffee tastes good. Da Hua confesses it tastes hot which makes him laugh at her.

Terry walks downstairs the next morning only to see Da Hua already up and waiting for him. She thanks him for his advice last night, she will find Guan Jun and ask directly what happened to clear up the misunderstanding.

Terry suggests she have breakfast first before leaving but Da Hua is in a rush and even declines a ride from Cheng Hong and says she’ll take a cab. After she leaves, Terry murmurs to himself asking if she is really in that much of a hurry.

Da Hua goes to the store and sees her mom and asks for Guan Jun. Mom reveals he’s in a bad mood and hiding in his room. I ask again – this immature fool is really a main character? Guan Jun walks out asking for his shirt and Mom says its out back hanging to dry. Guan Jun avoids Da Hua and goes to get it himself.

Da Hua follows him out back and he’s in a pissy mood towards her still. Da Hua candidly explains that she took wedding pictures yesterday to make President Du happy and it was all part of her job. Da Hua reveals she was very upset yesterday taking those pictures because she imagined since she was young that she would wear a wedding dress to marry him. That placates Guan Jun.

Guan Jun tells her to be careful, he thinks Ouyang Tai is behaving oddly so she needs to keep her distance from him. Da Hua says she will and then turns the subject around and asks if he has something to tell her? Guan Jun actually has the gall to respond with a question, wondering what he needs to tell her about? KOALA RAGE. He has a double standard now? She can’t kiss another guy but he can get kissed by another girl. I can’t even. Da Hua says she saw Xiao Fei’s kiss yesterday and Guan Jun claims he doesn’t like her and she kissed him and he was caught off guard.

Da Hua says that can’t happen again so Guan Jun vows to keep his distance from Xiao Fei. That makes Da Hua happy and they make up. They agree to be honest with each other because the more misunderstandings between them, the more likely their relationship will fail. Da Hua asks how he was at the studio yesterday and Guan Jun explains his new delivery business. He tells her that he named the first truck Da Hua #1 and there will be more Da Hua trucks in the future.

Da Hua’s no-good dad is playing cards at the park with his chums. Hu Jing Biao and his lackeys walk past and ridicules him. Da Hua’s dad says his luck is about to change, his daughter Da Hua is about to marry a rich man but its a secret he can’t reveal. Hu Jing Biao laughs at him for this delusion since his daughter is so ugly.

Xiao Fei goes to the store to bring a present for Jin Mom and butter her up. Ah Xi is there and not happy to see that, and Jin Mom is uncomfortable with it as well. Xiao Fei reveals that she will have her dad order that all deliveries for their company be done through Guan Jun’s new business from now on. Mom says that she hopes Guan Jun will marry Da Hua in the future, wanting to dissuade Xiao Fei. She claims that Guan Jun is also interested in her so he ought to decide who he wants to be with.

Guan Jun calls Terry out for a mano-a-mano chat, and he sits there rolling his eyes as Terry asks him what he wants to talk about. Is there a drama rule that I can’t bitch slap a male character, because Lin Guan Jun needs some serious bitch slapping with the way he’s behaving.

Guan Jun says he can tell Terry is acting weird around Da Hua and asks if he’s treating her as Liang Yen’s substitute. Terry changes the subject and asks why Guan Jun cares, is he really that insecure about his relationship with Da Hua? Is he worried Da Hua won’t return to him?

Guan Jun doesn’t answer and claims he trusts Da Hua, no matter how nice Terry is to her, she won’t fall for him. Terry smiles and asks if Guan Jun is that confident? He says to put aside the questions about his feelings for Da Hua, the way he sees it as a bystander, Guan Jun is not the right guy for her.

What has Guan Jun ever done that is admirable or commendable? OH HELLS YEAH. That is what I’ve been screaming about this entire drama. How has this guy done anything that would merit him being considered a solid dude? Terry lists the crappy things Lin Guan Jun has done since he met him. He tried to extort money from Terry after the accident, then came to work for Terry at the company only to quit shortly thereafter. He then went to help the very thugs who hurt his family so that be can stick it to Terry at the land auction, and from there got a nice money payout.

Terry heard Guan Jun bought a truck and has started a delivery company. He can barely feed himself, how does he think to support Da Hua? Guan Jun tells Terry not to look down on people, he’s not as rich as Terry now but doesn’t mean he won’t be one day. Terry asks how long? Ten years, twenty years? Terry can see Guan Jun’s future – he’ll toil for decades until his body gives out while Da Hua spends her whole life inside that little store. She deserves more than that, she is better than that.

Guan Jun says that happiness cannot be bought with money, so even if Terry can give Da Hua better it doesn’t mean that is what Da Hua wants. Terry smiles and thanks Guan Jun for the reminder, he actually knows that and is keenly aware of it. Terry ends the conversation and gets up to leave, but not before wishing Guan Jun well with his new business venture.

Guan Jun goes back to the store and Jin Mom is upset that Xiao Fei seems to think she has a future with Guan Jun. He goes out to end things with her.

Guan Jun tells Xiao Fei that he likes Da Hua and feelings cannot be forced. Xiao Fei is so upset since this is the first time she’s ever did so much for another person, and she moves to slap Guan Jun but can’t bring herself to do it.

Xiao Fei goes home and cries to her daddy about Guan Jun rejecting her. Xiao Fei blames her dad’s lackeys for being violent thugs and making her such a persona non grata. Her dad orders the lackeys to be more civilized from now on. Her dad promises to get her what she wants, and he also agrees Lin Guan Jun is a good talent to have. He’s reserved the Managing Director position at his company for Lin Guan Jun, and one of his lackeys does not look pleased to hear this.

Da Hua and Terry come home after work only to find Guan Jun waiting outside in his new truck. Cheng Hong hilariously mutters about why Lin Guan Jun keeps randomly showing up these days. You and me both, Cheng Hong, you and me both. Guan Jun gets out and puts his arms possessively around Da Hua, who looks slightly uncomfortable, and announces that Da Hua is off “work” now so he’s taking her out on a date. I totally forgive all of Terry’s previous little possessive gestures with Da Hua in front of Guan Jun, this is clearly a guy battle between them on equal footing.

Guan Jun and Da Hua get into the truck and she’s so happy to see he’s put a picture of them on the dashboard. They happily leave on their date (with Guan Jun throwing a victorious glance out the window), with Terry staring at them as they drive off. Dude, can you find another chick to makeover as Liang Yen. I’m starting to believe Jin Da Hua isn’t good enough for you to waste your consideration on.


King Flower Episode 13 Recap — 26 Comments

  1. I actually enjoy reading your drama review. Thanks for all the reviews.Personally, I kinda like this drama but then as it moves on i found out that the whole plots didn’t make sense at all. As most of the air time is side on terry but again the writer desperately want to make guan jun looks like a cool macho guy which he isn’t. Ehmm not sure whether going to continue to watch it or not.:-[

  2. The protest on FB is overwhelming! Seriously, what are the scriptwriters thinking?! It so doesn’t make sense that GJ likes DH and worse that GJ uses the money that he was supposedly returning. Why is DH so happy that GJ set up the business using the money she doesn’t approve of? What’s the deal with her staying and saying to Du Dad that she doesn’t want to marry Terry? Has there ever been a more worthless, immature, selfish first male lead? DH needs to sake up too!!! Ahhh what a nightmare!

  3. Ms. Koala, you’re wonderful! I laughed out loud so many times while reading your recap. I totally agree with you on so many points… so far I don’t think what Terry did was “evil.” He was simply trying to fight for the woman he’s falling for. Even in this episode you can see how considerate he is towards her like offering to not go ahead with the photoshoot. Guan Jun really pales in comparison. It’s frustrating how Da Hua is way too stuck in her childhood fantasy to notice the difference!!!

  4. I am not even watching but even I am pissed off reading about such a loser of a boyfriend. Am I supposed to be supportive or is he the main lead?

  5. Ahhhhh…..That Chris Wu … subtle ….so sensitive yet so intense….
    He is the only reason I am watching this drama.

  6. I am waiting for Terry to teach DH English , piano and other stuff so her mind can expand and she can think beyond just wanting to be her childhood sweetheart’s wife. That seems to be the goal in her life. I can’t root for someone like that.

      • I am just worried she will end up like her mom with a good for nothing husband and a hard life.

      • I’m gonna have to agree with Sophie. If this is really Da Hua’s Extravagant Adventure, she should be having some kind of growth experience. There’s nothing wrong with appreciating a simple life. But for DH to have a childhood fantasy of marrying her adopted brother and then have absolutely no change in her thinking, no growth in her dreams when she becomes an adult is so very wrong. At this point, she seems NOT to actually be in love with Guan Jun, but in love with her own naive FANTASY. And THAT is what frustrates me about her character, YES, she needs some kind of awakening and growth.

    • yes, thats’ true about TW dramas. But that’s also part of their charm. Sometimes Korean dramas are too formulaic and can become very predictable right down to the dialogue and mannerisms.

  7. I started this drama around episode 11 because of the reviews. I like it so far, but I am not sure which guy to root for because they are both crazy.

  8. Your question is so legit Koala. What has Guan Jun done that is noble and upright? All i can remember is the sad attempt in the first episode where the writer try to show that Guan Jun is an honorable man when he offer to help the poor market-lady when even he doesn’t have much to begin with. But then he went and hid behind Da Hua at the store, then attempt to con Terry money. What kind of upright person would do that? Guan Jun is even worse than a 2nd lead. My problem is not so much the unrealistic love between guan jun and da hua that the writers are trying to sell me, I have a problem with GUAN JUN. How can i root for a hero with no redeeming quality? Not everyone is perfect, but Guan Jun look so ‘justified’ with all his flaws. He is so unreasonably hostile with an EQ of a 3 years old. I rather Da hua end up alone than ending up with guan jun

    • I totally agree! Also, his character flaws do not make him a good long-term fit for Da Hua. One day she is going to become aware of his underhanded actions, his cowardice and his weakness, and she will not be able to respect him enough to love him as a partner. To me, he is just like her dad.

      • Yes…..and she’s going to become just like her mom if she ends up with GJ.
        But with Terry …..He will love her so tenderly and passionately. He is right when he says GJ is not good enough for her. He’s not being arrogant. He sees it so clearly.

  9. Thank U for your recap,
    You know if the writer is going for money is not everything (it’s falling miserably) If there going for the “poor guy hero” there falling even more. And I totally 100% agree with you the writer doesn’t know which way to go so is buying time with petty shit :/ it bugs me when I have to skip to watch the the couple that’s NOT even suppose to END together :// ugh

  10. Thank you the recap ! 🙂 I’m totally Team Terry all the way but i’m totally annoyed with DH right now. I have a feeling she will end up with GJ. So i’ll stop watching for now and just read your recaps. I hate GJ’s character !

  11. Terry all the way!!! Guan jun just doesn’t cut it for me. He’s not interesting and he seems like such a lame loser!!! I’m hoping she ends up with the more deserving man. And the story will be much more interesting if there’s progression in the relationship between da hua and terry. There just doesn’t seem much to work with in the guan jun-da hua angle.

  12. What was the point of this episode? I felt like it went nowhere… and can we pleaseeee give Terry some love writer? DH needs to get smarter and pick! Blah blah I love GJ but the thing is, us viewers can’t see how/why she loves him. It makes no sense sighhh. I just need the ending to this drama, stat.

  13. I totally agree! It is getting so frustrating. Why can he use that money to start his own business and not use it to take her back? Da Hua, where is your brain! It’s the same money -____-. Just leave Terry if you are going to be like that. lol

  14. You know I actually liked GJ’s character in ep1 because he was your classic jerk douche bag who has a kind heart inside but doesn’t really act much upon it. Now, I feel the writers are trying to make him less jerky because he loves Da HUa but he just becomes a possessive Edward and his character is just such a mess.

    I root for Terry and while Da Hua is in Lovers Paradise with GJ, I feel Da Hua will ultimately end up with Terry because they have more scenes where they interact and I think screen writers are going for the route where when DH finally leaves Terry for good and is with GJ, she feels empty and finds GJ to not be the person she always had in her mind and that she’s thinking about terry constantly.

    • I totally agreed that Da Hau will leave Terry only to spend some growing up time with GJ. Reality will hit! Remember that DH is already 28. She’ll realize after breaking her childhood icon of GJ that the mature relationship she shared with Terry provided her with a wealth of tender moments and deep conversations that will have coalesced into deep feelings for Terry. I love it when a plan comes together. I hope the writers are listening. There are so many reasons why DH can’t be the GJ that it’s too much to list. Terry is so deliciously sexy, sensitive, tender, loving, and treats DH like a partner not a dictator like GJ. Who wouldn’t want him. Sigh!

      • Hahaha I love Terry and Chris Wu is amazing!
        I really want him to be the main lead because in most of his dramas he is always the second guy; he’s always the sweetest one and he never gets the girl and he’s acting is amazing!

        So he better end up with Da Hua….

  15. Thank you! I can’t stand Guan Jun.. everybody keeps telling me that what they have is true love and that his heart will beat Terry’s money, but it’s just like. NO. >.<

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