Big Name Stars Heats up Chinese Media with a Buzzy Love Pentagon

Forget love triangles, that is so passé (Roy QiuTang YanTia Li what?, George HuAnnie ChenGui Gui who?) – the hottest love gossip in Chinese entertainment is a freaking love pentagon! This shit is awesomely good in the “I can’t believe this is even remotely true” way, yet it is all over the newspapers and magazines when I was in Asia last week. Get your pen and paper ready to keep track of all those names, okay? First up is the bombshell dating rumor that is the most likely to be true in this whole convoluted mess – TW-actress Chen Qiao En and HK-superstar Louis Koo have been secretly dating for the last two years after being set up by mutual friend singer-actress Miriam Yeung. Then the relationship hit the rocks when Chen Qiao En filmed The Swordsman last year with her first love and ex-boyfriend Wallace Huo, who apparently wanted to get back together but she said “oh hells no” since he dumped her years ago for his career. Louis was none to happy about it, and word on the street is that he was introduced to Michelle Chen and there was mutual interest and Michelle is alleged to be the Xiao San in that relationship. Not to be outdone on the secret relationship bit, apparently Wallace has been secretly dating Ruby Lin for the last four years and he tried to end the relationship to win back Chen Qiao En, so Ruby is none too happy about that either. So far Ruby is the only one to publicly deny that she ever dated Wallace, but the other four have been mum about their involvement in this hilarious love mess. Louis’ friends have told the papers that he and Chen Qiao En are definitely a couple for the last two years and it’s an industry secret but Louis refuses to go public and that also pisses Chen Qiao En off. With this many people involved already, we just need a couple more players to turn this into a circus.

I have nothing more to add other than there are some questionable pairings up there if any of this is true. Louis also needs to lay off the self-tanner. Big time. He’s turning into Donald Trump’s Chinese cousin. Compared to the scandals coming out of Korea lately, this is relatively harmless fluff and good for a chuckle indeed.


Big Name Stars Heats up Chinese Media with a Buzzy Love Pentagon — 33 Comments

  1. I spit out the ‘FANTA’ I drank on the screen when i read your comment bout Louis Koo being Donald Trump’s Chinese Cousin….

  2. I can’t believe this…. b’cos since i liked Chen Qiao En from Prince Who Turn To A Frog & followed her & the latest news was that she has no boyfriend anymore after she broke up with Roy Qiu…well, this rumours really suprised me… thank you for this info.

  3. What is with T-Ent ending up in love polygons? I bet they’ve all dated each other by now and in time we’ll end up with a love Hexagon…

  4. This was going on for the last two months and started off with Qiao En’s mysterious weibo post that said “I would like you” and she was wearing a watch that seemed to be owned by Wallace. But then the Louis Koo rumor came about and everyone realized they were played LMFAO!

    What a circus. Chen Qiao En’s love life is always interesting. But I’m very interested in seeing where this will head. Have a feeling no one will end up with anyone here haha. Although Wallace and ruby’s 4-year rumor seems true. And I also kinda believe the QE-Louis one too! What a circus of epic proportions!

  5. 🙂 how cute. roll eye. Actually, I can believe CE and Louis, and I could believe Wallace & Ruby too. Honestly, the Wallace/Ruby took my by surprise and I thought that they would never make it to the alter type thing. I do believe CE and Wallace from back in the day. But I love how the media strung it all together. So we either have a rash of bad boyfriends or bad girlfriends, take your pick. They could have their own drama LOL. Reality TV. Even so, I really do hope that these folks can find the happiness and the ones that they are looking for.

    • Or the media is really drama writer wanna-bees and should really switch professions. LOL The lines are all blurred.

  6. So Dongfang Bubai is secretly dating Yong Guo and Linghu Chong is the third party that came between them. Yumama himself can’t come up with a crazier storyline.

    • Linghu Chong is trying to get his ex-girlfriend Dongfang Bu Bai back, while she is secretly dating Yang Guo. And Princess Jian Ning has been having a secret romance with Linghu Chong and is pissed to learn she might get tossed over for his old flame.

      • LOLOL! If you put it THAT way, I guess Shen Jia Yi really have no place in this at all. I think the whole Michelle and Louis thing is so farfetched.

  7. In an interview last week, Wallace kind of admitted to dating CE, he said he wanted to film the drama with her and that it was awkward at first but then they were fine after awhile. He said he wanted to show ppl that even thought they are no longer dating, they can still be professional. He also wanted each person to show much they have grown up. A clip of Ruby was shown with her denying the relationship and asking him to help since he never speaks up on the rumors and he should be a man and help out the girls in the rumors. It was a cute video.

    • I’m not sure if we’re talking about the same interview, but Wallace denied it in the one I saw, but everything else that he said was the same as you mentioned. He also was asked if there was a chance for him and QE, and he said “anything was possible” (How ambiguous lol). But QE denied it in her interview (about wallace). Instead, there was a weibo post with a crab on a cat’s head and it said; what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. So the media and nietzens are interpretting it to be her” difficult relationship with Louis or something like that. Don’t quite remember cz its been a while since everything blew out. It’s all in baidu; just search Joe Chen or Louis Koo – if anyone’s interested.

    • He did admit that he dated her while they were filming 100% senorita. He said it in several interviews last month or so. Saying that he specially requested CQE to act as DFBB and he will only act in Swordsman if she’s in.

      • Uhm… Its kinda a known and official fact that QE and Wallace dated before. I was talking about the latest news of them dating while filming swordsman. Wallace never admitted to that whatsoever; only gave out an ambiguous answer. As for not filming if QE isn’t doing it – I haven’t seen a video of him saying that – and I find that lame and petty. He is a professional and I’m sure he’d look at the script instead of his co-star if he were to choose an offer. As far as I know, he said he hoped she did it too. But not that he wouldn’t do it if she doesn’t.

  8. When this story surfaced 2 months ago, it was kinda unbelievable gossip to grasp the unlikely pairing of Qiaoen & Louis, despite my love for both actors. However, now i kinda believe both pairings are for real Qiaoen x Louis and Ruby x Wallace.

    Btw, you could have thrown in Sandra Ng’s name as matchmaker for Michelle Chen x Louis Koo.

  9. i look at michelle chen and i feel so old, remembering the first time i saw her when she was nothing but rainie’s sidekick. their careers grow so fast ;-;

  10. Why is it so difficult for these beautiful people to find love? I kind of feel sad for them, what will they do when they pass their peak or after 35 years old? or when the other half went for $$ instead of love?

  11. Quite shocking! Who would have believed these people frolicking together and stuff?

    On another note, how lovely is your ‘You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin’ header, Koala.

  12. Louis Koo x Qiao En rumours was been a while now.. and like everywhere in Asia..

    seriously I can’t believe this for the first time…but all media spreading about that. And Louis Koo never denied it–while he always denied all his rumours before, said “since its not true, no comment”, NOW : “no comment”.
    sigh i hope Louis as the man wanna speak it up!! What he scared about? I think Qiao En already TIRED with all the gossip..

    since I follow QE, what made me hard to believe this relationship because Louis is likely not her type—> all the guys she dated before was “fair/white skin guy”; I remember she even said MD wasn’t her type bcoz she doesn’t like black-skin guy 😀 (when everyone say MingEn was meant for each other, includng me ^^ )

    or perhaps we can’t truly choose who we fall for? LOL

  13. Amo doramas chineses e sou fã da atriz Chen Qiao En, espero que ela se divirta pegando todos…..coisas do BRASIL!!!!

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