Zhao Wei Sued by Drama Fan for Her Intense Gaze as She Promotes New HK-movie with Louis Koo and Wallace Chung

This legal entertainment news is too hilarious and bizarre not to share, even better is combining it with a substantive post about an upcoming movie. Top C-actress Zhao Wei is in the midst of filming a gritty HK-movie with famed director Johnny To called Three, opposite two equally famous HK actors Louis Koo and Wallace Chung. The movie is a psychological thriller between a cop (Louis), a criminal (Wallace), and the doctor stuck between them (Zhao Wei). On the day the movie held a media event at the custom built hospital set, word came out that Zhao Wei was the defendant in a just filed civil lawsuit in China.

A drama fan in China filed a lawsuit again Zhao Wei in civil court, accusing her of causing him psychological distress and demanding damages. The complaint was based on the just finished airing hit C-drama Tiger Mom starring Zhao Wei and Tong Dawei where they play parents with differing parenting styles. The complainant alleges in the complaint that Zhao Wei acting as the tiger mom with all her big eyes glaring and staring through the screen caused him to suffer a mental breakdown hence he is seeking damages for his suffering. When Zhao Wei heard the news, she laughed with the quip that she’s going to have to act wearing sunglasses from now on if this lawsuit goes forward. Clearly it’ll get dismissed immediately but is still hella hilarious, especially if the complainant uses filing such a lame lawsuit as proof that he’s mentally damaged now. Continue reading

Cast for Upcoming HK/C Movie Saving General Yang Including Vic Zhou, Wu Zun, Louis Koo, and Ekin Cheng

When I first heard the casting news, I did a double take, and then had to check five times to make sure it wasn’t some elaborate April’s Fools punk. Of course it’s not, and the reality only makes it more … Continue reading