What to Do When a Warning Keeps You from Hanging Out at the Playground

I might have to rename my blog Angry Koala’s Playground if I can’t stem the periodic outbreak of online douchiness. As many of you have noted, in recent months there have been times when accessing the website you’ll get a malware warning from Chrome or similar types of notifications on other web browsers. This is true only online, it will not pop up on tablet or smart phone browsers. What’s happening is that AKP is getting hacked, but it’s not directed at me insomuch as it’s the general world of online spam hacks. It comes in through spam comments or plug-in updates, and the only way to block it completely is to disable comments (which would suck since I love hearing your thoughts and opinions) or plug-ins (which would also suck since half the site won’t work). My website security is very robust, but my webmaster tells me that the amount of traffic I’m getting is just making this happen more frequently since the spammers target based on traffic so it’s hitting me up a lot lately. Here is what I do when it happens – I immediately scan and find the unwanted code and remove it (which takes minutes at most), after that I notify Google but it takes them hours to lift the warning. I have noticed a lot of times the warnings pop up the site is totally clean, I have not been able to find any outside code and still there was a warning so the browser scanners are wrong but the warning will still stay until they scan the website again hours or a day later and then lift the warning. So what can you do when you want to read but get a warning? You have three options so pick your preferred comfort level.

When you get a malware warning when you want to spend time bickering with Koala or gushing over with new hottest pictures of Koala’s current flavor of the month, what to do? Run away screaming? Quickly close the browser so the bad bad malware doesn’t ooze through the screen and infect your computer? Never fear, it’s not so scary.

1. Switch devices – go use your tablet or smart phone to read the Playground. Spam malware is intended to hijack ads or redirect to naughty sites for ad revenue, and the code is html and not Android or Apple mobile OS. So your Galaxy S3 or Apple IPhone 5 or ancient Blackberry can safely and happily visit AKP without any fear.

2. Be brave and come right in – I always clean up the offending code immediately, but the malware warning takes hours to lift. In that period of time it’s totally safe to visit. All you need to do is click “Advanced” as seen in the screenshot above (next to “Go Back”), which then pops up a link that asking if you are sure you want to visit the site and take the risk. If you are sure, then click on it and it’ll take you to AKP. I’m not suggesting you do this, but merely sharing this option.

3. Wait – wait until the malware warnings are lifted officially by the web browsers. If you choose this option I won’t be mad. I’m angry at the large corner of the internet that exists solely to spam websites and redirect traffic or insert dirty ads.

I love writing and would hate to stop writing one day because I’m just fed up with the administrative work of running a website. I wish I could have my own online ninja to guard the gate and slash down offending spammers. And since I am so busy lately and don’t have as much time to chat on my posts, I wanted to just say a big fat thank you to everyone who’s read or is still reading AKP. It’s been a pleasure sharing and learning with you. This might happen periodically no matter what, but rest assured its nothing nefarious beyond the usual trolling by spammers and I’m on top of it when it does occur.


What to Do When a Warning Keeps You from Hanging Out at the Playground — 81 Comments

  1. i know your side is oke and healhy thats why i choose to ignore it! aah but when i tried to open your web at my ipad, the malware notif still pop up…

  2. And here I thought it was just me… When this happens to me, I am taken to a “Sex Tape” site. Well, it tries to take me there. Luckily, the browser typically has a hard time finding that site and I have time to shut down the window. So frustrating. There should be a special place for hackers.

    At any rate, I read the posts everyday, and am grateful for the time you put in keeping us up on all things KDrama!

  3. I definitely suggest using phones or other sources for I have never had this issue(I only use my phone for blog frequentig). Didn’t know it was occurring but I’m sure it’s absolutely horrible— for everyone.
    Buy with that I would encourage everyone to please take Koala’s advice, just make her life a little easier, even if the Angry Koala logo is pretty bomb 😉

  4. Oh thank heavens~~~~~ When I came on our site one time I notice that my computer won’t let me visit your site. I was so sad, seriously I check every hour to see if it was safe. but eventually I just ignored the sign…..but I know I shouldn’t. Thanks for letting us know about this problem. What would I do without your awesome site??

  5. F**K Google Chrome, I come on in anyway. I figured it was on their end that those warnings stay up for DAYS but it’s nice to hear you checked into it. Thanks.

    • Google Chrome really is pissing me off. Out of the last 5 malware warnings, there was only 1 actual case of outside html code getting in. The other 4 times – nothing was wrong with my site!!! Google be pissing me off, too.

  6. I don’t have an iPad or a cool phone . . . but my students do!! I was so desperate for news during the whole F4/Chinese New Year thing, I had a student look up your site on her phone while I helped her work on an internship application. I look at it as a way of expanding the playground. She had not heard of your site despite being obsessed with Japanese drama and any Asian historical drama she can get her hands on. She thanked me for helping her with her application, but I really think she thanked me more for showing her the site. Koala worshippers unite!

    • Oh trotwood, you are too cute! Thanks for spreading the love, and I hope to get rid of this problem for good soon. Looking into learning malware ninjitsu myself.

  7. I have stored your site with my other feeds and sometimes when I want to open a feed I get transferred to some kind of romanian sex site or the like. Not what I want to look at when I am expecting to watch the “pretty”.

  8. Thanks! I agree with your advice!! If I see it pop up on google chrome. I just use my cell phone 🙂

    Thank you for all your posts! I appreciate the passion you put into. I don’t always see things eye to eye but who cares. It’s still super fun to read. And when we love the same dramas, it’s just icing on the cake! Thanks so much! You are very much appreciated. I have no idea how you juggle everything! It’s just amazing in of itself.

  9. Oh, my dear Koala, thank you for this information. I always ignored the warnings but I was still a little worried what it was all about. I am glad you explained it. I shall follow your advices.
    Also, I want to tell you that I find your website really wonderful. I love how always there are fresh news, beautiful pictures and great articles. I appreciate the effort and time you put in this site. My best regards.

  10. Yes it’s true
    , I never faced this problem till I opened it on my pc. ! Since I open it frequently on my iPhone ! However I always choose to ignore it cuz I would rather change my pc or having it totally spamed or I don’t know what else than not reading this site very single day ! I’m just addicted !
    Thanks mrs koala , don’t be angry, koalas are the cutest thing ever ! When not angry ! Plus , Stupid hacking won’t make us run away !
    Fighting ! 🙂 🙂
    Just a question !? Does anybody know what is going on with PSH rape case !?

    • Nothing going on. He has not been officially charged or the case dismissed. It’s still with the Seoul prosecutor’s office.

  11. i dive right in…I watched Heartstrings, Beautiful Spy and Dr. Jin from beginning to end with my computer…malware is nothing compared to these three.

    • LOL, love your snarky sense of humor, reyna. And yes, I agree with your sentiments on those 3 drama wholeheartedly.

  12. I use Firefox and don’t have any problems accessing the site. Although it does show a warning but it still allows opening the website. Google Chrome is being overprotective as always…sigh

    • Stella I use Firefox and I have had the notice twice! So it is not only Google Chrome. When it happens I switch to my phone. Thank you Koala for keeping us posted and I would have loved to see the angry Koala.

  13. haha omg. i was actually writing up my first comment about this post when google took me out of your blog. needless to say those spammers are back! it must be super annoying to have to check the codes. i hope that you don’t quit blogging cause of this. maybe you should get some of us to help you out or something.

    oh, did you make that angry koala logo, because it’s pretty damn creative! 🙂

  14. Thank you for all your hard work Miss? Mrs? Ms K. I’m here at least 4 times per day & really enjoy it. I never use anything but my pad or iPhone so I never had to deal with the warning..

  15. thanks for explaining the situation, ms. koala. & glad i’m not the only one who seemed to be getting those notifications more often. so happy that you’re on top of things, since i’ve been ignoring it lately, though i know i shouldn’t. 🙂

    thanks for helping to ensure that our computers are malware free for dramas!

  16. I know it’s a pain but when the frequency shot up, I thought to myself “playground be getting more and more popular” ^.^


  17. I use Firefox, and what it does it doesn’t let me access the site at all, not even the option of ‘are you sure you still want to click the link?” not even that, it just says you are absolutely NOT going into this site, thank you have a nice day. I do use my phone if I can’t access.

    Also it doesn’t let me double click, like if I want to see multiple links in different tabs, the double click doesn’t work, or if I’m writing a comment and need autocorrect a word with double click, nothing at all.

    • I have Firefox too and it won’t let me in. Glad you discussed this annoying problem. Love your site and appreciate all you do. Thank you.

    • Really? Even on Firefox there is a way to bypass it. But if doesn’t let you, then just come back a few hours later. 🙂

  18. I wondered why your site was being flagged. But being the brave person that I am, I just ignore and come right on in as my laptop has robust security (it is a work laptop … LOL) and any malware that gets on it is quarantined almost immediately.

  19. Koala if I don’t feel like getting up to go get my tablet or Galaxy S3 I pick #4. I do a google search for Koala’s Playground – Bloglovin and when I select that site I am able to enjoy Koala’s Playground. 🙂

  20. Every time I get the malware warning, I think “Oh no! Not again! Poor Koala!!” I always check back after a few hours and I always will. Love your blog and can’t imagine ever giving up coming here to play! (Even if I don’t comment all that regularly.)

  21. Thank you for posting about this, Ms Koala! I’ve been seeing the malware warning message quite often and since my browser doesn’t give me access at all, I usually check back after a couple of hours and hope the warning is gone by then.

    Nothing’s gonna stop me from checking this site for new drama news/updates!!!

    Keep up the great work, Ms Koala! 😀

  22. I had an embarrassing situation. I used to check the playground at our office. Thing was, the warning kept appearing and I kept clicking, until the virus attacked my computer twice in three months. The owner had to install anti-virus in my computer, as I was a “high-risk”. My officemates thought I was doing something illegal or prohibited! I was so ashamed!
    But I couldn’t resist especially now that you’re showing so much love for our adorable Seunggi!

  23. Oh wow thank you for writing this post. I thought it was just my computer. So I have just been reading it on my ipad. So far it still works , cross my fingers….

  24. Thank you for your explanation..love your playground so much it made my day..its often breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper too for me…in medical term QID…anyway still able to access is good enough for me.

  25. its happen yesterday, i thought something happen with your blog but its fine in my phone. so just skipped the warning…glad its fine now.

  26. Could you possibly add some sort of verification code to enter when we comment? I’ve seen it quite a few other blogs and it seems effective. It may get a little tedious but I’d rather just enter the 5 letters rather than have you have to go through the trouble of needing to deal with the situation every time it arises.

  27. Thank you so much Koala for everything you have done for us drama fans. Your site is the first thing I check everyday when I turn on my PC. Thanks again. 😀

  28. My Norton blocks off the malware and I swim in to the playground every time without a problem. Ms Koala pls don’t stop blogging. Every new technology will hv problems n solutions but I know it gets tiring fending off these attacks. But we are all here cheering you on!

  29. first i’m glad that this site is all well again. second, thank you for posting this, because you know, for some netizens to get warning is really scary.
    as for me, I will keep come, and reading and if i’m not too lazy, i’ll post comment, i hope you don’t mind having lazy reader.
    on side note, yesterday i thought your site were attacked because you post the curious case of seo hwa….

  30. Every time I get those malware warning from Mr. G, I just switch from comp to my Ipad or BB. I know it’s only fake warning, but I’m with you Ms. K, it’s getting annoying.. Hope this issue will end soon.

    ps: Love the new logo. So AKP is stand for “Angry Koala Playground”..? ^^

  31. In case you are running WordPress, there seems to be something larger going on:
    arstechnica dot com /security/2013/04/huge-attack-on-wordpress-sites-could-spawn-never-before-seen-super-botnet/

    Seems like many sites are currently under attack.

    • Hmmn… the possibility that you brought up may be an answer to my question. I was wondering why I haven’t encountered this problem on other high-traffic blogs that I visit. The webmaster seems to be saying that this is just the nature of the beast with high-traffic blogs that have comments and plug-ins enabled, but there has to be more to it than that, or we’d be seeing this all over the place. Perhaps an internet security specialist might know of a solution that the webmaster is unaware of? I’m sorry that you have to go through this, Koala– I super appreciate your blog and hate it when running the blog is stressful for you. The warnings haven’t been a problem for me– when I see one, I just take it as a nudge from the Universe to do something more productive for a while and to return to the playground later. Thanks again, Koala for all the hard work and everything else you put into making the playground a place where so many of us want to hang out on a daily basis. Fighting!

  32. I used my phone and sometimes the warning was came out. So I go to yahoo.com and searching your a blog…….. there’s no warning at all!!! Hope the hacker don’t read my comment so they don’t go to yahoo.com to ruin “my pleasure”. Fighting Miss K

  33. thanks for this update Captain!

    i will never not return because i just love the playground!

    thanks for keeping the playground and for letting us stay! 🙂


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