In Joo Hwan Graces Elle Korea and Returns with Daily Drama Bravo My Life with Kang Sora

I know a certain dongsaeng of mine might have her brain explode once she lays eyes on these new stills from Im Joo Hwan from the May edition of Elle Korea magazine. Hot damn has he come back from military service oh so fine. He’s been relatively low key since his return a few months ago, changing agencies so that he’s now part of Blossom along with Song Joong Ki, and the two of them attended a movie premiere together as well as visited the set of That Winter, the Wind Blows to support their hyung Jo In Sung from their A Frozen Flower days. Im Joo Hwan has always been leading man material to me ever since he played Park Kyu in Tamra the Island, easily one of my top-3 most perfect leading male character and performances of all time. I was hoping he might do a sageuk next but looks like its not going to happen despite the plethora of sageuks here and coming in the next few months. Im Joo Hwan has been cast opposite Kang Sora in the upcoming SBS daily drama Bravo My Life. All the synopsis reveals is how people become a family because of their parents and learn to understand each other and sacrifice. This is me – huh? – but then I realize dailies are less about any meaningful plot and more about the humdrum bits of Korean life that can be dramatized for a bit of entertainment to air when housewives are preparing dinner. Directing will be the PD from Rooftop Prince and this airs in May after The Birth of a Family. A daily is better than nothing, right?


In Joo Hwan Graces Elle Korea and Returns with Daily Drama Bravo My Life with Kang Sora — 25 Comments

  1. !!!ZOMG! This is my brain convulsing in fits upon seeing the explosion of hotness and broodiness and smexiness in general πŸ™‚ The first picture really reminds me of Joe Cheng though! Black and white really brings out his features really well, though some poses detract a bit from his general gorgeousness, for instance his fingers in the third picture is really odd and reminiscent of an divaesque, effeminate man….

  2. I always love him sin the day I watched Tamra The Island.The drama and him are underrated. I love the drama to bits and him of course!!

  3. Love him, and omg he looks really good. Hottest I’ve ever seen him! Damn, a daily? That’s gonna be long. I will definitely watch it though, I like Kang Sora too. PD’s not too bad either.

  4. I thought there was 1 daily drama called Bravo My Life a.k.a. Living in Style. About a mother who has cancer has to bring the family together before she dies. It was the first ever drama that I watch with lots of passion and tears….. So, this new Bravo My Life might be the same plot with different cats…. I guess

  5. I think you friend has an empty brain already ! He is no where near cuteness ! And he seems old ! Where is the Korean beauty ! Or it’s just centered in lee min ho ?!
    Just my thought !!!

  6. Dailies can be sometimes interesting. Fact is, it gives you work for a long period but with a schedule less grueling than for the weekly dramas (sageuks being the worst). And it allows you to show your face to a large audience.
    I’ve never considered him handsome (as in Korean classically handsome) but he has so much charisma and so good acting skills: If I had to choose, I know where I would go.
    Awesome pics by the way: Black and white suits him well.

  7. Beauty is in the eyes of beholder. For some this one is godlike creature for others someone else. Don’t throw names around, OK?
    IJH is capable actor with lots of charisma and screen persona and this is what counts. “Cuteness” is nowhere near actor’s repertoire.
    Oh and no, he doesn’t look like Joe Cheng at all.

    • still not cute AT ALL ! sorry to mess with you godlike creature ! ? lol
      chill its just my opinion and my definition of cuteness to some actor i never saw his work or even face !! its the first impression ! and a very bad one !!

      • if you don’t like these photos…just don’t see it…
        why do u waste your time here and give comments like this?

  8. Very nice pics!! I will definitely look forward to his new drama! Yes, he is definitely leading man material!!

  9. Gorgeous!Korean entertainment needs more IJH! He’s devastatingly underrated. Primetime drama next time! There’s no way to watch the dailies for me.

    • Koala, you are my hero right now for saying that Park Kyu is one of your favorite leading men characters <3 Tamra is one of my favorite kdrama and IJH totally shined in it.

      • Park Kyu, because of how awesome IJH played him, was a perfect character.

        There wasn’t one millesecond of screen time wasted showing him. He put everything into his expressions, I felt like I could read his thoughts.

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