IRIS 2 Ends in Explosive Hilarity and Cast Attends Happy Wrap Party

There have been plenty of disappointments this year already in the K-drama world, but none quite reach the level of IRIS 2. The biggest budget in the history of K-drama (consider it inflation from the IRIS and Athena: Goddess of War days), a sprawling cast, a hopping location shoot, and a franchise that is far from storied but did bring in some high-to-serviceable ratings in its day. I believed from day 1 that IRIS 2 would suck to high Heaven and waste some of my beloved stars such as Jang Hyuk, Lee Da Hae, and Lee Bum Soo. But even with the lowest of low expectations, IRIS 2 managed to get even lower than that. Every drama has its fans, because fans of that drama’s actors always try to find an excuse to salvage a drama. This one gave me true and newfound respect for Jang Hyuk, Lee Da Hae, and Lee Bum Soo fans – all three groups supported each other through this traumatic ordeal, always acknowledging how terrible this drama was, but having the dedication to support their guy or girl to the very end. That is fandom behavior I can applaud. IRIS 2 ended today, likely with no one caring or remembering (other than folks counting down the days until The Fugitive of Joseon takes over), but the ending is SOOOOOOO hilarious it requires me to write about it. I won’t even go into the nonsensical and boring plot but the ending is awesome. Lee Bum Soo dies in Im Soo Hyang’s arms and looks like he cracked a smile somewhere with the glee of being released from this hellhole of a drama. Two super heavyweight actors Kim Gab Soo (cameoing as the leader of terrorist organization IRIS Mr. Black – c’mon, who else can do it?) and Kim Young Chul as former NSS leader Baek San, died in a fiery blaze as Kim Young Chul strapped a bomb to his chest and took out his cohort/nemesis. That was easy. And finally – Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae’s three-peat also doesn’t get a rainbow and roses ending as he flew a plane containing a NUCLEAR BOMB into the ocean where it detonated and Lee Da Hae cried as he was blown up into smithereens. And later she somehow was able to put his ashes in a memorial hall. So much fail in this drama it might never be reached for years to come.

The cast attended the wrap party and everyone looked so happy I almost want to give them a hug. Everyone looks like they went to hell and back and are just happy to see light which represents freedom. Welcome back, guys!

The ending. Enjoy.


IRIS 2 Ends in Explosive Hilarity and Cast Attends Happy Wrap Party — 26 Comments

  1. I was gonna look for a pun with the Iris franchise and “eye-for-an-eye” but that wouldn’t be too funny.
    Anyone would know the identity of the guy hugging Jang Hyuk so happily at the wrap party? Didn’t see Doo Joon in attendance.

  2. The actors probably need a therapy after this… whatever it was. lol Didn’t watch it but your post cracks me up. 😀

  3. lee da hae’s outfit for the wrap party reminds me of a tablecloth, but it looks cute on her, she carried it off well.

  4. I knew it was a waste of precious time and money (not to mention stellar actors) after the failure attempt of Athena to cash money from its predecessor IRIS 1. First of all, the development was really slow, after episode 8, I jumped ship. The plot was just ridiculous and boring to watch as I cringed to some actors’ (the young ones) attempt to look like they are James Bond (and Bond girls).
    I think this is enough of a reason to stop the franchise now.
    I enjoyed Iris 1, that should be enough.

    How about another H.I.T (Homicide Investigation Team) show?

    • now another H.I.T. i could get behind, partly or really 100% because i love cop dramas and despise spy/secret agent dramas…. and i really loved H.I.T.

    • LOL! At first I imagined her in a hazmat suit scooping up ash with one hand and holding a Geiger counter in the other. But the photo of the mushroom cloud in the ocean makes imagining her “gathering” his ashes even more hilarious! He looks ecstatic that the drama is ending and I think she covers her face with her hands so we don’t see her look of happiness too.

  5. I thought I would feel bad about spoiling it for myself (even though I didn’t even finish the first episode) but I don’t :/ What a shame, such a great cast

  6. I hadn’t watched the series due to very very negative views !! Now I feel so good that I didnt
    But ! How the he’ll did she get the ashes ! Hhhh you cracked me up koala ! The actors are great and it’s such a waste.

  7. SPOILERS for The Dark Knight Rises and Chuno.

    I guess Jang Hyuk just had to have an ending where he sacrifices his life while the sun shines on his face. Also didn’t anyone think that we have already seen The Dark Knight Rises? (I know the ending is different but it looks like they have taken the first part of it).

    I’m not sorry for the actors, they got paid well enough I assume. And this will show people not to pair JH with LDH anymore (it worked in Chuno but the OTP changed halfway).

  8. What was the budget? People keep calling it the biggest budget ever for a kdrama but no one ever says what it was, not even the wiki pages…The first season had a $17 million budget so how much more was this one??

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